2014-09-27 - Sobering up

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Sobering up

Summary: Yoiko and Kenzie awaken the next morning and we discover they got a little too comfortable with each other between scenes. This log should probably come with a PG-13 filter or something. Shame we don't have one of those yet...

Who: Yoiko_Hax, Kenzie
When: September 28th, 2014
Where: Yoiko's Apartment(#4346R)

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Yoiko's Apartment(#4346R)

If you can look past the random bits of equipment and wires all over the room, it's not a bad apartment. There are two large windows looking out over the city. A couch facing them with a coffee table that's clearly seen better days. Behind the couch on the other side of the entrance is a small kitchenette with a sizeable table and four chairs. (All covered in equipment and spare parts). Opposite of the front door is another door that leads into the bedroom.

Last night had a rather interesting ending, all in all, and Kenzie passed out rather thoroughly afterwards. She slept like a log, too, half-sprawled out with her mouth wide open, hardly moving at all in the night. She must have been drunk, or tired -- either that, or she hasn't slept on a comfortable bed in years. In reality, it's probably a combination of the three. Getting your gender swapped unexpectedly while also being pulled into an alternate dimension might be a bit tiring.
It is morning now, and the man turned woman stirs from her sleep, not opening her eyes just yet. That was a nice dream. Unrealistic as hell, but nice. Probably just some strange Freudian fantasy playing out. With Star Trek. At least it was interesting. The woman stretches out, letting out a wide yawn. And then, her eyes open, only a crack at first...before shooting open to frantically sweep the room, her form going tense.
Oh. It wasn't a dream. It was very, very real.
Green eyes turn to the side, to see Yoiko sleeping there. Oh, and that was real, too. She remains frozen there, eyes wide. Shit. Fuck. Other expletives. After a long moment of complete stillness, she rolls over onto her side, staring at the woman next to her. Well, at the very least, if this is real and she's stuck like this, she can enjoy the view. That's okay to do, right? Hopefully it's not creepy.

In her dreams Yoiko simply plays out the past few nights. Going on duty. Working on equipment. Doing scans. Walking into the local pub. Beaming to a strange planet. Falling in the elevator and being too drunk to walk. Okay, maybe she's reliving it out of order.
In the waking world Yoiko lays curled up on her side facing the person who's staring at her. Her shirt has been taken off at some point and the matching-red bra is covering up anything embarrassing peeking out from beneath the sheets. From this position the two rows of spots running down the sides of her face are clearly seen falling down her throat and eventually around the sides of her chest and presumably down the sides of her stomach as well. While she's not curled up against anyone, she's wadded up a large portion of the sheets into a ball that she clutches over her stomach. Apparently her pants are gone as well as a slender leg stretches out of the bottom of the sheets revealing that pattern continues all the way down her sides to the start of her toes. It's not a bad sight if you're into such a thing.
Yoiko's eyes twitch as she starts to wake up. It's funny how the feeling of being watched tends to do that. Forcing her eyes open ever so slightly she fights to focus and the second she does her eyes go wide and reflexively she bolts back a little. Bits of the night before, helped by her blurred dreams, start to bubble forth and after a moment of awkwardness that seems like it'll never end Yoiko forces a half smile. "...Hi?"

The view really isn't that bad. Kenzie always did have a thing for the Trill in the Star Trek shows. They were always so gorgeous. And the spot pattern running down the length of her body are a nice touch. As Yoiko's eyes open and she bolts back, the woman edges back very slightly, just in case any freakouts happen. When nothing of the sort happens, she relaxes, offering her own half smile. "Hey there." She pauses, eyes idly trailing down to her feet, then back up. Stop being a perv!
"Imagine my surprise when I woke up to find that I wasn't having a weird Freudian dream about becoming a woman." She smirks faintly, rolling onto her back and stretching out, using an at-ease demeanor in an attempt to disarm the awkwardness. "Good morning. I hope you don't have an awful hangover. I seem to have escaped the worst of it."

Yoiko props herself up on an elbow as Kenzie rolls back. This isn't the first time she's woken up like this. Best to just roll with it. "Mmmno. I'm good." She rubs her eyes with the free hand and yawns slightly. "My species tends to be good with toxins." The woman shakes her head. "Scotch definitely counts." After dropping her hand she finds herself watching Kenzie's chest rise and fall as she breathes. "...and as far as Freudian dreams go, at least your cute." Reaching out with that free hand again, Yoiko cups the woman's chin and turns her head to face her. Her blue eyes look deep into Kenzie's green eyes and the Trill woman smiles again. "So tell me..." There's a long pause. "...what exactly did we do last night, because I don't remember anything after falling in the elevator."

