2014-10-01 - Housewarming

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Summary: Finally settled into her new home, Tabitha is unexpectantly visited by Xue who's decided to check in on the girl's progress.

Who: Tabitha, Xue
When: October 1st, 2014
Where: Sun's House


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Sun's House - Tabitha's Room(#3093R)

The door opens to a brightly lit room with a slanted ceiling. The slant of which directs your eyes to four small windows above a queen sized four post bed decorated in large colorful pillows. On each side of the bed are small light gray end tables topped with glass touch-lamps. The corners of the room, again mirrored around the bed, are actually large door-sized windows allowing you to look into the backyard of the house - assuming the curtains aren't drawn closed as usual.

Despite the niceties of the room the furniture seems to rarely see use, with the exception of the large dresser along the western wall from which bits of clothing peek out of the drawers from being shoved inside carelessly. Opposite that wall is a large walk in closet which someone has lined the floor with fabrics to make a makeshift bed out of. At least when the closet is closed and the dresser is shut the room looks clean, save for a nearly wall to wall floor rug covering the hardwood floors.

Maybe it's the generic framed pictures on the walls, the recessed track lighting in the celling despite the large celling fan, or the lack of anything personal in the room but the entire bedroom feels like someone randomly picked it out of a magazine. Perhaps that's the reason the occupant feels the need to hide their belongings out of sight? It is a pretty nice room after all.

Finally alone and finally rested, Tabitha lays on the large bed in her new room twirling her dagger idly in one hand while she ponders what to do next. A large part of her wants to go out, but that falls back under the problem of her appearance. Taking a deep breath she ponders an image in her head and plunges the dagger into her leg. All at once her body and clothes begin to change. Her hair turns red, her feline features vanish, and she gains at least a few inches of height. Her clothes turn black and soon she's wearing black torn jeans and a plain t-shirt. Yanking the dagger out and sending a spray of black fluid into the air the girl exhales. Even her voice is a pitch lower as she rubs at the already healing wound. "Stupid Sun. I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up that she'd find a way ta make that easier..."

Outside the windows, all is dark and calm for the moment. A faint cold wind begins to blow, making a shutter CREEAAKK back and forth loudly a few times.

Tabitha jerks her head to the side at the sudden noise, staring out the window a moment before shaking her head and deciding to ignore it. Pushing herself off the bed, the girl finds herself flailing her arms to keep from falling over. At the last second she manages to grab ahold of one of the bed posts and sighs. "Alright, gonna have to find a way ao keep the tail, apparently." Her eyes dart to the dagger left carelessly on the bed and frowns at the thought of using it again.

The temperature continues to get colder, though not painfully so, stopping just at the point of discomfort for the average person. On the window, however, some frost forms around the edges of the plexiglass panels.

The frost should be a blatant clue that something is up, but Tabitha is too distracted to pay it much attention. Instead she lays back on the bed, picking the dagger up once more, and again plunges it into her leg. Wincing in pain she rips it back out shortly after her ears and tail return to normal, save for matching the dark color of her hair currently. Sitting up once again the girl looks herself over again and sighs. "Great. I still look like me, just with different clothes." Well, that's not entirely true but good luck convincing her of that.

"That's an interesting new look" comes a familiar voice from behind Tabitha. In a chair behind her sits Xue, looking at her with an analytical gaze "Looks like your gaining more familiarity and usage of your powers since last i saw you".

Tabitha jumps slightly as Xue's voice suddenly speaks out. The girl very nearly falls off the bed trying to spin around to see where it came from. Realizing who it is, she relaxes but it nags at the back of her mind that she didn't remember there being a chair in this room. The momentary distraction leaves her speechless a moment but soon enough she relaxes again and realizes what was just said to her. "This?" She twirls the dagger momentarily. "I could always do this, it just hurts like a bitch." Rubbing her leg at the thought of it, she shakes her head, "Anyways... what's up? I was plannin' on visiting you once I figured out how to get around without bein' noticed."

Xue gives a smirk "Well, go open the door and let me in, then we can talk". She gives a small salute, and vanishes, along with the chair.
Should Tabitha open the front door, Xue is standing there in the flesh, a pale colored glow just starting to fade from her eyes as the scrying and illusion fade.

Sun's House - Living Room(#3099R)

Immediately upon entering this house, the room seems to open up, making it seem like this house is a bit bigger on the inside. Vaulted wood ceilings and wood trim adds an instant warm effect to the room, complemented by a warm beige carpet and the large stone fireplace that is obviously the centerpiece of this room, with a large television hanging above the mantle. A large square coffee table, made of stone tiles, is hugged on either side by two comfortable couches and two dark leather lounge chairs. Windows are covered in off-white drapes, which filter light nicely but also offer the proper amount of privacy. Kept immaculately clean, this home is obviously loved by its owner.

Off to one side of the room is a small mini-bar, stocked with plenty of alcohol for many different tastes; next to this is a decent sized stereo system, with plenty of stations to choose from.

Quickly darting through the house, Tabitha dashes to the door and swings it open. With a slight smile on her lips and her head tilted to the side she asks, "Ya just can't ever knock like a normal person, can ya?" Stepping aside she lets the woman enter before closing the door behind her. After a moment she announces, "Look! I have a house now! I guess you saw the room?" She's still not entirely sure how Xue's illusions work.

