2015-05-23 - Coffee anyone?

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Coffee anyone?

Summary: A slow day gets expectantly busy for Tina.

Who: Tina, Caliga, Kotal Kahn, Amaterasu
When: May 23rd, 2015
Where: Coffee of Doom

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Coffee Of Doom(#1424R)
The bell chime on the door welcomes you to Coffee Of Doom. It's a simple little coffee shop with your standard decor. A few framed pictures that look like they where bought at a yard sale hang from the walls. There's some plastic plants to make the place look more inviting. Nothing really implies 'Doom' here, not even the prices which are pretty reasonable. It's not until you deal with the waitstaff that you understand the name. They're rude and snarky, they'll often make fun of people without obvious justification. Depending on what you order they may also make something not-quite what you expected. Smoothies are made with fruit and a hammer and not much else for example. They also make it a point to write up bizzare and horrifying new specials every few days that may or may not be real...

Lucky for how bad this player is feeling, the Coffee of Doom is empty at the moment. It could be because it's hot outside and no one is drinking coffee, or it could be that the rudest barista they have hasn't been in for a few days. Either way the raven-haired Tina stands behind the counter wiping it off until she can see her spiraling eyes gazing madly up at her. She even starts humming, but it comes out sounding like a warped music box with a gaggle of random voices singing along with it.

Ah, but why, a sunny day just means that a certain sun powered turquoise giant is more than likely prowling about.

Doing the usual too; patrolling the streets, winning the hearts of the people (both literal and metaphorical), and of course, PRAISING THE SUN!

Lately however, Kotal has added a new item to his daily list of habits, which pertains a visit of a certain intriguing character who was kind enough to lend the War God all the memories and information that he could. Yes, Kotal Kahn is still reminiscing about that fateful night where Caliga paid a visit to him and his companions and ever since then, the Aztec Cuachic has not been able to get a name off his mind. It seems that brooding has become a staple part of Kotal's day, and this can simply not do for one who is for all intended purposes the God of Fighting.

In his quest to shake off from his troubled stupor, the Aztec attempts to find solace by going to another establishment of Twisted. Normally he'd go to the Usual Restaurant and hang out with Dante and his gang, but in order to reflect in this troublesome feeling Kotal takes to yet unexplored pastures and heads into the appropriately named Coffee of Doom.

So enters Kotal Kahn, the massive turquoise skinned man with yellow glowing markings going through his skin walks boldly through the deserted cafe following the sound of an enigmatic song. "Good evening.." He says as he slams his hands on the counter looking as if he can barely hold himself up.

"I am... in desperate need..."

"For coffee/"

There's a faint breeze as the door to coffee shop opens, the bell ringing out with an overly joyous chime. The man simply known as Caliga enters the Coffee of Doom, looking directly at the barrista, as if he were trying to decide if Tina would look better on fire, or being dipped in acid.

It's ALWAYS an adventure getting a drink here.

He pays no attention to any of the other patrons yet, trying to ensure that this time, unlike the last time, he gets what he originally ordered. Like Kotal, he too slams his hands down on the counter. "Tina. Coffee. Not a special. Not a fruit smoothie. I want coffee." He takes a deep breath, and allows the next word to slip from his mouth with the hatred of a thousand lives. "Please."

Oh, he knows how these people work. You have to be specific, Bob.

There's someone else coming in. Two someones, in fact. Nothing human, though. Most noticeably a large white wolf or dog. A normal human would see just that, unless he or she is very spiritual. But... the eyes of those here are anything but those of normal humans. As such? It's a large, majestic white wolf with red markings on her front half, winglike tufts of fur at her shoulders and flanks, and a tail that resembles a caligraphy brush. Fact it's even stained with black at the tip! A round disk, much like an old bronze disk with a green patina on it floats over her back, slowly spinning, emitting gentle flames. And yes, somehow one gets the impression that she's female, without really having to check.

She's not alone, either. There's a tiny, glowing green entity resting on the top of her head, almost unseeable except for a green, bug-like hat much like an Asian sedge hat. Now, if one CAN see him? It's a small boy, about an inch tall, Japanese, with a purple sleeveless kimono and loose pants, brown boots, and a green cape tied around his shoulders-- a leaf tied like a child would tie a towel.

