2014-11-14 - Deliberate Insomnia

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Deliberate Insomnia

Summary: The results of Yoiko's studying causes her to to go without sleep for a few days. She may or may not have found herself talking to Sun in the middle of the night one night, but connection issues cause the scene to abruptly end. It's still a good read, even if it probably could have used one last pose at the end for closure.

Who: Sun, Yoiko Hax
When: November, 14th, 2014
Where: Integra's_Arms_Apartments

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Yoiko's Apartment(#4346R)

If you can look past the random bits of equipment and wires all over the room, it's not a bad apartment. There are two large windows looking out over the city. A couch facing them with a coffee table that's clearly seen better days. Behind the couch on the other side of the entrance is a small kitchenette with a sizeable table and four chairs. (All covered in equipment and spare parts). Opposite of the front door is another door that leads into the bedroom.

The early hours of the morning tick by slowly as Yoiko sits at her kitchen table messing with equipment. Before her is some kind of screwdriver looking tool within which she's trying to carefully solder small bits of wires and circuitry. Not feeling the need to impress anyone she's wearing a long, baggy t-shirt and some hand-made goggles with lots of lenses for magnification. In fact, that's about all she's wearing. Pausing long enough to take a sip from a far too cold cup of coffee, the Trill woman frowns and with a heavy exhale forces herself to get up and make a fresh pot.

There's a strange rumbling sound, as if there's an earthquake or something, but it's in the air itself. It's as if everything is vibrating, not just the ground itself. It seems to get stronger closer to the kitchen, as if the Trill woman is coming closer to the source of whatever is happening. And then, it stops just as suddenly as it started.
Oh, and then, that dragon lady is just there, facing the refridgerator with a blank expression upon her features. At least, blank until she slowly turns those starry eyes toward Yoiko, brows raising slightly. "...Oh. I'm sorry."

Two thoughts go through the woman's mind as Sun suddenly appears before her. The first is a brief bit of worry about her engines - of course she's not on a ship anymore. The second is fear of Kenzie waking up, but in the silence that follows the dragon woman's apology it's clear that's not to be the case. Assuming she's even here at the moment? Who knows?
Back to the present, Yoiko simply stares with eyes too wide from the goggles on her head. In her head she goes into overdrive trying to identify the how's, who's, and why's about what's just happened. A million scenarios ranging from teleportation to hallucinations scream in her thoughts as well as the proper reactions. However, all things considered, she goes for the simple and quiet, "Um... Hi?" Yes. Good job. Academy training at its best, Yoiko.

The dragon lady watches Yoiko in silence, mostly seeming to examine her reaction to her sudden appearance. After a moment of somewhat long and awkward silence, she takes a deep breath, glancing around. "I apologize. I am the prior tenant of this apartment." She glances over at the coffee table. "I was unaware that they had already rented this apartment out again." And almost exactly as it was when she lived here, too.
The starry eyes land upon Yoiko. She was the inquisitive one, if memory serves. "Time, by the way. That's how I got here." Huh.

Rather than simply stand there doing nothing while Sun looks her over, the Commander has taken off her goggles, tossing them onto the table behind her. Briefly she looked down at her bare, spot-lined legs in worry - but it's a little late to do something about that now. As she speaks again, Yoiko looks back at her with a raised eyebrow and a nervous nod of her head. "Oh." And after the extra line another, "...oh." She ponders this a moment and then looks at a digital clock on the bar with far too many numbers on it. "I need more coffee before dealing with this."
Going entirely on auto-pilot she steps around Sun and starts making more without another word. At least until she punches the button to make it start brewing. "Umm. We met before, didn't we?" She offers out her hand. "Yoiko Hax." Give her some time. Her brain is still processing. Suddenly her eyes go wide as realization smacks her. "OH!" Click. "...oh." She takes a step back and her eyes dart around for something to be used as defense - of course her phaser is in the bedroom. Her brain tries to stall as she tries to think of the proper course of action. "Uuuumm... Would you like a cup?"

Sun watches the woman, her expression still thoughtful. There's really nothing intimidating about her appearance -- those wings and tail are kind of odd, but at least they're really pretty to look at. After staring at the offered hand for a moment, Sun reaches out and gently takes it, offering a ginger shake -- as if she is unfamiliar with the practice.
"If you wish to give me one, certainly." She tilts her head to one side, releasing Yoiko's hand as she seems to have a minor panic attack. "I'm not a threat to you. If I had any intention of harming you, I already would have done so. You are safe, don't worry." That may not help the situation much, but it at least points out that she really doesn't want to do anything bad.

Yoiko looks between her mysterious guest and the coffee pot and seems vastly relieved not by her words but by seeing the coffee starting to fill the pot. "I-I'm sorry. It's late and this isn't exactly how I would normally try to entertain a guest." She gestures down at her state of attire and then briefly scans the room with a nervous smile. "...not that I've really tried to do so, that is." With a frown she looks back at the coffee pot and tries to will it to brew faster with her mind. It works as fast as it would for anyone and she's left with an awkward silence with no sound but the fluid pouring out of the appliance. When it finishes she nearly lunges for it, quickly filling up two cups and sucking down half of her own cup black with an offhand, "...thank god," before offering the other cup to Sun. "Sorry, sorry. This is just really weird." Another gulp. "You, uh... Used to live here?" She refills her cup again. "When I got here they said one had just opened up. They offered it to me on the spot because I was fine with it being full of abandoned furniture." She looks to Sun and then the coffee maker again. "Oh, shit. You aren't here for the coffee maker are you?!"

