2015-05-28 - Cooking with Kotal

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Cooking with Kotal

Summary: Vergil needs a word with his brother, and judges the people he now resides with..

Who: Amaterasu, Dante, Kotal Kahn, Vergil
When: May 28th, 2015
Where: Devil May Cry

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It took long enough but finally from the dark santuary of his apartment, Vergil had made his way out again. Another book tucked under his arm as he made his way to the door of Devil May Cry. He wasn't sure why he tries anymore, but he decided today was a day to come out and see the idiot. He's been out of touch again, mostly reading so he doesn't expect anyone there but Dante.

Dante looks up from the pizza he's busy nomming on. Pizza and beer...definitely one of his favorite pastimes. ... Does that COUNT as a pastime? Well, this is HIS place and HERE it does. So there. Who the hell am I arguing with? Ok. He huhs, glancing over at a nearby monitor. Where did THAT come from? Gettin' high tech here. He laughs a bit and yells over to the 'door'. "C'mon in bro!"

There is someone else there, actually-- two someones! Amaterasu is there, along with Issun, the tiny Poncle sprite. She's holding a dustpan with her front paws while Issun is SOMEHOW managing the broom. While balancing on the broomstick. He's using it like any normal sized human would. How? God only knows. He's a Poncle.

At the knock on the door, Amaterasu pauses... and gets a noseful of dust for not paying attention. She immediately sneezes, and then whine-growls at Issun. "Hey, don't blame be, furball!" Issun protests. "You're the one who got distracted! How many times I gotta tell ya not to space out like that?"

Before Issun's even finished with his startment, Amaterasu's already looking to the door again. Then she looks to the monitor-- yeah, when DID that get there? Oh well. Makes it easier. It's that guy. The blue to Dante's red. She does owe him an apology, doesn't she?

Amaterasu wuffs quietly to Issun, and the Poncle lets go of the broom handle, hopping onto her head again as she heads to the door. Not to worry, though. When Vergil comes through the door, she'll be sitting quietly with her tail around her feet. A little bit like a cat, but not exactly, given the open mouth-- a sign of a relaxed dog. Or wolf, in her case.

Things will certainly look differently to Vergil when he enters the DMC.

For starters, its a lot cleaner despite Dante being in his usual spot chewing away at his junk food.

And additionally, it smells a lot differently too. Like say, not like sweat and farts.

In fact, it smells a lot like someone cooking food, and the reasons for all that should become clear once Dante's twin blue brother enters this once foreboding lair of refuse.

It looks like Amaterasu and Issun have done a good job at cleaning up the place, while Kotal Kahn, busies himself in the kitchen cooking what looks like tortillas. He's even wearing a large apron while he flips the corn dough up and down as if he were making a pizza.

As Vergil enters, Kotal Kahn also looks towards the man's direction giving him a curious, silent look. As if thinking 'Oh, it's that guy again.' Not exactly the warmest welcome, but about as friendly as a God of War can get.

Hearing Dante's voice call out he went ahead and turned the knob a second or so later. Making his way in the first thing he ses is not the expected Red twin, but that dog, wolf... creature from before. He arched a brow looking at her, then looking up to the desk. "Since when do you have pets? You can barely take care of yourself much less an animal."

He was serious, but now he was standing taking stock of the shop. When the hell did Dante get monitering equitment... and a broom? The place smelled better. This is the Twilight Zone. "Dante. Prove to me that you are you." He spoke dead serious. He's seen invasion of the body snatchers. Likely because of his brother, but who cares.

Dante laughs a bit, waving it off. "Welcome to the DMC and annex of TASK. I'm the TASK director, Dante. How can I assist you?" He peers over his feet at where Ams is sitting and shakes his head. "Nah, nah. I can see where you'd make that mistake. She ain't a pet. Ams there works for TASK." He guzzles his current beer and blinks. "Prove that....well, uh...ok." He proceeds to belch, fart and then, "And, uh....tits are awesome." There. That should prove everything.

Amaterasu chuffs at the 'pets' comment, as if huffing out an indignant breath. "HEY! Ammy's not a pet!" This is from Issun, who begins to jump up and down on Amaterasu's head, so he can be seen better. "This is Amaterasu, savior of Nippon!"

And there /is/ a Japanese goddess by that name-- a sun goddess. And that disk on her back /is/ on fire... like a sun-disk...

When Vergil demands proof of Dante's identity, Amaterasu looks in Kotal's direction, as if she's not sure what's going on. "Rrr?" Apparently the 'great savior of Nippon'-- and possibly sun goddess-- can't actually speak...

