2015-02-12 - So, this gorgon walks into a DMC...

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So, this gorgon walks into a DMC...

Summary: Dante REALLY likes hiring female employees. I wonder why...?

Who: Dante, Mei
When: 2/12/2015
Where: Devil May Cry


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Dante seems to have this habit of hiring ONLY female employee's. Coincidence? I think not...

Location: Devil May Cry

From the inescapable darkness of the entrance to a fairly brightly lit room, your eyes most likely take a moment to adjust. Or not. Who the heck am I to tell you what your eyes are doing? I'm just a stupid narration. The paint scheme in here is a messy, splotchy mix of black and red. It looks as though the original paint was all black and perhaps someone decided to 'art' the place up a tad with some red highlights. It doesn't do much for the decor, to tell you the truth. A single pane of windows lie on either side of a very plain looking brown desk in the middle of the room. Yeah, nothing special about it. It's a desk. Cope. A non-descript black office chair lies just behind that desk. Nothing special about it either. There seems to be a theme here. - Off to one side is what appears to be a secretaries desk, which may or may not be manned. A single workstation with an LCD monitor and attached keyboard seems to be the only thing adorning the desk usually, although whomever is currently playing the role might very well spruce it up. - In the back of the room are a set of stairs that lead upward to another section of the building.

Mei seems to stumble in "This isn't the tea house at all." she mumbles, frowning a bit as she looks around confusedly, looking just a little baffled by this and that.

Dante glances up from his desk, his legs typically kicked over it and crossed as per his usual. He grins a bit. "Gotta love a day when you have hot chicks bumbling through your front door. Heya gorgon-lady! Where YOU been?"

Mei blinks for a long moment "I got too cold and fell asleep in the lake." she offers, absently. She sort of shivers and finds the warmest place within the room almost immediately, sort of bundling in to watch him. "I thought I creeped you out?" she asks, curiously.

Dante raises an eyebrow. "The fuck? Creeped me out? How the hell would a gorgeous thing like you creep me out? ...Creep me right out of my clothes maybe. *offers a wink*." He peers a little more closely as Mei seems cold. He slides back and taps the rear wall with a fist. The wall to one side slides down in an exagerated motion, revealing a weapon rack among other things...and a fireplace. Another tap and the fireplace roars alive. "There. Go get warm. You look freezing."

Mei moves to sprawl out on the floor infront of the fireplace, rolling to get comfortable, her eyes lid contently as she watches him "Thank you." she offers, watching him curiously. She considers the man as her hair stretches to bask in the warm. "I slept for a long time, didn't I?" she asks, eye blinking slowly as she licks her lips, knocking some of the black lipgloss off.

Dante watches Mei's movements with interest. He's not a...PREDATOR per se...but he's been known to stalk the lady-folk in a slightly less 'creeper' fashion. He seems to be enjoying it thusly. He laughs a bit. "Sleep? Is that what you're doin' when you disappear for long periods of time? Hibernating?"

Mei nods a little "Sometimes I get lost, sometimes I just fall asleep." she admits, obliviously getting settled. Her hiss escaping as she gets very content and comfortable. "If I get too cold I don't wake up until it warms up." she admits, yawning enough that her fangs show.

Dante grins. "Sounds like hibernation to me. I ain't a science type though. Hibernation might as well be some country I've never been too. ... Get it? With the nation part and t-....ya know, never mind." He shakes his head with one of his oddball chuckles and returns to the topic at hand. "Soooo...where ya stayin' these days? Ya didn't have an apartment last time we....met..."

Mei is quiet "I was sleeping in the Lake." she offers, absently, curiously looking at him, "Why would I have an apartment?" she asks, burrowing into her own arms with a big yawn as she rolls onto her belly, oh man she really seems to be getting over cozy. "I was going to get tea." she pouts.

