2014-10-21 - A Day of Shopping

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A Day of Shopping

Summary: 2014/09/28 - 2014/10/21 - In a scene continued in small pieces and page #mail for the past few weeks, Kenzie and Yoiko go on a voyage to find clothing and end up with Twisted's first IC scene inside the S-Mart. Much like the other scenes they've been in this one has more of the two of them flirting. You've been warned. There are still some other interesting bits though. Some people get pick-pocketed and Yoiko tells us a little about what Federation Uniforms are made of.

Who: Yoiko_Hax, Kenzie
When: October 21st, 2014
Where: S-Mart

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S-Mart Parking Lot (#3058R)

There's not a lot which can be said about the large S-Mart parking lot. Like all department stores it's larger than it needs to be. There's more cars parked here than anyone ever sees coming and going, and at night a lone security guard patrols around in a little golf-cart looking vehicle. The place is built on a hill, so the view of Twisted is pretty nice, especially at night - save for that eyesore to the west called the Wastelands.

After filling up at the Usual, because neither one of them know where else to go, Yoiko and Kenzie find themselves walking along the road that runs beside Eat or Die thanks to the advice of a too-helpful man with slicked back black hair and a mechanical hand. Luckily Yoiko resisted the urge to start asking questions about it or they would have probably never made it this far.
At the sight of the fully automated Chinese food restaurant, Yoiko grabs Kenzie's wrist and points at the sign. "We /have/ to go there later. I haven't had Chinese food! I've heard it's delicious!" All day she's been in an unusually happy mood, even for her. Even if she hasn't known her long Kenzie should notice it's a marked difference from the to-the-point attitude she'd had in the park. Yoiko is trying hard to enjoy herself and succeeding thanks to the help her new friend has provided, but the nagging feeling that she's given up too soon might be too hard for her to continue ignoring. But that's not important right now. What is important is the parking lot up the hill the two women are making their way towards.

"You will hear no complaints from me. I haven't had good Chinese in ages." Kenzie chuckles softly, squeezing Yoiko's hand before the woman lets go of her wrist. "It really is delicious. The flavoring is great, usually." She smiles, watching Yoiko as they walk along. She's probably giving up too soon, too, but this is nice. Not like she has much desire to get back to where she came from. She hasn't seen her children or her wife in three years, not since she was taken into custody in Central Park, and they were the only reason she would want to go back -- if she could even find them, and if they would accept her like...well, this.
Instead of worrying about that, though, she's enjoying herself. It's been a long while since she's had the chance. "You know, I realized something. Pretty sure coming through the portal fixed up my knee. I don't have my old basketball injury any more." She grins. "I could probably play basketball again. I was going to be a pro before I got hurt."

Spinning around to walk backwards, Yoiko faces Kenzie and tilts her head to the side. "I've never seen anyone play basketball either. That's the one where you kick the ball into big baskets, right?" She shrugs slightly, showing genuine ignorance. "I never followed human sports. I barely know the ones on Trillius Prime." She laughs at the thought of that. "Three lifetimes and I can't tell you anything about sports except that most involve hitting a ball. All my time went into books and music." She spins around again to see where she's been going and smiles seeing they're already half way through the parking lot. "I love the Blues, though. We didn't have anything like that on my world."

The woman actually laughs. "No, basketball is where you are on a team, and there's one ball. You bounce it with your hands, but you have to be moving while you bounce it. The objective is to throw the ball into a hoop with a net hanging below it. Your team tries to get it in your basket, while the other team tries to stop you from getting it into the basket. Or if they have the ball, you try to stop them from throwing the ball into the hoop." She chuckles, then nods at mention of music. "Music has always been my other passion. Went to school and got a degree and everything. I taught a few classes back before..." She frowns ever-so-slightly, shaking her head. "Long time ago."


Welcome S-Mart shoppers! Thank you for shopping with us today! We have all the new fashions available in our clothing department. Our electronics department has the latest in goods and our grocery department just got a fresh shipment of fish. There is also a huge sale in our sporting goods department! For your convenience two of our twenty-six available check lanes are now open!

