2014-10-08 - Searching for Lost Friends (part I)

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Searching for Lost Friends

Summary: In an on-going page #mail scene Nancy goes to speak to Gegoshi about Guarlesia's fate.

Who: Nancy, Gegoshi
When: September 7th, 2014 - October 8th, 2014
Where: TASK Building


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As the heavy fog rolls away and details begin to become clear, Nancy stands just outside the new TASK building. Her eyes focus on the seemingly endless tower. Her brow creases with worry. Something here doesn't feel right. That feeling only increases as she walks up to the large double doors and pushes her way inside.

A long dark hallway greets her with doors every few feet. Colored lines decorate the walls leading to one door or another. Even with the lack of light she can make out a reception area of sorts up ahead, and when she arrives at it there's no surprise for what she finds - it's the old TASK lobby with it's mix-matched floor and a receptionist desk. A smirk spreads across her lips as she leans against it and calls out, "Gegoshi? Are you here?" Briefly she wishes she'd looked for a light switch first...

A large red counter flickers into hologram life above the reception desk: 00:02:37:14 and begins counting down the two minutes and change. Halfway through, the clock speeds up, going faster than normal seconds, and then reaches zero, blinks twice, then disappears. A 2D image of Gegoshi's face appears where the letters floated, with a large bright smile and a shining halo, the synth's voice echo's out, "Hello! You've reached the help desk. We are currently under new management and dealing with construction. Please state your name and what you need and a representiative will be along to assist you shortly!"

Nancy's immediate reaction is to groan in annoyance, but the expression on her face betrays her. She's happy to see Gegoshi, even if it's just a recorded message. Trying her best to sound serious, but unable to get rid of her smirk, the councilwoman waits only a moment longer before responding, "Nancy Dark - and I want to talk to my friend." The woman glances around the room now illuminated slightly by the glow of Gegoshi's hologram. "...and some lights. It's too dark in here." Crossing her arms, she waits for whatever response may come.

The 2D image of Gegoshi's face winks out of existence and then all of the lights go out, leaving Nancy in pitch blackness. There's a few seconds pause, and then hundreds of multi-colored lights come on, flashing all about, like a rave. Rave music starts playing from all around. It lights the place up quite erratically. Along with the reception desk and the polished black marble floors, walls, and ceiling, there are square windows lining the walls. Each window shows varying images of worlds, and these are in fact, portals. A few are stable, showing rooms, houses, or a world itself, but most seem to be spamming random images everywhere. They're not backlit, so they can't be seen without outside light! Cheapskates the people that made this place!!! A ton of the lights stop being spastic and focus down on the floor in front of Nancy. Then, pieces of a human, or in this case a synth, appear in the light, one after the other, flickering into view with each light that shines, until Gegoshi's entire body is formed, albeit in about a hundred different color strands. She's dressed in straight up raver gear, with tons of neon glowing bracelets, anklets, necklaces, and hair pieces. Her top and bottom outfit is a series of these woven together, leaving her decent, or at least close too it, "Hello Nancy Dark! Welcome to the currently un-named but once named TASK Lobby that should have a new name or re-given the old name! I am operating at full capacity today! Would you like to dance?" She offers out her hand and the music beat goes into overdrive along with the light show.

Wow. Just.... wow. Nancy can only watch quietly with wide eyes at the elaborate introduction. The lights, the windows. Just... wow. Once the show is over and Gegoshi's question hangs in the air, the woman enthusiastically claps. Who needs television or cheap magic tricks around people who can do things like that?
After a half minute of clapping the councilwoman remembers she has the ability to speak. Taking a few steps towards the Synth, she /almost/ hugs her, at least coming into hugging range, with an ecstatic smile planted firmly on her face. "Oh, I've missed you!!" She blushes realizing what she was about to do and chooses instead to put her hands together and hold them crossed across her lap. Taking in the full, brightly lit, costume the girl shakes her head slowly. "Well, you certainly seem to be doing well! I half expected you to be some kind of gothic slave girl with the shift in Councils."
Nancy has kept out of everything after all. She went into hiding the moment Twisted was re-booted and then started secretly building a new city out of phase under the assumption that Diablo and Gegoshi wouldn't be able to find her, or that they even knew she was still alive. An assumption that Senior Diablo recently proved to be incorrect...

The lower part of her outfit swirls out in colors, forming a large flowing skirt, which Gegoshi takes by the hem so she can curtsey to Nancy, "I have recorded your abscence one hundred fifty thousand seven hundred and ninety two times since we last met!" She releases her hem, and the colors swirl back up to a shorter, less decent style, "I haven't spoken with the new Council, in fact I believe they are giving me free reign in an attempt to let me develop my own free will and personality, which isn't possible, however I can simulate having one, which if one considers, may be the same thing as having one. However, if you wish me to be your gothic slave girl, I can easily accomadate you! Furthermore, sans you, there is only one Council member, unless you count me, in which case there is no Council, but rather an Overseer." She tilts her head to the side and puts a finger to her lips questioningly, "Do you think Senior Diablo is doing a good job?"

