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Summary: Huitzilopotchli is not a deity that thrives in inaction. Vexed by the slow progress of consolidating TASK's resources into DMC, Kotal Kahn calls upon his co-worker Serenity to see if they can find information about the city of Twisted and its residents in more mundane ways.

Who: Kotal_Kahn, Serenity
When: 06 06, 2015.
Where: DMC.

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For a change, Kotal Kahn is seen in the main room of the Devil May Cry agency rather than in the kitchen preparing food where he's been more often spotted.

Rather than simply standing or sitting idly as one might assume someone would spent his time in a lounge, the turquoise giant is apparently taking advantage of the large space that the room provides to polish his martial arts form.

The Aztec has always demonstrated a peculiar gait when walking to those that have watched him closely. To the keen eye, it doesn't look like Kotal walks at all, but he seems to glide across the ground, like if the soles of his feet weren't actually touching the ground. This is, however, seen even more clearly when he is fighting or performing some kind of martial arts kata as he is doing now. Kotal moves as if he were skating on the ground, throwing a fierce punch that travels the distance of the entire room, only to whirl around and swing a tornado kick that brings him to the center only with the force of his momentum alone. Shockwaves of chi ripple through the air right where his strikes ends, like miniature explosions, making loud popping sounds in the room much as if reality itself was reeling under the pressure of his punches and kicks. There's more than simply strength and speed there, there is skill that seems even beyond the comprehension of the most wizened martial arts masters.

That said, it is odd for Kotal to be practicing his form right there in the living room, as he often prefers to do it on the roof of the agency, or somewhere where he can see the sun. If he's doing it indoors it must be because he's waiting for something... or someone to show up.

Serenity slips over to the door of the office with a sedate ripple of the undulatory fins, kept blissfully unaware of the goings-on inside by the unnatural boundaries of the building. It's thus with no trepidation at all that the sea slug opens the door to sonic booms and magical explosions. Ren crackles with some sound that probably isn't a polite word while hastily shrinking from the door and shrinking in length.

The supernatural boundaries of the DMC agency are quite something. Although Kotal Kahn is certain Dante has no problem at all piercing through the barriers, the Aztec is not attuned to the building as the demon hunter is, and thus he cannot sense anyone approaching until there are well inside.

Kotal throws one long rising uppercut that explodes upwards just when he manages to sense the familiar presence of Serenity's peculiar chi entering the building, managing to catch a glimpse of the sea slug just as she's darting away from the door. "Wait!" The turquoise giant breaks from fighting his imaginary foes with one fluid movement and rushes to the door to chase after his co-worker. "Serenity, wait." He says in a far more soothing voice to try and tell her everything is fine.

Serenity looks around the sidewalk quickly before taking the initial advice to wait, finding the side of the building to be the nearest convenient spot to do so. Ren flattens up against the wall (dampening a large splotch of it) and twists to look toward the entrance. After Kotal calls out a second time, Ren relaxes the protectively shrunken rhinophores a bit. "Hhh... yes?" Ren responds uncertainly.

No need for Kotal Kahn to look around in search of the amphibian. Serenity's chi is quite unique and it helps Kotal lock on to it even if Serenity is attempting to hide. The Aztec deity marches towards the corner where he senses that the sea slug is hiding and peers around just in time for his golden eyes to stare back at Serenity's rhinophores. "Serenity, it is I, Kotal Kahn." The Aztec ambles around the corner whilst speaking in his ever formally archaic speech. "Please, forgive me for startling you, it was not my intention."

Serenity nods in reply to Kotal, then shifts to a more typical six-foot length and a 'standing' posture. "Hello," Ren replies with more composure, moving to a spot closer to Kotal but not so close as to leave wintergreen-scented brine (as on the wall). "Yes, I can see that. I was rather more concerned who else might be in there." Ren leans over to look around Kotal. "I take it that the offices were not visited by a disgruntled anarchist today?"

"Not today, no." Kotal responds rather quickly, as if there was real threat of the DMC office being attacked by disgruntled anarchists. It is in fact, the second time there's a false alarm about that, Kotal suspects that it will happen sooner or later at this point. It doesn't seem to concern him much though, in fact, he sounds rather excited about it! "It was a mere way to pass idle time in a somewhat productive manner." There's no telling for how long Kotal was waiting and practicing, though he doesn't seem to be tired or sweaty at all. "I was waiting for you actually. There are some matters I wish to speak about with you. Would you care to accompany me back to the office?" He says while offering to escort Serenity back there. "It is not something I would want others to hear." Oooh.. this sounds intriguing.

Serenity looks less than enthusiastic about Kotal's enthusiasm for a chance to protect the office. Ren doesn't remark on that, but just nods in reply to his explanation. With the invitation, Ren pours past Kotal and flutters around to face him while drifting backwards. "Of course," Ren answers with an inquisitive note and 'antennae' inclined toward him. "I hope that I'm not due for some indoor explosives training of my own?" Ren says with a smile.

