2015-06-01 - Seeking Uncommon Understanding

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Seeking Uncommon Understanding

Summary: Princess Twilight Sparkle joins the DMC!!

Who: Dante, Kotal Kahn, Twilight
When: June 1st, 2015
Where: Devil May Cry

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Twilight Sparkle slowly trots in, wings half­extended as she looks around.

Dante isn't TERRIBLY surprised. This is Twisted after all. He's seen weirder than this. He waves a mostly drunken beer from where he sits at his usual spot at his desk. "Uh, well, hey there. You lost or somethin'?" I mean, he doesn't know exactly what he's looking at but...eh. Good customer service n' all.

Twilight Sparkle ear­perks, rising up onto her hind legs and lifting off the floor with a slow beating of her wings. "Hi there. I'm actually looking around, and getting used to what all there is here, since it's clear I'm not in Equestria any more."

Dante huhs. Rubs the back of his head as he's prone to doing. "Well, flying horses aren't the norm where I'm from either. Yeah, this can be a weird place." He shakes his head with a chuckle and sets down his beer. "I'm Dante. Head of the DMC and director of TASK...some shit like that. Good to meetcha."

"Pleased to meet you, Dante. I'm Princess Twilight Sparkle." With an easygoing smile, even as she steadies herself by hovering, the lavender­furred pegacorn extends her right foreleg in friendly greeting.

Dante hehs. He reaches over to shake the proffered limb but...huh. No articulations on the distal end here. He laughs a bit and gives the hoof a very light knuckle bump instead. "Good to meetcha." He leans back in his seat and quirks an eyebrow. "So, princess huh? Royalty where you come from?"

Twilight says, "Well, that's where it gets kind of weird, honestly... I wasn't always royalty in Equestria."

Dante shrugs a bit. "S'fine. I don't really care about aristocracy. Just a royal pain if ya ask me." He blinks at the second half of her statement. "Equ...I dunno what the hell you're talking about. Is that where you're from?"

Twilight Sparkle touches back down on the floor, with a bit of a giggle at the knucklebump. "Yes, actually. And before this... I was actually just a regular unicorn who had moved to Ponyville to learn about friendship."

Dante nods slowly. "Uh...huh. Ponyville. Unicorn. Friendship. Gotcha." He could use another beer, possibly. He pats his desk a few times and the fridge pops open, rocketing a beer into his outstretched hand. Said fridge door then closes. He flicks the cap off with his index finger and proceeds to chug. *_*

Twilight Sparkle's smile seems to dim slightly, though she doesn't really show she's bothered by the dismissal of her explanation about her old life. "I take it drinking is your way of making sense of things...?"

Dante shakes his head. "Hell no. Drinking is the way I dull my senses so I don't have to think. I *hate* thinking. ...I hate remembering. ... Eh." He peers over at Twilight. "I'm assumin' that you don't like the idea of falling into drugs as a way to dull the pain, huh? You seem like the optimistic type."

Twilight says, "You'd be right. I personally prefer devoting myself to studying magic or my royal duties as a means of escaping from excessive stress."

Dante nods a bit, leaning back in his seat. He seems to enjoy balancing on the one leg of the chair. It looks precarious but he seems stable. "You sound a bit like my brother. He's always losing himself in study. He's...a cold guy sometimes though. Be careful if you ever run into em."

Twilight Sparkle nods, horn lighting up as she levitates a glass over to the sink to fill it with water before bringing it over to her mouth for a sip.

Dante watches for a second. Comments after a moment. "So, you the magical type? I mean, talking horse kind of SCREAMS 'magic', but...yeah. I don't really know much about all that crazy juju in the end. I *use* it sometimes, but I sure as heck don't understand it.

Twilight Sparkle sets the glass on the countertop, though her distinctive magenta aura doesn't disappear. "I am, yes. And I use it for just about everything in my life."

Dante laughs a bit, offering a thumbs up. "Well, s'not like you've got thumbs." He settles back into his seat. "Gotta rely on it, huh? What if your magic gave out on you one day or was suppressed somehow? Aren't you afraid of being WITHOUT it?

Twilight says, "Actually, I've had that experience on two separate occasions."

