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Dante haz ALL the minions, MUHAHAHA-Excuse me.

Summary: Evil mastermind? No. Hit with the ladies, REGARDLESS of the species? Ohhhh yeaaaahhh...

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Devil May Cry(#3063R)
From the inescapable darkness of the entrance to a fairly brightly lit room, your eyes most likely take a moment to adjust. Or not. Who the heck am I to tell you what your eyes are doing? I'm just a stupid narration. The paint scheme in here is a messy, splotchy mix of black and red. It looks as though the original paint was all black and perhaps someone decided to 'art' the place up a tad with some red highlights. It doesn't do much for the decor, to tell you the truth. A single pane of windows lie on either side of a very plain looking brown desk in the middle of the room. Yeah, nothing special about it. It's a desk. Cope. A non-descript black office chair lies just behind that desk. Nothing special about it either. There seems to be a theme here. - Off to one side is what appears to be a secretaries desk, which may or may not be manned. A single workstation with an LCD monitor and attached keyboard seems to be the only thing adorning the desk usually, although whomever is currently playing the role might very well spruce it up. - In the back of the room are a set of stairs that lead upward to another section of the building.

Vergil made his way from the hotel to Dante's gawdy shop. He had been MIA from public sight again and decided it was time to go start some trouble or at least annoy Dante some. He had a random book under open in one hand, Yamato held in the other as he simply kicked the doors as hard as he could. Why knock when this was more fun?

Dante glances up from where he's sitting. He's leaning back on just one leg of the chair and is polishing Ebony currently. He peers up at his now kicked doors, although true to the DMC the doors remain undamaged and points Ebony at the interloper. Of course, Vergil probably knows he's won't fire. He grins. "Hey bro."

Vergil looked up unimpressed at the gun. Yes, he knew Dante wouldn't fire at him. Least without a reason. He left the doors open as he made his way in, turning the page with a twist of his fingers since the book was balanced in one hand. "This place is a pigsty."

Dante laughs. He taps the table with Ebony. "Close up, would you dear?" Is he talking to Vergil? The doors creak shut slowly. Huh. He slips Ebony back into its holster and promptly flips Vergil off. "Feel free to clean up! Mei's supposed to do it, but lord only knows where she is these days. Now, I know you didn't come by JUST to insult the place. What can I do for ya? Didja wanna go get a drink? Pick up on some babes? n.-"

Vergil looks over his shoulder and arches a brow at that. "Enchanted the doors did you?" He muttered, finally closing the book, he knows where he is. Ignoring the obscene guesture from his idiot twin Vergil rolled his eyes. "I am not your maid. And no, I will not be going anywhere with you. Its shameful to be seen with you." He aimed to hurt, but he knows it doesnt really mean anything. "My purpose will come with time."

Dante shakes his head. Yeah, he doesn't care about the insults. "You're a damn weirdo. You barge in here just to...stand around, insulting my decor and NOT partying with me. You need to get laid worse than anyone I've ever met." He shrugs, leaning back again and closing his eyes. "Whatever. Enjoy your stay. I can get a room made up for ya if ya need one. Just lemme know."

Vergil was about to say something and rolled his eyes at that. "Nevermind. It is no longer important." He turned on his heels and started towards the door without another word. He hadn't been in a bad mood, but now it was already dropping. He pulled the door open and started out.

The Twisted Street(#1833RL)
"Welcome to Twisted" reads a small sign hanging on the side of the Usual Restaurant, a two-story establishment dominating one side of the absolute center of Twisted Street. Opposite of the UR is the start of Park Road, which starts at this section of the Twisted Street. Towering over it is the mutli-story Integra's Arms Apartments. Somehow people are quick to ignore the houses and businesses that line the streets here going off one way and another way. Perhaps it's the mental blinders people put up when it comes to places they can't freely come and go from.

Barely visible in the distance is the edge of a sandstorm marking the beginning of the wastelands. It's harsh edge a direct contrast to the usually calm weather of the city of Twisted. In fact it almost looks like the storm is brushing against a giant bowl covering the main part of the city, and in many ways this is true. Hopefully no one will ever find a way to deactivate the barrier that holds the chaos at bay...

Vergil with a grumble a flash of blue storms out of the doors of Devil May Cry, He had only walked in moments before and seemed calm when he went in. Now he looked iritated, and it radiated around him as he clutched a book in one hand and his katana in the other. Once more leaving the doors open as he walked down to the street to head back the way he came.

