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Public Intoxication

Summary: The comment "there's nothing you can't solve with a bottle of scotch and a good night of sleep" gets put to the test as Yoiko and Kenzie have that drink in the UR straight from the last scene in the park.

Who: Yoiko_Hax, Kenzie, Debbie
When: September 26th, 2014
Where: The Usual Restaurant

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The Usual Restaurant(#1836R)

You walk into a very large restaurant with high ceilings that leave the rafters exposed. Fluorescent lamps hang from the ceiling, adding light to the floor and tables. Windows adorn the sides of the place, looking out onto the chaos that is Twisted. On some of the walls are paintings, photographs, and holograms of different movies, and a number of people who tend to visit the UR - caught as they're singing karaoke. The hardwood bar rests at the back of the restaurant, surface polished and shiny and all-together spotless (most of the time). Behind the bar are the various beverages that are serveed, and a giant mirror. There seem to be an inordinate amount of different drinks. A large stage rests in one of the corners of the restaurant, with an amazing sound system and a few microphones strung around it. Multiple round wooden tables are in the room, and a swing door leads into the kitchen. Another door leads to the dance club, and another to the gym. And of course, there's an exit. A large fireplace nestles in one of the walls, with a beautiful stone chimney that flows up and out. A long spiral staircase rests near the entrance to the kitchen, leading to a second-floor balcony that overlooks the UR itself. The lights up there are a bit dimmer than those down below.

Yoiko pushes open the door to the UR, holding it open for Kenzie and seemingly already in the midst of a conversation. "First night I was here I met this guy named Dante who brought me here." Once inside she lets the door swing closed on its own. "Food is really good. Staff is okay." She dodges a Skutter as it goes wheeling past. "I don't know how it works but they seem to be able to find anything in the kitchen. I ordered some random stuff as a test and they eventually brought it to me." The Commander steps up to the bar and asks, "A bottle of scotch and two glasses, please." A brief moment later and the bartender offers them over. She snags them both and heads to a booth in the corner, making sure to sit so she can see the front door. "I also figure sooner or later the rest of my... um... friends will show so this makes the perfect place to wait for them."

"That's promising. Prison food only goes so far with the palette, and toilet hooch is about as good as it gets in there." Kenzie chuckles softly, following after Yoiko. She's taken off the orange top of the prison outfit, leaving a white wifebeater. At least she doesn't look as MUCH like an escaped convict now. Seating herself at the booth along with Yoiko, ensuring that she's seated in a similar fashion to the Commander, the woman grabs the bottle...and promptly kisses it. "Ohhhhh, scotch, I missed you so much..." Smiling, she opens the bottle, and promptly pours out some for both of them. Her cup is lifted, and raised toward Yoiko. "To new frienships, freedom, and...tits, I guess."

Yoiko can't help but laugh at her new friend's reaction even while she's returning the toast and gulping half of it down before her mind clicks to the fatal flaw she's just set herself up for. With a glance to the rafters and a soft groan, she sets her glass down and shakes her head slightly. oO(Gotta remember to take it easy on that...) "So... what where you in prison for? You don't seem like the mass murdering type." It has been brought up enough that it has to be asked about after all.

She still doesn't quite believe that this is reality, but at least she has scotch. She gulps it down like an expert, and the sound that she makes in response to said gulping is one of contentment and happiness. "Oh, that's good." She swirls the glass and takes another gulp, before setting it down, leaning back with a smile on her face. That is one happy telekinetic. The question prompts raised eyebrows. "Where I come from, people with powers like me are treated like criminals before we even do anything. I fought back against that, and killed a very large amount of people in the process." She says that so matter-of-factly. "They imprisoned me as a terrorist."

Yoiko blinks at the story, having to ponder a moment to remember what she meant by 'powers'. Once it clicks she nods briefly. She fills the awkward pause while trying to think of something to say with another drink - a much smaller and more moderated one. "...I'm sorry to hear that." She genuinely looks sad as she says this. With a slight frown she takes another drink anyways. "I don't suppose there's a chance they'd come here looking for you, would they?" Yoiko is still of the opinion that she's beamed down to a planet, even if there are a number of unexplained races roaming about.

A shrug rolls over the woman's narrow shoulders as she takes another sip of her scotch, seeming to very much savor the alcohol. So good. "I have no clue. if they do, it would be pretty awful." Hopefully, that won't happen. She's free, now, and she isn't going to go back to prison. Death would be a better alternative. "They have machines that can detect the Evolved humans, and they're damned near impossible to beat."

