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Summary: Well, this may be a first for Twisted. A portal deposits a new person in the wrong gender. Can you imagine how weird things would be if this was more common? Also Yoiko Hax sneaks in for her first scene despite claiming she arrived previously. At least Serenity doesn't seem to be up to anything suspicious... or is she? No. Probably not.

Who: Kenzie, Yoiko_Hax, Serenity
When: September 24th, 2014
Where: Nowhereto_Park

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Nowhereto Park - Fountain(#2924R)

You find yourself standing around a small fountain, surrounded by a small concrete courtyard with paths leading off in each of the compass directions. Spaced around the fountain evenly are benches and lamps; nothing really too elaborate. To the north, kids can be heard playing on the playground equipment. A cool breeze flows in from the east, and the trees to the west provide plenty of shade. Not a bad place to visit, really.

As always the weather in the park is perfect. Too perfect. It's something that's a lot of people tend to take for granted after a while, but not this person. Sitting calmly against the side of the fountain rests Commander Yoiko Hax. Her ship's uniform covered up by the blue jacket she wears loosely around herself. It's a red shirt, of course, with black slacks to match. Resting an arm on one raised knee, the woman holds a fancy black case in her hand which is making all sorts of bleeps and clicks at the moment. Every few minutes the woman glances down at it and frowns. Well, it's not the worst way to spend an afternoon. If you could read her thoughts however, you'd hear her complaining about not bringing a book to read. Not that she has one to bring.

Ah, it really is a beautiful day. Sunny, comfortable, with hardly a cloud in the sky. Seems like a perfect day for the Twisted universe to rip yet another person from their home and life, to end up stuck here for an indeterminate amount of time! That's what is happening right now, at least. High above the ground, a portal rips its way open with a scream...or whatever sound portals tend to make when being ripped open. Looks like a pretty decent fall that might break a few limbs, from here.
There it sits, for a moment, swirling its strange energies around at the passers by. Most people have learned to ignore these portals, by now, aside from a bit of mild curiousity about what kind of new citizen it will bring here. Some offer a sad shake of their head, but most simply walk on by, on their merry way to whatever they are going to go do. The portal gives off a consistent little whine, as if to protest the general indifference to its presence.
Finally, the portal gives up on whining, and promptly noisily regurgitates whatever it sucked up from another world. Through the portal, a slender feminine shape clad in bright orange prison scrubs tumbles with a scream of surprise. One moment ago, she was walking to the toilet in her jail to take a piss. Suddenly, the concrete floors and walls have disappeared, and she is falling, falling through the air, toward the ground. This might hurt.
But it doesn't! Instead, the woman stops, hovering inches from the ground, her green eyes wide as she raises her head to look around and take in her surroundings. She gently drops the last few inches, ending up on her hands and knees in the grass, with a terrified expression as her gaze darts around...and then, she's up on her feet! But this only lasts for a short moment, as she glances around once more, before diving head-first into a bush.

The alarmingly visible aquatic being is not entirely in tune with the surroundings, screaming portals or otherwise, and seems to be doing well just to avoid any collisions with passersby. One activity that has most of Ren's attention is the complex fin-ripples of typing on a virtual keyboard projected onto the surface of the left fin. Taking up the remaining attention is simulating some swing-dance steps and accompanying leg movements, which apparently takes some concentration when one doesn't have legs. And yet, Ren is generally aiming to wander by the fountain and Yoiko.

The sounds of the tricorder in Yoiko's hand reaches a crescendo. So loud and severe in fact that she very nearly drops it trying to jump up and discover what might be causing the excitement. A lot of things where high on her list of expectations at that moment but none of them are remotely close to the truth of the scream above her and the person being deposited from the sky. Slinging the device around her neck with the strap dangling from it, the Commander leaps into action, charging towards the person before they smack into the ground. If Serenity was too close she'll be forcibly shoved out of the way by the Yoiko's shoulder as she passes. While biting her lip almost enough to make it bleed she realizes that she's going to be too late despite the possible shove; the person is falling too fast and she's too far away. Without hesitating she keeps running only to nearly stumble and fall as the person stops just off the ground. Her boots kick up a small cloud of dust as she slides to a halt just a foot or two away from the orange-clad person. Brushing her hair out of her face as it moves with her lost momentum, Yoiko flashes her elaborate spots briefly before trying to offer a hand to...
And they've ducked into a bush? Yoiko stares with her mouth agape for the briefest of moments before she rests her hands on her knees and calls out. "Excuse me? Are you alright? No one here is going to hurt you... Do you require medical attention?"