People still here don't get it.

How difficult can it be to miss the red markings and the glowing sun disk on the white wolf's back?

Almost immediately after Issun cries his complaint about Amaterasu's true identity, Kotal Kahn's booming voice is heard all the way from the kitchen to the front entrance. "Lady Amaterasu is not an animal!" He tosses the dough he's flatting upwards and uses his now free hands to point an accusing finger to Vergil. "She is the Goddess of the sun! Life giver and mother to us all!"

"You will address her with the proper respect."

Then he catches the dough and puts it in the iron skillet he's using without even looking. Looks like Huitzilopotchli has other mad skills outside the battle field. He does flinch in disgust when Dante farts just to prove a point to his brother.

"Can we keep that to a minimum, please?? At least in the presence of lady Amaterasu."

Vergil looked disgusted at him twin. Well, that was certainly close enough. As vile as ever it seemed. How did they share a womb? Better yet, how did that not only have his face, but come from his parents? Maybe Sparda had a side no one knew about. He certainly didn't want to think of Eva acting like that. "How perfectly unrefined of you. Of course you are him what was I thinking."

His eyes downcast at Amaterasu. Kneeling, he sat the book aside on the floor and held one of his gloved hands out. "So I see." He responded to the little creature speaking for her. He didn't much care for animals, for many reasons but, why not? His eyes stayed cold as ever. "So, clearly he means you are in charge." Insulting Dante, one of Vergil's many fine skills.

He looked unamused at Kotal when he boomed, his hand still hand out to Amaterasu. "He is right Dante, you should be more respectful." He had no plans to show any respect beyond what he felt was needed until earned.

Dante just laughs again. He loves Vergil's responses at this point. S'why he bugs him all the time in the first place. He peers over his shoulder and offers Kots a grin. "Ams'll forgive me. She's still a chick. They all love me." He sniffs the air, evidently his own brand not really concerning him too much, "DUDE. What ARE you making there? That smells great! Maybe we can run fund raisers with your cooking."

Amaterasu didn't seem to be exactly a normal animal-- the red markings, winglike tufts of fur, and the fiery sun-disk (which does not burn Vergil if touched, by the way) are probably enough to tell that. And despite Kotal's insistence that she's not an animal, the first thing she does when Vergil makes to address her is start wagging her tail. Thump thump thump thump on the floor it goes.

"Ammy here is the Empress of the Celestial Brush Gods," Issun explains. "See her tail there?" Helpfully Amaterasu stops wagging it. The end of her tail is stained black, as if she's dipped it in ink. But it doesn't seem to leave any ink behind as it moves. "She uses that for her Celestial Brush techniques!"

For her part, Amaterasu gives a downward-lilting 'Rrr...' sound. Issun helpfully translates, "Ammy says she's sorry about attacking you last time. But well, we both kinda leap before we think, and it looked like there was trouble, so..."

Kotal merely shakes his head at Vergil's presumptions. He can already tell this man's arrogance will one day be his undoing. It doesn't take a genius to know that antagonizing Gods left and right for no reason is a very bad idea, even if you happen to be half-demon. Besides, Amaterasu may be the forgiving type as Issun explains, but Kotal.. let's just say he can be a bit more.. cruel.

For now, the God of War lets Amaterasu and Vergil get better acquainted while he extends the dough on the sun powered iron skillet.. no need for a stove when Kotal is capable of calling rays of sun from nearly anywhere. "I am trying my own version of this pizza." He responds to Dante. "The Mexica version at that.. Tomato sauce, peppers, mole, avocado, and spirulina crumbles on amaranth-corn-bread." He starts chopping the ingredients up and sprinkling them "Cheese too since I don't think anyone here is lactose intolerant." Then he peers at Dante from under the beak portion of his Eagle Knight helmet he seems to wear everywhere, as if he was already guessing what Dante is about to say. "It's healthier. Everything is organic." Who knew Kotal was a total hippie for a crazed bloodthirsty God of War.

He could tell she was no normal animal, but he saw no reason to assume more until the others spoke who she was the second time. As her tail wagged he nodded. Reaching out silently more and just gave her a light rub behind the ear. Pushing himself up.

"Do not worry about it. These things happen. I hold no ill will." He offered, looking to Ammy not Issun. He saw no reason to humor the one who spoke for her. He looked up staring unimpressed at his brother. "Since when are you in charge of anything much less other beings?" Something told him these two were not lightweights.

