2015-05-08 - Food, Shopping, and Dogs

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Food, Shopping, and Dogs

Summary: Ren, Kotal, and Dante in DMC's offices

Who: Serenity, Dante, Kotal Kahn
When: May 08, 2015
Where: Devil May Cry

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        Serenity has one 'wing' wrapped around a triple-bagged jar but the other pair of aquamarine fins is free to ripple in the suspended mass of water as Ren enters the office. Slipping inside, Ren doesn't spot anyone else present and so proceeds to the reception desk with a series of alternating spins and mimicked 'steps' (folding the shape of a leg in the lower portion of the free fin).

        Faint footsteps are heard approaching from upstairs, something about the light thundering they make in their approach implying that there's quite a bit of weight being carried there.

        From the stairs emerges a familiarly tall and turquoise colored figure. It's Kotal Kahn! Who is carrying a rather large sized plastic back over one arm while generally having a look of displeasure about him. That is until his glowing eyes spots Serenity trying to sneak into the building. "Ah! Greetings again, my friend." He raises an arm in salutations. "It brightens my day to see you here." Its easy to tell the contents of the bag he's carrying. Looks like Kotal is picking up trash.

        Dante for his part, wanders out of a shadow in the corner of the room. Did he pass out over there? Hard to tell with this guy. He offers a wave to the two. "Heya Ren, Kots. How are my lackeys doin' today?" He grins over at Kots, giving him a thumbs up. "Good work on the trash cleanup. That could earn ya a bonus at some point. Make you head of janitorial services or somethin'." Who would have thought this big warrior type was also rather cleanly? Ya never know people. He flops into his chair and kicks his feet up, as per his usual.

        Serenity waves the free 'wing' in reply to Kotal, extending it from the water. Ren sets down the jar and offers a cheerful hiss, "Hello, again. So you *are* working here! And I should say that you are looking much better today." Ren then 'blinks' at the appearance of Dante, but offers him a smile and a bow (complete with imaginary arm crossing imaginary waist). "Perhaps it's because you look so much in need of help?" Ren remarks playfully.

        Kotal Kahn glances over to Dante as he emerges from the shadows, giving him a nod of greetings and a slight scoff. "Dante." Is his gruff response to being called a lackey and the crack about him being made the head of the janitorial services. "I merely do what must be done. It is most shameful to live in such piles of refuse like vermin. Not to mention wholly unsanitary." And let's just say Kotal has had /really/ bad experiences with diseases in the past.

        "And the air.." He sniffs in distaste. "It is befouled with the smell of flatulence!" The War God says as he opens a window to get some air.

        He nevertheless looks quite content when Serenity smiles over to him. "That I am! It would appear we will be co-workers from now on, my friend. I look forward to our time together here."

        "There were others that also heed the call of prosperity along with me. They should be showing up soon."

        Dante blows a kiss over at Ren, responding in kind. "Just hope I don't get a craving for calamari come dinner time, baby. n.-" He laughs over at Kots, nodding a few times. "It DOES get a little rank in here sometimes. I honestly have NO fucking idea why, either!" *fraaaap* "Whoo. That one lifted me a bit!"

        "Even more employees?" Ren remarks curiously, looking from Kotal to Dante. "I don't know whether to be pleased at the co-workers or concerned about what inspired the increased funding for the office." Ren then waves rhinophores briefly toward Kotal. "Now, don't ask me about the freshness of the air." Ren motions the edge of a fin toward the bagged jar. "And for the same reason, you may not wish to unwrap my dinner."

        "They are good company to have, I assure you." Says Kotal amicably when Serenity begins fretting. Then, he thinks better of it as he looks up, suddenly remembering something. "Well, at least one of them is." Now that he realizes it, having Issun here might be like having Dante on stereo.

        Speaking of the white haired demon hunter, Kotal makes a face when Dante farts loudly and shakes his head. "It smells like you are rotting from the inside. No doubt due to the trash that passes for food here." He glances at the empty boxes of pizza and chinese food before tucking them away inside his bag. "Will I have to take over food services here too??" It seems Kotal is kind of a health nut, but he would be, warrior must be healthy otherwise they don't fight well.

        "Do I even want to know what that is..?" Asks the Cuachic as Serenity warns him not to try and open the jar she has.

