2015-06-27 - The Muscle is Bored and the Secretary is Underwater

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The muscle is bored and the secretary is underwater

Summary: Serenity struggles with getting TASK on task, while Kotal laments the sporadic nature of fulfilling fights

Who: Kotal Kahn, Serenity
When: June 27, 2015
Where: Devil May Cry office

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The fluorescent and finned floater appears to be lounging behind the reception desk doing some typing. The rhinophore cuff projects the virtual keyboard and screen onto the surface of one fin, while a fringe of finger-like extrusions from the edges of the opposite pair of fins are used for typing. In the corner is an old chest with an ornate lock; the chest seems to have been under the sea for a while.

A beeping sound announces the DMC's door opening, and in comes the statuesque Kotal Kahn. Despite his ever present Eagle helmet casting a shadow over his glowing eyes and even with the added bonus of his stoic like demeanor, its clear by the way Kahn's eyes are narrowed that he found nothing particularly exciting when out patrolling. "Good day, Serenity." That said, even with his annoyed expression he casts all that aside to bid his co-worker some proper greetings. "How do you fare today?" The chest sitting in the corner of the room does not escape his notice and he cast a curious glance at it before looking back to his sea slug friend. "That wasn't there before."

Serenity straightens and looks up quickly as the door opens, shifting to a 'standing' posture with a twist of the body and flutter of fins. Ren crackles a command to cut off the projection from the computer. "Hello," Ren rasps cheerily. Motioning to the old chest, Ren explains, "A bit of lost property that I came across. Dante was able to bring it back here, on the off chance that we might be able to find the original owner." Ren then adds uncertainly, looking back up at Kotal. "Did you encounter some trouble today?"

Kotal hmms in thought when Serenity explains the nature behind the treasure chest. "Interesting, I wonder who could it belong to?" Judging by the sight of it and the smell of the sea bout it, the War God even goes as far as to assume that it might belong to Morgana, though he does not voice his thought out loud. He guess he'll find out eventually. Kotal also wonders about channeling his chi to it and see if there might be something worthwhile inside, though ultimately, he is very respectful of other people's privacy and decides against it. "Not really." The Aztec answers Serenity very non-chalantly. He removes his massive macuahuitl sword and sets it aside before taking a seat on the living room's couch. "Which is a shame. A God of Battle needs Kombat to sustain himself. How have a languished in the past couple of days, my friend." He sighs and kicks his feet up. "I almost wish I could run into that vampire Alucard again. I swear by the Eldergods, it's always feast or famine around here."

Serenity pours out from behind the reception desk to wander over closer to Kotal. Ren takes up a similar posture, as if lounging on an invisible couch that sits facing the real one. "Surely something that didn't involve people trying to injure or kill each other would suffice?" Ren remarks with a frown. "For example," Ren says, motioning a portion of fin off to the side, "I have seen people practicing martial arts in the gym who looked rather competitive while exercising but on good terms afterward."

"I know of them." Kotal adopts an even lazier position when Serenity comes join him, his ever familiar 'reclining tyrant' pose, with his cheek resting on his knuckles whilst he leans side ways, the spitting image of a powerful, but very bored, warlord. "They honor me with their diligence, for all those who sharpen their minds and bodies to the arts of Kombat, in a way, yield tribute to me." Then he side glances at Serenity, glowing eyes peering under the beak of his Eagle helmet. "But you must understand, Serenity. These are naught but mere mortals. Though I can improve their skills they cannot do the same for me." He stretches his legs a little and deflates again. "I need challenges worthy of Huitzilopotchli." Guess Kotal is suffering from a 'its lonely at the top' problem.

Serenity watches Kotal with a sympathetic expression as he explains, afterward stretching out a pair of fins to offer him a damp pat on his head-propping arm. "I feel for your troubles," Ren says. "I'm not in any way trained to be chasing resources for a would-be police department. Researching as a choreologist, yes; leading dance-as-exercise groups, perhaps; maybe even teaching it to children." Ren grins, "But I haven't yet found the advertising trick to bring a line of candidates for competent office workers to the door." Ren motions to the nonexistent applicants at the entrance. "So perhaps we just need to face the challenges we have?"

The Aztec offers a chuckle at the pat but reluctantly agrees with a tired nod of his head. "Indeed.. I would say I am not fit for the job of police either." He muses, looking at his nails, in that way people usually do when they are unsatisfied with what they are doing. "Perhaps 'not fit' is not the right term however.. perhaps more 'over qualified'." Grunts the Cuachic. "To think that after all that has lead me here I would be little more than a glorified town guard." He leans back on the sofa stretching a bit more. "Aaah, but I am not one who complains. I do enjoy making this city a better place. I simply wish we were more efficient at it. Twisted requires more than just the two of us to bring it back to its former glory." Kotal closes his eyes thoughtfully and purses his lips. "I have been pondering the idea of requesting Diablo to allow me to join the Hell Council. What do you think of it, Serenity?"