Kotal follows, actually managing to beat Serenity to the door so he can open the door for her, the Aztec seems to be a stickler for old fashioned manners... or maybe he's just polite like that. Either way he shakes his head and chuckles softly when Serenity jokes on the possibility of Kotal Kahn wanting to explode her. "I would never even dare to think of it." Kotal seems to be uncharacteristically friendly for someone who is essentially the God of murder, but then again, Serenity probably knew that already. Kotal gets right into business right as they enter the agency, making sure to close the door behind them before casting a suspicious look over his shoulder to ensure they were not followed. "Firstly, I would like to ask you something. Have you been to the TASK building yet or mayhap have access to their records?"

Serenity takes advantage of the opened door, slipping inside and turning with a swish of aquamarine fins. As Kotal looks behind him, Ren briefly follows his gaze before returning eyes to his. "No, I'm afraid I've yet to visit any of the employees-only areas of the TASK building," Ren admits. "It is taking me some time to even compile all the things I don't know about the administration of a police force." Ren motions a 'wing' toward the desk. "I can certainly handle typing, but a junior researcher of dance is clearly not the person best suited to manage hiring. My plan was to enlist Gegoshi's help in getting that started."

"Damnation." Kotal curses quite clearly and makes no effort to hide his frustration from Serenity when she gives her answer. For a brief moment, Kotal's golden eyes flare full of fury and stares at a nearby couch as if it had offended all of his ancestors. Thankfully, the Cuachic is a master of controlling his emotions and refrains from engaging in spontaneous furniture genocide. Besides, Dante would probably not appreciate his favorite sofa being split in half. "This is ill news indeed." It's how the Aztec eventually displays his anger.

"I've encountered a similar problem when venturing into the TASK building. I do not seem to have yet access to the facility's resources, and I find it to be very counter-productive to try and break in to a place which essentially belongs to us." The deity grunts and paces back and forth, hands clasped on his back whilst he frowns deep in thought.

"Dante has made mention of this Gegoshi AI in numerous occasions, though I am not able to have access to her much like I can't enter TASK's inner sanctum without punching down some walls." He sighs and shakes his head. "I am wholly inexperienced with computer equipment too, I would have no hope of gathering the information that I need by myself."

The Aztec warrior brings a hand to his face and begins to rub the bridge of his nose in frustration. "I cannot.. really.. blame Dante for how slow things are progression. From an outsiders perspective such as my own, Twisted seems to be in little need for an actual police force. There are, at best, a few rogues here and there in need to be dealt with. Hardly the challenges that need the likes of Lady Amaterasu or I to contend with. Why, Dante himself would likely have no problems handling these.. miscreants." The warrior scoffs. "Consolidating all of DMC and TASK's assets could very well take months and it would perhaps make difference to the city of Twisted."

"And yet..." Kotal's face darkens.

"And yet.. I cannot shake this feeling that some kind of darkness is encroaching this land, and if it does come, we will be wholly unprepared to contend with it.."

Another shake of his head, and he turns to Serenity. "It is perhaps noting, but I would feel a lot more secure if I had access to some citizen records. Might you know how I could find that?"

Serenity regards Kotal's couch-killing glare with a puzzled expression but waits for him to explain before speaking up. Ren frowns at his words, but slips over to offer him an encouraging pat on the arm with a damp pair of fins. "Let's take one of those concerns at a time," Ren suggests. "Given the advanced technology here, I'm sure that Gegoshi could create an interface that you could pick up quickly- text, voice, virtual objects..." Ren motions toward Kotal, "Like anything else, computer skill comes with a desire to try new things and a supression of pride." Ren then continues, "I haven't done much myself to see what's on the computers- people-watching is more of my style. I imagine there's a bit less available after Dante reported the councilor's stunt of quoting from our personal records."

Kotal seems to relax after that fin pat. Serenity's touch have a strange way of calming him down, as he seems wholly incapable of staying upset after being in close proximity to such a friendly and easy going chi.

Nevertheless, he shakes his head when Serenity offers her solution and paces away from the desk, still looking very vexed. "That is not the problem, Serenity. I am certain I can learn enough of computers after some practice to know how to acquire the information I need."

"The problem is that I cannot even talk to Gegoshi, nor do I know where she even is. Where it not for the fact that Caliga gifted me with his memories and that I overheard Dante speaking of her, I would not even be aware of her existence."

When Serenity speaks of Caliga too, Kotal seems to be reminded of something and pounds his open palm with his fist. "Yes... as intrusive as it was to be read by Caliga with that contraption, it seems that it would be exactly what I need."

"If I could get my hands on one of those things I would know exactly what I need to know."

He turns to Serenity abruptly. "However, the alternative would be, as you said, talk to people. You wouldn't happen to know anything special about Nancy Dark, or the psychopath known as Johnny? Or perhaps Yoiko.." Kotal visibly cringes at that, like if saying the name actually caused him pain. "Or someone by the name of Crux.. or.. Cale.... and Datenshi Wraithshadow." The Aztec brings his hands to his head as if he were suffering a massive headache. "All these blasted names and memories.. I cannot filter through all of them!" A sudden shake of his head and he's blinking his golden eyes again. "It is too much, even for me. I need to see it in writing or spoken to me."