        Dante sends a middle finger Kots way. "You ever insult pizza around me again and you're fired." He doesn't SEEM serious though, really. He looks a LITTLE serious on that one. Hopefully Kots doesn't hate on the beerz. THAT could get messy. He shrugs though. "If you can cook, though...uh...fine. I could give ya a raise for that one too. Gotta reward all the talents I *guess*...c.c"

        Serenity nods to Kotal in reply. "The kitchen staff at the restaurant save leftovers for me, which I then take home and ferment further in the electric pot. I understand the smell is not agreeable to them. Dante and I both agree, however, that cheese is tasty." Ren then observes, motioning to Dante, "If you only added green things to the pizza, then Dante's customary pizza and beer would contain all the food types a human needs, no?" Ren adds, "But I would have thought that you would help in the fieldwork, Kotal?"

        "Challenge accepted" Kotal responds all too quickly to Dante and looking quite haughtily at that. "Once you've tried my Enchiladas you will never wish to eat anything not made by me again." Kotal Kahn /is/ an Aztec after all, so it makes perfect sense that he would know plenty of Mexican cuisine. "And that is naught but a small portion of the repertoire of dishes I can provide." What may not make sense its just how /much/ Meixcan food he does, because it sounds like knows all of it. Figures, him being a literal God and all.

        "I see." He continues when Serenity explains the contents of her jar. "Nothing wrong with fermented food.." He rubs his chin. "But I will take these things into consideration. Perhaps I will try my hand at making one of these 'pizzas' as well."

        And when Serenity questions just /why/ Kotal knows all these things? He just chuckles. "Good food makes for good warriors, my friend." It's just like how Kotal apparently knows how to dance too. A thing that helps his ultimate goal of perfecting the fighting arts.

        Dante rubs his chin, glancing thoughtfully(YEAH RIGHT) at Kots. He grins a bit. "Ya know, ya might end up one of my better hires after all. Huh. Ok then!" He glances over at Ren. "Darlin', do me a solid and head out with a grocery list, would ya?" He nods at Kots, "You can write one up for her later." (We can assume she bails in the background.)

                Kotal archs an eyebrow and leans sideways, not being entirely sure that he likes how Dante is looking at him. But hey, whatever it takes to improve the smell around here. It's very distracting and Kotal seriously does not like diseases, a quick look at what was the ultimate fate of the Aztecs would explain exactly why. Less take out means less trash and all. "I am honored that you think so." He answers back, and his stone faced seriousness makes it hard to tell if he's joking or not.

        "Ah, yes, it is imperative I have a comal if I am to cook. Made of stone or cast iron." He says over to Serenity as she is put on shopping duty. "I can simply not work with these electrical stoves. They lack the proper flavoring." Of course they would, since Kotal probably uses sun fire when cooking. On the odd chance that Serenity doesn't know what a comal is, Kotal draws it for her.

        Dante laughs a bit at that one, leaves them to work it out. Leans back in his chair once again, belches...and then looks content. This is all working out JUST peachy. He rubs his chin. "We're gonna need to start coming up with a patrol schedule or somethin'..."

        With things taken care of, Kotal faces Dante as he begins to mutter something about work. Finally! Time to talk business. "What sort of foes are there to face here?" Kotal approaches the desk and pulls up a chair. "When I first spoke with Serenity, she mentioned beasts that prowled out in the wilderness on the outskirts of the city. It was what lead me to seek this agency out."

        Dante ehs, nodding a bit. "We got a few issues 'round and about. It doesn't get REALLY gnarly most of the time, but....few things I guess." He starts counting off, "So, we get the beasties as you heard. We get the nasties from inside town AND now that we have that road goin' over to that other....place, whatever the fuck it's called, we get morons for over THERE sometimes. We also get the occasional super villain types coming flying in on portals....oh, and there's a portal to some version of hell around here. They aren't always lookin' for trouble, but we monitor em anyway." He pauses, winking. "If we have any hot females to fight off, leave em to me."