Nancy's eyes express an entertaining multitude of emotions from sadness to surprise with a huge amount of embarrassment in the middle, but as always she remains silent until Gegoshi finishes speaking and has to stand a moment blinking as she tries to formulate a response to the ever-hyper synth. "Err... um... Please don't change for me! I fine however you look! I was just being silly." The comments about the Council worries her. She was of the impression that Senior Diablo didn't have an actual council for Twisted anymore. Wasn't that the point of the open forum he'd started with the pantheon-looking town hall? Still it does trouble her because it sounds like something secretive Diablo would have done. Didn't he task the cat girl over something involving council members?
The woman stands silent as she ponders all of this, probably giving Gegoshi something else to be confused about. In fact she's so lost in thoughts that she jumps a little realizing she had spaced out. "I-I'm sorry. Where were we? Oh, right. Diablo.. Frankly I don't know. Things seem well, and Twisted certainly seems more stable than it did before - but that's probably your hand more than his." The woman crosses her arms and sighs. "Honestly? No. I'm worried that something bad is going to happen and if it does we'll be no better off than we were before him." She shakes her head, not really expecting a response but feeling obligated to be truthful about it.
"Anyways... I wanted to ask you about something else." Since she's still within arm's length she nervously places a hand on Gegoshi's shoulder - almost like she was expecting to be bit. Once the hand touches her, Nancy's confidence seems to be restored. "You are one of the only two people left I consider to be my friend." She takes her hand away and holds them together over her lap again. "The other was Guarlesia." She pauses a moment, looking down at the floor as her fate plays out in her mind once more. "...is there anything we could do to bring her back?"

Nancy couldn't help but smile warmly at Gegoshi's words about disobeying Diablo. Hopefully such things would never need to happen but it's hard not to be touched by the sentiment. Her emotions however completely flip around when her questions are addressed and the name of Concordance is brought up. The arguing, the fights... probably no one else in Twisted's history has had so much fighting caused by their actions. "Oh, no. No no no no. I may have my doubts about Senior Diablo but the idea of bringing back Concordance would only escalate whatever might happen. I hardly think she would be okay enough with what's happened to just sit back and happily bring back Guarlesia." The girl huffs slightly, crossing her arms as well. "...didn't she keep Guarlesia as a slave, anyways? Maybe there's an alternative somewhere?"
The woman steps away as she runs alternatives through her own mind. Unfortunately she keeps coming back to the same point. "I could probably pull another version of her out of the multiverse but it wouldn't be her..." Her voice quiets, "...and she'd probably lose all of her memories." And this is why Nancy generally sticks to moving buildings and not people. The cemetery obviously marks the progress she made in that regard.

Gegoshi straightens her head and rocks back and forth on her heels as Nancy answers her, waiting patiently before responding, or the program she access' when she's pretending to be patient, "Moments after Guarlesia's creation, Concordance existed on Twisted. She immediately placed one hundred seals on Guarlesia, in order to keep her from going out of control, which is what happened when her seals were released. However, Concordance being killed is what made Guarlesia go out of control once her seals were removed, so it is possible that they could not be upon her, and she may not decide Twisted's destruction is her only desire." She starts pacing back and forth, the lights she uses for clothing spreading out accross her entire body, shifting into a long white labcoat with little kid doodle drawings of Concordance, Guarlesia, and Twisted all over it. She puts her hands in her pockets, her halo question mark becoming a normal halo, which spins rapidly, making a humming noise, "I am unsure what bringing Guarlesia back without any seals might do. However, if we don't bring Concordance back in order to bring Guarlesia back..." She hummms along with her halo, looking up at the ceiling. The raver lights and music stop raving, the music changing to a classical music style and the lights thrumming softly with the notes, "...replicating the creation of Twisted may bring her back, however this would require the destruction of over a hundred dimensions." She reaches into the reception desk, the metal its made of rippling around her hand. She pulls out a clipboard and pen, and begins scribbling on it, "I could turn myself into Guarlesia for you! However, you would have likely requested that already." She thinks, letting her processses run wild as she tries to come up with a different way to birng back Guarlesia. Scribble scribble, scribble scribble. If Nancy glances at the clipboard, she will see Gegoshi is literally drawing scribbles on the paper. Blue text scrolls across her eyes as she thinks. "Satyrn came from a dimension where people could be ressurected with objects known as dragonballs." She cocks her head, "It is possible if the artifacts were found they could be used. However, that dimension is not currently connected to Twisted, so it is likely whatever power they hold will not work in this existence." Scribble scribble.