And that makes her grin? Yoiko is practically beaming at the statement. "I could do it! I know I could! I haven't come across technology yet that I couldn't figure out!" Her eyes seem to sparkle at the idea of taking apart something new. "Oh! But, you know what? You're probably safe anyways." She gestures towards Kenzie and shrugs. "You're not a guy anymore!" It takes a moment but soon her face goes red and she smacks herself in the forehead realizing how insensitive that probably came out. "I-I mean because you don't look like a guy! I mean if you used to be..." She groans louder and drops her head onto the table top, moaning this time from the pain of the act. Rubbing her forehead she sits back up and tries one last time. "What I'm TRYING to say is they wouldn't think to look for a woman, right? As long your stuck like that you've got nothing to worry about, and if you did I'd find a way to help you." Well that could have gone better.

Kenzie sips at her scotch again, listening to Yoiko backpedal with a faint smirk. "Guess I'm not a guy any more, no. I'm sure I don't need to worry about them recognizing me..." She reaches up, patting at her face. "No more beard..." She pokes at her nose, then. "My nose feels smaller..." She lifts her hands, ruffling her slightly messy hair. "Long hair..." Then, she promptly gropes herself. "And tits." She glances down, blushing slightly as she pats herself down. "...I'm kinda sexy, actually." An unhappy look forms on her face. "Ugh, guys are gonna hit on me, aren't they?" She shakes her head, and...promptly downs the last of her scotch, pouring herself another (and giving the bottle another kiss).

With an "Eh" Yoiko tilts her head slightly to the side and shrugs her shoulders a little. "Could be worse." Suddenly another wide grin crosses her lips. "You could have those and still be a guy. Or still be in prison! Then you'd DEFFINETLY get hit on by guys." She snickers at her own joke and plays with her glass pondering how careful she should be with what she's already drank. Brushing her hair aside and exposing her spots again, Yoiko lets out a sigh. "It's really not all that awkward after the first time." Biting her lip she juggles her insecurities and decides to just take a blind leap for it. "Okay, I don't normally tell anyone about this but it might make you feel a little better." She looks back up at Kenzie trying to make eye contact to show her sincerity. "My first host was a guy. I had to go from sitting in a bar bitching about not being able to find a date to suddenly being a wheelchair bound woman with two kids and a husband." This story would probably make a lot more sense if she'd thought to elaborate on her species a bit more first.

The woman smirks. "Yeah, at least I'm not a chick with a dick, or still in prison. Both outcomes would be...pretty fucked up." She shakes her head. "It was weird, too. It's like...falling through whatever I fell through burned off the negation drugs they had me on. That shit usually takes weeks to fully wear off." She blinks a few times at the reference to hosts, brow furrowing slightly...then, her brows raise, and she offers a small nod. "Oh yeah, you're a Trill, aren't you?" She might have been a Trekkie back in the day. "Symbiotic species, right?" Another gulp is taken from her scotch. Oh, this is good.

Yoiko's face falls the second the word 'Trill' is mentioned. Her jaw falls open next. She stares for what must have been at least a full moment before her brain once more clicks back into gear. "HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT!?!" She actually seems to be breaking out into a sweat. Her cheeks burn red and quickly her eyes dart from side to side to see if anyone is looking their way. "We don't talk about that with outsiders! I was telling you in strict confidence!" She hugs herself and stares down at the table. "Oh God." She looks back up with the start of tears in her eyes, "Was it Jon? Flea?! How do you know who I am if you've been in prison?!?" ...and the tears start. "I thought I could trust you..." Trying to fight back her outburst, the Commander grabs her glass and finishes it off and then promptly reaches for the bottle and starts refilling it.

The woman blinks a few times at the rather adverse reaction from Yoiko. "Nonono, you have it all wrong!" She waves her hands frantically, shaking her head. "I was just guessing...your race is on a television show about the Starfleet. It's called Star Trek. That's how I knew about James Kirk, he's the star of that show. In my world, the Starfleet is in a show on television." Kenzie waves her hands more, to show that she is harmless. "I used to watch it with my son. We both hated Kirk, but loved Spock. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you..."