Serenity stretches too, lengthwise, and rolls to face Kotal fully instead of retaining the ninety-degree twist. The pair of fins pointing upward flop over forward within the mass of water to make a more tubular shape. "There are more-useful complaints and less-useful ones," Ren offers, looking on with a more attentive demeanor. "But more efficient peacekeeping sounds like a good goal." Kotal's latter admission gets a bit of a surprised look. "You certainly fit the requirements of wisdom and power that Caliga mentioned. You also seem to have more ethical concerns than most of the current council."

Kotal seldom grins, but this time he makes an exception as Serenity's response seems to please him. "I appreciate your confidence in my abilities, my friend. It means a lot to me that one such as you believes in my capabilities." A shift on his posture and suddenly he's looking a lot more... sunny. Gone is that expression of boredom, replaced with his more familiar intense concentration. "I merely feel compelled to do something in the light of all this inaction. I am a God of progress after all, for War always brings change. This inactivity is most displeasing. I would have never allowed my Aztecs to grow so complacent with their measly achievements as the people here seem to be." He frowns all of the sudden. "Though I recall having this same discussion some time ago... at any rate, I will speak to Diablo of it in due time and pass whatever test he throws at me. If he cannot compel Gegoshi to do her job then mayhap I can find another solution for this debacle."

"Someone like me?" Ren repeats with a note of amusement and an inward gesture of the free right fins. "Who thinks the political system bears about as much similarity to a basic social-democratic republic as the rule of some large naked person in possession of a particularly pointy rock?" Serenity nods to Kotal's plan. "But yes, I think that you should speak with Diablo about the political options. I'd much rather see you fighting anarchy than wishing that a threat to the city will reappear."

The Aztec chuckles some more at Serenity's overly elaborate explanation. "At least you have an opinion." Kotal counters. "Which is leagues beyond the apathetic attitudes that I have encountered thus far." He looks up, thinking better of his response. "Scratch that, apathy is a blessing when the denizens of Twisted are concern. Most seem more inclined in actively destroying this place." Leaning back again, Kotal rubs the handle of his macuahuitl whilst Serenity offers more of her worries. "As I said, inaction is by far my greatest enemy. Where I to go too long without battle, I would simply perish and fade away into nothingness. Or worse, become as much of a mindless monsters as those the DMC hunts." This reminds the Aztec of something apparently. "Speaking of which, what are your thoughts on Morgana? I hope that you hold her no ill will for trying to hurt you, she cannot seem to be in full control of her actions."

Serenity frowns at Kotal's characterization of the neighbors and himself, but doesn't disagree. As he rubs the sword handle, Ren's eyes briefly fall on that collection of particularly pointy rocks owned by a large but well-dressed person. Serenity glances back up with the question. While considering it, Ren loses some length but retains the 'lounging on an invisible couch' posture. "It's not so much ill-will, as a very disturbing reminder of my own mortality. And on further, less self-preserving reflection, getting eaten by a person means I'm not only dead but contributing to someone else's monstrous habits." Ren reaches up and rubs the beginnings of the mane of gill-feathers. "I know she needs to be treated with the dignity of a person in order to recover, but her dignity and our bodily integrity seem somewhat at odds right now."

If it makes any difference.. those are some /very/ nice sharp obsidian rocks that make the razor teeth of Kotal's macuahuitl. "Make no mistake, I am not attempting to make excuses for her." Offers the War God as Serenity points the siren's obvious down falls. "I will restrict her freedom before I allow her to harm you again. Should you ever suffer an injury due to my own carelessness, I could never forgive myself, Serenity." He sighs, and seems that even a God of War can grow fond of someone who is not a fighter. "I am merely at a loss of how to help her. I know the great Old Ones sent her to me to defeat Alucard.. and yet even with Lady Amaterasu's help, I lack the means to fully cleanse her soul." He grumbles. "And -that- is a reminder of how limited my powers despite my godhood. It is unfitting of a deity of war such as I to feel helpless.. and yet.. here we are."

Serenity ripples closer to Kotal as he offers reassurance; Ren extends a portion from a pair of fins to pat his arm encouragingly. Ren then nods and looks thoughtful as he continues to describe the situation. "While I can't speak for her species, all I know of my own and humans' suggests that isolation is the surest means to *damage* someone's mental health. Surely there must be some way to provide socialization and contact..." Ren looks up at the ceiling. "A clear wall, perhaps? Or a holographic projection from a camera that she controls? Also, some books, once we have a chance to ask her interests."

The Cauchic hmms in thought whilst Serenity comforts him with a pat to his arm. His lips tighten in deep thought and much like when he does when Serenity takes him dancing, its very clear that physical and emotional healing is not at all Kotal's expertise. That said, he's not so far removed from humanity that he doesn't know what Serenity means by the damage solitude can do to a person. "Those were also my thoughts.." He muses and drums his fingers. "She claims to have been alone for at least a hundred years and I suspect she might have killed the last of her kind to feed upon them. Even if we do have the tools, the healing process would be long and tedious." As for Serenity's suggestions, it makes Kotal rub his chin in thought. "Perhaps you can write a list of these possible treatments for me. You seem to be far more versed in the topic of socialization than I."

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