Xue enters, giving Tabitha a pat on the shoulder "Course not. That would mean i was a normal person, a frightening concept". She grins "Besides, it's more fun to keep people guessing". She gives a look around the hallway, nodding "I did indeed when i scryed. It is quite an upgrade from the apartment". She raises an eyebrow "I trust Sun has 'behaved' herself for the most part while you've been with her?"

Tabitha lets out a sigh while any evidence of amusement washes away. "Yeah, I guess she has - or at least whatever is left of her." She leans against the wall beside the door watching to see where Xue opts to go so she can follow. The girl hasn't quite accepted it as 'her' home despite her words so she still feels like too much a stranger to show the woman around.

With a tilt of the head, Xue peers at Tabitha "Left of her? I know she had a small run-in with one of Twisteds more dangerous troublemakers, but i'm not entirely sure all the details". Xue simply finds someplace with at least 2 seats near the entrance. Quicker and easier that way, specially if she has to make a quick escape.
She does not want to run into Sun quite yet.

Tabitha frowns as she steps over and sits on the opposite end of the couch from Xue. "No, it's not that..." She sighs again, "Okay, so it's like this. She runs inta some guy who fixes her memories an' it turns out she actually -is- my mother. So I have ta get used to that, an' that's when she decides to move us out here. She tells me how I'm gonna be able ta live with her an' everything. Then right after we get moved in she says she's gonna teach me how to shape shift and asks me how I do it. I show her my dagger and she vanishes!" At this point she takes the Dread Dagger out and sets it on the coffee table before them. "She comes back a little while later and tells me that, " she mocks Sun's voice, "'the one you knew before was false' and 'I am not her and she is not me...'" At this point she trails off trying not to let her eyes start watering again.

The archmage listens, and nods as Tabitha fills her in. "Interesting. I'll start investigating and see what i can uncover. It sounds almost like Sun doesn't know what exactly is going on herself. This IS Twisted, so it may not be the Sun i knew". This is followed by a nod "Being able to shapeshift, or at least give the illusion of doing so, is definately a useful ability. If Sun finds herself unable to teach you, and you grow tired of your current method, let me know".
Xue gets an amused expression "I'll try teaching you an arcane method to take a 'stab' at".
Humor from HER? This is a new one.....

It might not have been the intended reaction, but the pun is bad enough that Tabitha laughs and simultaneously gives up the fight against her tears. Her eyes begin to water, but only momentarily and she's smiling as she wipes them away. "Thank you. I think I needed that." Once she's more collected she turns her head to look into Xue's face directly, "...and thank you. I don't think I've said that enough." She sighs briefly, "I don't know what made you pop in that first day, but I'm grateful for it. I hope I can repay you somehow, someday."

Looking somewhat embaressed, Xue merely shrugs and gives a small smile "It's allright. I have a lot of knowledge. Better it go somewhere than eventually all die with me. As for what made me 'pop in'......" She glances at the dagger warily "It had to do with what may be one of the alter-egos in there with you. I'm simply glad it's turned out well so far"

Tabitha raises an eyebrow, but doesn't follow that lead-in further. There are some things she's better off not thinking about, and the actions of some of her new personalities aren't very high on the comfortable list right now. Especially if she takes the time to ponder what the aftermath might be. Drat. A little late now. Nervously she asks, "...you don't think anyone else is going ta come checkin' up on them or me at some point, do ya? I mean, other than Diablo?"

Xue shakes her head "Only one other, but i don't think he will come. You'll likely know him if he does. I don't know if anyone else really knows about you or what you are, what you contain, and far far fewer at best know the history behind you and the person you resemble. For the time being, i believe your safe. Do you still have the stick i gave you?".

The girl reaches down into the pocket of her jack-. Oh, wait. She's not wearing her jacket. Where do things go when she changes shapes? With a roll of her eyes she grabs the dagger off the table, sighs, and jabs herself in the leg letting a sharp cry of pain escape her. Instantly her form resets itself and the girl's short red jacket is again worn over her shoulders. Putting the dagger down again and reaching a gloved hand into her pocket, she produces the stick and starts to rub at her leg with the other hand. "Yeah.... ow... I've got it." Sheathing the dagger properly she puts the stick away and leans back with another sigh, "I've really gotta figure out how th' other me's do that without cuttin' me."

After a moments thought, Xue says "I think it's a matter of simple willpower and focus. Your alternates seem to know intrinsicly how to use it, while you seem to need to use this as a focus. Try to relax. Visualize in your mind the form you want to take. Feel it becoming you, and you becoming it. Focus on the energies inside you altering to the new look, then let them do the rest

Tabitha frowns at the advice, "I've tried that. Either nothing happens and I feel like a fool or I suddenly swap places with one-a them." The girl shrugs, taking out her dagger and twirling it once again at her side in an obvious (to anyone but her) NNY manner. "Y'know, the funny thing is I don't remember where I got th' idea to stab myself ta change forms? Not even in th' fake memories I have? I just... started doing it. I don't even remember figuring out that I /could/ change forms."

With a nod, Xue stands, looking off to the side. She recognizes the Nny-isms in her actions, though doesn't draw attention to them "Always continue endevoring to discover. Sun has almost arrived, so i must depart before she gets here". She pokes Tabitha playfully on the tip of her nose "Keep yourself out of trouble". With that, her eyes glow purple for a moment, and she abruptly vanishes!

Tabitha barely has a chance to realize what Xue is saying before she gets her on the nose again! Unable to help herself she flails slightly, blinking at the space the woman occupied a moment before. She doesn't even know what to say and instead just shakes her head with a smirk. "See ya next time, Xue..."

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