2014-09-22b - Gone and back again

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Gone and back again

Summary: Sun returns from soul searching and Tabitha discovers she has to get used to yet another version of Sun.

Who: Sun, Tabitha
When: September 22nd, 2014
Where: Sun's House


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Sun's House - Living Room(#3099R)

Immediately upon entering this house, the room seems to open up, making it seem like this house is a bit bigger on the inside. Vaulted wood ceilings and wood trim adds an instant warm effect to the room, complemented by a warm beige carpet and the large stone fireplace that is obviously the centerpiece of this room, with a large television hanging above the mantle. A large square coffee table, made of stone tiles, is hugged on either side by two comfortable couches and two dark leather lounge chairs. Windows are covered in off-white drapes, which filter light nicely but also offer the proper amount of privacy. Kept immaculately clean, this home is obviously loved by its owner.

Off to one side of the room is a small mini-bar, stocked with plenty of alcohol for many different tastes; next to this is a decent sized stereo system, with plenty of stations to choose from.

Tabitha lays on the living room floor of the new house, trying desperately to hang onto her sanity. Moments before she collapsed unconscious, but somehow she's managed to struggle out of it. The desire for self-preservation dominating her instincts she grips the carpet and forces herself onto all fours. Inside her head a struggle for control goes on sporadically. The child is too young and too scared. The adult is too ready to destroy. The remaining too lost and out of control. Letting any of them out would be disastrous and the Nekojin knows it. Pushing herself back onto her knees the girl rolls her head back and gasps for air triumphantly. For probably the first time since her mind became fragmented she is the one in control and she relishes it. With a shaky hand she grips the nearest piece of furniture and pushes herself further onto her feet. Satisfied that she's not going to collapse again, the girl spies the room with tear stained eyes while she attempts to catch her breath. The only question coming to mind is simple, what now?

Another rumbling sound starts up, again shaking the ground. And a moment later, Sun reappears, still holding the blade at her side. She looks...different. Wiser. Her blue eyes still carry a gleam, though it's slowly fading now that she's back. She pauses for a long moment, as though regaining her bearings, as if being here is a sudden change. She glances around after a moment, her eyes finally falling upon Tabitha.
Concern immediately forms over her features. "I...I am sorry, child." The blade is held forth, hilt first, toward Tabitha. "I did not mean to frighten you. I simply needed to...step out, for a moment. Are you well?" Even her demeanor seems different.

The girl stares at Sun suspiciously, rubbing the tears staining her face with the palms of her gloved hands. "Well, I'm still me." She forces a smile. "That's a plus." The smile is short lived and the girl soon resumes looking at Sun suspiciously. "Can you say th' same?" Holding out her hand expectantly, the girl waits for her dagger to be returned to her. This won't be a mistake she makes again.

There is no hint of hesitation when Sun presses the hilt of the dagger into Tabitha's hand. She seems glad to be rid of it, judging by the way her stance relaxes when it leaves her possession. "No, I can not." Well, then. "The one you knew before was a fake, created by the Mazoku, Oblivion, for some unknown purpose. From what I have seen of him, he is simply a trickster, though I am sure his motives are not so innocent." She pauses, regarding the girl thoughtfully. "I am the one who belongs within this body. I still have the same experiences as the false one you knew, but I am not her and she is not me."

Quickly clutching the dagger behind her back, Tabitha's expression goes blank as she listens to Sun's words. It's obvious she's dealt with far too many similar themes as of late as her eyes seem to grow bored and tired just listening to her explanation. The girl wipes her eyes again with her free hand and slouches. "...uuuh huh." She sighs heavily and lets silence hang in the air a moment before she begins to speak again. "I knew things were goin' too good ta be true." The girl steps over to where she'd laid down her pants and once more wraps the dagger up in them. "You're gonna tell me I need ta leave now, aren't you? Because yer not the same person an' all?" With her back to whatever Sun has become the girl's eyes begin to sting once again.

"Of course not. You are still more than welcome here, until you do something to make yourself unwelcome." She pauses, glancing down at her hands as if they are an old friend that she hasn't seen in a while. It feels good to be back in control. "I am not a cruel person. Perhaps...a bit more withdrawn due to my nature, but I would not abandon you simply because I have undergone a personality change." She flexes her hands a few times, before turning her eyes toward Tabitha. "I have seen you, from when you were created until the old Sun left, and then since I have met you again as myself. I could not abandon you. Not when you need me the most."

The girl turns back, tears once more flowing freely down her cheeks. "Yes. Hi. I won't abandon you but here's the fourth version o' me you have ta get used to being around because the other three got bumped off." She runs her hands over her eyes once more. "It's bad enough I gotta deal with four other me's bouncin' around inside my head, but now I gotta throw away another of you?" She stumbles towards the front door and slumps against the wall. "Everythin' made sense until a week ago. It might've been a lie, but I had a life an' a place I felt welcome." She drops to the ground, turning enough to keep her back to the wall as she clings to her knees and buries her head. "...once again, everythin' in my life is a lie right? I guess I'm lucky. I haven't lost anythin' but my mind yet..."

Frowning, Sun quietly follows Tabitha, seating herself next to the girl and gently placing an arm around her shoulder. "You do not have to throw me away." She might not completely comprehend Tabitha's words, it seems. "And you are still welcome here. I am still me, I just know who...and /what/ I am, now. That bedroom was made especially for you, and I do not intend to keep you from staying in it. The bed is especially comfortable." She watches the girl, frowning. "This is the last me that you will have to lose, I can promise you that."

Unable to help herself, Tabitha clings to Sun's side as she finishes her last sentence. Saying nothing but sobbing for the next few minutes. When she's finally able to regain control of herself she simply mutters, "I hope so..." before continuing to stay latched on for as long as the woman will let her. No matter what she is, or who she may think she is, Sun is the closest thing to family Tabitha has left in the world even if its only fragments of a memory. When the woman does finally start to move, the Nekojin will wipe her eyes and softly mumble an apology assuming anyone can hear it.

Lifting a hand, Sun gently places it atop Tabitha's head, gently rubbing at her ears. For a long while, she simply allows Tabitha to hold on tight, making the occasional comforting sound to the girl. When she does finally move, she plants a kiss on the girl's forehead. "I still enjoy eating good food...let's have some, yeah? There's still a lot of leftovers to eat." Thankfully, she got those put away before her disappearance.

Tabitha nods her head quietly as the offer of food is made. Sun's words making her feel more comfortable with the 'changes' as they sound more like the version of her she's come to know. Pushing herself back up, she rubs at her eyes again and sighs. It's funny how drama can leave you exhausted no matter how much you've slept. The girl will numbly follow into the kitchen, but testing out that bed may become a greater need than food once it's ready...

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