2015-05-26 - I Am a Dwarf and I'm Digging a Hole

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I Am a Dwarf and I'm Digging a Hole

Summary: Muradin is a dwarf and he's digging a hole. Right into Twisted!

Who: Muradin, Amaterasu
When: May 26, 2015
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        ~/o I am a dwarf and I'm digging a hole
        Diggy diggy hole, diggy diggy hole /o~

        Time can pass by when you're a dwarf in the underground. Entire weeks and months can pass without there being any sign of such deep in the under tunnels of the earth. No sun or moon can touch these caverns, and whatever air and water that get here have the same feeling as they would anywhere else. Only two things matter when you're in the underdark; your trusty pick axe and your singing voice. ~/o I am a dwarf and I'm digging a hole
        Diggy diggy hole, diggy diggy hole /o~

        Meet Muradin Bronzebeard, a dwarf who despite being of noble blood still finds it in his nature to do as all his kin do and engage in some good old fashioned mining. Plenty of treasures to be sought in the underdark, and plenty of dangers too! More than enough reasons for a courageous dwarven adventurer to brave the darkness of these tunnels. Singing his work away, Muradin has no concern for where he's going, lost to the rhythm of his own merry tune and the clinking sounds of his pick axe hitting stone. ~/o I am a dwarf and I'm digging a hole
        Diggy diggy hole, diggy diggy hole /o~

        At last the last stone seems to give way, and Muradin pushes the earth apart and upwards, expecting to find some vast cavern full of treasure or some hellspawn to lay waste to. Muradin thought he was prepared for anything!

        But nothing could have prepared him for this.

        Hands emerge from under the stones that make Twisted Street and-- you probably know everyone's reactions, right?


        But wait! That's no undead coming through? Is that a man?

        Muradin's horned helmet is seen first before he jumps out into the streets, pick axe strapped to his back, battle axe on left hand and warhammer on his right. He looks around, wondering where he heard the scream of ZOMBIES and just.. fails to recognize where he is.

        "Wot the.. is this even Azeroth?"

        Suddenly the hole he made closes behind him and just like that...

        Another person stuck here.

        When rocks come up from the street, there's always a reaction to it. Particularly when one of those react-ees is a hot-headed wolf goddess! See, she'd been walking along the street on an errand-- yes, she totally does errands for Dante's place; Kotal probably sent her for some cooking ingredient that he needed or something.

        When the rumbling starts, Issun's the first one to comment. "Hey, what's that?" amaterasu gives an inquisitive 'Rrr?' And then suddenly the ground beneath her feet begins to give way! She leaps away from the area, turning a backflip, and lands a distance away. As she lands, her front legs are splayed, to put her head down as she prepares to face whatever threat is emerging from the ground.

        It's a fair bet Muradin can see her as she really is, given the possibility that he has to deal with gods on a regular basis. Amaterasu pauses, stopping her growling as she regards the... well, she's not really sure what it is. A small human? A very large Poncle? Probably not the second one. Shifting to stand straight, she tilts her head and emits that questioning "Rrr?" again.

        Dwarves have never been too magically inclined. However, even them are quite attuned to the spiritual flows, particularly one of such great renown as Muradin of the Bronzebeard clan.

        The muscled dorf braces himself when he sees a wolf doing back flips and facing him, one that can apparently speak with a squeaky voice too! But, upon closer examination, the dwarf thinks he can spot a glowing green orb that is jumping on the wolf's head, which is more likely to be the actual speaker.

        Muradin is most definitely a believer, after all, although they would never admit it in a million years, dwarves are technically fae themselves! Just not in the traditional sense like elves and fairies.

        It takes a moment, but as sure as spotting a gem hidden between cracks of stone, Muradin can see it slowly coming into view. The red markings on the wolf, the burning disk on its back, that sensation that this wolf is no ordinary creature.

        "Wot in blazes are ye?" He asks with a thick dwarven accent before looking around.

        "And where the hell am I??"

