2015-06-13 - A Vigorous Walk

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A Vigorous Walk

Summary: The newly arrived Alucard decides to test Kotal Kahn's limits.

Who: Alucard, Kotal Kahn
When: June 14th, 2015
Where: Another Way

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Twisted Street - Another Way(#1831R)
Following the Twisted Street past the random houses to the west of the center leads you to a small shopping district just on the edge of the wastelands. For those that know their history, the wastelands where once a major part of the city of Twisted before the entire area (and it's people) where lost during one of the last big conflicts. Neighboring on that edge has left the properties here cheap and some of the establishments have been known to change hands frequently.

The most notable businesses here are Ray's Occult Books, the Coffee of Doom, and Eat or Die (an automated restaurant). All of them look a bit run down on the outside and don't see a lot of traffic, but who can really blame them? Not many would want to visit the edge of that constant chaos consuming the rest of the Twisted Street just past the barrier protecting the town.

Running alongside Eat or Die is a small road that leads to the Twisted branch of S-Mart, or at least the parking lot as the retail store is quite a bit behind the shopping district and up on a hill as if to draw attention to it.

Standing on the edge of the wasteland in a red suit and hat stands the tall figure of a man looking out into the chaos. After a long while he whistles, turns, and begins to stroll. His white gloves randomly tightening into fists like someone looking for a fight. His eyes are hidden behind yellow sunglasses and the only expression on his face is the mischievous smile of a man who knows too much and is clearly up to something. In fact he almost looks ready to laugh, and indeed he does when he notices Coffee of Doom across the street from Eat or Die. "Well! At least we're not hiding behind subtleties..."

Having been given direct orders from Dante to patrol the wasteland - something about making sure a cat girl doesn't wander out too far - Kotal Kahn finds himself making rounds around the out skirts of town to ensure no trouble brews. Honestly, Kotal doesn't care why this cat girl shouldn't be here or why it's important to Dante, all he knows is that he was instructed to do so. Nothing is beneath him, simply because soldiers like himself follow orders, even if he happens to be a deity.

And so there walks the God of War, ambling around the streets with wary eyes searching for signs of any cat folk or cat related people. Golden eyes peer about for anything that might look suspicious really and a grinning gentleman clad in a vivid red suit and yellow sun glasses happens to trigger a few of Kotal's alarm.

He regards the man with a dubious look, and while it does look like this guy is up to no good, Kotal really can't arrest him because of a hunch, he has to respect the protocol. In the end, he decides to just test the waters and see how this guy reacts. Who knows? The red dressed man might give Kotal a reason to do more than suspect. "Good day to you, citizen." Says Huitzilopotchli cordially.

Alucard grins at the large, teal man greeting him with such a flowery headpiece. The skulls adorning his outfit mean nothing to him as he openly mocks, "Why hello, miss! Lovely day we're having!" This man seems to be built like an ox. Clearly this might provide a few moments of fun. "You should consider covering up your ample breasts, my dear. Strange men are out and about in this town today." If his grin where any wider his head would fall off.

Just to drive the insult home faster he continues to walk away not even watching to see what reaction his insults drive into the man. Either way it's likely to start a fight, and so his hand itches to draw his gun... But of course he has to wait.

Yep, looks like it's going to be one of those encounters.

"Do you mock me?" Kotal Kahn's lips twist with this distaste at the gall of this man who dares disrespect him like that, and after he just said a friendly howdy do too! It might be strange for a War God to have such a strange pet peeve, but as many have learned Kotal Kahn is quite a stickler for good manners. If he says hello to you he expects it to be returned, because that's just what polite people do! The response he got was.. let's just say.. less than adequate.

"Apologize this instant." The tall turquoise man doesn't let Alucard be in his own merry freaking way. He side steps and stands right in front of him to bar his way.

The crimson dressed man pauses in his tracks and turns, taking off his hat and giving an elaborate bow. "Oh yes. Of course. How insulting of me. I'm terribly sorry your misguided sense of judgement led you to believe that a flowery hat was a good fashion decision and it led to me mistaking you for a horribly unattractive woman." He looks up from his bow, that grin once more on his face. "You see, I'm new in town only just recently bought here by my new employer and I thought by complimenting what I believed to be your breasts would be a good opener to start with. But as I'm so clearly wrong..." Yes, push ALL OF THE BUTTONS!

