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Taiyou to Tsuki to Umi (Sun and Moon and Sea)

Summary: Ushiwaka's finally found Amaterasu! But her protector won't let him see her. So he leaves a prediction, and plenty of confusion, in his wake. Also burned mole.

Who: Kotal Kahn, Serenity, Ushiwaka
When: July 02, 2015
Where: Devil May Cry

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        The door to 'Devil May Cry' opens, and those with magical senses can easily feel that it is no mere mortal who enters. In fact, some might be able to sense the presence before the person even enters. And who should enter that door? It's a very beautiful (by human standards) humanoid male, wearing a pink kimono with red accents, a pair of loose purple hakama (those pleated Asian-style pants), white tabi socks, and large red geta. Oddly, these have only a single 'tooth', a very tall tooth. It's hard to tell how he balances on them but he seems to manage just fine.

        He also wears a headdress shaped in an avian beak in the front. From the back it almost seems to resemble a cloak, long white panels of fabric hanging from the back and sides, vaguely parted. The ends of the panels are triangular and dyed red just at the ends. The man carries a weapon, but it's sheathed and he doesn't appear to be about to draw it. There's also a flute tucked into the band of his hakama.

        He speaks as he enters, a light but smooth tenor voice. "Aa, I prefer to leave such boring entrances as THROUGH DOORS to the <mundane>." It sounds like he's speaking in one language for all but the word 'mundane', and then that's another. but somehow it's all understood. "But I must do what I must do." He lets the door close behind him and raises a hand and places one foot before the other as if posing. "Ushiwaka, the gods' gift to humankind, is here~! I understand <my dear friend> is here, has anyone here seen her?"

        Serenity is at the reception desk, lying approximately horizontal within the cloak of water but stretched out lengthwise and twisted and bent in several ways that vertebrates should not be... Apparently the office hasn't gotten many visitors today. While lounging in the improbable pose, Ren has a pair of aquamarine fins extended to provide a projection surface for a virtual keyboard and display, while the other pair has its edge scalloped into 'fingers' for typing. As Ushiwaka enters, Ren hastily crackles a command to cut off the computer on the rhinophore cuff and attempts to straighten into a more dignified 'standing' pose. "Hello, and welcome to the downtown office of TASK," Ren rasps amiably along with a smile to the visitor. "Which friend is this?"

        Ever on guard even whilst relaxing, Kotal Kahn did sense a powerful presence approaching the DMC agency even before the curious individual could make his... 'grand'... entrance.

        Currently involved with cooking dinner as he's often doing at this time of the day, Kotal's glowing eyes peered upwards and away from the pot where he was stirring some mole to glance sideways in the direction of the door. 'Something wicked this way comes' doesn't even /begin/ to describe what Kotal is sensing at the moment. He all but drops his stirring spoon and /tear/ his apron off his body, leaping over the counter to stand in the living proper-- just in time to meet with the strange fellow and the needlessly elaborate way he enters the DMC.

        Although unsure of who this person is, Kotal is very certain of one thing only; this man's chi smells.. can you even smell chi? Apparently the Aztec can and his senses are raising all kinds of red flags coming from this fellow.

        The statuesque Cuachic begins to approach closer to the waiting room where Serenity is currently greeting the visitor. Kotal's macuahuitl magically floats over from its resting place and straps itself to the giant's back as he continues to walk with glowing determination to his golden eyes.

        One look at them and someone might be able to tell that.. there's something 'similar' about Kotal Kahn and Ushiwaka.. but seemingly the complete opposite. The fact that they both have bird styled headgear is impossible to miss, despite that while Ushiwaka's is a fancy hat that resembles a cascading cloak, Kotal's is a helmet designed for war, with brightly colored and aggressive looking feathers.

        That might be why this fellow flares -all- the alarms for the Aztec.

        It's another bird and he just barged inside Kotal's flying space.

        "Come no further Moon Walker!!"

        The War God's booming voice EXPLODES from the back of the room and his chi travels across the DMC's halls, telling Ushiwaka that something extremely dangerous is coming his way. That Serenity is being her usual welcoming and friendly self makes no difference to Kotal, he knows that something is up even before this man explains his intentions.