Dante is laughing his ASS off as he wanders out after Vergil, yelling after him. "Wait! Bro! Come back! Stop being such a douche all the time! I was only fucking around." He shakes his head, mumbling a bit about Vergil and his tantrums. He yells over again. "Seriously! If you need something, tell me!"

Two figures approach from down Twisted Street just as the brothers decided to exit the building. A tall imposing turquoise skinned man with a colorful feathered headdress accompanied by a white furred wolf with red markings and a floating sun disc on its bask. As the two approach, the statuesque man looks up to the commotion ahead and turns to his companion. "Judging by their attire and weaponry I would venture to guess those are the ones we are seeking.

They appear to be having an argument however.." Is he /talking/ to the wolf next to him? "How should we proceed, my lady? Should we interfere?"
Said wolf next to Kotal is actually pretty interested in the scene anyway. He'll probably notice that she's already looking at the scene intently. Vergil's irritation and Dante yelling to the irritated man gets a tilt of her head, and a quiet "Rrr?" Issun makes his appearance then-- a tiny green glow with what looks like a cross between an aphid and a sedge hate on its head. So small, in fact, that between the glow and the sheer tininess of the being, the aphid-hat is the only thing that can really be clearly seen. "What's goin' on?" Amaterasu answers Kotal's question very clearly, though. Not in words (of course). She lowers herself on her front legs and growls in the direction of the twin brothers. Issun speaks up, "What's wrong, Ammy?" He pauses, looking up at Dante and Vergil. "...BOTH of 'em?!" Issun has about enough time to explain this to Kotal: "Ammy smells evil on 'em!" Why doesn't he have any more time? Because Amaterasu charges forward! Now... if Dante and Vergil were normal humans, they'd merely see a large white Malamute running at them. but due to their supernatural heritage, they can see the things humans can't. Thus, what do they see? A large, white wolf with winglike fur on its flanks, red markings on its face and sides of its body, with a tail resembling a very large calligraphy brush. There is a fiery disk on the wolf's back, turning slowly. It's no demon, though. That aura is most definitely not demonic. It's on the OTHER end of the spectrum, in fact-- holy to an extreme. And that holy-powered sun wolf is heading RIGHT FOR THEM!

A high pitched scream can suddenly be heard from the distance, aaaand it's getting closer. The origin seems to be a blonde man in an expensive suit reeking of cologne. As he approaches the group, he doesn't stop - but he does shove anyone who might try to stop him. "GETAWAYGETAWAY!!!GO!GO!!!" And the screaming resumes again as he goes past like a blurred streak of douche-baggery. Seconds later the sky darkens. The smell of brimstone seems to coming rushing by in a gust of hot, dry air. A darkened shape of a man with glowing red eyes comes into view, pausing before the group with daggers in his hands. Of course if you have /normal/ eyes (does anyone in this scene?) Johnny C comes running up instead, looking every bit annoyed and pissed off. He pauses before the group with his daggers at the ready. "WHERE THE FUCK DID HE ....oh." The waves of anger abruptly stop as he realizes the size of the crowd before him. Quickly he puts the daggers away and rubs the back of his head. "Nice day for a stroll, huh?"

Vergil felt something powerful coming, and in a rare moment of shock. Dante was completely ignored as the book dropped to the ground. It fell open to reveal its contents, it was a grimoire of resurection spells, opps. As the book hit the ground Vergil was already shifting to pull Yamato from its sheath. It was time for some fun it seemed.

Dante blinks, stopping short himself and peering over at...all these people. Huh. It's a party! He waves! "Heya folks! Awesome. We got enough people for a party here! I could order some pizza and booze and we could all d-..." He stops short, peering at the charging wolf with the holy aura. He doesn't do much for just a second...and then....all at once...HE....kneels down and pats his legs. "Aw! A pup! C'mere mama! Come on! I won't hurtcha!" ... The universe breathes a collective sigh.