Yoiko's hand is shaking as she finishes off her second glass. At least the tears have stopped. "...that explains the 'Star Trek' comment..." This has just made things all the stranger for her. Reaching for her tricorder, she flips it open and starts pressing buttons. The tiny display under the main flap starts showing all sorts of different information at high speed and Yoiko just stares at it a moment before slapping it shut and shoving it off to the side. "Well. I don't have a reason to doubt what you said. There was something buggin' me since I got here about the costumes and the technology." She wipes her eyes and slowly shakes her head. "...but it means that this isn't the same dimension I came from. When we passed through the event horizon and located a planetoid inside the singularity region it never occurred to me that it could be another reality." She sighs again. "...so it's highly possible the crew I beamed in with is all on separate worlds. That's why we didn't arrive together." Yoiko grabs the bottle and refills her glass. "Well, the good news is you don't have to worry about anyone finding you here. The bad news is that I don't think either of us are ever going home." ...and her glass becomes empty again very quickly as she raises it to her lips. Tomorrow is not going to be a fun day for the Commander.

Draining her second glass, Kenzie sets it on the table. As Yoiko sets the bottle down, the woman's eyes suddenly white out; the bottle floats into the air, and pours another drink for Kenzie -- and yet another for Yoiko. "Well, that's just fucked." She snorts, and picks up her glass again as the bottle of scotch floats back down to rest gently on the table. "At least I don't have to go back to another Moab." She shakes her head, draining the glass. Again, the bottle picks itself up and refills her glass. Telekinesis, what fun! Drink without using your hands. It's impossible to tell that she's glancing about. "...I need a fuckin' piano or a violin or something."

Have Yoiko's eyes begun to gloss over, or was that from the crying moments before? Either way she nods her head silently at Kenzie's words and watches the whole bottle pouring incident with wide eyed amusement. She could probably watch that all day and not get tired of it. Musical instruments make her grin again, however. "Oooh. We could start a band. I can play the cello." There's a brief pause as she thinks about that a moment and then elaborates, "Well, Linda could play the cello. Professionally even." She stares at her glass and the bottle. A little more couldn't hurt, right?

The woman smiles. "Back before I was a crazy telekinetic, I was a musician and composer. I can play..." She pauses, counting on her fingers. "Piano, violin, cello, guitar, bass, and percussion." She offers a nod after this, as if to confirm that she can indeed do all of that stuff and more. "I wrote an opus in prison that's pretty much burned into my brain at this point, and I'd love to be able to finally play it." She drains another glass, and the same trick occurs, the glass floating up and pouring more of the liquor.

Yoiko snatches the bottle out of the air before it can be sat down - or tries to at least if she's allowed. If she can she tops off her glass like she was pondering. If not she pouts but only momentarily. "So, pretty and talented. You've got a lot going for you here." Rubbing her eyes again she takes off her glasses and ponders them briefly before just leaving them off for a moment. Her cobalt blue eyes are definitely glossed over. Overfilled or not she grabs her glass and tries to finish it off before putting her glasses back on again. "I think I'd like to hear it. We should find a place where we can get some instruments tomorrow." Well, nice to see she's thinking ahead.

The bottle is easy enough to grab -- though it feels as if she's pulling it from a hand, or something. Kenzie smiles faintly, lifting her glass to her lips and taking a long draught of the scotch, draining her glass again. Her eyes might be getting a little glossy, though she can obviously hold her liquor -- and well. "I guess so. It's kinda weird, still. I'm used to having a floppy bit dangling between my legs...now I've traded that for floppy bits dangling from my chest." She smirks as the bottle floats up once more, pouring more scotch. "That sounds good. I'd love the chance to play again...there's nothing quite so cathartic as music." She nods sagely, taking another gulp.

Leaning an arm on the table so she can rest her chin on her palm, Yoiko is clearly not doing as well as Kenzie or depending on your definition - doing far better. A smirk plays over her lips as she listens to Kenzie comment about her recent changes and as it's mentioned Yoiko finds herself staring at the woman's chest a moment before her vision blurs and she has to blink several times to see clearly again. "...wow, I think I've had a bit much already." The Commander stares at her glass this time suddenly realizing that she has no idea how much she's had, but that bottle seems mostly empty. She frowns. That's not good.
"Okay, so... Just in case. That big building outside is a hotel an' they seem to let people stay for free." Her voice is starting to take on a slight sing-song quality. "I checked in the other night and the happy lady working the desk gave me the keys to..." Uh oh. Her eyebrows suddenly collide together as she strains to focus. With a snap of her free hand she reaches into a pocket of the jacket she's wearing and stares at the tag on the key. "3D. It's on the third floor." She drops the keys on the table as a chunk of her hair falls in her face. Yoiko blows it away. "If you make sure I get back, your welcome to stay there with me."
With a shake her her head, she drops her 'leaning-hand'. "But if you don't.... the deal is off." Well, good thing she clarified that. "Also... never sleep with an Orion woman unless you are into letting her do aaaanything she wants." Yoiko shakes her head again, "...and if she says she's a slave girl, you just say 'No.' Because it's a trap." Is there any doubts about her inebriation levels left? "My ex was an Orion." While she's rambled on she's picked up her keys and started idly fidgeting with them. "Wow, you did not tell her no to -anything-." Her head shakes one more time and then she finally goes quiet again.