Almost out of reflex, Kotal reaches to grab his helmet when Alucard starts to talk crap about it. He's awfully defensive about it since its a great source of pride to him. "Misguided?? This is an Aztec Eagle Knight helmet! The highest honor a Cuachic can be given, you ignorant fool!" The man's glowing golden eyes flare as he regards the crimson clad vampire. "You have no right judging what other wear given your own gaudy attire. You look like a complete buffoon." So, it seems Kotal is not all about the muscle, he's still perfectly capable of defending himself verbally if he feels he needs to.

However, in the end, he really is a warrior, and as Alucard does not relent from insulting him, the Aztec God reaches for the handle of his macuahuitl and scowls ferociously. "I tire from the feces coming out of your mouth! Take back what you said or I will make you regret ever being born!" If Kotal were any less honorable he would have just started the fight by kicking Alucard as soon as the other bowed. Problem is, he's bound by the rules of Kombat and can't really act unless there clear challenge issued.

Alucard stares blankly, raising an eyebrow. "Really? ...Really?" Well the humor is momentarily gone from his voice as he stands up straight once again. "I already regret being born. I regret the monster I've become. I regret not being able to die. I regret that girl I ate on the way here." He reaches up and straightens his tie. "But the suit? Gaudy?" He shakes his head. "I used to wear a white suit, y'know.... But you can only get so much blood on yourself before you start realizing 'Hey! Let's cut out the middle man!'" He pauses to grin once again. Always with that grin.

The vampire waits a moment before adding, "But if it's fashion tips you're looking for, here's one. Don't demand respect when you look like an S&M reject with a peacock stuck to your head!" Is that enough of a challenge yet? He can try harder, y'know.

No, it's not enough of a challenge to start a fight..

But this is!

"That is it!!" Kotal unleashes his monstrous macuauhuitl blade from his back, holding it with one muscled arm, and he uses it to point directly at the man standing in front of him.

"It is pointless to try and reasoning with the likes of you. If you think being unable to die will prevent me from killing you, you are sorely mistaken!"

Kotal knows what this guy wants, let's just cut through the chase shall we??


Alucard's grin somehow widens, "OH LOOK! WE FINALLY STRUCK A NERVE!" In a flash a silver pistol ejects from inside his sleeve into his waiting palm. "COME ON, AZTEC! SHOW ME WHAT YOU'VE GOT!! KILL ME!! CUT ME IN HALF!! SHOW ME THE ERROR OF MY WAYS!!!" He leaps back enough to take a quick view of the street. Luckily there's no one actually standing around and there's no cars trying to aimlessly drive into the wastelands. Good because this could get ugly really fast. Relieved he begins to cackle loudly, ready to embrace that glorious rush that can only come from someone trying to kill him.

That grin is really unnerving..

And just like that, Kotal Kahn truly realizes what he's facing.

No, he doesn't figure out Alucard is a vampire. /That/ much was obvious when he started talking about not dying and eating people. No, this is a lot more worse.

"Oh fantastic, a masochist.." Grumbles Kotal Kahn as Alucard puts distance from him whilst drawing a high caliber pistol. It still doesn't deter the Cuachic from following through with his challenge though. "You have come to the right man if what you seek is pain."

Despite the Aztec's vicious remarks about battle, being a bonna fide member of TASK means that Kotal's first priority is to ensure that there's no random civilian casualties, which means he needs to keep this contained. Additionally, he also doesn't want Alucard to put a lot of distance between him so he can use his gun to full effect. Kotal has sparred with Erron Black and the Special Forces plenty of times to know that when fighting a gun wielder is best to keep this to klose kombat.

He solves both problems by calling a sun ray directly behind Alucard. The sunlight intensifies just behind the vampire and it suddenly feels like all hell shinning down from the heavens, scorching the earth and burning anything it touches, therefore preventing the vampire from backing up unless he feels like getting immediately burnt to cinders.

Well it should be a deterrent but Alucard just embraces it, taking a glance upwards and laughing - his hat singeing in the process. "Delicious! Brawn and brains!!" Seemingly blind firing, he charges forwards at the kombatant letting a shot go off just to the left and right of him repeatedly to keep him from any path that isn't directly at Alucard. Deliberately getting within range of his weapon, the vampire swipes with the side of his free hand with the strength and speed to do as much damage as Kotal's macuauhutl.

While a lot of damage could be done, the vampire only aims at the upper arm of his weapon wielding hand - and only then deep or hard enough to make it difficult for him to use his blade. Assuming his strike makes his target, that is. He's fast, but not as fast as he could be. Alucard is still playing after all.

Why do people always go for the hand holding his weapon?