For a very long moment, no movement comes from the bushes. Maybe the black-haired girl disappeared. That's what she'd like everyone to believe, at least. Okay. Nobody is trying to kill her. Better make sure everything is in tact. Arms? Yup. Legs? Check. Head? Check. Wow, how long has it been since she got her hair cut? Feels long, for some reason. Chest? Check...wait. Wait, that's not right. What about the baby maker? Nope, that's gone, too.
Wait. What?
For a long moment, still hidden in the bush, Kenzie sits in silence, staring with wide green eyes at the sky. Yoiko's concerned question is pretty legitimately ignored, at least for now. There's just...silence. And then, a loud, ear-splitting scream comes from the bush. "WHAT THE FUCK?!" And suddenly, that girl is floating up out of the bush, pupilless eyes glowing white. "Who the FUCK did this?!" She points an accusing finger at Yoiko. "What kind of stupid fucking gender bending ability did you USE on me?! GIVE ME BACK MY DICK." Serenity is noticed, as well. "And STOP WITH THE STUPID ILLUSION!" She quivers again, before letting out another scream. "My dick is gone!!!"

Serenity misses Yoiko's run while trying to figure out whether to attempt a transliteration or translation of "sock-hop" and her questioning while performing an uncomfortable-looking upper-body twist to look back at the trailing fin edges. That 'kick' just doesn't look right when it's just a line of movement in a stationary fin. Ren certainly does notice the scream, though, 'blinking' eyes inward and coming to a stop a short distance behind Yoiko. Ren crackles a command to dismiss the keyboard (projected from the rhinophore-cuff computer) and stares at the floating woman with a puzzled expression. Despite her obvious displeasure, Ren doesn't (yet) seem to percieve any threat.

Yoiko takes a step back nervously as the orange-clad woman rises up into the air. One eyebrow raises over the brim of her tinted glasses at their words and a quick glance is made at Serenity as she's screamed at suddenly. Yoiko holds both her hands out towards the floating woman trying to reassure her that she's not wielding some weapon or general ill intent. "Okay, okay. Calm down. Take it easy. No one is using any illusions or abilities on you." Slowly she takes the tricorder in one hand and holds it up into the air. "This is a scientific instrument. It measures EM frequencies and can take low level scans of its surroundings. If you want we can do a scan and see if it finds any anomalies in your biological form. Maybe there's a way to reverse whatever has happened to you?" oO(Good job adhering to the prime directive, Yoiko.) The woman closes her eyes a second. oO(SHUT UP, BRAIN! She's flying! All bets are off!)

It seems the floating woman has gone into her own little world of mourning for the loss of her male bits, replaced by girl bits. She screams again, checking at her crotch, then groping herself again, as if to assure herself that this isn't some horrible nightmare. She even pinches herself. "This has to be a fucking dream! I was negated just a minute ago, and now I'm not, and I HAD A DICK a minute ago, and now I don't!" She slowly lowers to the ground until she's seated there, hugging her knees...
And suddenly, she's crying. "My penis...it was a beautiful penis. Uncircumcised, I made two kids with it...and now it's gone! Is this some stupid fucking Institute experiment?! It HAS to be an illusion, there's no way this could...not like this!" She reaches down, ripping up a handful of grass. More reality tests. "What the fuck do you motherfuckers want?! I was behaving! I kept to my fucking self!" She scream-sobs again.
Finally, the presence of the other two registers. "You two are just PART of the illusion. That's gotta be it. You look like you're from fucking Star Trek or something," she points at Yoiko, "Which means that you have to be some sort of stupid kitschy alien, right?" More tears as she points at Serenity..