He finally looked back down to Ammy's tail. It was certainly curious. He wondered idly what kind of techniques she used. The thought was distracted as Dante's 'cook' explained what he was making. his eyes shifted to his brother again. "That already sounds healthier than anything else you inbibe."

Dante nods. "Nice, Kots. Sounds delicious. Anything pizza based, I can get down with." He peers back over at his brother as a new wave of insults come in. Nothing too terrible, of course. He snickers. "You're looking at the current director of TASK, the local police force. I HAPPEN to be in charge. So, no causin' trouble or I'll have to have you arrested." He offers a wink. He's obviously not terribly serious. Although, if Vergil goes off into one of his moods....ya never know c.c

"Oh hey!" Issun is totally on board with the idea of food. "Ammy's fine with cheese too! Stuff that would upset a wolf's stomach doesn't upset hers. guess that godly metabolism is worth somethin', huh?"

As for Amaterasu? Earscritches! And that tail starts to wagging again! It's strange how Kotal and Issun seem to hold her in such high regard, but she's definitely got a lot of canine mannerisms. She offers a sharp, happy bark when Dante announces that he's the leader of TASK. And again Issun supplies, "She says congrats, Boss!" Yes, he did call Dante 'boss'. They /do/ work for him, after all, until further notice.

Kotal nods to both Dante and Issun. "Excellent. It will be ready in a few more minutes. Please wait patiently." The God of War does some finishing touches on his Mexican pizza before sliding it into the oven.. which also happens to be sun powered. Kotal raises his hand and a ray of sunlight flashes through the ceiling to start heating up the oven.

Very pragmatic.

Once done he starts cleaning the counter and goes to hang his apron.

The world was going to end, Vergil started to laugh once Dante explained. "Oh that is rich, whose bright idea was that? Not that I do not have faith in you, shockingly I do." He knew when push came to shove, his brother is a damn brick wall. So he knew if Dante put his mind to it he could do some real good. Problem was, Vergil didnt really care about the good. Just the fun.

Vergil said nothing on the cheese issue, after all he doesn't live here nor does he plan to invite himself to lunch. "You will have no problems out of me, dearest brother, I have other issues at hand more pressing than playing games with you." which reminded him, he picked the book back up off the floor. "I had come to ask your thoughts on this project of mine, but as you have a house full of company, it hardly matters right now." Ahh, what the hell. One more scritch for the sun goddess.

Woot, more scritches! Amaterasu is quite pleased with them, her tail thumping on the ground. Only for a moment though. Once Vergil steps back, that tail lifts up and makes a circle shape in the air. Vergil might even see the 'ink' appearing in the air around him, as a ghostly, black, smoky outline, drawing a literal circle around him. The ink itself feels holy somehow. Heavenly.

And then, should Vergil not leave the vertical circle/arch the black smoke makes around him, he may suddenly feel himself becoming a little happier! Just for a moment. Perhaps, anyway. Vergil is incredibly strong, like his brother, and a simple 'ink cantrip' may not affect him if he's really wanting it not to.

Meanwhile, Issun comments on the state of the food. "Just a few minutes? Wow, it usually takes like fifteen minutes to bake one of those pizzas in the box!" Yes, he's seen the store-bought carry-out pizza. Where? Who knows. Probably somewhere around Twisted.

"I wouldn't know." Responds Kotal with somewhat of a huff to Issun. "I don't eat that rubbish." And no one should as far as he's concerned.

The War God then takes a seat somewhere and watches as how Vergil interacts with Amaterasu. Always protective of his patron Goddess, its more like he's the guard dog than Amaterasu who is an actual dog.

He drums his fingers whilst he waits for the pizza to cook, although he seems very tense about having Vergil around.

His eyes returned to the goddess when he noticed her tail wagging. That was strange. Yet he didn't move, he saw no reason too, even when the slight sight of ink showed in his vision. The ink worked for a moment or so, like a great weight was lifted off his shoulders. He smiled, not smirked not laughed cruely. A smile, much like his brother's own happy expressions. It faded quite quickly, and he was a little confused by the happy feeling he had just felt. But, for once in his life, he didn't question it or fight it.

Thought he felt the other man's gaze on him, Vergil didn't even spare him a glance. He just looked back down to Ammy again."Do try to keep him out of trouble, if you can." Yes, he trusted a dog goddess hes just really meeting to keep Dante safe... more than Dante. The tone makes it sound like he is planning to leave on a trip or something.