Pink colors Kenzie's cheeks as Yoiko cups her chin, and then redness replaces pink as she asks what happened last night. Blushing is a newish thing to her, she didn't often do that before she came here and became a lady-type person. "Well, to start with, you can NOT hold your liquor, at all. Remind me not to let you drink so much next time." She blushes again, reaching a hand up to rub at the back of her neck. "One thing kinda led to another, faces were introduced to various body parts, we probably woke the neighbors a few times, I found out that women are very much different than men...then we both passed out."

With a nod of her head Yoiko ponders this version of events, combining it with the fuzzy memories she has that may or may not have been vastly exaggerated by her dreams. In the end her smile fades and she raises an eyebrow, looking down at the bed a moment. Her hand meanwhile has moved onto Kenzie's stomach and is currently just resting there casually. "Well crap." Huh? She lets that statement hang in the air a moment before elaborating. "I had this great comment about 'that's too bad, maybe we should try again tonight' but now it sounds like the only one who missed out on fun is me." Flopping back onto her pillow, she stares up at the ceiling. "See Daemon? This is why you were depressed all the time. Drinking is only fun if you remember it clearly the next day. Linda totally had the right idea." It takes a moment but that smile comes back with Yoiko rolling back towards Kenzie. "Unless your pulling my leg or I'm trying an elaborate test to screw with your mind." The woman suddenly sits up and throws her legs over the side of the bed. "Guess we'll just have to find out if you come back around this evening or not, huh?" Wait, really? She's going to leave it like that? Sure enough she finds her shirt and pulls it back on. Now where did her pants go?

Since Yoiko is touching her, Kenzie works up the nerve to allow her own hand to wander onto the woman's hips, a small grin forming on her face as she does so. Then, Yoiko is rolling out of bed, leaving Kenzie blinking a few times. Then, she sits up, stretching her arms over her head. Clearing her throat, she nods. "Thankfully, I'm not pulling your leg." She pauses to yawn, before slipping out of bed, clad in her slightly too large wifebeater and boxers. A frown is offered to the orange pants -- but they are begrudgingly pulled on, all the same. "I really need to find some clothes. These are too big, and prison oranges are not exactly something I enjoy wearing." She glances to Yoiko, smiling faintly. "Thankfully, the bed is comfortable enough that I will definitely return, if you'll have me." She throws in a friendly wink for good measure.

Yoiko flashes Kenzie a sly grin as she finds her pants hanging off the bed under the sheets she bunched up. "Well I was already thinking we both need clothes. I can't even offer you a spare pair of pants." She shakes them out for emphasis before trying to put them on. "But as far as if I'll have you... I dont know. You didn't try very hard to keep me from getting out of bed." She's definitely enjoying this. "Maybe seeing you in some new clothes will change my mind."

"Cut a guy -- uh, girl, some slack here. I have lived 39 years as a man, and I all of a sudden am a woman. I'm not even a transgendered woman, I'm just...a woman. All of this is very real." She points downward. "I'm still in shock, over here. I expected to wake up back in my prison cell, on a stiff cot, with a little slit in the wall as a window, drugged to the gills with shit to stop me from doing stuff like this." Her eyes white out, then, and Yoiko's pants are suddenly yanked out of her hands by something unseen. The pants then float up to the ceiling, laying flat against it as if they were laying flat on the floor. All the while, Kenzie has a big grin on her face.

Yoiko laughs as she crosses her arms, trying to look annoyed. "That didn't stop you last night, now did it?" Wait, she's implying she remembers right? "Assuming what you said is correct." She's definitely grinning ear to ear now. "But for all I know you just spent the evening having a quaint little fantasy about how you wished the night would go." She slowly crosses the room going the long way around the bed and drapes an arm over Kenzie's shoulder, leaning in enough that her breath warms the woman's ear. "Now give me my pants back or so help me the first thing I make you try on is a skirt."

She can't help it. Kenzie also grins from ear to ear as Yoiko gets in nice and close. One arm wraps around the woman's waist, white eyes staring back. "Who says I am disinclined to try on a skirt? I always found kilts quite liberating as a man. Plus, have you /seen/ my hips? They are amazing." She laughs softly, and promptly plants a kiss on Yoiko's neck, just below her ear. "See, I wasn't raised with that whole body consciousness thing. Bring it on." She pulls back to give the woman a somewhat sly grin.

