2014-09-21 - Before I Lose Myself Again...

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Before I Lose Myself Again...

Summary: Sun and Tabitha move into their new home. However, in the process of doing so, something very unexpected happens...

Who: Sun, Tabitha
When: September 22nd, 2014
Where: Sun's Apartment & Sun's House


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Sun's Apartment

The bathroom door creeks open and Tabitha steps out, once more covered in towels. This time she hasn't bothered to put the rest of her clothes back on as she stares at her pants trying to figure out how to 'fix' them as Sun had put it. With a frown she lays them on the dragon woman's bed, choosing to put them on last. She stares at them like she's waiting for them to do something, and then goes back into the bathroom to get the rest of her belongings. With at least some idea in mind she returns and holds the dagger, focusing until it begins to smoke with black flames, and then presses it against the pants. ...nothing happens. "Dangit!" Flopping face-first onto the bed, the girl sighs, "I thought for sure that'd work." At least she put the rest of her clothes back on. She's just pants-less.

Moments later, the front door can be heard to open and close. "Alright, we're ready to go! Grab anything important, I got us a house!" She chuckles softly, heading into the room. She pauses, blinking a few times at the pants-less Tabitha, then at her pants. "Don't worry about it, we'll get you some new clothes soon, okay?" She moves over to the drawers, pulling out a pair of shorts, which are tossed to Tabitha. "Wear those for now." Opening a closet, Sun pulls out a suitcase, setting it on the bed and opening it up. "Just need clothes, toiletries, and my food, and I'll be all set." That stated, she sets about preparing the clothes.

Tabitha jolts up as the door is shoved open, dropping onto the floor on her knees and blinking in confusion as shorts come flying at her. Her tail twitches once before she stands and puts them on. "Wait, wait. Just like that? What about all yer stuff?" She glances around in confusion as Sun starts dragging stuff out. "This is all yours, right?" Suddenly she's concerned about her decision to live in an old office all this time.

Smiling, Sun shakes her head. "This all came with the place, part of their strange but amazing setup. Our new place is already furnished." The dragoness chuckles softly, folding all of her clothes into the suitcase. "Just need the food and bathroom supplies and clothes!" She slips into the bathroom, coming back with the toilet paper and a small bag with all of the shower supplies she had. This is shoved into the suitcase, as well.

With a shrug, Tabitha wraps her dagger into her pants and glances around in confusion. "Um. This is all I have so..." She tilts her head slightly, "Can I help you carry anything?" Briefly she dashes across the room, throwing her socks and boots on as well. Someone got too used to carpeting it would seem. "Well, and these of course." She smiles nervously as she continues to watch Sun's movements with wide, curious eyes. The girl looks ready to pounce. Maybe it's a cat thing?

With her clothes stuffed into the suitcase, Sun zips it up, smiling. "You can help me with the food? I only have a few grocery bags worth, thankfully." She eats a lot. "Thankfully, my tail is good for carrying things." With that said, her tail pops into existence, reaching out and scooping up the suitcase to demonstrate. Prehensile tails are a wonderful thing, and evolution is wonderful for coming up with them. With that said, she sweeps into the kitchen, her tail setting the suitcase by the door as she goes about bagging up all of the groceries.

Tabitha chases behind, her ears folded back as she darts her eyes around trying to figure out what to do. She watches Sun gather food into bags and if allowed, snatches them up as soon as they're filled. The whole time worry continues to wash over her. Sun wouldn't be moving if not for her. This is her fault. Shouldn't she fix this somehow? Her eyes seem to get slightly wider during the mad dash around the kitchen. Eventually she does manage to say something as she looks around the room for anything important. "What about the coffee table?" Oh, right. Sun did make a big deal about that beforehand.

Allowing Tabitha to help as much as she is willing, Sun hands off the bags of food. Most of it is leftovers from cooking -- seems that Sun is planning on getting groceries once they are moved in. "Oh, we've got a new one. Much more stable." She nods sagely, chuckling. "You'll like the new place, I pulled some designs from a home design magazine this time. I needed this upgrade, really. I have a bedroom big enough to sleep in when I'm in my normal form, now, and that is soooo much more comfortable."