        Indeed, there is something on the wolf's head, and it's glowing a green color. There's a green hat on the tiny person's head, too, shaped like the shell of a green beetle. It's very likely the green thing is jumping because that's one of the only ways it can be seen! And yes, it speaks! The green glow squeaks out, "Could ask you the same question, shorty!" Like he has any room to talk!

        "But anyway! This place is called Twisted! You're more or less safe, don't worry about that," the green squeaker offers. "Name's Issun, the Wandering Artist! And the furball is Amaterasu." Said furball gives a bit of growl-- though it's obviously not at the dwarf-- and shakes her head, forcing Issun to find other footholds while her head shakes.


        Why yes, the dwarf /will/ take offense at being called that!

        "Ye got some nerve calling me that, lad. Particularly coming from a pipsqueak like yerself!" It also looks like Muradin has no problem at all being rude right back to Issun. Maybe the flea has finally met his match in that department? "Donna think that ye riding yer wolf guarding will stop me from pounding ya flat with me hammer." He flicks said weapon up to flip it in the air and grasp the handle again just to emphasize his threats.

        However, before picking a fight with crazed fleas riding magical wolves, Muradin does have to take notice that he's really in a strange place he doesn't recognize at all! "Twisted?" He says to himself still looking around. "Did I accidentally made a wrong turn and ended up in Draenor or somethin'?" Grumbles the dwarf, still looking around, confused and annoyed.

        "Sorry, never heard of the place!" Issun returns. He's probably used to being threatened, because it doesn't seem to faze him a bit. "Though careful smacking Ammy, she takes offense at being hit. And she tends to hit back." Here again, Amaterasu shakes her head. Though this time she tilts her head to the side, pulling it out from under Issun and grasping him in her mouth. Then she immediately spits him out on the ground and places a paw on him.

        Looking up to the dwarf, Amaterasu bows her head politely, offering a quiet sound of apology. it doesn't look like she can talk, predictably. But it also looks like she's the smarter of the two of them, between herself and her glowing green flea.

        For his part, Muradin looked ready to start a fight with Amaterasu if she really wanted to jump in to defend Issun's 'honor', or whatever would pass for such a thing as far as the tiny vexing creature is concerned.

        The dwarf takes a lower stance and twirls his massive twin weapons looking ready to throw down, head lowered and blue eyes staring at the white wolf.

        But it looks like Amaterasu is well accustomed to Issun picking fights for her. The dwarf even chuckles when he sees her chew the tiny urchin and put pin him on the ground. Guess that's one way to shut him up.

        "Ahaha! Good on ye, mate. Donna let that bugger use ya like that." Muradin /can/ tell that this wolf is fairly intelligent, but he's not sure of the extent. For instance, he doesn't realize yet Ammy is capable of understanding him, he's just talking to the dog out of habit.

        At least it doesn't look like he's getting ready to attack anymore. Amaterasu apologizing for her companion's behavior seems to be enough to keep him from getting frisky. He puts his axe away, his hammer banishing into thin air and he scratches at his blond hair under his horned helmet.

        "Hmr, I guess now I gotta figure out how ta get back ta Azeroth from 'ere. No idea where to start..." But hey, that's half the fun of exploring!

        "Where did I end up this time?" He glances at the wolf. "Yer lad there said yer name's Amaterasu? Name's Muradin Bronzebeard, I donna suppose ya can help a bloke out, ey?" Looks like Muradin is gonna find out the hard way Amaterasu's inability to talk.

        Ah, if only Muradin knew. It's usually Amaterasu who's picking the fights! But then, in nippon she knew exactly what to fight and where. Here in Twisted, she's not sure what might await her. And she seems to completely ignore his complaint of "EEEEW! YUCK! A guy as handsome as me should never be covered in WOLF SLOBBER!"

        Amaterasu tilts her head when the dwarf introduces herself. And she brings her tail forward, to write 'Amaterasu' on the ground, to confirm it as Muradin speaks the name. Of course, it's in Japanese, and he might or might not be able to understand it when written. The tail moves like a calligraphy brush, with her not having to move her body at all-- it's as if a hand was holding onto the tail and drawing on the ground. And the 'ink' disappears soon after, so no defacing the streets.