Dante blinks as he sees Vergil SMILE. His own face falls a bit and...he looks quite serious for just a second or two. As Vergil returns to his 'old' self...he smiles just a bit. A little more serious, a little more mature, for Dante at least. He shakes his head and laughs it off. "I'm in good hands, bro. Don't worry. These guys are elites." He trails off for a second again before trying, "You...planning on traveling again?..."

"Neither have I," Issun replies. "That's just what it says on the package." So he's learned to read the local text? That's probably going to be very useful! Matter of fact, can Ammy read? there are books in her room, so...

Amaterasu gives a short bark in reply to Vergil's directive to keep Dante safe. "Ammy says she'll do her best!" Issun translates. Then he pauses as he realizes just what Vergil's said. Dante twigs to it a little faster though, and as Dante asks the question, Issun inquires, "Oh? Where ya goin'? Somewhere with cute girls maybe?"

...Well, Vergil can probably see how Dante gets along with /this/ one at least...

Kotal attempted to maintain a serious face all along the conversation, a simple feat for him since he's almost always serious.. but that last remark by Issun just made him give a tremendous face palm and shake his head. Is that all people care about these days?

Kotal doesn't add on to the promises that they'll keep Dante safe. Because as far as he's concerned-- that goes without saying! Even if Vergil looks very concerned about his brother, there's still something about this man that seems to rub Kotal the wrong way and the War God simply just stares looking very pensive.

That is until there's a *PING* noise to announce the pizza's ready.

He raises from his seat, grabs an oversized kitchen mitten, and sets the pizza on the table over a flat piece of wood so it doesn't burn. "You are welcome to come join us if you wish, Vergil." There we go, Kotal isn't totally unfriendly.

He looked to his brother with a cold look. The usual look. "Why would I tell you?" He asked, it was rethroical. "You should know by now I will not tell you such things." He expects his brother would find him if he did.

He looked down to Issun now. "No, nothing like that. Such things hold no intrest to me." Oh yes, he could see why Dante gets along with this one. He shook his head when Kotal offered him to join. "Thank you for the invitation, but I must decline. I can not stand pizza in any form." Which was a lie, he didn't mind it at all, he just figured it better to say it this way. "I will be leaving in just a moment or so as it is, so do not let me hold up your meal."

Dante hehs. He shakes his head with something between a short sigh and a chuckle. "Right. ... Bro, I don't know WHY you always have to DO this. I mean, fuck, *I* was there for all that shit too, wasn't I? You can't just push the whole fucking universe away just because th-...." He trails off, slumping just a bit. He smiles. "Alright bro. You're right. I wish ya well on your travels. You know where I am if anything...happens." That seems to settle that.

"Whoo!" Issun crows, hopping off of Amaterasu's head. He's heading into the kitchen, but Amaterasu stops him with a quiet wuff. "Huh?" He pauses, turns to look, and she wuffs again. "Oh yeah. I got one. Hang on." Issun produces a full-sized makimono, a rolled-up handscroll, and places it down in front of Amaterasu. That done, he starts hopping to the kitchen! Food awaits!

For her part, Amaterasu unrolls the makimono with her paws. It's blank. Then, as Dante and Vergil discuss the latter's imminent parting, she starts to write on the blank scroll with her tail. She doesn't have to maneuver her behind around or anything; her tail just moves as if it were a calligraphy brush held in the hands of a master calligrapher. It's a simple set of Japanese characters, old Edo script. Once she's done, she rolls the scroll up by pushing one end with her nose. She'll be done writing as Vergil and Dante finish their discussion.

So, she picks up the rolled-up scroll in her mouth and sets it down by Vergil's feet, then looks up at him. She barks once and sits down, wagging her tail. Then once she has his attention, she pushes the scroll a little closer with her nose. Should Vergil pick it up and read it, he will find that on the scroll is written, 'May the sun ever light the dark path ahead'.

Provided he can read old Japanese.

Kotal figured it out.

He now realizes why he doesn't really like Vergil too much.

Its because the War God recognizes Vergil as someone who is not at all honest with his feelings. Everything about this blue brother seems to be a front for something, and image he's put about himself. He can -sense- that he does in fact care deeply for his brother, but he dares not show it because of some misguided attempt at looking refined.

Just like Kotal figured Dante quickly out, he's done the same for Vergil.

Problem is, Kotal Kahn is the God of War, not the God of Touchy Feely Emotions, and though he recognizes what's Vergil's problem, there's nothing he can do about it besides just stare.

"As you wish." Its all Kotal says when Vergil declines his invitation to stay and share food with them.

For now, he just lets Amaterasu cast her blessing on the troubled young man, as he senses he'll be needing it.

