2015-06-07 - Greetings From Nippon

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Greetings From Nippon

Summary: Caliga learns that Amaterasu is not the only... Nipponian to find their way to Twisted.

Who: Caliga, Ushiwaka
When: June 07, 2015
Where: Nowhereto Park - Fountain


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        The moon is high, a yellow crescent in the sky that sets nearby water to sparkling with silver. A breeze carries the scent of something unfamiliar, just before the wind rises to a gust and there is the feeling of someone there, just for a split second. It's all gone in a heartbeat. But then a voice speaks. A musical tenor voice, definitely male. And Japanese. Kind of. It's ooooooooold Japanese.

        "Hmm... so she's found herself here, has she...? I wonder if the others have too?"

        A flash of movement, and from above a figure drops down. Well, more like floats down. It's a man dressed in a pink and red kimono, and loose indigo pants. He also wears a strange, birdlike hat over what looks like long white hair with red at the triangular tips. He also seems to wear a pair of tall geta-- Japanese sandals-- with a single 'tooth'.

        This man floats down from the sky, slowly, the white hair flaring out almost like a pair of wings. He alights atop the fountain. Not the fountain itself though. On the water in the fountain, the single tooth of each geta seeming to treat the water as a solid surface. He pauses, to look around. "Such a strange place..." he mused, again in that old Japanese language.

        The faint scent of cigarette smoke carries across the wind near the fountain, as does the sound of low swearing. It may concearn most people, but generally the populace as a whole ignores the rantings and ravings of madmen on Twisted, as there seems to be a good deal of them.

        Caliga stands near the fountan itself. A look if intense concentration is on the man's face as he struggles to keep ahold of the sheath, the blade within violently shaking as he stares towards the sky. A look of worry enters his eyes as the paper seals wrapped around the tsuba and the sheath start to tear. "Oh no you don't!"

        Caliga quickly lowers the sword, and places it back on his back, adjusting the harness as he turns to face voice behind him. His left hand waves slightly, and the source of the cigarette smoke comes into view as he places the lit object between his lips. Glancing upwards towards the man, he smiles. The language is archaic, but its one that resonates within Caliga. "Oh? A new comer? It seems that we have a fair amount of them these days."

        There is a pause at the swearing, and the man in the kimono turns his head to look at the source of the voice greeting him. "It seems so." This is still in that old Japanese. If it's familiar enough for it to be understood, he won't need to translate. If not? He'll know he needs to speak another language.

        "Perhaps you can help me. It seems a <friend> of mine made her way here." The word 'friend' is blatantly in English, however. Back to Japanese, "She's rather important. We have... unfinished business to tie up. So does she."

        The tip of the cigarette flares up as Caliga takes a deep drag of it, exhaling plumes of smoke after a few moments. "Oh? Well, there are quite a number of those who reside in this realm." His left hand rises up to grab the cigarette, only to flick slightly and cause it to vanish once more.

        "Unfortunately, without a name, I don't think it will be all that easy to locate your <friend>." The man takes a step towards the man in the kimono, three faint rings appearing within his eyes. "My name is Caliga. Might I ask what your name is?"

        "I see," the man in the kimono replies. If he thinks Caliga's hiding anything from him, he doesn't mention, or seem all that upset about it. He merely keeps the same distant, polite smile.

        When he's asked his name, his smile widens. The white fabric attached to the hat-- from this distance it's clear that's not his hair-- lifts and spreads, like wings, and he takes off into the air. He lands a few seconds later, though, bowing with a flourish. "I am, Ushiwaka, the gods' gift to man! <Hello~!>"


        He straightens then. "I am fairly certain you would know <my friend> if you saw her. Can't miss her-- large white wolf with red markings and a fiery Reflector? Uses her tail to paint the world? Accompanied by a loudmouthed glowing sprite?"

        A low frown starts to form upon Caliga's face as he continues to watch the man in the kimono, only to sigh loudly as his response comes through. "...Of course." It seems that while Usiwaka is fairly confident in himself, it's obvious that he is something that is quite different in origin.

        "Unfortunately, I don't quite know anything by that description." Yep, it's a blatent lie, but Caliga is starting to keep closer tabs on those who are being drawn in to Dante and his new role. Especially something like flamboyant birdmen.