Remember, shop Smart! Shop S-Mart!

Reaching the doors, Yoiko frowns at the obvious censor above them detecting people approaching. The first automatically opening door she's come to on Twisted and it has to be so obvious. She bites her lip trying to resist the urge not to start taking it apart right now. Instead she steps to the side as the glass doors slide open and gestures inside as if holding the door open for Kenzie. Eventually following her inside, Yoiko's eyes open wide at the surprise of such a store. She's used to smaller shops, not anything so excessive. "Hey, how do you think they...?" She trails off as her mind clicks to an important thing. Lines of people waiting to see a cashier. The woman winces and rolls her head back, then turns to her friend. "So! I've got a question for you. What are we doing for money?" Whoops. It's easy to forget about that with the way the Usual handles it's business.

A smirk is offered to Yoiko. Feels weird, going through first when she's used to being the one to hold doors open. Reluctantly, she steps through, glancing around with big green eyes. Yoiko's words prompts a few blinks to be cast in her direction, before the woman glances around. An ATM is spotted, and pointed to. "Well, you could hack that with your awesome technology..." She pauses, thinking. "Or I could sneak some money from a few people, because I'm a criminal like that."

Yoiko crosses her arms as she looks back and forth. "I could probably do it. I wish they were outside though." She glances back at Kenzie and shrugs, "Up to you. The machine seems more innocent and I'm supposed to do anything I can to fit in. Currency would certainly help that." She frowns thinking of the alternative. "Pick pocketing seems like you'll get caught quicker, but I feel a lot less guilty knowing these people can still eat for free up the road." She lets out a deep sigh as the weight of the situation really settles in, but again she's quick to fight it and try to maintain her attitude. "Tell you what, if you do it - I'll let you decide what I end up wearing." She grins. "But if I do it, you're stuck with whatever I suggest."

Hmm. That's a tough choice. Kenzie watches Yoiko thoughtfully, lifting one hand from her chin. "Probably would be more prudent to go for the ATM...but I don't want to walk around in something too slutty. Mostly for the safety of any men. I mean...I've seen myself. This place turned me into a pretty damned hot girl." She smirks. "And while I'd love to pick your clothes, I would probably make you look awful. My fashion sense tends toward the masculine." She rubs her chin. "Your choice." She winks, hands shoving into the pockets of her prison oranges.

"Jeeze. You're no fun sometimes." The Trill woman just shakes her head and sighs. "I don't have anything with me. I left the Tricorder back in the apartment because I was going to try and not spend the day scanning everything that crossed our path." Her arms still crossed, she leans closer to Kenzie and playfully jabs her in the ribs. "Show me what your made of and quit flirting with yourself. You don't need to sell yourself to me. I might wear glasses, but I have eyes y'know." She leans in close again but doesn't jab this time. Instead she whispers. "Besides, I have a type 1 tucked away, any guy tries to steal you away and they get a face full of stun setting."

A smirk appears on the woman's face, one hand wrapping around Yoiko's hip. "Oh, that's easy. Ex con, remember? This shit is cake." She blinks once, her eyes going from green to whited out, before she leans in to plant a nice, solid kiss on Yoiko's lips -- though her eyes remain open. One good thing about white eyes, is that nobody can tell where her gaze is directed. In the lines leading up to the checkout counter, money starts falling out of people's pockets and purses, timed perfectly to when they are otherwise distracted. Said cash promptly slides across the floor, under a row of nearby carts...before sliding up Kenzie's leg and into her pocket. This lasts a few moments, before she pulls away, grinning as her eyes fade to green. "There we go. Should be enough to get us both an outfit or two, at least until we can make more money."

There was a lot of things Yoiko was expecting, but the kiss wasn't one of them. For the briefest of moments she hesitates especially as her lips begin to softly tingle from Kenzie's powers, but soon enough she leans into the woman not even realizing when a quiet moan tries to escape her pressed lips. It lasts just long enough for her to get lost in it, and then it's gone leaving her wanting more. Yoiko smiles warmly and keeps herself from making a scene. "Wow. We need to do much more of that soon." She wobbles slightly as she turns to walk further into the store. "C-Clothes right? That's what we came for?" Suddenly her mind isn't quite on track like it was moments before for some reason.