It is a rare sight indeed. When the God of War is the last one prepared for a fight. "My lady??" The growl from the wolf was certainly unexpected and it was only Issun's explanation that alerted the turoquoise skinned warrior of what was truly happening. That these two men were evil was a strange turn of events, as Kotal Kahn couldn't imagine the kind hearted (or whatever its species uses to pump blood into their bodies) Serenity working for anyone with ill intentions. The Aztec certainly has no qualms about dispensing some undiscriminating macuahuitl butchering here and there, particularly when a third party comes into view in the form of a dagger wielding red eyed fellow chasing after some hapless citizen, but he at least wanted to -know what is going on- before starting to rip heads off. Oh well, it's not like Kotal Kahn has ever not agreed with bashing skulls in. Kotal Kahn grunts and charges right behind Amaterasu, and the two white haired men will find that they don't have only a wolf charging after them all of the sudden, but a giant turquoise skinned man wielding a massive serrated sword that is almost as tall as he is. Interestingly, Kotal hasn't actually drawn his macuahutil just yet, because something about all this seems off. But rest assured that if anyone so much as harms one hair on Amaterasu's fur...There will be hell to pay.

It's probably fortunate for... a lot of people currently there that Johnny's entrance is so very sudden and surprising. The wolf skids to a stop and turns so that it can keep all of this in its field of vision. The glowing fairy-like thing with it may be glimpsed now, poking out of the fur at the back of her head. "Huh? What now?!" Amaterasu has, hopefully, not stopped quickly enough to trip up Kotal Kahn. Because if she has, he's likely to roll right over her, with as low as she is to the ground right now. She looks between Dante, Vergil, and Johnny with suspicion. She wants to know what's going on too! But she can't ask in words. She's not growling anymore, at least! Issun however, can! From the glowing green bug there's a squeaky voice, as he begins to hop up and down on Amaterasu's nose. "HEY! What is all this anyway?! We just got here and all this is confusing!" Something that might go unnoticed? The bouncing bug is not having a bit of trouble landing on Amaterasu's nose as she moves around.

So much going on, what to address? The two twins, probably bickering? The large Aztec-looking guy who looks ready start start a fight, or the weird little voice coming from-"DOGGY!" Yep. It looked weird when Dante did it too. "There's nothing going on, little puppy-whuppy!" ...really? Johnny tries to hold his hand out in hopes of gaining the animal's trust, completely ignoring the green accompaniment that provided the dialog. "Just another day, minding my own business, trying to fix the problems." Yep. With daggers. It probably doesn't help that he's the one reeking of brimstone. Spending your time in Hell tends to do that.

Vergil rolled his eyes as he watched the happenings, his guard lowered as he resheathed Yamato and picked up the book, sparing a moment to twack his brother in the back of the head with it. "How have you survived this long. Nevermind, don't answer that. I am leaving." And he turned to do just that, he was far too anti-social for this many people.

Give Kotal Kahn some credit. He underestimated Ammy's low hitbox a grand total of /one/ time when she accidentally headbutted him right on the face. That's not going to happen again! Rather than trip over the wolf in mid charge and roll forward like a total fool, the Aztec deity makes a small hop to jump over Ammy's relative small frame and position himself right in front of the wolf. His macuahuitl is now drawn. "ENOUGH!!" He SLAMS the topside part of his weapon on the ground causing it to shake, more to bring attention to his words than actually try to hurt anyone. This is evidently to prevent that Dante or Johnny get anywhere near close the wolf. "You will show the Sun Goddess proper respect!! Not treat her like a common dog!" Demands the Aztec Cuachic and looks around to see if anyone wants to argue with him on that regard. Vergil, looking like he is leaving, gets less attention that the other two fellows, in particular the one that already has his daggers drawn out /and/ smells so much like the Netherrealm that even Kotal Kahn can smell it. "Now..which one of you is Dante? My companions and I have business with him."

Eeeeeew, brimstone! Johnny gets a little bit of a growl, but it's short. As for Dante? No, she's not approaching yet, despite the universal 'c'mere puppy~' postion he took. Vergil gets a look too. Confused wolfy is confused! Fortunately Issun is there to speak up where she can't. He can be seen by even humans normally-- part of his people's purpose, in fact, is to be the intermediaries between the gods and mortals. Sometimes they can't be understood. In this case, Amaterasu is a wolf. Kotal's macuahuitl miniquake earthquake is followed by Issun speaking up. "Right! Good question! Dante's the one we're looking for! There's supposed to be a good place to ply our trades! I'm Issun, the Wandering Artist! And this is Amaterasu! She's MADE for dispelling demons!"

Vergil wastes no further time. He keeps walking away, not bothering to look back at all. More so when he hears the words 'dispelling demons' Dantes type of crowd. Yeah, he's out.