The girl nods her head behind the stuff she's managed to pick up and tilts her head to the side. "...is there anything else we gotta bring, then?" Thanks to the repeat of the situation, she looks more relaxed now. Her ears aren't all the way flat anymore but they're still pulled back more than usual. Her mind still nervously goes over the situation and the abrupt suddenness of it all. There are so many questions she wants to ask but doesn't. Most of them currently dealing with the where and how of it all.

"Nope!" Sun smiles, lifting a few of the bags of food while grabbing the suitcase with her tail. "Unless there's anything else you want to take with you?" She glances around at the apartment she's been in for so long, brows raised. "You'll really like your room, I think. I went simple and clean with it." She nods sagely, eyes hooding slightly in contentment. "And there's so much more room to move around. The kitchen is wonderful, too." Another nod.

One of the girl's eyebrows raise as she shrugs at the question again. "I... don't have anything else to bring?" It's the truth, but she's been trying not to say it. She feels bad somehow. Her eyes sparkle a bit at the thought of having a room. A real room. Not some breezy little-"Sooo? Are we ready?" She shuffles the bags in her hands to make sure she still has her pants and the dagger. What more does she need at this point?

With a nod, Sun swings the door open, slipping out of the apartment and waiting for Tabby. "Let's go to our new place." She nods, shifting the bags in her hands. "Shall we?"

Sun's House - Living Room(#3099R)

Immediately upon entering this house, the room seems to open up, making it seem like this house is a bit bigger on the inside. Vaulted wood ceilings and wood trim adds an instant warm effect to the room, complemented by a warm beige carpet and the large stone fireplace that is obviously the centerpiece of this room, with a large television hanging above the mantle. A large square coffee table, made of stone tiles, is hugged on either side by two comfortable couches and two dark leather lounge chairs. Windows are covered in off-white drapes, which filter light nicely but also offer the proper amount of privacy. Kept immaculately clean, this home is obviously loved by its owner.

Off to one side of the room is a small mini-bar, stocked with plenty of alcohol for many different tastes; next to this is a decent sized stereo system, with plenty of stations to choose from.

Arriving at the new house, Sun leads the way through the gate. Right now, at least, it looks the same as every other house; she's still got some outdoor decoration to do. At least she's ensured that the grass is always going to stay green and will never need mowing with some sustainable, well-placed spells that basically freeze the grass itself in a moment in time. Opening the door, Sun leads the way in to the new place, a bright smile on her face.

Tabitha looks on in awe as they pass through the yard and sweatdrops heavily as Sun steps inside. The girl is shocked as she sees what she can through the open doorway and freezes up, standing just outside the threshold. "T-this has gotta be a mistake, right? They don't just give out places like this, do they?" She sloooowly steps inside the door expecting at any moment to be told to get out or leave. Even still she kicks the door closed with the back of her foot once she works up the courage to walk inside. Her ears stand at attention as she spies the room from the entryway. "...no way..."

Setting the suit case down, Sun liberates Tabitha of the food (using her tail), moving toward the kitchen with a grin on her face. "Took a bit of yelling and arguing, but they were kind enough to hook us up." She chuckles softly, disappearing briefly into the kitchen. After a bit of movement within, she returns, her hands free of any burden. "They have this awesome thing that lets you have pretty much anything you want. What I wanted wouldn't work in the apartments so well, so...house." She grins. "Wait until you see my bedroom..."

The Nekojin shadows Sun as she moves around the house, still too nervous to explore on her own. It's better to stick to the person who brought her here. It's safer that way. "How come I lived on Twisted, I've gotta head full of memories that where partly made for me, an' I've never heard of someone gettin' a house like this?" Jeez, even the kitchen is more impressive than she's used to. @_@;

The dragoness shrugged. "I went down and asked about getting a bigger place. They asked me what I wanted. I told them what I was looking for, and what would be nice, and after some minor arguing, they gave me the keys." She grins widely, reaching out to scratch one of Tabby's ears. "You like it? It's your place, too." For the time being, at least. "So, tell me how your shape shifting works, so I can help you figure out how to do it right..."

