2014-11-03 - Another World Brought Into the Fold

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Another World Brought Into the Fold

Summary: Once more Diablo brings another world closer to becoming one with Twisted, but is this part of a larger plan?

Who: Senior_Diablo, Tsuki
When: November 3rd, 2014
Where: the Volok

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It is often dark here in the Volok. The dark waters of the Rath Dinok bubble past the dead shorlines. It's not a frightening place, but it is obviously a place where the dead go when they are done with the physical world; on the horizon is a brighter place, perhaps a more refined place for the dead to go. Certainly, not all seem to make it there; some wander, lost forever, while others refuse to go to that great beyond; those are the spectres, the skeletons that occasionally animate to lament their loss of life.
One such spectre isn't like the others, though. Dark scales resembling the darkest depths of space, with little spots of starlight peeking through, thinly cover the bones of the creature that rests beside the large boat. Bits of bone poke through the decayed scales, while purple eyes gleam forth from dark eye sockets. Vulon Uv is not supposed to be here, and it is obvious just by her appearance. She is complete, whole, unlike the skeletal remains that occasionally shriek for their loved ones.
Vulon Uv WOULDN'T still be here, decaying as she is, had she not been tricked by Vul Gein into remaining here. It was quite by accident that she even came here in the first place, but the dark dragon of the Volok came to speak to her, and asked her a small favor. She forgot to be clear when she agreed, and now she's got a job that she can't leave, ushering poor spirits to the boat -- or watching them wander off into limbo. Some return from that place, but not many do, and those who do return...well, they have the same problem of employment they can't leave.
Today must have been a good day. Vulon Uv has only had to push a few confused souls onto the boat today, and only one dragon wandered off. For now, the dragoness reclines beside the dock, appearing for all intents and purposes to be another dead corpse.

Standing behind Vulon Uv suddenly is the form of a tall nearly skeletal man with horns coming out of his head and flowing robes that seem to trail off into shadows around him. In one hand he holds a chalice, from which he sips a reddish fluid. "Seems to be a life of excitement you have here." Of course he addresses her as if he'd always known her, and when she finally acknowledges him a thin smile will show upon his lips. "Greetings."

The dragon, larger than nearly all of the skeletal remains scattered about, lifts her head and turns to peer in silence at the man. Skeletal dragon faces are pretty awful at displaying any range of emotion other than hatred and rage, so one would assume she's just glaring at him and pondering whether or not to eat him. As he speaks, however, she does seem to listen. "Hi dreh ni engein het, zahk gein." That seems to be the only response he'll get, at least for now.

Senior Diablo smiles wickedly as the dragon speaks and nods his head at her words as if understanding, despite his next statement. "I'm terribly sorry. I'm not from around here, you see. I'm here trying to find someone who made an agreement which they did not wish to keep..." He takes a sip from his glass. "You wouldn't happen to know anyone in that situation, would you?"

If she were capable of displaying any emotion, Vulon Uv would probably be raising an eyebrow. Instead, she sneers. That's kind of a default, it seems. After a long moment of silently regarding Senior Diablo with that glowing purple gaze, the dragoness lets out a snort. Then, she begins shrinking, her wings covering up the majority of her form.
After a moment, there's no longer a skeletal dragon there, but a silvery-haired woman wearing a black outfit that exposes a good deal of her tanned skin, a white mask covering her face. Those black sockets remain within the mask, as well as the glowing purple gaze that was present in her dragon form. She continues to stare quietly at the horned man, crouched upon the ground now. When she speaks, it seems as though she's speaking this tongue for the first time, unused to the sounds that she is making. "And how do you know of this person who made an agreement they do not wish to keep?"

The man lets his drink drop and vanish into whatever ether it came from. He folds his hands behind his head and continues smiling a moment before responding to the question. "Oh, I know many things. It's part of my nature, you see. Your kind has a word for me..." He seems to ponder a moment as if he couldn't remember it. "Faal Zaunig, I believe it was. A terrible nasty name. One that gives the wrong impression in polite conversation."

Masks also do not translate to good display of emotion. She just watches, remaining crouched in her spot. She looks much smaller, more frail, but one would expect that's just an illusion, considering how big she was moments ago. "You might also know that you are a myth to most of my kind, used to scare hatchlings into behaving." She is obviously not one of the dragons that subscribes to that line of thought in regards to Faal Zaunig.
After a long moment of thoughtfully watching the man, the silver-haired Vulon Uv raises to her feet, approaching him. She circles around him once, sniffing at the air, while simultaneously taking in his appearance. "Suppose you found the one you are looking for. Why are you looking for her?" She stops in front of him, staring up at him with those emotionless eyes.

Faal Zaunig, as he called himself, chuckles. "I never said it was a woman, but if I had found her, I would tell her I've come with an offer." The demon begins to pace around her as he speaks to distract her from interrupting. "Where I come from I'm known as Senior Diablo. I've been placed in charge of another world, one where your binding can be ignored in favor of a new agreement. One way or another all worlds will be connected as one, and I'm here to see to it that it occurs peacefully." He stops and stares at her with a raised brow. "I cannot break the agreement you have in this place, but if you would be willing to agree to represent your world you would have the ability to freely pass between the realms of life and death where I come from. Would this be of interest to you, or shall I find someone else to make my offer to?"