Johnny glances at Kotal, not giving him nearly the respect he demands or deserves. He doesn't care what Amaterasu is. He's made up his mind. Somehow he's gonna pet her. Kotal's show of force gets barely an eye roll, but hearing him ask for Dante promptly makes the maniac turn his mental blinders on him again. Trying to figure out the solution to his problem, Johnny stands and checks his weapons as he ponders.
Ironically it's Vergil walking off that gives him an idea. He snaps his fingers, "I know! All dogs love meat!" He turns on his heels and heads back towards the 24*7. "BURRRRRIIIIITOOOOOOS!!" Well, that was strange.

Dante huhs. He rises back to his feet, rubbing the back of his head. "The fuck is your PROBLEM, bro? I'm trying t-..." He blinks as he looks over his shoulder and his brother...is gone. He sighs, shaking his head and looks back over at the two. "Ok, now...what exactly crawled up YOUR loincloth and died? Also, I get she's not a dog. I can SEE all the aura stuff and all that shit. I was just TRYING to be friendly." He folds his arms and watches the two. He is seemingly waiting to see what he can help them with n.n

"There is friendliness and then there is being demeaning in your cordiality. " Kotal Kahn answers grimly, clearly a fellow that doesn't suffer fools lightly. At the very least, noticing that the most obvious threats are gone, i.e. Johnny and Vergil, he at least decides to offer a sign of good faith and put his own giant serrated weapon away. To note, he actually doesn't have a scabbard for his giant macuahuitl, it just kind of floats on his back whenever he puts it away. Kind of like how Amaterasu's disc does. "I take it you are Dante then?" Grumbles the turquoise giant. Everyone else left so this gaudy looking fellow /must/ be the one they are looking for. "I am Kotal Kahn and as my diminutive friend here said--" Referring to Issun, clearly. "This is Amaterasu, the Sun Goddess." "I was told by your employee, Serenity, that you are what passes for law in this twisted realm. Lady Amaterasu and I were wondering if we could perhaps help one another." Now that things seemed to have calmed down some, Amaterasu stands properly. No more growling, no more posturing. Now she's just confused and looking for some information. Though the note that Dante can see her gets a sigh of relief from Issun. "Good, at least he understands you're not just a dog," he says to Amaterasu.

Kotal's introduction gets Amaterasu to bow her head in greeting, as if nodding. And she sits while Kotal explains the rest of the situation. Though as the mention of a police force is mentioned, Amaterasu stands again, and barks to get Dante's attention. She pauses, looks around... and catches sight of one of those newspaper dispensers. Turning towards it, her tail raises and she draws a very sharp, sudden horizontal slash over her head with the black-stained tip. And the dispenser falls, broken at the support. But she's not done. The tip of her tail moves back and forth side to side, as if she's painting in the air. The place in the air where the dispenser was began to fill with black, liquidy clouds. And when she puts her tail down, with a sound like water splashing, the cloudiness seems to explode. No damage is done. But the broken dispenser has disappeared, and there's a brand new one there, as if it had never been cut.

Dante sighs at Kotal, rolling his eyes. "GOD. You sound JUST like Vergil. Where the hell do you guys learn this stuff? 'Stick in the mud' school? Look, Ren was right in a way. We kind d-" He trails off and watches Ammy's display. He looks suitably impressed and claps. He likes the wolf a lot better. n.n "VERY nice." He pulls out a piece of jerky from somewhere in his pockets and holds it out, coo'ing. Well, I guess asking him not to treat her like a pup is going to be a bit harder.

"And you sound just like Johnny Cage." Now it's Kotal's turn to roll his eyes, although considering his eyes are glowing orbs of light, they just look like they are shimmering a bit. "Do they also have insufferable buffoon academies in Earthrealm? It is the only way to explain such disturbing lack of manners." Hey, just because Dante's is a prospective employer doesn't mean Kotal is about to take that kind of disrespect. Dante got one freebee about his loincloth as far as Kotal is concerned, everything else after that will get an answer. Kotal watches with approval as how Amaterasu' displays her skills, it's just like olden times thinks he.. except that now she seems to be stuck in wolf form. He even makes no comment about Dante feeding the Sun Goddess some jerky, because, well, she is a dog right now, there's no other way to show praise to a dog other than feed it and pet it. He does shake his head a little though in disapproval. "I am certain you will find our abilities far more than acceptable to join your organization. Are there any positions available?"

