2015-06-10 - The Dwarf and the... Elf... Bird... Thing

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The Dwarf and the... Elf... Bird... Thing

Summary: Muradin goes to investigate rumors of creepy stuff happening at the park. He meets a character he's not quite sure what to make of...

Who: Muradin, Ushiwaka (NPC)
When: June 10, 2015
Where: Nowhereto Park


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        It's been very lately, only the last few days or so. But in that time there have been reports of a haunting melody played on the flute here in the park. It sounds like the Japanese flute, with its wavering trilling notes. And every time it plays, one can almost swear the wind blows along with it... that the breezes carry the smell of sakura flowers. Might one be imagining it if one actually sees pink sakura petals on the wind?

        Although lost in a strange world not his own, one dwarven adventurer known as Muradin Bronzebeard, has had little trouble fitting in to this Twisted kingdom.

        Because as Muradin well knows, places like these are always ripe with intrigue, mystery and danger...

        And wherever you might find those things, there will always be need for bold adventurers like him.

        There were nothing but rumors, not even a bounty or an official call for mercenaries. All Muradin heard were gossiping people talking about the creepy wind and flute sounds coming from the park. Normally things that are beyond the notice of a renowned fighter such as himself, though Muradin couldn't really rely on his reputation here like he did in Azeroth. Besides, the dwarf knew it was always worthwhile to follow leads like this on.

        Mining pick strapped to his back, battle axe dangling from his left hip and warhammer placed on his right, the heavy steps of a short but stout bearded fellow were heard approaching the park. Muradin sniffed the cool air of the park and grasped a stray sakura petal flowing in the wind, rubbing it lightly on his gloved hand to inspect it. Curious sort of plant, he doesn't think he's seen its like before in Azeroth... unless...

        The music has quieted down by the time Muradin arrives. But as he catches the flower petal and examins it, that music returns. Except it's so much more focused now. Focused... above him, in one of the trees. And sure enough, when he looks up, there is someone standing on one of the upper branches as easily as one would stand on the ground.

        It's a thin yong man of fair features, with a hawk-headed headdress with a long white cloak attached to it. The ends of the cloak are triangular-shaped and colored red. He wears a pink kimono with red accents, loose purple hakama, white tabi socks, and large red geta with a single 'tooth' upon which he didn't seem to have a bit of problem balancing.

        And indeed, he is also playing a flute. As he takes the instrument waway from his lips, he notes, "Well well. You look like the adventurous type." It's a smooth tenor voice, musical somehow. "I seek information. I could make it worthwhile for you, if you have the information I seek."

        The return of the music with a vengeance does call Muradin's attention and sure enough he looks up when he hears the music right above him. The petal is discarded and he takes a step back, his gloved hands reaching for the handles of both his axe and hammer, being very wary of this gaudy dressed fellow. Sure, he looks thinner than a high elf from the looks of it, but Muradin knows better than to underestimate a guy that can balance himself on a tree branch with those kind of shoes. Besides, considering he's not in Azeroth anymore, Muradin considers everyone a threat unless proven otherwise.

        Thankfully, Muradin is also wise enough to know not to provoke people for no reason, it makes him look twitchy, and as everyone knows, dwarves fear nothing! Muradin refrains from immediately attacking and instead gives a grunt, "So yer the bloke that's making all that noise." That's right, Muradin just called that music 'noise'.

        "Hold yer horses there, mate." Says the dorf as the fellow with the flute begins to ask information. "Ye canna be asking that o' folks after juss meeting 'em. How 'bout some introductions? Here, I'll even go first."

        "Name's Muradin Bronzebeard, at yer service." He points at himself with his thumb, a decidedly foreign mannerism. "Wot can I do ye fer?"

        The fellow on the branch doesn't seem bothered by the classification of his music as 'noise'. Or if he is, he makes no mention of it. Muradin calls a halt for introductions, and the man tilts his head. "Curious. I would have thought a <philistine> would jump at the chance to gain greater wealth or power~." One gets the feeling that the word 'philistine' is spoken in another language, though all of it is understandable.

        However the man in the pink kimono does smirk at the introduction. "But, if you /do/ wish to be somewhat polite..." He leaps into the air, out of the tree, and his headdress's cloak spreads out like wings. As if in response, his descent slows, until when his feet are an inch above the ground he is going slowly enough that it's as if he just stepped off a single stair above the ground.

        "I am Ushiwaka, the gods' gift to man! <Hello~!>" Again one gets the idea that 'hello' is spoken in another language. But then... that introduction...

        Looks like an elf, acts like an elf.. yeah..

        Muradin just decided that this guy is probably an elf.

        At least putting him in some kind of category makes it at possible for the dorf to associate with this strangely whimsical being, not to mention obviously quite full of himself. "You wot, mate?" Muradin seems to understand all this guy is saying even if it's some kind of strange language, and normally, being called a philistine would mean fighting words for the Mountain King. "Ye must have me confused for another type of dwarf." He responds, as the thane decides to give this strange man the benefit of the doubt and not try to bash his brains out. Although he does mutter to himself something about 'bloody foreigners..'