Twilight Sparkle glances up to her horn, extinguishing the glow around both it and the glass. "One was when Discord, before his reformation, decided to mess with me and my friends by taking away our horns and wings."

Dante blinks a few times. Shrugs? "Discord? Reformation? Didja throw an apple at em or something?" At least he didn't make jokes about losing ones horniness. He COULD have gone there.

Twilight says, "Rarity, a friend of mine, and I lost our horns and magic, and two others, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy, lost their wings. And the second time..."

Twilight says, "I'll tell you about the reformation after this."

Twilight says, "Tirek, a demon centaur, began roaming Equestria as a whole, to drain all the magic of anypony he came across, with his ultimate goal being to drain the pegacorn magic from me, Celestia, Luna, and Cadance."

Dante laughs a bit, shaking his head at that. "Did you just say 'anypony'? Alright, well, I heard demon in there at least. That's lousy. I guess you guys have to deal with that shit too. That's kind of what I've tried to do with most of my life, honestly. S'how this place started. Dealing with demons running amok. It sorta...branched out from there.

Twilight says, "All kinds of enemies trying to ruin everything you know, with some of them only seeing the things they do as nothing more than a game? Equestria has plenty of that..."

Dante nods, stretching out a bit with a few popping and cracking noises. "I feel you. You know, if you had told me a long time ago that I was going to find common ground with a magical flying horse, at least while SOBER, I would have called you crazy. Then again, that was before I hired a talking fish as a secretary."

Twilight Sparkle fights the urge to wince, horn lighting up again as she drinks some more of her water. "I have a baby dragon for an assistant. So it's not as hard for me to believe that can happen."

Dante raises an eyebrow at that one. "A baby DRAGON? Really? Huh. Don't consider that a bad situation waiting to happen? Babies grow up eventually. You don't want to end up with a big, pissed off assistant."

Twilight Sparkle shakes her head. "I've seen Spike become a pretty big dragon, out of greed, and found it harder to believe that Rarity managed to reverse his greed­induced growth."

Twilight Sparkle is drinking from a glass of water suspended in magenta­hued magic, while standing on all fours near the counter.

Heavy steps coming from the second floor herald the entrance of Kotal Kahn into the DMC's commons. The turquoise giant is cleaning his hands with a piece of cloth after having cleaned upstairs and seems to be heading in the direction of the kitchen to start making dinner preparations­­ until, he spots a peculiar creature in the corner of the DMC entrance.

He looks left and then to the right, unsure if this is a mirage or not, though he opts to err on the side of caution given the chaotic nature of Twisted and asks out loud to no one in particular.

"Is anyone else seeing the purple unicorn in the corner or is it just me?"

Twilight Sparkle turns, extending her wings to take flight while carrying the glass of water along with her. "I can assure you you're not just seeing things. Hi there."

Alright, so it's not an illusion. That's good! Means that Kotal isn't going crazy. The Aztec tucks the cloth inside his belt and approaches the purple unicorn/pegasus. "Forgive my presumptions, I have never seen the likes of you before."

He slides next to Dante's desk and gives a nod. "Welcome to the agency, I am Kotal Kahn, may I help you with anything?"

The lavender­furred pegacorn remains airborne, sipping her water and keeping the glass cocooned in her magic as she extends one foreleg in friendly greeting. "It's nice to meet you, Kotal. The name's Princess Twilight Sparkle, and I'm fine. But thank you for asking."

Kotal Kahn seems to be very good at adapting to situations. Even though he's never shook a hoof before, the tall turquoise skinned man leans down and grasps Twilight's forehoof with confidence, as if this wasn't the first time he was shaking hands with a magical talking pony. No different than when he shook fins with Serenity he guesses.

"Princess Twilight." He says with another deep nod of his head. "I was not aware I was in the presence of royalty. Well met." He stands up straight and crosses his muscled arms over his chest. "I see, might you be one of Dante's acquaintances then? I am not sure where he is at the moment."

Twilight Sparkle turns back to look, raising an eyebrow. "I could've sworn he was behind the counter, drinking... In any case, despite being one of Equestria's four Princesses, I don't really care for being treated as important. So it's fine if you want to call me Twilight."

"As you wish." Another nod, and it's just as well since Kotal Kahn doesn't seem care much for titles, otherwise there would be a long list whenever he has to introduce himself.. which might be the reason why he doesn't care; it saves time to ignore them.