        "Have you tried calling for her? I've been told that whistling loudly works at times if you want to get a canine's attention."

        Ushiwaka pulls a frown at the negative response to his question. Though honestly it looks more like a pout than anything else. But he smirks when Caliga mentions whistling loudly. And the smirk has that almost-sleazy quality to it that someone has when they're planning something and they're not telling the people they're talking to. Definitely smells like weird.

        "She is, unfortunately, no mere canine," he replies. "She is much more than that. Ever so much more." He sighs a bit. "Ah, but it's unfortunate she seems to be nowhere to be found. She has a great deal of tasks before her. They're quite important... her world may suffer if they're not done." A pause, and he tilts his head. "Or... this one might..."

        "It sounds like you are a wonderful <friend> to her." Caliga merely smiles, as he reaches into his jacket to pull out an unlit cigarette. "I mean, you left your own world as well, which seems to be in a rather precarious position due to your <friend> having gone missing." He raises his right hand upwards and places the cigarette between his lips.

        "Though.. I would be very careful indeed with what you say may happen to this world if you can't find them." He snaps his index finger and thumb together on his right hand, creating a quick flame that catches the end of his cigarette ablaze. "It could be construed as a threat, and while our own Police Force would be quite capable of handling the job," He takes a long drag, and grins towards Ushikawa, like a cat grins as it stares at a bird that has seemingly gotten itself in over its head.

        "There are those that would not give them their satisfaction. Now, what is the name of your friend, Ushikawa?"

        "That is true," Ushiwaka replies, to the mention of being a good friend. "I waited for her to wake up for a hundred years, and just when she was beginning to stir again... goodness, she just <disappears>! Ah, I forgive her, though. I doubt it was within her power to control, since I appear to be just as trapped here." Which is not going to make Queen Himiko very happy at all, he realizes.

        He actually starts at the words of the police force, blinking as if in shock and placing a hand at his chest in surprise. "Oh my... did I step on toes? I'm terribly sorry. These geta... I can't help it sometimes~." Though he does chuckle, as he returns his arm to his side. Here a tiny bit of seriousness sneaks into his expression. "Your world has little to fear from me. There are others far worse."

        The levity seems to return then, and the question of his friend's name comes up. "You may know her as Shiranui. Or if not, as Amaterasu." He's not afraid to speak her name, so there's that. It's weird. He ticks all the 'villain' boxes-- arrogant as all hell, refuses to take anything seriously, jokes and makes melodramatic commentary. But he claims he's little threat to Twisted...

        "Oh, I am quite certain you could find her if you wish." Caliga merely grins as he steps backwards and once more exhales a large plume of smoke. The smoke doesn't seem to rise into the air, but seemingly grows thicker as if it were now only there to obscure the senses of sight and smell.

        Nimbly dancing through the smoke now, Caliga comes to stand directly in front of Ushiwaka, looking directly into his eyes. "I will leave you with two words of caution, dear Ushiwaka. This is not your world, and while you may seem to have it's best intentions in mind, your primary attention should remain solely here."

        Another plume of smoke is exhaled, as Caliga deftly moves to stand on it, allowing it to slowly rise up into the air. "The second warning, is to be careful with half truths. They can lead to some very sticky situations. Search for your friend, as she is here. However... I would worry more about her guardian. I don't think he will allow anything to come to pass that would harm her."

        The thick clouds of smoke suddenly vanish, leaving the lingering scent of tobacco in the air.

        That close Caliga can see something else in Ushiwaka's eyes. A couple of things, actually. First, that gaze is one of an ageless being, someone who cannot look at things as mortals do. This is no human. And second? Sadness. He might as well be wearing a mask, because that flippant attitude is hiding sadness. A great deal of it, from the looks of it. Though its buried so deeply that it's hard to see beyond that.

        "As I said. It is not me you should concern yourselves with," Ushiwaka says to the disappearing smoke. He figures the man who just departed can still hear him. "Concern yourselves with those who may have followed us."

        And then a sigh. "You do get yourself into such remarkably complicated situations, don't you <my dear>?" he observes quietly, to no one in particular. Looking for a sun goddess at night was futile. He'd have to wait 'till the morning at least. With that, the fabric at his hat lifts again, and he jumps into the air, rising up and over the level of the treetops. He quickly disappears.

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