        Ushiwaka's introduction /doesn't/ ease the strain any. All the respect he might have garnered from the dwarf when he levitated down from the branch is lost as soon as he calls himself god's gift to man. "Oi.." Muradin rubs his forehead, moving his horned helmet a bit. This was going to be one of those meetings.

        "Good to meet ye, I guess.." Says the dorf now sounding less than thrilled of being here, but maybe he can still make a profit out of all this debacle. "So, Ushiwaka. Wot kinna info do ye be needin'?"

        Never missing a beat, Ushiwaka crosses his arms across his middle. Not across his chest, but rather across his waist, with one hand cupping an elbow and the other hand resting on the bend of the other elbow. The geta tilt as he shifts his weight to one leg. It's a very elegant stance. "As I said. <Information>."

        He tilts his head. "I have sensed a power here. Someone I know. Someone I have not seen in a long while. Someone who disappeared not too long ago. And here, I sense her again. Perhaps you know her as Shiranui? Or perhaps as 'Amaterasu'. We have... much to discuss, she and I..."

        Muradin notices the very elegant and rather -effeminate- way Ushiwaka crosses his arms, but makes no audible note about it. After all, Muradin already decided this guy's an elf, so nothing he does can make the dwarf think any less of him.

        The Mountain King crosses his arms too in the /proper/ way, like men are supposed to do. Right across his barrel like chest with hands tucked between his bulky biceps. He frowns as Ushiwaka begins to speak of some greater power, and a flash of recognition passes across the dwarf's blue eyes.

        "Oh? Yer lookin' for that white wolf?" Muradin yawns for some reason, as if this held no real interest to him. So what if this elfbird looks sketchy as all hell? So does everyone else in this crazy city! Besides, it's none of Muradin's business what goes on between Amaterasu and Ushiwaka. "Yeah, I know of 'er. Saw her and her lil' flea mate when I dug meself out into this city." A very informative little fellow he is.

        Ushiwaka's brows raise a bit, in surprise. "Oh? You /have/ seen her? that is good to hear." Though his smile is not exactly what one would call relieved. It's more of a smirk, really. Might he be planning something now that the knows the white wolf is here? "Do you know where I might find her?" he inquires.

        "Ah ah!" That's when Muradin looks a bit more attentive about the conversation and calls to a pause by raising his open palm. "I've been awfully forthcoming with the information for free, mate. That last bit is gonna cost ya." True, it may be none of Muradin's business what goes on with these two, but he /is/ a dwarf, and if there's one thing they are good at.. besides killing monsters and making top-notch weapons and armor.. is how to make a profit.

        Here Ushiwaka's smirk widens. "Ah-ha... a profiteer," he observes. "I like that. It's so much easier to come to a mutual agreement in that case." He tilts his head once more, and then extends a hand palm up, indicating Muradin. "Do you find ancient technology appealing? Or perhaps I could look into your future?" he offers.

        Muradin rubs his well groomed beard in consideration. It's true, this strange elfbird looked like a shrewd businessman, which was actually not necessarily a good thing right now, since the Mountain King would have preferred quick payment so he could be in his merry freaking way. However, spending a few moments to haggle with this Ushiwaka fellow might be more profitable if he puts some effort into it.

        Or they might come to blows, either way Muradin gets his win.

        He smirks too, "I've never put much stock in soothsayers honestly, and I'm the type of bloke that prefers to make his own future." He pats his weapons.

        "Lemme get a look at these tech o' yers and I'll tell ya if it's worth me time."

        Shrewd? Perhaps. There's a certain amount of devil-may-care attitude that one gets from his easy expression and lopsided smirk. His eyes are lidded, yes, but honestly, that could just be how they're supposed to look. It's hard to tell.

        Ushiwaka rubs his chin in thought. "Ah, I have the perfect thing." He extends a hand again, palm up, and curls his fingers closed, into a fist. It's not pointed /at/ Muradin, no. A light shines around it, and when he opens his hand, there is a small statuette there.

        It looks like... a cat. A white cat with splotches of orange and black, with one paw raised next to its face. Its eyes are closed and it smiles happily. Around its neck is a large golden bell. The whole thing is tiny, easily able to fit into a pocket.

        "This will bring you fortune... quite literally," he explains. "Dropped coins will find themselves drawn to the pocket in which you place this in, and you will find that it will draw you in the direction of treasure."

        Muradin doesn't look perturbed when the elfbird guy closing his hand. Even if he /was/ aiming it at the Mountain King, Muradin is perfectly confident he can take this guy out. Therefore, the dorf stands nice and still to receive his supposed payment.

        "Wot the blood hell.." Is, naturally, Muradin's first incredulous reaction. He was expecting some kind of weapon, like a blunderbuss that shoots magic bullets, or maybe mechanical mount. Instead, he's given a teeny toy cat that he feels would be a better gift for a child.

        Before he has a mind to call Ushiwaka out on his BS, Muradin decides to step closer towards the thing, giving him the opportunity to actually sense that there is legit magic coming from the tiny statue. "Huh.." Says the dwarf with his usual eloquence.