Doesn't anyone ever realize that is Kotal's most easily defended side?

First it was Caliga and now this crazy fool.. Kotal is starting to wonder if there are any decent warriors here at all! Although he guesses he has yet to fight with Dante.. hmm..

Kotal Kahn can afford to think all these idle thoughts while under fire. Because you see, the Aztec realizes that by the way Alucard is shooting, he's not actually aiming for him! Therefore, the best way to dodge the vampire's bullets is to hold completely still, which Kotal Kahn does and even leans on his macuahuitl lazily in an overly sassy way. Taunting his opponent with body language alone. Alucard /is/ right about this guy, he has the brawn and the brain.

When the sledgehammer like blow is swung across to his right hand, Kotal Kahn swings his left muscled arm towards Alucard's limb, intending to bat it out of the way by ramming his outer forearm right into the inside of the vampire's elbow. This is done to parry Alucard's strike rather than straight up block it.

"Fight seriously!" Kotal Kahn chides him. Only the God of Battle would be /that/ good of a fighter to tell that Alucard is just toying with him, and it's clear Kotal will have none of that mess.

Alucard was all set to fight or be fought, not yelled at for not going far enough. Even the swatting away of his hand seems to leave a sour distaste in his mouth. He could have broken his arm, thrown him back, SOMETHING other than just sweeping it away. Fight seriously? He brings his .454 up across his arm and fires it directly at Kotal Kahn's skull with enough speed to make it feel like an automatic weapon.

The vampire simply takes a step back, still firing, "You haven't shown me you're WORTH taking seriously, Aztec! You could have ended this fight already, but you choose instead to stand there and gloat?! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!" Well it's a good question. No one has introduced themselves yet. If Kotal tries to step forwards he'll start firing those 13mm bullets right at his arms and legs just to keep him stationary as he tries to think of a new way to goad him. This isn't going according to plan anymore.

Aaand this is why it pays to wear helmets.

The bullet manages to catch Kotal Kahn off guard and it strikes solidly right into his forehead causing the turquoise giant to reel back. Rather than an expected gush of blood and brains though, there are sparks instead as the bullet ricochets from the Aztec's metal made eagle helm. "Hm.. that is more like it." Says the Emperor of Outworld as he just straightens back and rubs his head.

This time the bullets -are- aimed at him, which is just exactly what Kotal wanted! Finally! A real challenge! He brings his macuauhuitl blade right in front of him, using the broad side of the sword to deflect the bullets shot at him and shields himself with his sword. He's grinning despite being pinned though, likely due to what Alucard is saying. "Neither have you. All you've done thus far is act like a complete imbecile instead of showing me the true power that I sense resides within you. You dishonor me greatly by hiding your real strength from me." Well, Kotal never said that all his inflicted pain was going to be purely physical, he's quite obviously also trying to mess with Alucard's head by hurting him where it hurts most. His ego!

"I am no torturer!! If you wish to do kombat then you will show me the proper respect and fight well!" The Aztec bats the rest of the bullets away and uses that same circular momentum to throw his macuahuitl at Alucard, sending the giant blade spinning righto into the vampire's shoulder where it can bit his collar bone. As soon as he throws it, Kotal is already running behind it to close the distance and take the fight into close quarters again against the crimson clad man.

"I am Kotal Kahn! God of War! Better known to mortals are Huitzilopotchli!"

"Who are you that dares stand before me!?"

Looks like there's still time for introductions after all!

Alucard's ego is not an easy thing to attack. "Oh yes. I am holding back, and I'm not sorry." That grin once more stretches across his features. The more Kotal carries on about showing him respect the wider that grin becomes until the vampire starts cackling loudly, almost enough to drown him out. Especially at when he claims to be a God.

"OH!!!! A GOD, HUH?!? HAHAHAAHAHAAH!!!!" His form seems to shift and Alucard suddenly towers over him, his clothes turning black and changing into something not unlike a straight jacket. His hat vanishes as well leaving him with long black hair suddenly reaching the middle of his back. "I HAVE FOUGHT GODS, HUITZILOPOTCHLI! I HAVE EATEN GODS!!" His mouth opens revealing twin rows of sharpened black spikes. "I AM THE SCOURGE OF THE TURKS, THE DESTROYER OF THE OTTOMANS! I AM KNOWN AS TEPES, THE IMPALER!!" He jerks his still gloved hand backwards and charges forwards looking to rip out Kotal Kahn's heart from his chest all while still gripping that silver gun of his in his other hand. His body has changed back to its proper size as he screams, "I WAS KNOWN AS COUNT VLAD III, AND I AM NOW KNOWN AS ALUCARD, SERVANT OF THE HELLSING ESTATE!!" His mouth opens again, once more revealing those horrible teeth, "AND YOU SHALL BECOME MY MEAL!!!" How he manages to say so much and move so little is anyone's guess.