The woman listans, grinning faintly. "I will certainly make sure you get home safe, that is a promise." She reaches out, scooping up the keys, and placing them in the pocket of her prisoner outfit. She doesn't seem to be feeling it as much as Yoiko is, that much seems obvious. At mention of not sleeping with Orion woman, her brows raise slightly. A voice in the back of her head is briefly disappointed...followed by delighted when she remembers the fact that she is also a woman now.
Dude...that's kinda hot.
"My...former fiancee..." There is a sad note to her voice when she mentions that, "She was a Hydrokinetic. Couldn't really tell her no, either." She smiles faintly, before looking back to Yoiko. "You alright over there? Am I going to have to carry you home?" Funny, she doesn't look strong enough to do that. But then there's that telekinesis thing. Maybe that's what she means. "'Cause if I do, I might be inappropriate."

Yoiko pouts slightly as her keys are taken away. She was playing with those. At least it makes her pay a little more attention than she would have otherwise given her condition. While the idea of a 'hydrokinetic' makes her eyes boggle a moment, she can't help but grin at the mental image of Esp-sex. Yes. That's what she's calling it. You go into her head and tell her she can't.
The last question gets a brief but accusing stare that results in making her snicker followed by a mocking "Oh no! Inappropriate!" She giggles this time. "Keep talking like that and I might tell you I need help on purpose." Leaning back in the booth, Yoiko's head suddenly lurches. "Whoa... honestly though I just might." Instinctively she puts a hand to her head to steady herself, moaning softly. "Dammit Daemon. Why do I let you tell me how much I can drink when it's always too much?" Unlike some people who could be named, Yoiko does not actually have the voices of the other hosts talking to her in her mind. It's just easier to pass the blame when you can assign it a name.

A smile appears on Kenzie's face, and she even lets out a small giggle. She giggles, now. No more hearty laughs, just giggling. Even she thinks it sounds cute. "Well then, I'll have to keep talking like that." She snickers softly, draining the last of her glass. Picking up the bottle, she drains the last few drops of that like a true lush, before setting it down and giving it a sad look. "Empty scotch bottles are always disappointing." Then, green eyes turn toward Yoiko. "You okay there? I will actually carry you home, if you need me to."

After grinning herself at the giggling and comment, she follows the gaze to the bottle and slowly nods her head. "Yeah, but at least it went to a good place." Pushing herself up shakily, Yoiko puts both hands on the table and laughs. "I think I might need a shoulder to lean on or something. Otherwise I'm not going to make it." Her arms are shaking and she's wobbling but somehow she manages to grab her tricorder without falling over. Well, the strap for it at least. "...can't forget my purse." That was meant as a joke. Probably didn't come off that way. Assuming Kenzie allows it she'll throw an arm over her shoulder and point for the door. "Onwards!!"

The woman nods sagely. "It did go to a good place." As Yoiko stands, so does Kenzie. She's a little wobbly, herself, but that is fixed easily enough by her eyes whiting out and glowing faintly. As Yoiko throws an arm around her, Kenzie wraps an arm around her waist, maybe enjoying that part a little too much. She can't help it, Yoiko is a good looking lady, and she's been a man in prison for a good four years! She's a woman, now, but that doesn't stop those raunchy thoughts from passing through her head. Her cheeks tinging pink, Kenzie starts leading the way out. She's good at being a shoulder to lean on, at the very least -- though that telekinesis probably helps out a good deal.

Even though Yoiko is clearly three sheets in the wind, she's not stupid, and years of studying every tiny detail of ship's engines has given her a keen sense of observation. She knows what's probably going through Kenzie's mind and she doesn't care. The not caring bit, well that's probably the alcohol. Blushing a bit herself she leans on her new friend's shoulder giving her a deliberate hug while passing through the door of the Usual and probably trying to make it look accidental. By the time they reach the hotel lobby Yoiko's head is clearer, but her coordination is much worse. At least it was just across the street. Being forced to put all her weight on Kenzie she sticks out her tongue at the droid in the lobby and loses her balance completely in the elevator. Unless she's kept from falling she'll collapse onto the floor giggling and yelling "Third floor!" as the doors close.

From the desk in the lobby Debbie just shakes her head and marks a comment about 3D having a guest into the computer. Standard protocol apparently. It's surely just a security measure, right?

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