Dante doesn't say anything for a few moments. He's probably just checking her out, knowing him. Sorry folks, that's just kind of what he does. After he can manage to get his 2 brain cells aligned once again enough to speak, he responds, "Well, we got coffee if ya want some. I don't do that tea bullshit. My BROTHER does...but lord only knows where the hell he's gotten off too. He doesn't like to show up here too much." He scratches the back of his head for just a second before continuing, "So, you don't have a place to stay? We still got plenty of room here if ya need one."

Mei considers a bit "I can be a bit messy when I do my skin exfoliation?" she warns. Well she is a snake. So she probably leaves snake skin all over everything. She blinks at his starring "You know if you are going to stare at me like that you could do me a favor and rub my back to help me warm back up and wake up. Tea is delicious and you are cheating yourself if you think its crap." she murmurs, stretching enough to crack her back

Dante laughs. "I'm not worry about a little skin. My secretary lives in a bubble of water and often dampens things. S'not a big d-...." He trails off at the mention of a back rub. He cracks his knuckles and then just seems to BE there, ready for a long, drawn out massage. Ohhhhh yes inde-I'm getting off topic slightly. He reaches down and rubs gently but firmly at her shoulders. "Eh. Tea never QUITE enough caffeine for me, although I know it's got some. Now, a Long Island Iced Tea, on the other hand...I can down a few of those."

Mei looks confused "How do they fit an island into a tea?" she asks "oof." She is a bit tense and warm to touch "Do I have to wear those things human women wear?" she asks, wiggling her feet a little bit. She means shoes. "Coz they aren't comfortable and I ruin them if I flex my claws." she mumbles, considering a bit "Oh the cute thing that sort of flutters around in a bubble? Yes we were talking in the lake one day."

Dante tries not to be TOO rough...you know, unless she WANTS it that w-Back on topic. "What things human women wear? You can waltz around naked for all I care. In fact, I'd prefer it." He laughs a bit at his own comment, mostly because it wouldn't be funny to anyone else. "Seriously though, I dunno what you mean. Claws? You mean gloves?...Also, yeah, that's Ren. She theoretically works here but...I haven't seen her around lately." He rubs his chin. "I MAY just be TOO sexually attractive for my female employees..."

Yeah. He's serious.

Mei leans around, gently biting his arm a little bit "No. The hard foot things that make you walk weird. You have some on right now." she points out, she's already wearing fingerless gloves. No real claws there except her fingernails, which might be filed a little pointy but are hardly claws. "So I can have a room here? Will you be decorating it?" she asks, curiously, making a face "you just want to see if I really am entirely flat chested." she mumbles.

Dante doesn't mind a good nomming. It's quite enjoyable. In FACT, there are SOME kinds of nomming that a-baaaack on topic. He ahhs. Nodding. "Shoes. No. You can wear whatever ya want. Shoes are optional. I just happen to LIKE my boots. ...I remember some fucker stole my boots one time. I hated that guy. ... Well, he had his ok moments I guess. His daughter was hot." There he goes, trailing off...he absently replies to the latter half of the conversation.

"Nah. You can decorate how ya want. The room'll probably end up decorated how ya want it ANYWAY once I bug the DMC to actually MAKE the damn thing, but from there i-..." Did someone speak of breasts? He grins lecherously. "I have no issue with breasts of ANY size...but if you'd like me to examine them a bit more closely, I'd be HAPPY to give you an expert opinion on the matter." ...Well, you DID mention boobies around Dante....so....you know.

Mei laughs, arching into the rubbing, considering "I have no idea what is normal. If I have to have normal things can I have a soft bed with a big fluffy blanket?" she asks, curiously, blinking a bit, her expression largely amused as she sits up slowly to turn around and very gently hug herself against the goofy guy.

Dante ehs. "Whatever kind of bed strikes your fancy. I mean, I'd suggest something reinforced just in c-" He trails off as he gets the hug. He grins widely and happily wraps his arms around Mei. "In fact, the way you're approaching things, I think I can provide you with quite a few...uh, what's that word...sundries? ...Sounds like it should hurt your eyes..." Focus, Dante. Focus!