"Vlad the Impaler?" Kotal hmms in thought even in mid run. It seems that once someone reaches the level of these two, its easy to speak even whilst moving at what are probably speeds well beyond that of sound.

Of course, Kotal knows much about Earhtrealm lore, and he knows even more of myths and legends to know about vampires. Enough at least to recognize that he is fighting a legend in its own right.

Even more of a reason that Alucard should be fighting him properly.

"You strike no fear in me." The Cuachic says calmly as he heads directly for the horrifying figure of Lord Tepes, almost like a man about to dive into the maws of a lion.

The reason of his reckless charge might be because while Alucard was busy screaming out his speech and changing form, he forgot to do anything about the giant macuauhuitl blade spinning directly towards his face!

When Alucard launches himself for Kotal in an attempt to rip his heart out, the vampire simply runs straight into the War God's sword and it digs its obsidian fangs into the vampire's forehead like a frenzied animal -- it appears that the sword might have a small mind of its own since it seems to be attacking Alucard out of its own accord.

"Just another deluded tyrant." Grumbles Kotal as he clears the distance between his opponent and ducks under the vampire's attacking arm, taking advantage of Alucard's now bigger form to slips inside the vampire's guard and deliver a left haymaker punch to where the man's liver ought to be. "The city of Twisted will not suffer your kind, demon!!" Says the War God fully intending to punch Alucard back into the sunlight hellfire right behind him.

Alucard did indeed ignore the spinning blade, and unless it truly has a mind of its own, it would most likely slice the top of his head off at the speed and determination he presents. Yet, even this wouldn't stop him from carrying further. That grin becoming more of an evil sneer as he gets close enough to strike. He doesn't bother to try to stop Kotal from striking and knocking him back into the burning light. Even with as serious as this fight has become, Alucard wants it.

His body is knocked back and despite a yell of terror he quickly begins laughing once more as his body quickly chars and blackens. Red embers flaking off as this beast turns it's head down from the sun and simply walks forwards again, looking at Kotal Kahn behind half destroyed skeletal features.

Releasing a lung full of smoke, this now mangled monster lifts both hands to the sides of his face and a nearly mechanical voice calls out, "Releasing Control Art Restriction Systems three... two... one." His head cocks to the side and that smile once more spreads, "Approval of 'Situation A' recognized. Following the orders of Senior Diablo, commencing the Cromwell invocation." Suddenly there's an audible change in the air pressure as suddenly the binding chains of Twisted as well of those locked upon himself are released for the Count. "Ability restrictions lifted for limited use until the enemy yields or has been rendered silent." Black bats suddenly descend from the skies, swarming around the vampire and restoring him to his strength at the beginning of this fight and beyond. As the creatures merge within him he begins to cackle once again.

"YOU WANTED ME TO STOP HOLDING BACK?!?" The bats have vanished and his shadow stretches out, snaking up from the ground and holding in the air like living tendrils. His hands are suddenly held out over his face like he's imagining a box around Kotal. "WELL YOU MAY HAVE GOTTEN YOUR WISH!" Thousands of eyes abruptly rip themselves open from his neck down to the tips of those tendrils, all of them locked on the warrior's location.

Decapitated and burnt to cinders, all after being accompanied by a satisfying scream of terror. If Kotal didn't know any better, he'd call this fight finished after Alucard was turned into smoldering ash by his scorching rays of sunlight.

But Kotal really does know better, and raises his arm summoning his macuauhuitl back to his hand. The obsidian blade spins back and lands neatly handle first into the War God's grip, where he holds it tightly to ready himself for round two of this debacle.

As he takes a fighting stance, Kotal's golden eyes narrow when he sees the vampire emerge from the sunlight a charred mess, only to regenerate through some kind of unbinding.

The Aztec's eyes widen at the mechanical voice and he can see it plain as day what happens next. It's just like Caliga, he sees the chains holding Alucard down and releasing all of his power.. and by the order of Senor Diablo no less??

This is..