The wolf walks slowly into the shop, looking around with curiosity. "Yeah, somethin' smells good in here!" This from the little boy on the wolf's head. "Wonder if we can find some good tea in here...?" Amaterasu gives a quiet 'Mrrrr' and drops her ears a little. "Yeah, I know. But I doubt any of Kushi's stuff made it here..."

In Tina's reflective silver eyes, the doors of the establishment are shoved open and the brightness of a thousand suns burns into her sockets. For the briefest of moments her guard is down and if Kotal is paying enough attention he'll see a burned up corpse with cobwebs in her eyes and a shadow that seems like wings taking up the wall behind her. By the time he begins to speak she's blinked several times and is mostly in control of herself again and the ever perky barista is again smiling almost too happily. "Welcome! Welcome!!" She leans on the counter and whispers to the newcomer, "I have a double caffeinated drip going right now for one of my regular customers. I'll have some ready for you in just a sec." She blinks as the doors open again and Caliga steps in. "Um... That customer exactly." She takes a step back, looking nervously between the two. "I've never seen two people come in here needing the exact same thing before." The former Councilman's words fall on deaf ears as a moment later she shakes her head and pours two glasses of the concoction for the two patrons. "You'll get what you need, m'Lord of the Endless Planes. I haven't done you wrong yet." She goes to place the cups before them as the doors open yet again! Jeeze, this place gets busy in the weirdest cycles. Looking up, she nearly knocks Caliga's coffee in his lap as she darts around the counter looking down at Amaterasu and her friend with her eyes wide enough to look like hollow sockets with orbs hanging in them. "YOU TWO ARE ADORABLE!!!" Clearly she doesn't see the--suddenly she bows her head. "It is an honor to have you visit this establishment." Okay, maybe she did see the giant wolf form. Standing, and almost skipping, she returns to her first two patrons. "I-I'm sorry. This is really the most /important/ people I've ever had in here since I took over as owner. Um, all of you. Drinks on the house, please. I insist."

The brief glimpse of what is clearly a desiccated corpse doesn't take Kotal off guard. As a master of his craft, Kotal intuitively always attunes himself to people's chi even before becomes aware of their presence, and the sensation of creatures of the Netherrealm swirling before him did not escape his notice. This girl is not what it appears to be...

But then again, nothing here in Twisted is what it appears, and this includes himself.

Although a strange sight indeed, Kotal makes no reaction to the fact that his server is some kind of possesed zombie like creature-- he's seen worse here in this realm and for now lets it be. What does draw a reaction from him is who appears next.

Speak of the Devil... and no, Kotal doesn't mean Diablo.

"Caliga." Kotal addresses the man without directly looking at him, the golden orbs of light that make up the War God's eyes just turn sideways and watch his companion from his peripheral vision. "Just the man that I was hoping to see."

Looks like Kotal's plan of being left to his lonesome didn't quite work as planned, as yet /another/ person enters the once desolated cafe. This next newcomer is a welcome sight indeed and Kotal actually turns around and smiles as he senses the warm sensation of Amaterasu approaching, an aura that always sets him at ease.

Just as Tina knocks over Caliga's coffee, Kotal catches the cup in mid in air to prevent it from spilling and sets it on the counter again. Then he gives a regal bow to the Goddess of the Sun in greetings. "My lady.." It's quite obvious that just like Tina, Kotal has deep respect for the wolf and her companion as well. He even chuckles as the girl offers them all free drinks, being understandably in awe in the presence of the Goddess Amaterasu herself.

"I accept your tribute." So much for the Coffee of Doom having the reputation of being hella rude.

"You, no Tina. However the /others/ who are in your employee..." Caliga growls loudly at this, only to smile as he takes the glass from the woman, only to have it nearly spilled on him as Tina rushes over towards Amaterasu. Of course, this forces him to turn his attention to the two who just entered as well.


The shere power of adorable that Tina sees is enough to cause Caliga to forgive the woman. He then turns his attention towards the turqouise giant, and bows slightly. He moves to sit at a table near Tina and Amaterasu, allowing himself to bathe in the warmth the Goddess radiates. A pained smile appears on his face as he sips the drink, a faint blush of red tinting his cheeks. "She does make some great coffee." It's obvious he's not running off anywhere.

