2014-09-22 - The Death of a Fake

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The Death of a Fake

Summary: Sul Uv do faal Hez Lok awakens and takes the reigns...

Who: Sun
When: September 22nd, 2014
Where: Somewhere Outside of Space and Time...


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Darkness. Darkness surrounds the woman, whom is curled in the fetal position within its warm embrace. Sul Uv do faal Hez Lok's wings and tail are curled around her protectively, forming a fortress of dragon scale around her form. The dagger remains clutched in her hands, blade facing outward toward the opening between her wings.

It takes some time for her to regain her senses, apart from the lovely feeling of whatever place she is in now. Slowly, she uncurls, taking in her surroundings. Familiar, like home, but alien all the same. And then, the images begin flashing. Tabitha, kneeling on the ground as tears stream down her cheeks. Johnny, seated atop a throne of bones and glaring out at an unseen crowd, twirling his daggers. Serenity is upside-down in shallow water, as crushed coral sand is above and the flat surface of the ocean is below, using some type of virtual keyboard.

Glowing blue eyes turn away from the scenes that play out before her, down to the black dagger clasped in her hands. She can still feel its pull, the way it feeds the rage that has so expertly distracted that other personality, the person she has been for at least a year. Were it not for this strange creation, she would not have come to her senses...for that reason, she does not move to cast it away.

She reaches out, then, expanding her consciousness as far as she can within this space, and she knows. She is not that person that she's been the past year. Certainly, it will color her differently than she was when she came here, but that person was never real. The man in the helmet created it, forced it on her. She will deal with him in time, but that is not important yet.

Those shimmering eyes turn back toward a new scene that projects itself: her life, as it truly was, unadulterated by the mental tampering of the Mazoku. Her birth as a Tiid Dragon, as rare as they were revered, sometimes worshiped. Her experiences and observations, all of it, up until she came to Twisted by accident and everything happened as it did.

With that knowledge, she then turns her attention to the personality created by Oblivion, and her inherent curiosity shines through. She studies it and its intricacies, even as it rages within her. This leads her to FIND the person that the faker was mimicking, and as thus, she skims through the life of the Sun that came before her, as though she were reading a fascinating book through observed memories. She witnesses Samantha and Sun's love, and the death of the former. She witnesses Sun's spiral into insanity, and the eventual entrapment of her soul, and everything in between.

And finally, she turns her attention toward removing that false personality. That woman is dead, though her memories will live on within Sul Uv do faal Hez Lok. The blade clasped within her hands may help with that, she observes, and she may learn something of it in the process. She focuses, pulling up the dagger itself upon one of those unseen screens in this strange place, and watches it all, fascinated.

Then, she does as the Blade wants her to do. She gives in, and before her appears Sun as she was before, though she is colored in the negative, holding a white kukri that is the exact opposite of the black one in Sul Uv's hand. “You can't kill me...this universe is mine, not yours!”

Sul Uv's eyes hood, a small smile appearing on her face. “You are already dead, though you will live on as much as you can through my observed memories of you. Your voice is the only thing that is left, and not for much longer. This is my life, now, and you are no longer welcome. Your loved ones will not suffer, I will take them as my burden.”

Enraged, the negative-colored Sun screams and lunges, recklessly swinging her blade – only to find it clashing against the black blade that Sul Uv wields expertly, pushed away with a swipe. And then comes the return swing, flying upward. The blade rips through flesh, and blood splatters her as the blade cleaves through the other her's torso, up through her neck and shoulder, leaving Kinomoto Sun in two pieces. Sul Uv frowns at the blade then, shaking her head. “No...you do not get this one. She is mine.” That said, her tail wraps around the two pieces of the old her...and seems to absorb the old her.

Closing her eyes, the dragoness floats back into her fetal position, still holding the blade. “You are a nuisance...I don't know how Johnny can handle you.” A deep breath as she relaxes for a while longer, sleeps, even...

Then, those glowing eyes open. “I suppose I should return.”

No sooner than it is said, it is done.

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