Taking the coffee cup, Sun takes a sip, closing her eyes and seeming to savor the taste. She remembers that. Not the best coffee ever, but it's made by the same coffee maker she used so long. "Yes, I used to live here." She smiles to Yoiko, sipping at her coffee again. "I didn't come for the coffee maker. I simply came to...remember, I suppose." She shifts her wings ever-so-slightly, peering down at the coffee in the cup.
"I got a house with new furniture, that's why you've been able to enjoy my old furniture." She glances toward the coffee table, before turning her attention back to the coffee. Oh, wonderful coffee.

The woman smiles with no attempt to hide her relief knowing the safety of her appliance. "Excellent! I appreciate your well timed generosity then." She snickers softly before sipping more of the beverage. "I'd offer you to make yourself at home, but I suppose it's too late for that." Bad joke. Turning her back to Sun, Yoiko goes back to the table and clears off a seat so her guest can sit if she chooses. "I'm sorry I've not kept the place very clean. I don't exactly have a workshop." Plopping back into the chair she started in, Yoiko picks up the tool she was soldering and clicks a button on it - making it squeal with a high-pitched whine. "I can't find the tools I need here in the city so I'm trying to make my own." She sits it down and returns to her coffee. "Can I get you anything?"

Quietly, the dragoness slinks over to the table, slipping into the chair and crossing her legs. "It is no longer my home, so there is no need to apologize." She offers the faintest of smiles to Yoiko, sipping at her coffee. "They may be able to give you a little bit of extra space for a work area -- maybe even a work bench. You just have to be insistent with them, they can be irritating at times."
She leans back in the seat, peering up at the ceiling. "No, I do not need anything. Thank you for the coffee."

That awkward silence returns as Yoiko sips her coffee, trying to think of something to say. "You, uh. You're very welcome." She frowns a moment and then leans across the table. "Is that woman in the lobby a robot?" Comes right out with it, doesn't she? She also picks up that tool and waves it in the air with a mischievous smile. "I WANNA TAKE HER APART!" Bzzzzt. Suddenly she draws back and cringes, "I-I mean if she is. Of course." Yep. That's awkward.

The dragoness blinks a few times, sipping her coffee again. "I think she is a robot, yes. I didn't smell life or hear a heartbeat. I could be wrong, though, there are many different types of beings here." She rubs at her chin. "I'll let you know if I find out for sure." She offers a nod, then, and drains the last of her coffee cup. She stares at it for a moment, before offering a strangely sheepish smile. "I'm sorry for intruding, again. I will be on my way, if you'd like. Apologies for startling you."

Yoiko laughs at the apology. "I've not slept in three days." She laughs again. "Three days!! I can't risk it! There's not enough time!" Oh lord, she's serious. "I spent a couple of amazing days with this gu-uh... girl I met. Completely amazing, right? I felt like a teenager again." She nervously chuckles and sips more of her coffee, "...only to find out two weeks had gone by for everyone else." She leans back and finishes off her cup. "S-so I tested it, right? The farther you get from everyone else, the slower time seems to be moving for you. But everyone else? They just keep going!" Yoiko doesn't pause in her speech, but she does rise up and get another refill. "So here I am. Only one person in this place that I know and I've got the biggest crush on her, and I'm scared that I'm going to walk outside one day and miss half her life." She pauses only to take a drink or two. "Soooo, no. No. I'm glad to have someone to keep me talking! Please! Stay as long as you like!!"

Sun listens to Yoiko's explanation, and offers a small nod at the end, as if she agrees. "You are correct." Did she just confirm Yoiko's theory for her? "That is a rational fear. Hopefully, that will not happen. I believe that having a home base such as this is a good measure to avoid such an occasion." She gestures at the apartment around them. "It at least gives you both a base to meet up at." She glances down at her empty coffee cup, but makes no move to get a refill. "Perhaps you should rest, however. Three days without sleep can not be healthy."

Somehow she seems more nervous when told she was correct, but she relaxes at the seemingly continued 'rational fear' statement. She ponders what her new acquaintance says a moment and responds with a heavy sigh. "I've done worse... but you're probably right." Thinking back a moment, the woman frowns and drinks more of her current cup of coffee. "My last ship had these glorious engines Jonathon and I built. I got so absorbed in beating our deadline that I spent almost a full week inside the main housing on my hands and knees checking and rechecking every bit of line going in and out of it. Somewhere down the road my brain stopped firing properly. They drug me out that day after one of the ensigns realized I was screaming random bits of Klingon at one of the panels after sealing it from the inside and not being able to open it back up to get out." That frown spreads. "I don't even know Klingon."

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