Serenity cringes slightly at the palm-pounding but shifts to follow after Kotal at a slight distance as he moves about the room. "Caliga's memories?" Ren repeats uncertainly. "I'm afraid that I don't know much of these people you mention. I did happen to meet someone by the name of Yoiko once." Ren frowns and motions toward the exit. "Johnny, I had the unfortunate experience of meeting on a number of occasions. As your label of insanity suggests, his personality is not at all consistent. I've seen both murderous rage and a good-tempered person with a mildly irreverent humor, as well as displays of apparently magical power and completely ordinary walking about." Ren motions inward. "He would not be my first choice for a leadership position, if I were going to set up an unelected oligarchy to rule over a refugee camp."

Kotal nods, "I may have neglected to inform you, but when the council member visited us the Usual Restaurant he imparted all his memories upon me." The Aztec crosses his muscled arms and stares at Serenity with his impassive glowing golden eyes. "According to him, he did it on the pretext that I would understand when he attempted to take revenge for a slight done to him and that I would not interfere. That much will work, in the even that he acts upon what he feels was robbed from him, I would be remiss to try and stop him. It is, after all, what I would have done."

"However, his memories are far too extensive for merely just that. There is something more to this." A chuckle, "I would not be so bold to think that he is passing the torch to me. It feels more as if he's just giving me all his burdens."

"It matters not to me. Fixing problems through strength and skill is what I do."

As Serenity says the name of Yoiko, Kotal's eyes widens and he stares intently at the slug. "Then it is imperative that you tell me what you know! I feel that this person is of great importance to the future of Twisted."

But at the mention of Johnny, he just makes a dismissive wave with his hand. "You misunderstand. I have no intentions of inviting Johnny to join TASK. I have met him just once and that it is enough to know of his deranged nature. My concern for him is simply that he has been around Twisted for long, he is perhaps who best represents the city, and as such I think I would need to know more about him."

Kotal hmms in thought suddenly remembering something. "If I am not mistaken, Caliga used one of Johnny's blades when we fought, or at least a sword of similar design."

Serenity frowns at Kotal's explanation of the memory transfer, pausing to 'stand' near Kotal while continuing to listen intently. "Yoiko didn't seem particularly remarkable or world-changing when we spoke. She looked like rather ordinary human -perhaps a bit more spotted. She did seem rather interested in investigating the physics of this place, but didn't mention a desire to use that knowledge for anything major." Ren then gestures toward Kotal, "Now you seem quite powerful yourself. Would it be safe for you to simply ask to meet with Johnny? If he is supposedly a council member, he ought to be open to conversations about the public good, no?"

The Cuachic rubs his chin when Serenity explains what she knows of Yoiko and though informative it does not seem to completely satisfy him. "A scientist of some sort perhaps?" He ventures to wonder out loud, still looking very pensive. "It may truly be nothing and that she is simply curious about this chaotic realm where she now resides, as I know any sane person would."

"However, considering that her blasted name will not stop -pounding- in my mind." Kotal literally looks like he's in pain just thinking about it, his eyes flare in annoyance and he looks that much tense after saying her name. "I am forced to assume the worst. For all I know, she could very well be plotting to tear the fabrics of this realm asunder." He grasps at the beak of his Eagle Knight helmet in a futile attempt to scratch his head. "It is.. like my brain were itching. Do you know where I might be able find her? Or if she is even still alive?"

Then as the topic turns to Johnny, Kotal simply scoffs in distaste. At the very least curing him of his temporary brain stroke. "Johnny strikes no fear in me. From what I have seen in Caliga's memories, Johnny is a prodigal serial killer, but he is no warrior."

"Challenging him to Kombat is truly the least of my worries, however. The problem is quite simply that I cannot find him anywhere. I am still relatively new to this city and the places where one can hide are many."

"Truly, I could really save myself a lot of problems simply asking Diablo for help, but I am sure you will understand my reluctance to ask the Devil himself any favors, Serenity."

Serenity nods thoughtfully at Kotal's last remark. "It seems past time that I go to have a talk with Gegoshi about the personnel questions, our off-site access to information, and those people you'd like to know more about. I assume there's no cost to that, or at least no additional cost beyond the political favor of giving us the TASK name. It's a rather tarnished name, at that." Ren motions toward the exit, "As for Yoiko, I haven't seen her lately, but Leena and Debbie at the Integra Arms might have. Perhaps ask for the head engineer of the interstellar ship? I don't imagine there are many of that name and description living in the building."

At long last, Kotal actually seems happy with Serenity's response. The deity's eyes brighten, and for once, it isn't with sudden anger at random innocent furniture. "If you could do that for me, I would be forever indebted for you, my friend." Finally, it's sad to think about it, but Kotal seems glad that there's someone besides him that wants to do some progress on their situation. He nods after that, "Yes, I have heard a lot that the previous TASK agency was lacking in scruples. It will take some time before we can restore its reputation to its former glory." The Aztec nods again at Serenity's suggestion. "Now that I can work with. I will head there post haste."

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