        Kotal hmms in understanding while making mental notes. "The monsters from the wilderness. Bandits marauding the new roads. The regular interlopers that come from other realms. And a portal leading to the Netherrealm from the sounds of it." Sounds manageable enough. "And I take it we are the /only/ people that passes for guards here in the entire city? Or are we affiliated with anyone?" As for any villain ladies, Kotal simply chuckles and leans back on his chair. "I will ensure you are the first to hear of any female encounters."

        Dante nods. "Alright. You can sure as heck earn bonuses if ya talk me up before I go...handle em. n.-" He shakes his head at the question in the former. "I gotta say, we're on our own at the moment. There's SUPPOSED to be another force here or some shit like that, but those assholes are NEVER around when ya need em...so don't count on any help." It's funny, but that will all change soon. Heh.

        "Very well." Kotal continues to smirk in his response. "I trust in your capabilities to handle warrior women." Still hard to tell if Kotal is joking or not too, he has a very grim expression most of the time, and that Eagle Helmet he wears all the time doesn't help any. "Hmph.." The God of War grumbles at the mention that it looks like literally only three people have to ensure an entire city's security. "It is as I feared then. Although I am more than confident in our capabilities in handling any threat that comes our way, particularly with the aid of lady Amaterasu, it is vexing to hear of such.. inefficiencies."

        Kotal ponders some more. "Who exactly governs this city? I can tell that there is at least some semblance of government at least."

        Dante uhs, rubbing the back of his head. "Well, there's that...god, he had a Spanish sounding name, Senior....Diablo? The Devil or something? He's A devil I'm sure. Who the hell knows? He runs this place. There's a...computer that controls everything too. I hardly ever see her around unless someone like...does something...computer like..." He clears his throat, shrugging. "The rest of it, I have no idea." n.n

        "Mictlantecuhtli??" Apparently Kotal knows this guy? "The devil himself lords over this twisted realm?? I suppose it should come to no surprise, although I have to wonder what version of Mictlantechutli this is.." For all he knows, it might very well be Shinnok who Dante's talking about. Guess Kotal will only know until he meets him face to face. "And a computer too?" This is getting even more strange. "I will have to look into it personally then..."

        Dante nods, thumbs up. "Unless we got a particular mission or patrol scheduled, you're free to come and go whenever ya want. If ya like ta party late or if my door's closed, don't just waltz in though. I need my beauty sleep AND I might be gettin' slicked. n.-"

        "No need to worry about that." Kotal just glances to the side when Dante goes into the 'details' of reasons why not to barge into his room. Common respect of privacy is reason enough for the Aztec deity. Dante should rest assured that if Kotal ever is kicking his door down it will be for good reason.

        "What of notorious criminals? Are there any famous fighters that I should know that could give us problems?" Guy like Dante probably has a rival or two everywhere.

        Dante huhs. He ponders. Snickers and kind of...rubs the back of his head, possibly slightly embarrassed. "Well....uh, although he's...neutral a lot of the time, watch my brother. He can turn REALLY evil, REALLY quickly and do a LOT of damage. Usually it's when he throws one of his temper tantrums. He ain't chill like me."

        Kotal nods grimly. "I got that impression when we first met." Very antisocial fellow, seems like the entire opposite of Dante, and in this case it doesn't seem to be necessarily a good thing. "I imagine that you are accustomed to dealing with his temper tantrums by now, otherwise you would not keep him in such close company."

        "Should he have one of his episodes, how are we to proceed? My methods of subduing foes can be... quite painful." Vergil is family after all, and something tells Kotal that Dante wouldn't appreciate having his brother turned in with a sawed off clavicle.

        Dante winces, sighing softly. He cracks his knuckles, but he's obviously not intending it as a threat. He gives Kotal a very weary look. VERY unlike him. He almost looks...old for just a moment. Sad. Worn. Tired of it all. He speaks softly but firmly, with no gusto...as a commander issuing an order he'd rather not issue, but has to. "Attack em with everything you've got, my friend. He's VERY dangerous and is more than willing to kill if he's angry enough. Don't....hold back, if you manage to get the best of em."

        The Cuachic understands perfectly, he too knows the pain of having to hurt someone he wishes he didn't "It will be as you say." Kotal nods solemnly and lowers his head in acknowledgment. Leaders have to take hard choices sometimes after all. "If it is a matter of protecting the innocent, I will have no qualms in doing what I must."