Amaterasu tilts her head and makes a confused 'Rrrr?' sound at Tina's declaration. To note, even with the sun-disk and floofy tail, she's still about the normal size of a wolf. A Honshu wolf in looks, but the size of a normal gray wolf. Issun, the glowing green inch-tall boy on Amaterasu's head, bounces a few times when they're acknowledged. "Oh! Hi there toots!" Yeah, he's, uh. Very informal. Drinks on the house? "Wow, you sure? Thanks! Ammy and I were looking for some good matcha! Got anything here like that?"

It's true, Amaterasu quite literally lights up the room, with the sun-disk and the flames that never seem to burn anything around it. She offers a happy "Woof!" of greeting as she sees Kotal Kahn, and begins to wag her tail. She definitely recognizes him! She does not, however, recognize Caliga. Though yes, she does indeed radiate warmth. But it's less on a physical level and more on a spiritual level, if that makes sense. For her part she'll sniff at Tina, and then Caliga, curiously. Curious sunwolf is curious!

While she does, Issun speaks up. "Hi there! Don't think I know you!" Again, very informal. He has a squeaky voice that is not just squeaky but boyish as well. Clearly whatever he is, this green-glowing inch-tall boy, he's just that-- a boy.

Tina's smile widens as Kotal responds to her 'tribute'. Wide enough now to be obvious that her teeth are two rows of sharpened points. It's not her fault, really. There's an innocent story behind it. Taking an opportunity to glance back at Ammy again, Tina hums and starts to work getting biscottis and arranging them out on a plate while looking for a suitable bowl to put tea in for her. Her little friend? That's a different story. She's not sure what to do for him yet. Meanwhile she turns her attention to what Caliga had mentioned before. What was it? Something about employees? Right. "Well, being rude was the policy here before I took over. I'm trying to wean them away from it but it was the driving point for the shop for a long time." She pauses briefly to pat him on the hand, "You could always call ahead, y'know?" With a surprised 'Oh!' Tina smiles as Amaterasu takes an interest in her and by the time Issun makes his request the woman already has a bag of finely ground green tea powder in her hands and is about to start mixing it. "I think I can manage that!" The duo would have free reign of the shop if they tried - even behind the counter and in the cabinets if they were so inclined. At least until she places the plate, bowl, and a tiiiiny cup of tea down on the floor at the end of the counter. It still looks pretty big for Issun's size. "I am Tina Rosario Aldaco Guzman. It is a pleasure to meet you.

Although Kotal Kahn doesn't directly stare at the interactions between Caliga and Tina, there are brief instances where the man's actions indicate that he's paying attention to what they're doing. Kotal does this a lot, you see, pay attention while pretending to be distracted with something else. It's surprising what people tell him about themselves when they think he isn't looking. The hand pats, the exchanges about the establishment's policy, the fact that a person as proud as Caliga makes no attempt to chastise Tina further when she almost spilled his coffee when he had no problem antagonizing Kotal and his worshipers...

Of course, Kotal already knows all of their interactions considering what happened between him and Caliga, but it always helps to see it first hand.

The Aztec warrior goes to sit down and invites Amaterasu and her spear to join him, keeping an eye on Tina just because the War God is the over protective kind. That said, he makes no attempt to dissuade Tina from talking to Amaterasu, a Goddess like her is meant to be worshiped.

"I am glad to see you here, my lady." He says to the celestial wolf. "For thine light always washes away whatever darkness clouds my heart." Ammy doesn't know it, but her very presence prevents Kotal from sinking further into the anxiety that those memories he was force fed caused him. It gives him enough strength to confront the one responsible for this burden set upon him.

"So.. Caliga.." He now turns to the other fellow as Issun asks for introductions.

"Am I to presume that it is not merely good fortune that we see each other here?" Is Caliga aware of what troubles Kotal's mind? Guess he'll find out soon.

"Since when do you have a phone here, Tina?" Caliga closes his eyes as he sips drink, only to nearly drop the cup of whatever it is Tina gave him. He quickly sets it down on the table so that the delicious liquid does not come to any waste.

As Amaterasu smells at him, the strangest thing is the lack of a scent. Caliga doesn't have a smell at all, as if he wasn't really a person at all! He does however smile at the goddess, allowing himself to relax once again in her presence. "Why hello there."