A small, almost amused smile appears on Kenzie's face when the kiss is broken, one hand lifting to gently brush a thumb along Yoiko's jawline. "I would be glad to oblige." She chuckles softly, offering her arm to the Trill woman, before leading the way. "Clothes, yes. And I believe I now get to decide what you're going to wear, correct?" There's a bit of a mischevious grin on her face as she points that out.

Yoiko is happy for the momentary assistance while she regains her balance that a simple touch was able to grant. For a change it's her cheeks which briefly flash red before the follow up comment brings her back down to Earth. There is the briefest moment of worry in her eyes before a grin of her own spreads across her face and she dashes to keep up. Matching her stride, Yoiko glances around ever so briefly with her eyes locking onto a sign that says 'hardware'. "Hey? Can we make a brief pit-stop?" There's one article of clothing she nearly feels naked without and it's not sold in the clothing department.

"Sure," is Kenzie's response, releasing Yoiko's arm to allow her to lead the way. "Remind me to show you my flight abilities when we get done in here." She chuckles softly, letting her hand settle on the small of Yoiko's back as she follows her to the hardware section. "I can't go too high, but it's fun all the same." And it's been years since she's done it.

The Trill's eyes hungrily look over the aisles once she's free to lead. It doesn't take her long to come to a selection of heavy tool belts. While looking them over she nods, her grin widening. "That sounds like a fantastic idea!" She means it too. She's faked an accident with the gravity enough times in Engineering to find the idea appealing. Finally laying eyes on what she's looking for her smile reaches its peak as she picks up a large, heavy belt with a solid metal clasp over the front. Putting it on, the belt hangs off her hips loosely but not enough to fall off. Yoiko wiggles her hips a moment just to be sure. "Excellent! If I'd known I was going to get stuck here, this would have been the only thing I would have brought with me." Turning her attention back to Kenzie, she proudly gestures towards the belt. "And NOW you can pick out whatever you like. Some women like purses, I've got a thing for belts."

Kenzie smirks as she watches Yoiko go crazy over a belt. "I don't think I have anything like that. Except for instruments. Wonder if they have any here..." Green eyes wander around. Surely this place at least has some guitars or something. A violin would be vastly preferable, she can make much better music with that. "Nice belt," she adds, chuckling softly.

Yoiko's smile lingers, "Damn right it is." Walking away, mostly to keep herself from going crazy, she snags a few odds and ends and starts attaching them to the belt randomly. "They probably have something, but for anything good we probably have to go to a specialty shop." She stops mid-stride and ponders. "Actually, I have no idea. Scratch that comment." Turning back towards Kenzie to check if she's following, Yoiko adds "Wait. You aren't going to make me wear an instrument, are you?" She raises an eyebrow as her mind starts pondering that question. "Can you actually /wear/ an instrument?" She frowns, "...maybe if it was some special made thing." That smile creeps back. "I bet I could make something like that!" Here we go...

. . .

Nearly two hours later, Kenzie leads the way out of the store, freshly decked out in a pair of yoga pants made to look like dress pants, a white shirt, a dark red vest, and a blazer to match the pants. She looks dyke-chic. At least she has good taste in men's style. And as a plus, women's dressy clothes like this are way more comfortable -- at least, in some spots. The bra was an oddity. If taking one off of a woman was difficult, actually putting one on is almost as confusing.
Her old clothes, as well as a few other outfits are carried by her side, along with a box containing a new violin. It's not the best one ever, but it'll work until she can get a better one.