There. Now Dante can REALLY see that Amaterasu is not just some dog-- oh, what's this? The smell of meat is overwhelming to lupine senses, and Amaterasu moves forward to sniff. Ooh, spiced meat! Nom! That's yummy~! She does look for all the world like a happy wolf nomming on beef jerky. Even if it's a little beneath a goddess. "Yeah!" This from Issun. "I'm not completely useless either! I can understand Ammy, here! And look at this!" He pulls out a scroll. It's a human sized scroll, now. Where was he hiding that? And how is he carrying it? Then he just unrolls it... and it rolls right over Amaterasu's face. This prompts a confused "Rrr?" from Amaterasu. But on the scroll is a Japanese-style portrait of a beautiful woman with a 'halo' of clouds surrounding her. "See? Pretty good, huh?"

Dante was trying to get a few scritches on the goddess, because...well, you know. She at least ACTS like a happy pup n.n He examines the scroll and nods, rubbing his chin. "Yes. Very good. I....would DEFINITELY hit it." *sagenod* He gets back to his feet and addresses Kotal finally, folding his arms. "Alright. Yes. You guys're good and I think you'd work out. Plus, I love wolfie over here. She seems awesome. Now, YOU are obviously tough as well...but ONE thing, buddy. If you want to come work for me, this is NOT a partnership. I'm not a strict boss...but I AM the boss and you'll have to treat me as such. If THAT'S going to be an issue, you can beat feet right now. Got it?"

'Is there anything Dante won't hit?' Is what seems to go inside Kotal's mind as Dante stares a *mite* too intensively at the scroll that Issun pulled out of nowhere. Kotal peers at it too though and nods approvingly at Issun saying, "Well done, Wandering Artist." Something also tells him that Issun and Dante might get along disturbingly well. They seem to have similar.. uh.. tastes..The Aztec Cuachic was still with his arms crossed over his chest, just the same way as Dante does when addressing him. Kotal raises his head to peer down at Dante from under his helmet and smirks ever so softly when Dante simply decides that he looks tough just by looking at him. Its mildly disappointing that he wasn't asked to Test his Might, but Kotal is one that prefers efficiency over showboating. There will be plenty of opportunities in the future to display his skills. "You will hear no complaint from me." He says raising his hand, palm open. "I am sworn to lady Amaterasu. If she follows you, so shall I." Kotal is a diehard warrior after all, he enjoys have a clear chain of command.

Dante's response to the picture gets a low "Hehehe," from Issun as he rolls up the scroll again, so that Amaterasu can see again. And speaking of Dante and Issun having similar tastes? "You oughta see the view from inside her kimono~." Yup. Those two will probably get along GREAT....Amaterasu looks up at Dante's words, and then looks to Kotal at his response. Leaving it up to her? Well then. She sits down next to Dante, barks, and begins to wag her brush-like tail. "That's a positive there!" Issun replies. "Ammy's fine with that arrangement."

Dante laughs a bit at the whole situation. Most excellent. Soon Twisted will be HIS to cont-wait, wait. That's Vergil. *ahem* Take 2. He grins and offers Kotal a thumbs up. This guy's at least OK with him. He offers Issun 'five' by giving him...uh, thumb? and then scritches Ammy while making coo type noises. "The ladies can never resist me. MOST excellent. n.n" He dusts himself off and nods. "Ok. It's settled. If you guys need a place to stay, I'll have the DMC build ya some rooms. If not, just show up in the...well, 'morning' I guess. Hard to tell around here sometimes."

Kotal nods and then rubs his chin in thought when Dante offers them to stay in the building itself. "That would be a worthwhile offer. Neither of us has any accommodations in this city as of yet." Certainly not him, the Aztec was planning on looking up Integra's apartments after the interview, but if Dante is offering..."What do you think, my lady?" Asks he of Amaterasu. Surely living with Dante can't prove to be /too/ vexing, could it? As long as DMC doesn't smell weird on the inside it should be fine.

Issun's hard to see, but the sensation of a hi-five is hard to miss. Particularly when it's delivered to the thumb with the exact same force a full-grown human would deliver it to the hand! Seems his little size doesn't affect his strength one bit! As for Amaterasu? Scritches! Yes, these are appreciated! All of the tailwags! How many people can praise the sun with scritches? Very few. The mention of rooms here gets a 'woof!' from Amaterasu. And Issun points out, "Yeah, furball has a point-- they probably wouldn't rent a room to her, because 'dog'. So living here might be the better idea.

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