Tabitha actually forgets she was holding onto her pants a moment and has to look down to remind herself she's still clutching them tightly, not that she can do much with them at the moment. "It-it's awesome!" She looks around once more just to make sure she hasn't missed anything. "It feels like a mansion." Well, maybe for her. At least she's brave enough to take a step back and towards another room, still curious about the rest of the home. The question distracts her though and one ear sorta flops down as she ponders it. "My?" Oh. Right. Duh. "I'm not sure. I don't even remember when I picked it up. I just know if I concentrate on what I want ta look like an' stab myself it just sorta happens." She unrolls her pants and takes the dagger out, holding it out with the handle aimed at Sun. "Sometimes when I think really, really hard it sorta smokes." If Sun doesn't take it she'll fidget with the handle, twirling it a little in the process. "I never bleed from it, though, an' tha pain goes away after a minute." She frowns slightly. "Doesn't seem ta work on anythin' but me, though."

"Eh, it's just a two bedroom, though one bedroom is as big as the rest of the house." Sun smiles faintly, glancing around the well decorated room. Then, her eyes fall upon the blade. Tentatively, the dragoness reaches out to take the dagger, brows raised. Last time she tried to touch this thing, the girl freaked out, so she takes that into account while doing so. Assuming she gets hold of it with no troubles, she closes her eyes, focusing on the dagger as she attempts to peek inside, see what it is that makes this thing tick...or at least find out how it can manage to change Tabby's appearance as it does.

The Dread Dagger is a demon forged blade and as such the demonic residue flowing off of it is substantial. It's vast age and the sheer amount of negative energies it's absorbed over the years will easily be the first thing that will spark a reaction in Sun. In fact, if she can absorb those sorts of energies - even slightly, the blade has an intoxicating affect as it starts trying to force those energies into her from everything around it. It's like being the focal point of a drain beneath the ocean and feeling that water coming flooding down upon you. The rest of the world seems to stand still. Nothing moving. No one breathing. It's just the influence of the dagger and that rising feeling of power that comes from holding it. Suddenly it stops, and the world comes back to life once more. When Sun looks down at it she'll see that the blade has changed shape becoming a solid black kukri. Light plays off of its dark surface revealing intricate patterns etched down its length. The image of Johnny's doodle is gone from the hilt as well, simply becoming a smooth decorated handle with oddly shiny bands wrapping around it. Only the way the light reflects off of it makes it seem as though it has any color or detail to it. That will be the moment the smell will hit. Sulfur. Brimstone. This dagger has seen Hell, and it brought that influence back with it. Assuming the dragoness doesn't throw the blade down at this point or become drunk on the energies being fed to her; slowly but surely the Dread blade will begin to feel like any ordinary enchanted weapon, until the kukri begins to burn as if recognizing the person holding it. Black flames ignite from the blade and shadows rise from the flames as smoke. Of course if she's STILL holding onto the weapon at this point she'll be greeted to one more awkward surprise. A smell will briefly hang in the air that her mind will immediately recognize, the woman for whom Tabitha's appearance is based. The moment Sun's mind makes the connection, however, the smell of blood becomes all consuming. At any time she can drop the blade and it will stop instantly...

To her credit, Sun is resolute enough to not immediately drop the blade as the energies pour into her. She simply stares, eyes wide, at the blade, swimming in it, almost lost in the rippling metal surface. She turns it over in her hand, examining the blade thoughtfully. The smells hit her next, and she takes a long breath, filing everything she can learn away from it. Then, that familiar, saddening smell...and the smell of her blood...her eyes widen, her breath quickening. But instead of dropping it like she knows she should, like the voice in the back of her mind is screaming for her to do...she just clenches the hilt tighter, reaching out with her other hand to run her fingers along the etchings along the blade. "This..." Her voice is airy, as if she is far away, somewhere other than here. In part of her mind, hatred is welling up like a fountain; and yet another part of her mind is detached, as if those memories are from another person, being watched on a movie screen. "What..."