Mei she pauses a bit "Sundries? I like oil for my skin." she offers, snuggling in and very intentionally leaching warmth, sort of squirming so she's cuddled into his lap. "A big bed with a fluffy blanket and pillows and uhm no windows if possible, I don't like bright lights." she admits, smiling. She sort of pauses "and um a book shelf. I like books. and a desk?" she asks.

Dante doesn't mind giving out some warmth here. In fact, there's PLENTY he'd be MORE than happy t-BACK ON TOPIC: He nods. "Yeah. I'm sure all of that can be arranged. Don't think it'll be an issue." He ponders for a moment and offers a slight shrug, as best he can at least. "It doesn't seem like typical stuff is ever a problem. Something like magical artifacts though...ya might have to manual go get that stuff. Also, once the room's in place any OTHER mods gotta be manual too. That's about it I...think?"

Mei is quiet "I make potions sometimes, but that is done with a mortar and pestle and stuff." she offers absently.

Dante rubs his chin. "That right?...Hmm...Tell ya what. I know you've got the brains in ADDITIONAL to the looks, so how about this...you can stay. I'll provide things. I'll make sure nothing bad happens to ya...and in return, you work for us here. Ren's super smart too...but not with the stuff you know. I could use the research help. What do ya say?"

Of course, he PROBABLY just wants to surround himself with females. He's ALWAYS done that....

Mei is quiet for a minute "I can't promise I can help too much, but I can read around and help you with that. I can also eat your food and hog your hot water." she offers, generously She considers "So casual nudity really wouldn't be an issue?" she pauses "And is there a roof I can sunbathe on while I sleep?"

Dante nods. "You can use my facilities in return for helpin' me with the research. That is EXACTLY what I'm off-...." He trails off as nudity comes up. This is a VERY serious topic for him. In fact, this one time h-Oksorrybackontopic:

He responds carefully. "Casual nudity would NOT be a problem for me. No. In fact, consider it encouraged!... The sunbathing thing might be an issue...the roof and observation areas are open to the public. I think Twisted has laws against public nudity. I dunno. You'd have to check at town hall or something like that." He ponders. "Then again, considering some of the outfits people get away with around here....huh."

Mei considers him for a moment "Until you get my room made can I sleep in your bed? I don't snore but I do cuddle." she does not mention that she ocassionally sleep bites. She sort of peers around innocently at him.

Dante peers back at Mei. He doesn't say a whole lot for a moment but finally nods. "You can sleep in my bed as LONG as you want. ...It's like you were sent to me in my hour of need. I guess the fates love me. n.n" Yeah, this whole situation is GOOD with him. Yup.

Mei eyes Dante "Shower before getting into bed please? I can taste smells." she mumbles, awkwardly. She sort of leans to kissy nibble on his cheek acceptingly.

Dante gets this extremely lecherous look on his face. His smile is WAY too big. He nods. "Shower's upstairs. Do you...need someone to scrub your back?" He's like a wizard. He's subtle and will mack on your females.

Mei blinks "Yes. But be gentle around my scales, if you crack them they hurt." she offers, smiling. Dante does not know it, but he's going to be dealing with a lot of exfoliation and big chunks of dead skin. Its going to be a big gross boner killing affair.

Dante offers a thumbs up. "Gotcha. Gentle with the scales. Don't worry madame, I've got VERY gentle, very experience hands." He ponders this one...laughs a bit. "Well, I just set myself up there for a nasty insult. Gotta watch that. Ah well, after you madame?"

Mei stands up, slowly, offering both hands to him with a smile. "You can put some moisturizing oil on me once we finish too." She offers, cheerfully, seemingly over happy.

Dante takes her hands, looking rather giddy himself. "CAN I now? Excellent. I will take you up on that offer." Well, he's just as happy as a cherrystone.

We'll just...fade to black right here. o/~I can't remember anythiiiiing...can't tell if this is true or dream.... Wait, shit. Wrong song! Don't fade yet! I need to correct the lyrics bef-(end)

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