        Finally Amaterasu lets Issun up, after putting her head down close to him and growling shortly, then chuffing at him with her nose. "All rgiht, all right," Issun grumbles, retaking his place back on her head. "Gettin' back... that's the hard part. See, everything we've seen so far says that gettin' back ain't gonna happen. It's like a fast-moving river, it only goes one way."

        No go. It doesn't look like Muradin is proficient in Japanese!

        The Dorf tilts his head one way and stares at the kanji on the ground quizzically. "Doesn't look like any rune I've seen before." He mutters to himself.

        Although some good does come out of that, besides seeing Issun covered in dog saliva that is, Muradin realizes that Amaterasu is more than just a magical wolf if she's capable of understanding him and writing stuff on the ground. Best not treat her like a dog then! That seems like the best course of action right now.

        "Roit then, well, pleased to make yer acquaintance nonetheless. Donna see much of yer kin these days." At least not the friendly type that is, because those Orcish Wargs got serious attitude problems.

        And yet, all is not well for Muradin just yet, particularly when Issun just kind of drops that giant bomb on him. "Whoa whoa! What!? Back up, lad!" He makes time out signs with his hands.

        "What did ye juss say about not being able to get back!?"

        "That's her name!" Issun notes helpfully. He's not being rude now at least, so there's that. "Never seen Japanese before?" he asks. Though that makes more sense that it shoudl. Mainly because Issun's never seen a human like him, so that probably means this 'Muradin' fellow isn't a human. here it doesn't seem tha tunlikely. Then again 'not a human' isn't unlikely in Nippon either...

        Muradin calls timeout and asks again about returning. "Yup!" Issun confirms. "No way we know of to get back. Which is a big pain in the behind, honestly! There's a demon that Ammy and I have to confront! And she needs to learn her Brush Techniques so I can steal-- er, learn them from her!"

        "Nope, sure haven't heard of a language called Japanese before." Reaffirms Muradin, still trying to make heads or tails from the kanji, at least until it disappears. "Seems familiar somehow, like I've seen it before meebe." Says the dwarf and rubs his beard with his gloved hand, scowling a little. This is all so very troubling.

        "That's bloody impossible!" Muradin is not taking this gently. "I just got 'ere through digging a tunnel! Didn't sense any magic on me way through!" Without warning, the thane is turning around and hitting the ground with his pick axe as hard as he can! The ground shatters, but despite having made a decent hole with just one blow, the tunnel that lead Muradin here is totally gone. "No... how!!?" In fact, the ground closes up again right after Muradin hitting it. Like there's still some of the enchantment that brought him here lingering in the area.

        He straightens up and holds his head, adjusting his helmet. "So.." He continues. "This bloody demon of yers.. if ye can kill 'im then that means ye can get back? Is that what yer sayin'?"

        "That's how we got here too," Issun replies, as the hole in the ground closes back up again. "We were inside a tree and when we came out, we were gonna use Tachigami's sword to cut down the fruit that Sakuya hid all the villagers' souls in to protect them! But when we came out, we were here!" No, he doens't expect Muradin to understand a lot of that. but that's the point-- to show him he's somewhere very different.

        At the mention of Sakuya and the villagers, Amaterasu makes a whining sound and lowers her hear, ears drooping. "I know, furball," Issun says, with surprising softness. "I'm sure they're all right. Remember, Sakuya said they were protected!"

        But then Muradin asks about the demon. "No, the demon's back in our world," Issun corrects. "Which is why it's such a pain. We're not there, and it's not here! And it's the one Sakuya's protecting Kamiki Village from! so since we can't get back, we can't do anything about it."

        No, Muradin doesn't seem to understand any of that.

        In fact, he makes sure to tell them.

        "I didnae understand any of that."