Tabitha watches on with a growing sense of worry. Every fiber of her being is beginning to cry out for the weapon to be returned. "Um... Sun?" She reaches out one hand trying to reach for the kukri. "Sun? C'n I have it back now?" She bites her lip a moment, taking in the woman's reaction and attitude. "Are you alright?"

The dragoness doesn't seem too keen on releasing the blade just yet. Tracing the carvings over the blunt edge of the blade, she raises it closer to her face, her eyes gaining an almost...dull quality. Curiosity takes her one step further, and she promptly runs her finger along the edge of the blade, intent on cutting the skin of her fingertips. "It's not me..." She whispers this to herself, almost nonsensically. "That's not really me you're talking to...you're looking for someone else..." Her voice is still distant, far away, though she is obviously speaking to the blade. Inside of her, the rage boils, held at bay by that odd voice of reason.

Her worry now reaching its limit, Tabitha reacts instinctively. She throws up one hand to the side as if catching something thrown. Even if Sun doesn't see her make this motion, she'll notice that the dagger is suddenly gone from her hands taking with it the influence it was forcing upon her. In Tabitha's hand now rests the weapon and in seconds its form shifts back to the one it's held for so many centuries. The girl holds the weapon behind her back, taking a step away for good measure. "I-I'm sorry!" Her eyes are wide and seem ready to water either from the emotions or her lack of blinking. She watches Sun a moment before asking again, "Are you okay?"

As the blade leaves her hands, Sun suddenly collapses to one knee, one hand stabilizing her on the ground. There she remains for a moment, her tail lashing behind her. One hand lifts to her forehead, and she clenches her eyes shut. "Zu'u los ni faal Krein hi yah. Zu'u los Sul Uv do faal Hez Lok, ahrk daar lor dreh ni engein ko dii klov!" She hisses this out in her strange, unrecognizable tongue, even as her wings suddenly shoot out from her back, flaring until the tips nearly touch the ceiling. "Fos lost kosaan drehlaan wah zey? Fos drey tol firok voth zurgah dreh?"

Whatever is happening right now, it doesn't seem to be something to be happy about, and her scales seem to be emitting a soft glow. "Let me hold it again...before I lose..." Sun reaches out a hand, though she doesn't make a grab for the blade. A nonverbal request, as it were...

Were it Johnny standing before her, he would have made sure she never saw this dagger again. However, Tabitha has not learned that lesson yet. She doesn't feel it's intoxicating effects. She just recognizes them as normal for holding the blade. All she realizes now is that something is not right with Sun and it happened when she offered the blade over. Nervously she takes another step back but already she's starting to turn the hilt towards Sun once more. "B-before you lose what?" She offers it back out, just out of the woman's reach. Well, she can always just pull the dagger back again, right?

"Before I lose myself again." Faster than the eye can track, Sun has her hand on the hilt of the blade, and pulls it toward her chest, even as it shapes itself back into the Kukri. Her eyes seem to go dull again, before suddenly flashing with an eerie light. "Zu'u kent drun daar voth zey, dii kiir. Zu'u los rinik krosis fah naan jeydahk uv faaz daar aal drun." Those shining eyes turn briefly to Tabitha, and one could swear there is a look of apology on her face. "Zu'u lokaal hi, dii mon..."

And then, it seems as though Sun freezes, unmoving, for a second...before, with a rumbling sound that shakes the very ground, she simply...disappears, bringing the blade with her.

Tabitha almost takes the blade away at the last second, but of course by then it's too late. Sun rips the weapon away and the girl watches in slow motion as the weapon changes shape once more. That odd voice spills from her lips and she's gone. Tabitha drops to her knees as her tears begin to flow. All she can manage to do is mutter, "...what have I done?" before collapsing on the floor. At least she'll be okay. One of the other three will surely leap for the chance to control Tabitha's form. The question only remains which one?

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