Glancing briefly at the scroll, Kotal thinks that Vergil needs that light inside him, because its the shadows that lurk in his soul that truly trouble him. But that's neither here or there, as before, all Kotal can really do about this is stare.

Such a limited domain it is to be the God of War, he can do nothing but kill and destroy, not mend like Amaterasu can. Yet another reason why he has such high respect of her.

He remained unmoved listening as Dante spoke, he paid no mind to Ammy at the moment, more interested in listening to what Dante had to say, he planned his words to cut like a knife. He always did, always with the hope that the more he shoved Dante away that one day his brother would stop shoving back. A sad truth he's not thought far enough ahead to think what he would do if the day did come that his brother didn't rise to the challenge.

He rolled his eyes at the offer "You could start by trusting my choices, brother. What I do in my life does not concern yours." He felt he was done with this. Hearing Ammy bark he kneeled back down again, looking at the scrool. As he read it he reached over and pet her ears, smart goddess indead. It was a dark trail he planned to blaze. "Thank you." He stood again turning his back as he heads back for the door, not yet out just making his way.

Dante watches Vergil walk away, a slightly pained expression on his face. He smiles ever so slightly, ever so sadly, ever so...well, they're family. He calls after Vergil, "Love ya, bro." Oddly, it doesn't really have that facetious tinge to it that one might expect if he was poking fun. He rises to his feet slowly, stretches just a bit...and heads for the kitchen. "C'mon guys. Kots has been cooking up a storm and it's time to engage this meal in mortal kombat. Something like that." He JUST ate, didn't he?...

Amaterasu looks to Kotal in the moment the God of War's realization comes. Perhaps she can sense something of what's going on in his mind at that moment. Can a dog smile? Kotal might get the impression that she is, smiling gently. As if to say she understands, that she knows he would help more if he could. Then again it might just be a particularly syrupy moment all around, so it's hard to say for sure.

Her tail starts to wag again at the pets from Vergil. But she has one more blessing yet. As Vergil makes for the door, she turns to look. Not to follow-- for where he will tread, she cannot follow. Dante makes for the kitchen, but she waits. Waits until Vergil has opened the door. Because when he can... she can see sky!

And in that sky she draws a circle. The ink appears in the sky, high overhead, and then just as Vergil steps out onto the street, the ink turns into a red sun-disk in the sky, shining outwards with red rays. It feels like the sun. It's warm like the sun. It only lasts for a few moments. But perhaps the sentiment will remain.

There's definitely a very deep kinship between the Goddess of the Sun and the God of War, no doubt in part because Kotal relies a lot on the sun to power himself. When he turns to him, the Aztec warrior nods in silent understanding. Oh, he knows that she knows, and they need not words to express this fact.

It helps too because sometimes Kotal doesn't even need Issun to know what Amaterasu is trying to say.

He leaves Amaterasu to send Vergil in his merry way and joins Dante at Issun at the table. The Aztec holds up a tiny pizza slicer and glares at it angrily, shaking his head, before throwing it away. That is not enough of a worthy instrument to cut this pizza!

He pulls his giant macuahuitl and then hacks the pizza into even slices. "It's alright, I cleaned it." Good thing too, there's no telling how many or what things does Kotal Kahn kill with that thing.

Opening the door he said nothing back to Dante. He merely stepped out, but as he did he looked to the sky. Standing a moment to watch the red sun-disk, Then he looked back to Ammy, and nodded. His way of saying thank you, though he was not sure why or what it was truely for, it did take some of the dread he would not admit to having off. He went on and pulled the door shut making his way away.

Dante huhs. Well, Kots is a big man...it figures he'd want a...big pizza cutter? He shrugs just a bit. He starts reaching over, possibly a LITTLE rudely, for a slice of pizza as he hasn't had pizza before. New pizza is ALWAYS worth a try AND Kots can cook. He glances back over at Ams and grins a bit. "C'mon, madame goddess. He'll be ok. He always does this. ... I wish he didn't, but this is just how he's gotta do him, ya know?"

Amaterasu returns Vergil's nod of thanks with a bow of her head. It seems almost... regal. Though once Vergil leaves, she's back to Ammy the sunpup. Particularly when Dante calls her into the kitchen. Issun echoes, "Yeah! C'mon Ammy! You snooze you lose!" Amaterasu wuffs indignantly and scampers into the kitchen, looking at Issun crossly. He better not eat all that pizza himself, the little pigbug!

So yeah, the pizza that Kotal made, it tastes like eating a giant spicy taco, no doubt Dante will have riot with that for.. various reasons.

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