Serenity frowns as Kenzie continues speaking, though the sympathetic expression seems to be added on top of the confused one rather than replacing it. Ren (and accompanying black disc and suspended blob of water) slides forward in a slight ripple of fins as Kenzie sits. Ren inclines head to the side a bit to regard Yoiko with a brief speculative look at the mention of Star Trek before returning attention to Kenzie. "While 'stupid kitchy alien' might apply to me," Ren ventures in a stage-whisper sort of voice, "I'm certainly not an illusion. And it sounds as though you might be a new arrival to this world yourself, hh? I would like to offer some comforting words, but maybe informative ones would suffice?"

Yoiko sweatdrops heavily as the crying begins. Being pointed at, she looks down at herself trying to understand it. Star? Trek? Is that this world's way of saying space traveler? "Well I did serve on a starship before I found myself here..." Looking back at Serenity as she speaks, the woman flips open the top flap on her tricorder and glances down at it as it flashes. "Oh, hey. You really are an aquatic!" She shakes her head and points the device at the crying woman. "Sorry, momentary distraction." She ponders the results on the small display as she idly comments, "Yes. Information is very important. Especially when you use words to express them." Wow, someone is snarky. It takes her a moment to realize what she'd just said and suddenly Yoiko is blushing. "I-I'm sorry. I'm not sure where that came from!"

It takes a bit for the sobs to die down, as the woman hugs her knees. "You guys WANT me to believe it's real...but it can't be." She sniffles, wiping her nose on the knees of the prison oranges that look a bit too large for her. "If I believe this shit, they'll just experiment on me more. Just let me go back to my cell, I won't make a sound, I just want to go back to my cell...no more experiments..." She promptly begins to cry into her legs, now.
It takes another long moment for the girl to finally stop crying. Why is she crying, anyhow? She only cries when the situation warrants it...not because of a stupid illusion. She sniffs a few times, wiping her eyes on the sleeve of her prison oranges, and stands up. Begging doesn't seem to work. "Fine. I'll play along with this stupid Star Trek illusion. Hi." She frowns, crossing her arms rather awkwardly. Dammit.

Serenity twists sideways for a moment between seeing Yoiko open the tricorder and failing to find anything threatening about it or the weilder, thereafter relaxing just a bit. Ren doesn't say anything in response to Kenzie talking to herself, but does nod in reply when she offers a greeting. "We're not in the same world as we were, and unless my physics knowledge is even worse than I thought, most likely not in the same universe," Ren offers slowly to Kenzie, gesturing outward with a 'wing'. "And I should mention before someone else does that return is... problematic." Ren motions to Kenzie. "On the positive side, food, housing and medical care are available." Ren adds uncertainly, "I haven't needed said medical care, so I don't yet know what can be fixed."

Standing completely still save for a raised eyebrow, Yoiko stares at Serenity as she explains everything. "Wait, wait, wait. You're from another planet? You're not even going to hide it?" She snaps the tricorder shut and groans at the sky. "The one time.... THE ONE TIME I actually try to adhere to the Prime Directive like I'm supposed to!" She groans again and reopens the tricorder with a shake of her head. She mutters as she presses a button or two on it, "I'm gonna kick Lieutenant Galpin SO HARD in the shins when I see him again." Well that 'bedside manner' is totally gone now that the cat is out of the bag. At least for the moment. "Alright, so." She blinks. "Yes, Hi. You're human. Your readings say you're biologically a woman. I'm sorry about that. Your healthy. That's a perk." She strains at the display, having to adjust her glasses a moment. "...and you have high levels of extra sensory perception? You're an Esp! Neat!" She didn't abbreviate. She just used it as a word. Esp. Snapping the Tricorder shut again the woman lets it drop to her side and folds her hands behind her back. "I can't tell you much more, I only just 'arrived' two days ago myself."