        It does seem to work though. Muradin is a well traveled dorf and he's been to many places. Many times, the way back isn't very obvious. There are times where he's been stuck in places where he can't get out for years and even then he still finds a way. After a moment of brief despair, the dwarf nods to himself in confidence. Yeah, he's sure he can get out of this mess too.

        "Well, bollocks." He says at last, having noticed Ammy's whine of missing her friends. "So if ya canna get back to yer land, what do ya here? Just mop around 'bout it?" It doesn't look like... Muradin is trying to be mean.. but he definitely has a crude way of communicating. Kind of like Issun!

        "EXACTLY!" Issun notes, to Muradin's mention of not understanding any of what was said. "That's what I mean. We're from somewhere else too! So don't worry! You're not the only one who's stuck here!"

        The mention of moping gets a sharp bark from Amaterasu, and she huffs! "She says she's not noping, she's just worried about Kamiki Village," Issun replies. "But no, we work over there!" He points to the Devil May Cry building. "I think we're supposed to be peacekeepers or something, but I'm not quite sure. things seem pretty peaceful around here so far."

        There's a slight chuckle from the dwarf at both their reactions. First Issun crying out that's what he meant and Amaterasu apparently taking offense at his presumptions, she's definitely a girl given her attitude, Muradin could always recognize a lady when he saw one. "Oi, meant no offense by it, just assuming the worst. Which I suppose its ta be expected in my, well apparently /our/, position."

        He glances at the DMC agency and starts oddly at it before turning back to the duo. "Ya think yer peacekeepers?" That doesn't sound very comforting. He then gives another double take at the mostly empty streets and confirms what Issun says, "Seems more than juss peaceful. Looks downright deserted." Boring too, Muradin thinks, but refrains from saying anything not knowing who else might be listening.

        "If anything, this place looks like it could use a fair bit of exploring. Ya blokes have charted the whole place yet?"

        "We're not the only ones," Issun replies. "There's a guy with white hair named Dante, a lady named Serenity who's uh... aquatic, and there's this blue guy named Kotal Kahn. And there might be others!" He hasn't had a chance to what one would call meet 'n greet with the rest of Devil May Cry, that he remembers.

        Issun, however, sees an opportunity! "Why d'ya think it's so quiet?" he asks. "'Cause WE'RE on the job, that's why!" he declares. Amaterasu turns her head to the side and huffs out a breath, as if to say 'oh brother...'.

        Muradin snorts at this response. "Ye think yer pretty hot stuff, aye?" He cracks his neck. "I might just take you up on that challenge of yers earlier and see if all yer blowing and puffing means anything." Of course, this means that Muradin actually wants to fight Amaterasu, since taking on Issun by himself might not exactly be cutting a fair deal. Ammy must be really proud of her speaker, that's for sure!

        "I reckon I'll go pay a visit to this agency of yers at some point though, see if any of ye blokes are worth yer salt too." Oh and now it looks like Issun picked a fight with Muradin for the entirety of DMC, way. to. go.

        "But first, Imma go and have a look around. Always like to map the places I happen to be on. I'd ask ye to tag along but I prefer to do this bit meself."

        "Plus, I'm sure ye got other things ta be doing than showing a bloke around." Like picking fights with other people, Muradin seems to simply by just giving Ammy a knowing look.

        Amaterasu gives a low sound that is a very plain 'aw, maaaaan', even if it's a wolf's groan. Issun, however, seems to rise to the challenge. "That's right! C'mon back whenever you want to test us!" Wait, 'us'?! "Denkomaru and I will be waiting!" there's a tiny white flash, as if a sword has been drawn from Issun's side. "And Ammy's Celestial Brush is nothing to sneeze at either!"

        And Amaterasu raises a paw and puts it over her eyes at Issun's words. Just. Face. Paw. Annoying bug...

        There's a half chuckle, half gruff sound coming from Muradin as he begins to move away.

        "Guess we'll see." Oh yeah, this is probably going to be rough.

        "See ya later, mates. Keep yer feet on the ground." And then the dwarf begins to walk further into the city, whistling some kind of really catchy tune.

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