He returns his attention now to Kotal, "Mmm.. I thought it would be prudent to check up on you Huitzilopotchli. I obviously left you with a rather heavy burden. Which I really should apologize for." His hand shakily reaches towards the drink, only to fall short as he lays it on the table.

"Tina.. could I trouble you for a cake for Miss Dark? I.. will be prevailing upon her hospitality after I leave here."

"Thanks!" Issun replies when the stuff is put down. Amaterasu, for her part, bows her head in thanks to Tina for her hospitality. For HIS part, Issun seems to be able to handle the teacup just fine. Though he still has to drink from atop Amaterasu's back. Which looks a little funny, but it seems to work. Amaterasu is in the form of a wolf, so lapping form the bowl will have to suffice.

Amaterasu nudges her bowl closer to Kotal when he invisted her to join him. He really does look like he needs some comforting, and if her presence can do that, she's willing to sit near him! Caliga's lack of scent is indeed strange, but Kotal seems to not find him all that objectionable-- in fact, seems to need to talk to him about something. Whatever the topic, he seems to trust the no-scent fellow.

Tina jumps a little at Caliga's request. She was so content listening to everyone and watching the puppy goddess and company that she genuinely got lost in the moment. "Hmm? A Cake? Sure! I can find something appropriate. " Wiping the counter once more as she walks past it GOTTA KEEP IT SHINY she mutters to herself, "For some reason I see her liking cherries...?" She vanishes behind a door a moment, and then pushes it open to call out, "Just yell if you fellows need anything!" Again she vanishes, the door swinging quietly behind her. The question about the phone is completely ignored. Possibly on purpose.

Odd, and yet another thing that Kotal Kahn notices.

Caliga seems to be really.. off his game right now.

The man gave quite an impression at the Usual when they first met, brash, and aggressive, and over confident. A warrior that Kotal would be honored to take on. Now, it seems that he's just a shadow of his former self, something clearly eating him from the inside. An after effect of giving his memories to Kotal Kahn? He's not certain..

Almost out of reflex, perhaps because he's just /that/ attuned to Amaterasu's chi and the fact that he's powered by the sun, the Aztec reaches a hand over to the white wolf sliding her bowl closer to him and has the -audacity-... to pet Amaterasu on the head. It's no momentary forgetfulness either, Kotal even scritches her behind the ears. For all of Kotal's insistance of trying to get everyone to treat Amaterasu as a legit Goddess despite her appearance, it seems he has no problem treating her as if she were his pet. Perhaps its simply because he doesn't know how else to show deference to someone who may quite literally be the source of all his powers.

One thing is certain, with Amaterasu nearby, Kotal feels like he can take on anybody. The tiredness that weighed heavily on his body vanishes and suddenly he's staring at Caliga with bright eyes.

"I have accepted this task, and I will ensure to see it through." He responds with his more characteristic confidence. "But something has truly troubled me after our meeting, a haunting feeling of forgetfulness that even now haunts me."

"I will not mince words this time, Caliga." No more flowery speech from the left handed humming bird. This must be important!

"Who is this Yoko? And why can I not get this name out of my head??"

He pauses at the mention of Nancy Dark, keeping him from speaking further. Yet another enigmatic individual that Kotal will one day have to meet too.. all in his quest to bring Twisted back to balance.

"...Yoko?" The name escapes Caliga's mouth in confusion, as if he never had heard it before. "I don't know any Yoko..."

He remains silent for a few moments allowing the name to mull over in his head, only for his mouth to open wide, then close. Now he knows where that name from, and now he may have passed on what he inadvertantly took from another. His fingers scrape against the table as he grinds his teeth, only to allow a simple word escape his lips.


He continues to chant the word, as if it were a mantra, each time becoming louder then the last only to slam his fists against the table, surprisingly enough doing absolutely no damage to them. Wooden equipment forged by the ancient Melkoirs truly is indestructable. Plus, it's also made of a very fine wood.

Once more he slams his fists against the table, screaming "FUCK!" at the top of his lungs, only to start pacing around as if he were a caged animal.


Obviously, something seems to have upset poor Caliga.