The woman scowls at the ground. "Coulda made a fucking Klingon, at least." This is muttered mostly under her breath. She quietly gropes herself. "The fuck..." She scowls again, before turning her green eyes up to Serenity. Maybe this illusion is for the crazy ones. Or maybe she's just gone and lost her mind already. That could be it. She just went crazy, and this is her happy place now. Even though it's not really all that happy. She never THOUGHT she was a transgendered person. "Okay, that sounds fun." Sarcasm drips from her words.
She blinks over at Yoiko, blinking at the new thing she has been called. "An...esp?" She frowns. "No." Shaking her head, she adjusts the prison outfit, ensuring it won't fall down while she's standing up. These pants have got to go. "Telekinetic. Evolved. Whatever you want to call me. Just not an Esp. That sounds stupid." Nice person, isn't she?

Yoiko's remark seems to break Serenity's frown for a few moments. "You may have an excellent human disguise," Ren says with a grin, motioning toward her with the right fins, "and likewise this dragon I've met here, but some of us can't as easily appear to have the correct number of appendages to appear human." Ren doesn't seem to entirely follow the 'esp' observation until Kenzie clarifies. "I would prefer to call you by your name, in any case," Ren says with an optimistic tone, looking from Kenzie to Yoiko. "You may call me Serenity."

Yoiko stands there, looking all cool and at attention only to be mocked openly by the both of them. The human disguise is the one who hits closest to home making her nearly collapse. At least introductions roll themselves around as a momentary distraction. "Yoiko Hax. Chief Engineer of the USS Vesuvius." Pride at the mention of her ship seems to re-inflate her ego as she stands up straight once again. Under her breath she adds, "...now if I could just get back to her..."

Introductions happen, and Kenzie just frowns a bit. "Well, my name is normally Griffin, but I don't think that'd work so well, would it?" She scowls at the grass, deep in thought as to what to call herself now. Well...naming herself after her dead sister would be a good one, wouldn't it? "Mackenzie Mihangle. Call me Kenzie." She frowns, crossing her arms...then she makes a groan of annoyance, groping herself. "How the fuck do you women manage these things? They're so /in the way/." She shakes her head, before blinking a few times at Yoiko. "At least you're not on the Enterprise, right?"

Serenity seems confused by Yoiko's reaction to the teasing, but nods as she offers the title. "I don't have any trouble pronouncing 'Griffin'," Ren offers Kenzie in reply, "but I would be happy to call you whatever you like." Ren then motions toward a bench and says to the two, "Taking a seat might help put everyone more at ease, hh?" Ren glances back to Kenzie and adds uncertainly, "Unless you'd perhaps like to see some medical professionals sooner rather than later?"

There's an angry growl that emits from the Trill woman at the mentioning of that ship. "Fucking Enterprise." She throws her head back and stares at the sky a moment as it all comes back to her. "Do you have any idea how hard it is to make a name for yourself when all over the comm channels it's Enterprise this! Enterprise that! So what if fucking Jim Kirk saaaaved the Federation over some random shit. What about us?! My ship could out maneuver that garbage scow any day!" She huffs and crosses her arms across her chest. "I built our engines myself. I didn't have aliens come outta nowhere and redo everything for me. Lousy, cheating..." She growls again and then forces herself to take a deep breath. "Y'know I will say one thing for the Enterprise. Her Engineer has a genius way of dealing with problems. He says that there's nothing you can't solve with a bottle of scotch and a good night of sleep, and I think I could use a bit of both. Serenity? 'Kenzie'? Your welcome to join me..." With that she just turns and starts walking out of the park. Seems like someone hit a sore spot.

"I always hated Kirk. So annoying. And the stupid way he talks!" Seems that Kenzie has taken an interest in this conversation. At least she can talk about geeky stuff with this one, and there's something in common. "I'll join you. Scotch sounds like a fucking DREAM after all of the shit I've been through...god, it's been at least three years since I've had a good bottle of Glenlivet." She promptly follows after Yoiko, holding her pants up with one hand. This prison outfit has GOT to go...

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