"HA HA HA!!" Now it's Kotal Kahn's turn to laugh even whilst the giant vampire looms over him. The War God holds his ground but is now throwing his head back in roaring laughter. "Of all the unforeseeable things." Says Kotal with some dry attempt at wit. "Diablo got himself a bodyguard to keep us in line!?? I do not know wether to feel honored by his fear-- or disgusted by his weakness!"

Kotal spits to the side and yet makes no sign of even attempting to run. He knows he has no chance against Alucard who has been totally unleashed while he is bound by the boundaries of Twisted. If this were the arena it'd be a nice work out.. but here in the streets?

Aztecs though, they never run, and though Kotal can't tap into his full power, he can still strengthen himself through his blood sacrifice. He pulls his ceremonial dagger and slices open his own chest causing blood to pour from his skin. His once golden eyes turn a deep shade of red as do the lines going all across his body.

"Although you are unworthy, I will now honor you with all my strength."

"You who are nothing but a dog under the devil's leash."

Alucard chuckles at Kotal's realization of the situation and clarifies for him, "He did not get a bodyguard for YOU. He got a bodyguard for HIMSELF. I am to remain on Twisted in his service until I've hunted down the remaining pieces of myself across the multiverse and silenced them, and in exchange I get to..." He pauses taking the warrior's words into consideration a moment, "...break my leash when the moment presents itself."

Unfortunately Alucard allows himself to be distracted a moment as the familiarity of the scene echoes in his thoughts, something that has happened more and more since he shattered. Of course that time he still had the hound of Baskerville as a familiar. Something he really needs to get around to replacing.

It's only after this that he allows himself to focus on the situation again. Hopefully he hasn't missed an important opportunity while his mind was drifting...

"Of course I meant Diablo got a bodyguard, you deranged fool."

"Unlike him, I fight my own battles!!"

There might be a moment that Alucard missed while he was traveling down memory lane. That would be Kotal diving right his massive form and swinging his macuauhuitl upwards into the base of the vampire. The War God aims low at first, and though the chains that bind him still hold his power at bay, they can't contain all the power that Huitzilipotochli brings to bear, much less when he has sacrificed his own blood to call upon the primal powers of War.

Reality itself seems to reel in horror around Kotal's blade and a small shockwave of power pushes away from the macuauhuitl due to the sheer force that is empowering it. The blade is swung right for where Alucard's crotch would be, fully intending to rip upwards and shoot a massive burst of chi into the creature's body to split him in half from the loins up.

Alucard's focus comes back after the blade has hit home and the shadowy beast is severed in two. It seems to do nothing for him though as the two halves start speaking in unison. "AZTEC, WHAT CHANCE DO YOU THINK YOU HAVE?" The two halves fuse together once again and Alucard's form moves forwards like a tidal wave, but this time mouths full of teeth open amongst the eyes all snapping and trying to get a piece of the war god. The vampire continues to cackle loudly as he takes away his opponent's chances one by one.

Kotal doesn't stop moving after serrating Alucard in two, the War God literally pushes right through the vampire to stand behind him, which incidentally, puts him right under the scorching sunfire he summoned.

Unlike way one might assume, Kotal's own sunfire doesn't burn him as it does everything else, it seems to do the exact opposite. Kotal's self inflicted chest wound closes quickly, which is only a small respite to the massive wave of tentacles with teeth that attempt to drown him like a tsunami of death.

The Aztec keeps moving though, almost looking like he's running away from the fight! In reality though, he's running up a light post and using it to bounce off it to jump over the massive frame of Alucard and land behind him. As he does, he brings his massive fiery macuauhuitl down on the vampire's back in an attempt to saw him off again.

"I don't know." He responds honestly.

"Nor do I care."

"We Aztecs do not question our odds. We simply fight!!"

Alucard is cleft in two once more and much like before when Kotal Kahn pulls his blade back the beast promptly reforms. However this time he turns and begins to applaud his opponent. "Well said, Huitzilopotchli! Well said. Tonight you have earned my respect!" The Count reconstitutes himself and bows. This time, however, when he straightens up a whirlwind of darkness begins to sweep around him - blackening out the sky leaving only the dim lights of the shops peering out.

Alucard's blackened form shifts in response, becoming a coat of living insects that crawl forth, spreading across the darkened street. Alucard once more draws his gun, and fires a warning shot that severs the light post Kotal had climbed in half. Then he redirects his aim directly at the warrior. "Yield or be silenced, Kotal Kahn. You claim to be a god, and only a man may slay this beast."

Although the regeneration was completely expected, it still bothers Kotal Kahn that his foe manages to simply pull himself back together after each blow. Strikes that can and have in the past fell fearsome foes and even deities like the Aztec himself.