Amaterasu likes the scritches! And she's smart enough to know that the hand's not reaching down for the food! So no growling happens. Amaterasu is pretty quiet and seems to be prepared to let the humanoids talk. Right up until Caliga starts raging. "Rrr?" she offers, confused.

And if that wasn't enoguh, Issun adds, "Whoa. Calm down man. What's wrong?"

Tina doesn't have much to say at the moment, because she's busy cooking a cake. The smell of cooking pastries and cherries randomly drift in from the kitchen. The screaming makes her noticeably pause, but Caliga's kinda always like that, right? For some reason she's reminded of the city of Dis... Weird.

Kotal is not used to the city, and he's certainly not used to Caliga screaming.

All he knows is that it is not the answer that he's looking for -and- that Caliga is doing some very erratic behavior in the close proximity of Amaterasu, which is a big no-no in the presence of Kotal Kahn.

"Get ahold of yourself, man!!" Kotal leaps out from his chair and interposes himself between Caliga and Amaterasu, hand already reaching for the handle of his macuahuitl. He knows perfectly well how erratic Caliga can be when mad and he's not taking any chances with Ammy being around.

Caliga screams loudly once more only to flop down in his seat. "Kotal, for some time now I've been dying, and I've been rather accepting of my fate knowing that any moment on this street will be my last." Whatever seems to have been bothering Caliga is now gone, only for a manic glint of /hope/ to be glittering in his eyes.

"If you weren't so ugly, and liable to try to stick a sword up my backside, I'd kiss you Kotal. Because you may have just given me a chance to continue to /live/." He rises to his feet once more, only this time for the manic look to be fully resting on his face.

"Do me a favor Kotal. Take the cake that Tina's making to Nancy Dark for me. If you look around the beach, you might find her." He then looks towards Amaterasu, and bows towards her. "I apologize for my behaviour, Lady, and I thank you for your presence."

He slams his hand to the right of him, this time causing it to vanish as a rift starts to form. He pulls his hand back and pulls back a rather impressive pair of sunglasses. He slides the glasses onto his face as the rift vanishes.

"I need to go have me another excellent adventure."

The news of Caliga's inevitable demise don't come as -too- much of a shock to the one once named Huitzilopotchli. After all the things he's gone through, Kotal is actually surprised that he's still alive. It'll take quite some time to go through all of Caliga's memories to determine exactly -why- Caliga seems to be dying, but yeah, he can tell that this guy isn't bullshitting him. Hard to do so when he literally knows everything about him.

Although apparently, not everything. Kotal's eyes narrow and he lowers his hand, away from the handle of his macuahuitl. Although he's not exactly certain how taking this cake to Nancy Dark will help Caliga, even if he doesn't agree with everything Caliga says and believes in, Kotal certainly doesn't want him to die. Not after he knows that this man's abrasive personality is well based on his troubled past. Again, that seems to be a common theme here in Twisted; first Dante's infantilism, then Caliga's arrogance.. although Kotal isn't sure yet what is Vergil's excuse.

Kotal makes a face at Caliga's insinuations about his appearance and just scoffs. "That was uncalled for." You just don't call a bro ugly and expect them to do things for you!!

But Kotal is a forgiving God and will let this slight pass. "I am not exactly sure what are you going on about, or how anything I just said will help you." Heck, Kotal /still/ doesn't know who Yoko is. "But.. I am curious to meet with Nancy Dark. A most intriguing figure this is..."

"I will do this for you, for now."

"But do not think you will make me do your bidding indefinitely. Next time, I expect to find a better answer than an endless stream of profanity."

"Oh, if I were to try and explain everything now, I'd be dead. Just believe me when I say this tale I'll tell 'ya will be one that is up there in awesome." Caliga reaches once more into his jacket, and pulls out a small square box that seems to be rather beat up and old.

Nimbly sliding his right index finger over the box, a faint click eminates from it.

A faint melody that seems similar to whatever it was Tina was humming, only for the man to quickly run his finger over the side again, causing it to expand out to a circular disc large enough for a normal man to stand upon. He sets the disc down on the ground and steps on it, only for a hole to appear beneath him.

"I'll see you later Kotal!"

As Caliga vanishes, the disc breaks apart, thousands of tiny intricate pieces now littering the ground.

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