        Dante nods. He actually grins a bit and, if not prevented, reaches over and gives Kotal a hearty slap on the shoulder. "Ya seem like a good dude. You and Ams. (He's calling her Ams now?) I knew it'd be a good idea bringing you two on. I may not be the brightest bulb in the pack, but I can always tell."

        Kotal doesn't back away from the slap to his broad shoulder, and he even chuckles good naturally. "Thank you, it does mean a lot you think of me as a good person."

        He starts chuckling a bit harder. "In fact, I feared we would not get along when we first met. I am certain you get this often but your infantile nature can be vexing at times."

        "I see now that I was wrong in my assumptions however, you do have the makings of a great leader. I am glad the Lady Amaterasu and I can be of help to you in maintaining this city a safe place to live."

        Dante nods, laughing a bit. "I act like a kid, yeah. I won't deny it. I had to grow up FAST after dad died, mom died AND Virg went insane...so, I guess I try to fuck around and be a damn kid as much as I can. I won't letcha down when the shit hits the fan though, I promise. I want this place to be a safe place ta live too. I kinda like it here."

        "I know you won't." Responds Kotal with great confidence in his voice. There is a serious look on his glowing eyes and he furrows his eyebrows whilst looking at Dante. "Had I not seen promise on you I would not have sought you out, nor would I have brought lady Amaterasu. But as I said, you have more than enough ability within you to be our pillar in this place, that much I can sense. Your personality is an understandable coping mechanism to the hard life that I surmised you had." Kotal can read the signs pretty well, Dante reeked of guy that used comedy to deal with a rough life. Otherwise he surely wouldn't have even bothered making an agency such as DMC.

        "I am confident that with all our efforts combined we will be able to overcome any challenge this realm can offer."

        Dante huhs. Nods. Rubs the back of his head. "Ya know, loincloth, I *thought* you were a meathead the first time I metcha but....wow. You got a ton of brain behind a ton of brawn. Shit." He shakes his head, laughing heartily. "It goes ta show ya, that old thing about books and their covers." ...Well, that was PROBABLY a compliment. n.n;

        Kotal laughs heartily and leans forward with a shit eating grin all of the sudden. "One word of warning, friend." He says while still grinning. "If you insist on calling me loincloth. I will have to hit you with this on the face for every time you do it." Kotal reaches for his back and pulls out the tremendously large macuahuitl sword, then starts tapping it on his palm as if it were a paddle. "I suggest you find another pet name for me."

        Dante snickers, winks. "I gotta say, buddy-boy, I didn't take you for a fashionista either!" He peers a bit closer at the blade though. If he's scared at all, he ain't showin' it. "THAT is a nice blade though, I have to admit. Where the hell didja get it? Or is that personal?"

        Kotal gives a helpless shrug, sword still in hand. "Let us simply say that it reminds me of a rather obnoxious person." He's looking at you, Cassie Cage! That said, Kotal apparently really doesn't care about how he's called, just as it isn't something he perceives as demeaning.

        As for the monster of a blade, the Cuachic holds it up to the ceiling, and it really is a monster amongst monsters. Although the sword seems to be made out mostly wood, there are metal spikes lining the edges like teeth. "The Macuahuitl." He explains, more than happy to indulge Dante's curiosity. "It means Hungry Wood in the language of my adopted people. It was forged by them to me when I assumed the title of God of War, and I have infused it with my own chi so it as a part of me as much as my very own limbs."

        He exhales, recalling fond times. "I have named it Cuauhtemoc, Descending Eagle, in the name of an old friend of mine."

        Dante huhs. Nods. He kicks off the table and over his chair, landing deftly on his feet. He grins widely. "I REALLY prefer firearms most of the time, but since you showed me yours, lemme show ya mine, big boy." He kicks a nearby wall and a panel falls away, revealing a rack of Devil Arms and his usually guns aside from Ebony and Ivory. He reaches out a hand and the Rebellion sails into it. He rolls it a few times over his wrist, sending it over his shoulder and balancing it on his heel deftly before kicking it BACK over and stepping back, letting it slam through the floor as if the floor was made of cheese. He pats the handle. "Mine's call Rebellion. Dad gave it to me. Nice huh?"