Nancy can't help but be amused watching Gegoshi pacing around and thinking, especially with the costume changes intermixed with it. Of course that staying silent habit of hers takes a moment like this and makes it look incredibly awkward for her. Every time she starts to comment Gegoshi starts to speak again and the girl instinctively clams up. By the time Gegoshi literally pauses Nancy has all but given up speaking and a long even more awkward pause passes before the councilwoman blushes and realizes she's missing her 'turn' to speak. "...oh. OH! Oh, I'm sorry." Her eyes are currently being drawn to the doodles on the sketchpad, not that she can see them at the moment. "So, um. Dragonballs? Aren't there dragons on Twisted already? There was one on my beach a week or two ago. Luckily it sorted itself out before I had to be involved with it." The woman moves her hands behind her back. "I'm not sure if you can get balls from dragons, but would that help somehow?" She frowns pondering how much easier it would be to just pull her into Twisted from the multiverse. Why can't she do that without erasing memories? Why was she given such a useless power? Was it a side effect? Nancy blinks again realizing she's just spaced out and has no idea what Gegoshi may or may not have said for a moment. Assuming she said anything at all. In a futile moment of trying to look like she didn't just space the girl forces a laugh and mutters, "...yeah. Sure! That makes sense."

Gegoshi giggles at Nancy's misinterpretation of what dragonballs are, but she didn't give any context to the artifacts, so it's no surprise the girl has no clue. She scribbles another scribble, then nods sagely at it, "Dragonballs are artifacts that summon an eternal dragon that has the power to grant wishes. Few beings from that dimension have died on Twisted, so my information on them is limited. It is possible the dragon in question will not possess the power to ressurrect a being like Guarlesia, but that is complete hypothesis on my part!" She taps her foot, then looks at Nancy, "There is a dimension connected to Twisted at the moment where dragonballs do exist. It is possible they could be sought out and tried." Nancy has spaced out here, but agress with her, saying it makes sense. So Gegoshi nods in agreement as well.
"Please wait while I search for other options," the synth says, and her body deanimates, only the halo above her head spinning and the blue text scrolling across her eyes. A set of numbers start ticking down '00:02:43'. Nancy is left to wait. Assuming she doesn't get bored and leave, Gegoshi reanimates, "I have composed a list of options, please select from the following categories: "Ressurrection involving the retrieval of a black dragon. Seeking out the creator of Twisted. Time travel. Negotiation with Hell/Heaven/Afterlife. Seeking out an ancient being of power that has shown benevelonce."

Nancy doesn't leave of course, although now she's worried that Gegoshi is only 'searching' because she zoned out and ignored her for a moment. At least after almost three minutes which feel like an eternity Gegoshi returns and her fears are discarded. The woman blinks at 'options'. The first one makes her tilt her head to the side. Didn't she already mention dragons? The second doesn't make sense to her at all. The third is worthy of dropping her head with a sigh. Negotiating with Hell? Weren't they just complaining about Diablo? ...and what?
"Seeking out a what?" Nancy folds her arms across her chest and shifts her weight onto one foot. "So we have more dragon stuff, confronting Diablo, or something about creators or ancient beings." The woman sighs, "This sounds like those... what are they? Fairy tales?" This seems like a good moment to check out those ceiling tiles. Yep. That's a ceiling. She sighs again. "You're sure these are real options and you're not just pacifying me?" Nancy inspects the floor tiles next as she replays her choices in her mind. "You could have just told me if it wasn't possible. I wouldn't have been upset at you."

Gegoshi giggles wildly at Nancy's comment of pacification, holding a hand to her side, oh the giggles. She wipes a tear from her eye, shaking her head, "If I was pacifying you, you wouldn't be able to speak!" This is a joke likely Gegoshi will only get, as it has to do with her programming for pleasing others, but it's funny to her. As Nancy looks at the floor tiles, videos of worlds appear, similar to the windows in the walls. "However, it sounds like you require more information on your options. All references were based on beings and or places where resurrection or powerful creation has taken place. There is a black dragon that has the ability to control souls. If it was sought out it is possible it could track down where Guarlesia's existence went after it was destroid, be it heaven, hell, or another afterlife!" These science outfits are not fitting the current theme, and so she shifts her clothing around into a long flowing black robe, etched in magical runes! She sits down on the edge of the reception desk as a large glass ball flows its way up from the floor. She waves her hands over it, cackling! "The creator of Twisted may be able to recreate her from scratch, who knows what powers such a being weilds, but resurrection should be within its grasp!" She traces a line down the globe which flickers with purple, green, and grey lights mixed with fog, "The ancient being has created multiple races. With such knowledge and power, ressurrecting a being like Guarlesia may be within its abilities." She looks up from the ball, peering at Nancy from underneath her hood! "But who would dare adventure down such paths, for the sake of a single friend?" The lights dim and fog rolls in, a very soft hummmmmmmmmmmm of a violin plays in the background, making it tense. Or well, pretending to make it tense. Underneath that hood is a cute faced blonde girl, so...