The Aztec glances at said counter and blinks. "Is he really?" Hard to tell with the demon hunter, the Aztec can't really attune to his chi whilst inside the DMC, it just feels like he's all over the place. "Well, I would not be surprised were that the case."

Twilight Sparkle finishes off her water, levitating the glass back into the sink as she lands to let her wings rest. "Well, maybe not... Anyways. What is it you do for a living, if you don't mind me asking?"

The Aztec hmms in thought, as it seems this is yet another first of his. Never before has someone asked him that for very obvious reasons, though those might not be so given that only a certain few recognize him for who he really is.

"That is a complicated question to answer." He says truthfully. "To make a long and tedious story short; I am the God of War, and I have been known by many names through out the ages. For as long as there is conflict between people, I will exist. That, in essence, is my job."

"But in a more practical sense, I help Dante run matters of DMC and TASK. I am his second in command."

Twilight says, "It makes sense, and must be a very exciting job to have. I'm one of Equestria's quartet of Princesses, as of recently, but... Compared to existing because of conflict, as you said, my duty as the Princess of Friendship doesn't seem to be as unpredictable or fulfilling, when it comes to actually being out in the middle of constant fighting."

Kotal Kahn narrows his eyes briefly and pauses to consider Twilight's words. "Princess of Friendship?" That is some title, though if he finds it amusing he does not show it, being nearly almost always stoic and stone faced. "It has its place." He finally accedes. "You must be from a relatively peaceful realm. The princesses I have known have been anything but friendly." There is even glimpse of a horror on Kotal's golden eyes, though it's very fleeting, far too quick to be noticed by those who do not have superb keen eye.

"It is an often misunderstood existence as you can no doubt imagine. The God of War is often portrayed in a negative fashion, but most everyone forget that conflict begets strength, and while war is indeed a crime, to remain complacent in the face of adversity is even more so."

He pulls one of the chairs next to Dante's desk and sits in front of the pony. "Tell me more of what duties does being the Princess of Friendship entail."

Twilight Sparkle lowers her gaze, deep in thought. "Well... First off, one of my most important duties is to travel all around Equestria, or even to places outside of it, to fix any problems that might exist, whether with the help of my court and friends, or on my own."

Kotal Kahn actually chuckles this time, leaning a bit back on his chair, though not quite as stylish as Dante. His is more of an evil warlord slouch where he rests his elbow on the arm chair and his cheek on his palm. "Fixing problems, you say?"

"Then it is perhaps your duty that has brought you here to our unfortunate realm, fraught with peril as it is."

Twilight Sparkle nods, lifting her gaze. "It's a distinct possibility. After all, I've even been called to realms outside Equestria, in order to set things right."

"I am not in the.. how do we say.. human resources department. My role in DMC and TASK besides managing internal affairs.. and public relations.." Kotal Kahn says whilst drumming his fingers and peering curiously to the side, suddenly thinking of all the actual duties he has here. "..is to patrol the streets and apprehend criminals."

"It is not my place to suggest such a thing, but have you considered offering your services to Dante? The city of Twisted could benefit greatly from one such as you, Twilight."

Twilight says, "I haven't, since I just met him, but I'll consider it the next time I see him."

Kotal Kahn nods, seemingly satisfied for now. "Do keep it in mind." Then he stands and begins to move to another room. "Since you are here, would you care to stay for dinner? I was going to make pozole."

Twilight says, "I'd rather not offend you, but, um... Is there a way you could make a vegetarian version of that?"

"Quite easily done." Says Kotal as he crouches behind the kitchen counter and then pulls out a tremendously large pot where he stores all the hominy for the pozole. "I'll just make two bowls, I am accustomed to catering to very different tastes around here." Then he starts arranging his cooking tools and makes a motion upwards, clenching his fist so that the sun starts shining on his sun powered oven. Looks like the God of War also doubles as the God of Cooking around here. "I must say, I am surprised you know what that is."

Twilight says, "Well, two of my friends back home are among the best bakers in the entirety of Equestria. Applejack and Pinkie Pie can make some unbelievably good snacks, which I've had the chance to try on numerous occasions."

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