Yoiko doesn't pull away at any point, but she does end up pulling Kenzie with her into the bathroom and turning her so she's facing the mirror above the sink. "Now, now. See. The better question is have -you- seen your hips?" Let's make this a little awkward, shall we? The spotted woman is still hanging off of her shoulders forcing her to look at both of them in the mirror. "...and good. One of us has to wear the skirt in this relationship." She gestures down at herself standing there in a bra and matching red panties. Yes, the entire department uniform for women is that way. Almost obscene, isn't it? More specifically she's gesturing at her twin rows of tiny leopard-like spots. "I really don't want to have to answer a million questions about these even if I would rather be the one wearing them."

It doesn't take much to drag the telekinetic into the bathroom, she seems pretty willing to come along. Kenzie looks in the mirror, her face turning thoughtful. "Still weird, seeing this in the mirror." She glances toward the spots, smiling faintly, before twisting around and wrapping her arms around the woman. "Good way to deflect, tell 'em it's a tattoo. If they ask why you got it, tell them you wanted to. End of story. If they ask if it hurt, tell them that unicorns licked it on, then farted rainbows on it, and that it felt magical." She chuckles softly, kissing the girl on the nose. "I'll wear a skirt for you, though. I might even go so far as wearing a /dress/."

She can't help but laugh as she's slightly turned around and given a story to tell. "Maybe, but only if I can leave the unicorns out of it." The kiss on the nose makes her giggle. "Jumping right in, huh? Next you'll be painting your toenails and talking about boys." She still has her arm propped on the woman's shoulder despite the gesture being mirrored and doubled back at her so she takes advantage of it, pulling her in closer and draping her arm across her back. "And speaking of boys," she takes her other hand and turns Kenzie's face towards the mirror again. "Admit it. You've always wanted to see something like this." Yoiko nibbles her ear ever so slightly and giggles. "We'll we're never getting breakfast at this rate." Was it really even morning when they woke up?

She laughs softly. "No thank you. Despite the girl parts, I have no interest in penises. The only penis I was ever interested in was my own, and that is gone now." She laughs softly, looking in the mirror once more. Out in the bedroom, the pants fall down from the ceiling, while her eyes fade back to their normal bright green. "Admittedly, I did always wonder what it would be like to be a woman. It's taken a good deal of self control to keep myself from constantly feeling them." She smirks, and plants a kiss on the woman's cheek. "You can have your pants back, let's get some food and clothes." All she had to mention was breakfast. Kenzie still loves food, and it's been ages since she's had something other than bland prison food.

...and Yoiko just casually walks away like nothing had happened. Again! Pulling her pants back on she glances towards the restroom with a shake of her head. "If you're wanting to grope yourself, better do it now before we get outside." She sits down on the edge of the bed facing her and crosses her legs. "It's alright. I'll wait." There's that wicked grin of hers again. After a moment she uncrosses her legs and stands back up, pulling her hair into a ponytail since there's no hairbrush to speak of either. "At least when I first became a woman it came with her experiences. Kept me from making an ass of myself the first time I was alone in a room." She frowns slightly. "...plus that wheelchair would have made it really hard to pose for myself." At least she doesn't make her lives sound boring.

A laugh comes from Kenzie as she follows Yoiko out into the bedroom...and her hands promptly shoot up to feel her own chest. "I really can't help it, it's kinda nice having a pair of my own." She chuckles softly. "I'll probably stand naked in front of the changing room mirrors, too, those offer a good view." Wow. She watches Yoiko mess with her hair, and idly pokes at hers. It'll have to just stay messy like this, she doesn't know the first thing about styling her hair. "So, let's get food. I'm looking forward to something that isn't bland prison food." She moves toward the doorway, pausing and turning to watch Yoiko. "You know, I'm amazed that a woman of your standing is succumbing to the charms of a mass murdering convict who just escaped from a maximum security prison."

Yoiko shrugs her shoulders at the comment, a smile still lurking on her face from the moment that mirrors where brought into conversation. "I'm amazed I'm completely okay with not taking a shower before we go out in public." She snickers, folding her arms across her chest again. "Besides I'm the Chief Engineer and the First Officer of a starship." She frowns slightly, "...or was. Ask any security officer or rookie engineer and the horror stories they'll tell make me sound like I'm some kind of tyrant." The frown lingers a moment longer. "I just refuse to let anyone incompetent into my engines." She puts an arm around Kenzie once again. "But for you I'll make an exception."

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