        Kotal was half expecting for Dante to immediately show him his stuff after briefly talking of his blade. He is most definitely the kind of guy that doesn't like getting upstaged. No matter though, it suits Kotal just fine since he finally gets to look at what kind of armament Dante is packing.

        He slides his giant blade on his back again and watches as Dante dexterously moves to reveal his armory. "Hmm.. you would have got along well with Erron Black." Considers the Aztec when Dante mentions his preference for guns. "A warrior under my service, he too had a great deal of fondness for firearms."

        The Rebelion is unleashed, Kotal rises from his chair to walk over to it, eyebrows furrowed in thought as he extends a hand as if he were trying to touch it.

        He's not though, he's just trying to get a read on it. "This blade.. it is enchanted with.. chi? Magic?" Both, seems to think Kotal. "Your father must have been a person with great power."

        Dante snickers a bit. He folds his arms, nodding at the blade. "You can touch it if ya want. It won't bitecha and I won't get upset. It's not magic or chi. It's....well, it's dad I guess. Kinda. Hard to explain. Most of em is in a different blade that...I don't have anymore, but...there's that, too." He leans back against the wall and peers out the window. AT what? Who knows. Not much out there. "Yeah. Dad was tough. A general, in his day I guess."

        Kotal nods as he would not have touched another warrior's blade unless he had their permission. It is an unspoken agreement amongst fighters and all.

        Only with Dante's permission does he grip the blade an unplucks it from the ground, raising it up to the ceiling as he hears the blade sing through the air. "Interesting." Dante is right, it's not magic nor chi, it's something else entirely.

        When he mentions that this blade /is/ his dad, Kotal starts sensing around to see if a soul may have been bound to the blade. "A presence... fractured.." He whispers and looks up to Dante. "These pieces. Could they be found? Make the blade whole again?"

        Dante peers back over at Kotal. He doesn't say anything at first, just quirks an eyebrow...and then nods. "Yeah. It can happen. My brother tried that shit once. Called up a tower called the Temen-Ni-Gru...wanted to take over the world I guess. He was tricked, though. It didn't go over well...so I don't let that happen anymore. I *wish* Trish hadn't run off with the other fucking piece of it, but...eh. This place is like that."

        All though of forging the blade is lost when Dante informs Kotal that is something Vergil had tried before. "Then it is best the blade stays as it is." The Cuachic flips the sword over so he's holding it by the flat and offering the handle back to Dante. "Such power can only be used to corrupt the soul."

        He does catch the last name though. "This Trish character. Another acquaintance of yours I should be worried about?"

        Dante flicks a finger, sending the blade spinning back into the case (It wouldn't hit anyone on the way, though) and the panel slams back into shape. He flops back into his seat and folds his arms once again, balancing it on one chair leg. "Eh, nah. Trish used to be a bad girl, but she's one of us now. She cleaned her shit up." He sighs. "She looks JUST like mom though. That gets ta me sometimes."

        "That is at least good to hear." Kotal wasn't showing it, but what he's seen and heard of Vergil, the guy really rubs him the wrong way. The worst possible thing for a leader is to have erratic, unpredictable people like him, added that the guy was clearly quite egotistical and we have a recipe for extreme disaster.

        A self serving attitude is quite possibly the thing that Kotal Kahn hates the most.

        It reminds him far too much of Shao Kahn.

        But, he'll burn that bridge when he gets there. Chances are he'll never even have to deal with Vergil personally with Dante around.

        The Cuachic regains his relaxed demeanor when Dante speaks of Trish and her apperance, even drawing an amused scoff from the Aztec warrior. "That must be awkward." And Dante should know exactly what Kotal means by that.

        Dante laughs! He looks a bit sheepish. (He's a baaaad boy.) "Yeah, that was....uh, let's just say I was torn." He waves it off. "She was my partner anyway, so ya know, it wasn't like THAT. She probably fell in love with me though. I'm irresistible to the ladies, ya know?" And so MODEST too!

        "So I have heard.." Says Kotal with little amusement to his voice. Kind of hard to forget since Dante seems insistent on reminding everyone every few seconds or so. Guy lays it a bit too thick for Kotal's tastes, but it's nothing that he can't tolerate. "I suppose I will also have to be wary of any crazed ex-lovers you have accumulated. I am surprised that is not your biggest concern in the list of dangers that threaten Twisted City."