The woman watches him, going as still as a statue as she does so. For someone Not-Diablo, it might be a bit disconcerting to see her go as still as a dead person, but this is also Senior Diablo we're talking about, so he probably...doesn't care much, if at all. When he finishes speaking, she reanimates, crossing her arm and rubbing at the chin of her mask as she appears to put some pretty deep thought into such a choice.
"That would be...massively preferable to this existence." She gestures to the boat. "They don't need me here all of the time. The Rath Dinok calls to those who will move on, and does not to those who will remain. Vul Gein simply wanted a Tiid Dovah under his claw, and I was dumb enough to fall for it." She pauses, watching the dark waters flow past. "Yes, that arrangement would be of interest. It could be no worse than an eternity spent here."

Senior Diablo unfolds his hands from behind his back and claps once, holding his hands together a moment as he speaks, "Excellent! You shall be a most welcome addition to our collective. Your obligations will not change from how they rest now, but you'll not be required to spend your days here." He crosses his arms before him and shakes his head for a brief moment. "I cannot undo the binding agreements which you've already become bond to, and I'm sorry for that." He then offers his hand to shake, "But that doesn't mean we cannot modify them."

The woman tilts her head to the side, quietly staring at Diablo's hand as it is offered. She's not to familiar with the human custom of shaking hands, but it seems pretty self explanatory at the same time. After a long moment of hesitation, she finally reaches out, taking the horned man's hand while staring up at his face. "Modifications are preferrable. I am thrilled to be a representative of the Volok, and indeed, of the Dovah." She seems to smirk, though the action is only barely visible in those glowing purple eyes within the dark sockets of the mask.

The moment their hands make contact a slight charge can be felt and the devil's eyes momentarily flash silver before returning to the deep red that normally fill his sockets. He smiles once more before letting go of her hand. From this moment forwards she'll be able to cross back and forth as she desires. "I'd offer you a trinket to help you cross between our worlds, but something tells me you don't need it, do you?" He chuckles darkly. "Now that business is settled, do you have any questions you'd like answered? I do love answering questions..."

She can feel the new connection. The new realm that she can enter into. It feels...amazing, to say the very least of it. Especially after being trapped here for so long, unable to return to where she truly belongs. Much better than being trapped in this awful place. "You would be correct, I do not need it." Her posture seems to straighten slightly; freedom apparently improves posture. "So I am a representative...that typically entails some sort of duties that need to be fulfilled. What is expected of me? Here, I simply serve as a ghastly reminder that none, not even Tiid Dovah, can escape death."

Senior Diablo nods his head and elaborates, "...and I did say that your duties would not change, as we have already come to an agreement, I shan't go back on my word." He frowns slightly, crossing his arms behind his back. "Now there may come a time where I ask you to take on more duties, but for now there's no reason you should remain here longer than you wish to. Shall we adjourn someplace more..." Reality shifts around them as he begins that sentence. Shadows converge and everything is momentarily bathed in pure, infinite, maddening darkness. The illusion of an infinite nothing is very brief as it fades away before he can finish saying, "...appealing?" The two are standing in the center of a street in the middle of a small city in the early hours of dusk. For some reason there is no life to be seen despite the buildings all around them. Light glows from lamp posts and from the building behind Diablo with a sign that reads 'THE USUAL RESTAURANT' and below that, 'Welcome to Twisted'. It doesn't matter if the dragon woman can read the language or not, the words seem to appear in her mind the second she stares at them. Diablo holds out his hands and smiles, "Twisted Street, Twisted City, the world of Twisted. A place where worlds converge and universes coexist." Flashy.

Purple eyes raise upward, watching as the world around them changes. She seems to stand even taller again, looking around quietly and taking in her new surroundings. She can be heard taking a deep breath, and the dark sockets go even darker as she closes her eyes. "I like it better already." She whispers this, before opening her eyes once more and turning to peer at Diablo. "You have my gratitude, Zaunig." Seems like she's not going to call him by the name he prefers.

The slightest scowl can be seen on his face as he's addressed by a name other than the one he had given her. With an almost unnoticeable twitch of his brow he forces a smile and tells her, "You're quite welcome... Tsuki. I'm sure you'll find life here very interesting." His smile becomes more genuine and a hint more mischievous at that statement as if his words have some other meaning that only he understands. "If there are no further questions, I shall leave you to explore this world... for now. Our netherworld is quite a bit less free than this one, and when you are ready to explore it as well, do let me know. I would hate for some of our more..." What's with the pausing for words suddenly? "...reputable denizens to mistake you for the dammed." That doesn't sound promising.

The woman tilts her head toward Diablo; if she has a problem with being called 'Tsuki', it doesn't show. Probably, she doesn't care. More likely, it has given her an idea of what to have others call her in lieu of her true name. "I will indeed let you know." She chuckles softly, turning toward the Usual. Food sounds like a good way to enjoy her first bits of freedom.

As the dragoness steps away, the devil chuckles once again. Once he's alone he mutters to himself. "Well, that should keep 'Sul Uv do faal Hez Lok' busy while she looks after my ward. Poor confused little Tabitha... If Caliga can't teach her properly, I'll just have to employ more radical measures." A smile lingering on his face, the demon's form turns black and he vanishes into the shadows from wince he came... Life and traffic returning to the street in his wake.

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