The Cuachic steadies himself to resume attacking, though its only when Alucard blackens the sky that a flash of worry truly passes over the warrior's face. Taking out the sun is more devastating for Kotal than even the chains that bind his power. He seems weakened almost instantly and the once glowing red lines that mark his body begin to grow dim.

As Alucard shoots the post, Kotal is pulling his ceremonial dagger again, fully intending to draw more of his own blood to empower his attacks. Where he not chained his blood magic would be sufficient to face off against Alucard, but he just can't seem to use all he can with Twisted's limiters.

He scowls, looking more annoyed than afraid at the gun pointed at him. "A strange claim." Kotal furrows his eyebrows, perhaps bidding for time as he tries to figure out how to come out of this one still alive. "What do mortal hands have that a deity could not muster?"

Alucard shakes his head, willing to give this question his complete attention. "I mean you no disrespect. Humans are unique creatures. They have a will and determination that can push them past the levels of gods and monsters. The need to protect one's self and one's family from threats is far greater for a mortal of a limited life span than a beast such as myself. They are creatures that must be protected, and must be feared."

The vampire slouches slightly, the weight of his existence pulling him down. "I say only a man can best me because it is the truth. I knew this the moment I stopped being a man myself. The moment I cursed myself to continue in such a form. Until I find that man, or that woman, I will never be killed. Never be stopped. I am cursed to live forever and until that day I will seek anyone who might be able to bring me a step closer to that goal where I will once again be reunited with my wife."

Throughout this his aim with the gun has never faltered. It has remained aimed directly at Kotal Kahn's chest, and more specifically directly at his heart. "Yield, Huitzilopotchli, so that we may continue to do battle another day."

The Aztec narrows his red eyes at Alucard's explanation and he grows pensive. It's always intriguing how even after living this long, there are still hundreds of things that surprise him. Even as a deity, Kotal realizes that the domain of War is a sadly limited thing, and he has yet much to learn about the infinite universe.

Even now, he realizes that there may be more to the vampire that he initially realized. He had pegged him for a gaudy fool, drunk with power not unlike the tyrant Shao Kahn. Instead, he realized that it was apparently naught but an act and he got played like a fiddle. There is far more to Vlad the Impaler, and he should have known better.

"I see.." The Cuachic says after a moment of thought. "Perhaps I misjudged you. You are not the monster that I thought you to be."

He drops his dagger and his macuauhuitl, the weapons rattling on the ground loudly. Kotal is wise enough to know when it's pointless to continue, mayhap Goro and the Shokans would have fought till the end, but theirs would have been a meaningless death blinded by petty pride.

"Tell Diablo that he wins this time."

"But I will say that you are mistaken about one thing, Alucard."

"Should I ever fight you without being restrained by the chains of this realm. It will be by my hands that you will die."

"I was after all once a mortal."

Letting out another lungful of smoke the scene and everything that occurred seems to reset itself. The air also changes and once more Alucard is just as bound down as he was originally. Possibly more so. The vampire shakes his head at Kotal's words, specifically the mentioning of Diablo. "I shall tell him no such thing. I was not here on his behalf."

Alucard puts away his gun and straightens his tie. "To be honest I think he'd lose his shit if he knew I just randomly drove you to attacking me. BUT I did warn him I like to take very vigorous walks!! If he wants to keep me around and docile, he needs to get me a TV and some fucking cable!" ...and just like that he's back to the sarcastic asshole he started as.

With the darkness gone and the sun seen again in the sky, Kotal's eyes and tattoos once again turn to their original golden color.

He regards Alucard with skeptical eyes as he sings his dislike for his new management but says nothing about it. The Aztec simply holds his hands out causing his weapons to fly back to him, picking them up without having to squat down.

Dagger sheathed and the macuauhuitl again strapped to his back, Kotal casts another glance to the now bound form of Alucard and just stares for a moment more before turning away. "Good day to you then."

Kotal's done here as far as he's concerned, he's got some sternly worded reports to write.

Alucard can't help but grin as the war god starts to walk away. This worked better than he could have hoped. He locks his hands behind his head and lets out a deep, satisfied sigh. "Yep. Gotta love those vigorous walks." For a brief moment his serious side creeps back in and he raises a hand in a slight wave. "Farewell, Aztec. I look forwards to our next battle." That joyous laughter creeps back in and Alucard begins to cackle once more. "Now to figure out what this TASK is..."

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