        Dante laughs! He busts up at that last one for a second or two. He shakes his head. "Dude, you don't know the HALF of it. It's almost like they expect a fucking ring everytime they bob my knob. Ah well. To tell the truth, it's been MOSTLY dry since I've been here. Not for a lack of the hotties, but...I dunno. Must be something in the water." Couldn't be him!

        Was that meant to be humorous? Kotal seems to be a little confused why Dante is laughing at what he said. He's serious! Ex-lovers can be extremely dangerous.

        However, Dante reveals quickly enough that despite his suave shenanigans he actually hasn't seen much action around here lately. Kotal actually guessed as much considering the only person he's seen here besides Serenity and Ammy is Vergil... when your brother, who seemingly hates your guts, is the only one willing to hang out with you besides your employees, is a good warning sign that something is not working out.

        "Or maybe you could try cleaning every once in a while." Kotal gives him a knowing look. "You would lose nothing by trying." He glances to the sides. "Besides the smell."

        Dante ughs, his head lolling back. "Yeah, but...then I'll be CLEANING. I'd sooner whack it with an ACTUAL weed whacker then have to....gah. You're sounding like Virgil again. You're SO much cooler than him. You really need to stop doing that." He glances around. "On the other hand, if the argument it that it'll get me more tail (NO COMMENTS AMS :P), then...THAT might be a good counter-argument right there. Shit."

        "I will make it easier for you." Continues the Aztec right along. "Just let me do the cleaning and I can guarantee you that your courting capabilities will sky rocket." Kotal sincerely doubted Dante was impressing any lady brought to his agency with the piles of garbage, he just didn't want to say it to the man's face. Kotal doesn't care that he'll be the one doing cleaning, all he wants is not to trip over rotting empty pizza boxes and having to hold his breath most of the time.

        Dante huhs. Rubs his chin...nods. "Ok. I can't just keep giving you raises, without a promotion at least. Tell ya what..." He grins widely. "I can't FORCE it on ya, but what would ya say to being my official second in command? I know, wolfie's a goddess and you wouldn't feel good giving 'er orders but...ya know, we need a chain of command here and right now I can't even understand 'er without the little guy...so what do ya say?"

        Kotal actually seems somewhat taken back. He raises his head, golden eyes glowing with thoughtful surprise. To him, being a leader is natural, he was the Aztec God of War and was Emperor of Outworld for a good full decade. But even then those titles have not gotten to his head and it really does surprise him that Dante would offer him something like that so quickly.

        "I am deeply honored by the offer." Says Kotal bowing his head. "But you are right. I am sworn to Lady Amaterasu, she is my equal, not my subordinate."

        "I also feel as though I have not yet proven myself in matters of Kombat." Dante hasn't even seen him fight yet!

        He pauses, closing his eyes for a moment before opening them again. "If it is alright with you, I would like to to speak of this with Lady Amaterasu first. Then I can give you my answer."

        Dante nods. He seems to understand. "I getcha, bro. I know it's gotta seem odd. I just got a feeling aboutcha. I'm ACTUALLY a pretty good judge of character, despite not havin' a lot of it myself...at least, not that I always show everyone. Talk it over with Ams, lemme know. No hurry there."

        "Your trust in me is appreciated." Says Kotal with another nod, happy to know that Dante is also capable of looking past his odd appearance to see his true potential. See? Kotal knew Dante would make a great boss. "Upon my honor, I swear you will not be disappointed in your decisions."

        He sits there for a moment and tilts his head sideways, as if he was suddenly peering at the ceiling. "Speaking of Lady Amatareasu, it is odd that she has not come out of her room. Could something be wrong?" His eyebrows furrow in concern. "How can she even open doors in her current form?" Has Amaterasu been scratching at her door all this time and no one has heard her? Kotal doesn't remember her room having a Dog Door.

        Dante blinks. Huhs. He looks a bit embarrassed. "Well, shit. I...uh...that's a GOOD point. Did she get locked in there?" He laughs a bit. "That's....not kosher I guess. I may owe the poor thing an apology. Ya mind checkin' on it, buddy?" Some way to treat a new recruit.

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