        "Not wot I expect, I'll give ye that. But I reckon it'll suffice." He extends his hand to be given the statue, clearly not about to give out his information until he's been paid.

        Ushiwaka smirks. Though rather than place the statue on the outstretched hand... the statue itself levitates and places itself there. "The <Lucky Cat> is now yours," Ushiwaka replies.

        "Now..." he continues. "Do you know where Amaterasu and her little bouncing friend might be found?" he inquires.

        Yep, this thing is definitely magical. Even if Ushiwaka is swindling Muradin about the veracity of its fortune giving powers, it still seems like a neat thing to keep around. Being an explorer and adventurer Muradin also has a knack for collecting fancy trinkets! So this works just fine for him.

        "'At's a fine piece, it is." Muradin smirks and throws the statue upwards so that in neatly lands inside his backpack. Dwarves have a few nifty tricks of their own!

        But on to business. "Roit then. The white wolf sure didn't like ta talk much, but that lil' bugger of hers, Issun was it? He's a real chatty bloke." Of course, this is all going to be Issun's fault.

        "He told me Amaterasu and him are in the business of policing the place. There's a building in town called the DMC agency, blast me if I know what it stands fer, right in front of the Usual Restaurant."

        "If ya head over there, I'm sure you'll find 'em."

        No sooner does the little statue hit his backpack then a few coins from the ground, unseen in the grass, lift up off of the ground. Then they zoom towards the backpack, where they seem to phase right through the material. For each one, Muradin may feel a sensation simliar to an audible *ding*, but it's NOT audible. It's sensed.

        "Issun-boshi. Yes, he is quite chatty. Quite <rude>, as well. He is a Poncle, and his kind mediate between man and the gods. He is a Celestial Envoy, so it is not unusual that he be with her." A pause, considering what Muradin has said. "'DMC'? Unusual," he observes. "But still, thank you, Muradin-san. You have been very helpful. Should you reconsider your wish for someone to look into your future, please do let me know~."

        "Whoa.." Muradin's boggle a little. No one feels money as clearly as a Dorf! Why, the thane might not even need the little magic cat statue telling him that there's money being transferred to his backpack, Muradin can feel the gold in his mind just fine without it! "That's bloody incredible, I'll give ye that much!" Laughs the dwarven fighter.

        "Aye.." He nods at the mention of Issun and his antics laughing a little about how Waka pronounced the word 'rude'. "Got quite the mouth on 'im to compensate for his size too, kinna reminds me of a gnome actually." He makes a scoffing sound. "Makes no difference ta' me if he talks for bloody dragons or old ones. Bloke should know not ta run his mouth like that, it'll get 'im in trouble one a' these days." Muradin makes no mention to Ushiwaka that he actually formally challenged Amaterasu and Issun for a slight though. The elfbird doesn't need to know any of that.

        "No problem, mate. Been a pleasure doin' business with ye." Says the dorf and lifts his helmet as one would a hat. "Aye, I'll keep yer offer in mind.. and oi, if yer in need of more info in the future, make sure to hit yer mate Muradin on it, aye? I'm good for it." Might as well start establishing his very own circle of communications and all.

        "It draws good fortune," Ushiwaka explains. "Both money and good <karma>. Since you seek profit, I thought it might be an appropriate thing to offer in return." As for the laugh over the pronounciation of 'rude'? "You think I tease? He is quite the ladies man for one so tiny. He has a good eye for... female beauty." His smirk widens.

        Oh but then Muradin mentions Issun's mouth getting him in trouble? "It has done. And will continue to do so. But then, it also leads them to where they must go. And Amaterasu herself is much the same, whether she can speak or not." Ah,so she /can't/ talk? That probably makes sense, she's a wolf.

        Ushiwaka bows as Muradin tips his helmet like a hat. "I will keep that in mind," he agrees. "And I will be certain to bring greater treasures." He bows politely, and then turns on one geta. As he turns the white cloak on his headdress spreads again, and he begins to lift up into the air-- are those sparkles? Seriously?-- and then as if he'd merely jumped, he rises into the air, disappearing in the direction Muradin had pointed.

        "I woulda taken an axe too.. but.." Muradin looks positively giddy about the pleasing sensation that new coins in his pockets gives him. "Aye.. I reckon this will do juss fine."

        Then there's talk about Issun again, and even then Muradin still refuses to admit that Issun's tomfoolery made him challenge Amaterasu to a duel. Eh, not something that his new friend needs to know just yet, the Mountain King will milk this strange elfbird guy for as much as he can. "I'll take yer word fer it." Is what Muradin ultimately decides about Issun's supposed eye for girls.

        When Ushiwaka turns to leave Muradin gives him another nod and then rolls his eyes hard at the way the elfbird sparkles when moving away. "Wot a bloody fop.." Says the dorf when he's sure that Ushiwaka is out of earshot.

        He moves to walk away after that, in search of treasures with his new Lucky Cat! This ought to be good..

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