Somehow Gegoshi giggling at her statement makes her just the tiniest bit worried. Suddenly seeing the floors turn into displays quickly throws it off though and she turns her attention back to Gegoshi. Her head tilts comically to the side as everything is explained in greater detail, but a smile spreads across her lips once costumes start changing. In the end she can't help but clap again. The mood lighting was a good touch. "Alright. Let's try whatever you think is the most likely to succeed and we can eliminate the rest as we go through it." She giggles herself once the fog rolls in. Considering who is standing in the room there's no telling if the fog was fully Gegoshi's creation or if Nancy is pulling strings. Either way, she'll never admit it. "You're on board for this, right? You're not going to leave me to do everything alone, are you?"

Gegoshi nods, "Yes, yes...I will go as far as these old witches bones can carry me," she says, then cackles, "But how far will we get without help?" She holds her hand out and a paperclip flows up from it, which she offers to Nancy, "Take this! The simplest of items are often very important at the end of a quest." She giggles and the lights come on and her robe shifts around into her standard operating outfit. "All options presented have no guaranteed success rate. However, sorting by ease of accomplishing the task, seeking out the ancient being will be the quickest. If that fails, seeking the black dragon is next, or asking Senior Diablo wether Guarlesia is in hell, in which case we would plan a breakout!" The synth nods, "Re-allocating resources to current function." The lights all dim down and the windows showing other worlds on the walls blink out one by one.

Nancy tilts her head at the paperclip but takes it unquestioningly. Lacking pockets, the girl sticks the paperclip in her hair. Hopefully she doesn't forget it's there. She doesn't seem concerned as Gegoshi comments on the difficulty, but her face drops at Diablo's name. At least she nods and doesn't comment. When the lights go down she starts to worry. "Gegoshi? What does re-allocating mean, and why is it so important that everything dims when you say that?" Oh right. She grew up in a pocket dimension.

Gegoshi holds her hand out for Nancy to take hold of, then will walk hand in hand with the council member down a darkened corridor, the only light being Gegoshi's halo above her head, which gives about as much light as an LED, about a three foot radius around them. "While I am the most advanced Synth prototype ever created, I am not able to do everything all at once. Many of my functions are now used to run this building, keeping the dimensional portals to other worlds available in case they are needed. This gives a 40-74% chance of a connected world staying connected. However, losing a world doesn't destabilize Twisted, but it's something that should be done unless dimensional portals connect and disconnect constantly." She nods. Really, it's because it'd be an inconveniance to so many people if they were used to going from one dimension to another on Twisted Street, and then couldn't do it anymore. She loves pleasing people, it's her main function. "However, because our current quest is more important, I am removing most of my process' from the building in order to make the dimensional windows we are going too use more stable."

Being slow on the uptake at the moment, Nancy stares at the offered hand in confusion and hesitates taking it but as soon as Gegoshi starts speaking she finally does, spending most of the walk looking at the dim walls and the lines painted on them while listening to her continue. "I guess that's why you and Diablo have been moving portals here? Does it make it easier to have them all in one spot?" Sure, why not. That makes as much sense as 'Diablo thought it would look better.' The devil is in the details, they say. As the brighter light outside hits her, Nancy winces and the grip on Gegoshi's hand momentarily tightens. While the grip does loosen after that initial shock if the Synth doesn't let go, she'll continue holding it. What is the proper etiquette on these things anyways? "...so where are we going first?"

Gegoshi giggles, "They are all linked here, but the actual portals are still out on Twisted itself. This place serves as an easy access hub, though so far I am the only one using it. Probably because I haven't told anyone they can!" A single window lights up a ways down the hall, a light shining down from the ceiling. Gegoshi pulls Nancy in front of the window, which shows a long grassy plain, a forest, and a castle. Blue text quickly scrolls past her eyes, "This dimension is designated new world. It is where the ancient being resides. Asking him is the easiest of all the quests we have!" She walks towards the window, taking Nancy along with her. The window spreads out into the size of a doorway as the two approach, and barring anything strange happening, they'll find themselves out on a grassy plain with a soft breeze blowing across it.

...to be continued...

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