Rushing briefly to keep up, Yoiko falls in step beside Kenzie and nudges her briefly with her elbow. "Well that took longer than it probably should of, but I had fun!" Not one to be left behind, the Commander has changed her clothes as well, wearing a yellow sweatshirt under a black leather short jacket. Old habits dying hard, she's also wearing boots and black pants, but at least they're jeans and not that xenylon-made stuff she was wearing before. The boots are also high-heeled, raising her up to the same height as her new friend. She slings the bag with her old clothes over her shoulder and grins in amusement. "It's -still- funny you came out of that with more clothes than I did." It's true, besides her belt she only walked out with one full change of clothing. "Is that just how people are around here, or are you just enjoying all this more than you should be?"

"When I was a man, I was always very fashionable. Might as well keep up that trend as a lesbian, y'know?" She smirks over to Kenzie. "Plus, these pants are fucking comfy. Seriously, women are allowed to wear these in public. It's inappropriate for guys to wear comfy pants like these in public, because then we -- they look like slobs." She chuckles softly, shrugging. "Plus, I like changing up the outfit every so often. Makes it easier when laundry day rolls around, too." She raises the box with the violin. "And hopefully, this will make us more money to get more...whatever we need, really."

A joyful laugh rolls out into the darkening sky as the image of men in baggy pants flashes in Yoiko's mind and vanishes just as quickly. "Once I can find a way to get my clothes cleaned, you're going to have to try on my uniform. It's why I'm not too worried about having a lot of clothes. Some officers still wear uniforms off duty for good reason. Xenylon is a comfortable fabric. It breathes good. It's soft. The fact that you can't easily set it on fire is a good perk too." She shivers slightly as the wind picks up. "And they stay warm. 'Normal' fabrics just aren't the same." Even still she looks down at her shirt and tugs on the bottom of it. "But it's nice not standing out." The woman is wearing a heavy duty work belt with tools hanging off of it and she thinks she doesn't stand out? Throwing an arm around Kenzie's waist, Yoiko gives her a brief hug. "I'm glad you dropped in on me. Since I met you this place feels less like a disaster and more like a vacation."

The dark-haired woman laughs softly. "I would love to try it on." She nods softly. After a moment, she glance down at her hands, full of bags, then to Yoiko's bag. Then, with a smile, her eyes go white and the bags drift from her hands, to float behind the pair. Something unseen tugs the bag from Yoiko's hand to join the others. "I just...like wearing normal clothes again. Prison oranges are not exactly my idea of clothing to be worn.

At the first tug, Yoiko just lets the bag go after having just watched the other bags start floating. So much for that standing out comment. The woman slows just enough to watch them a moment with that hungry look in her eyes before doubling her pace to resume her original place. She tries to catch Kenzie's eyes and then smiles again, "Don't worry, I'm just trying to give you a little grief. Figure out what makes you happy and do it." Her hands free, the Commander crosses her arms behind her back habitually. "Come to think of it, I should have probably said that before trying to pressure you into wearing a skirt." She pauses just long enough to let her imagination play over the moment. "I was kiiinda hoping you'd be less accepting and squirm a bit. You're cute when you blush."

"Skirts are like being naked, but you're not. They're awesome." She got one, too, though it's knee length. She's apparently at least a little bit modest. "Except for that tiny one you made me wear. That one...no thank you, I felt like I was walking around in tightie whities." She shakes her head. "I really don't get that fashion trend when worn anywhere but the bedroom." She reaches over, wrapping an arm around Yoiko and planting a kiss on her cheek.

Yoiko giggles at the joy expressed over skirts. Her smile lingers until her earlier hug is returned and this time she's the one to blush a bit at the kiss. "I mentioned the whole 'glad you dropped in on me' thing already, right?" Her grin widens, showing some teeth and a hint of mischief in her eyes. "How about we grab some food and go back to the apartment?" She lets the offer hang in the air a moment before adding with an obvious lack of sincerity. "...to drop off our bags, of course. Clearly there's nothing else we could be doing tonight." The woman lets her imagination drift, "Oooh, although I could finally get that shower I wanted." She starts walking backwards again with a slight tug to Kenzie's collar and that mischievous look lingering in her eyes. "I'm sure you could use one too..."

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