        "Stay away from him, Serenity."

        Ushiwaka doesn't look the slightest bit confused or surprised to see Serentity. Perhaps he's seen her species before? It's hard to tell. either way, he straightens at her words, putting his hand down to his side. "Greetings to you, my lady. The <friend> I seek? Aa... you could not miss her if you saw her, could not mistake her for another if you knew her~."

        And then Kotal's appearance. Oh he definitely senses Kotal's presence! Contrary to the threat Kotal doubtless intended, Ushiwaka's face seems to light up a little, as if he were incredibly pleased to see Kotal. But his eyes are narrowed shrewdly... like a crow looking at a larger eagle with a yummy treat and trying to figure out how to trick the eagle out of said treat. He tilts his head, crossing his arms at his midriff, raising one hand to his chin.

        "<Oh my>! I am so very pleased to see you, tall dark and azure~. You MUST know my <friend>, I can feel it. She is a great, majestic white wolf. And for her companion she has a tiny, talking, glowing bug who fancies himself an artist." here he shrugs dramatically. "Aa, but she associates with such <riffraff>, it's nice to see she finally has some handsome company. She will need to prepare her heart for meeting me, after all~."


        Serenity's interested attention towards Ushiwaka changes to a puzzled look as he describes the friend, but Ren doesn't have a chance to ask for clarification before Kotal arrives. The sudden outburst and order gets a 'blink' from Ren and a bit of startled shrinking in length and 'antennae'. Ren twists to look back at Kotal as he appears, then returns eyes to the visitor to regard him with a frown. "He did manage to cross the threshold..." Ren points out quietly, motioning a pair of fins to the front door. Ren, however, does remain behind the desk.

        It is as if every minute action and gesture from this fellow irritated Kotal Kahn to no end. When Ushiwaka responds to Kotal's own explosive entrance with naught but a gentle and amused smile, Kotal's answer is to scowl angrily, yellow eyes glowing with sun powered fury, almost looking as if there were literal flames coming out of his eye sockets.

        Serenity pointing out that Ushiawaka was capable of passing through the anit-demon barrier is met with a wave of Kotal's hand. "It is no matter, not all our foes are Infernal in nature, Serenity. You must know this." Argues Kotal before focusing his attention back on this vexing bird creature.

        And there we have it, as soon as Ushiwaka mentions that he's looking for a regal White Wolf, Kotal is enveloped with territorial fury. If really were an eagle, he'd be flapping his wings and swinging warning swipes of his talons at Ushiwaka right now.

        "Lady Amaterasu is no friend of yours, lunar crow." At least Kotal is starting to recognize /what/ Ushiwaka is, even though he has no idea who he is and what's his actual relationship with Amaterasu. Whatever it is, his creepy factor is utterly unnerving, and it's really getting under the over-protective Kotal's skin. /Particularly/ when Ushiwaka implies he might be her mate.

        That the tengu just called Kotal handsome just seems to irritate him more.

        "I will not let you near her." Is what Kotal ultimately decides as he draws his gigantic macuahuitl and points it defiantly towards the tengu.

        "I am Kotal Kahn, her loyal subject and guardian! And I forbid it!"

        Then, the Aztec's eyes burning golden eyes narrow as he suddenly remembers something that Issun told him. A name, that Ushiwaka might be more familiar with so he knows that he's facing the real deal right now.

        "You who might know me better as; Hachiman."

        Ushiwaka nods in agreement to Serenity's words. "You are correct, <my lady>," he confirms. "Your, aa... 'domicile' is warded against demons-- but not against my kind~! For I am no demon." He pauses as Kotal starts getting hostile, and tilts his head as if exasperated. "Even if your very large, blue friend believes I am."

        He does at least have the decency to shut up so Kotal can make his introductions. The mention of 'lunar crow' gets a perked head-- weirdly, even the cloak seems to react, as if it had a life of its own. Like living feathers, almost. Though he seems utterly amused at the declaration that Kotal wouldn't let him close to Amaterasu. He's amused... right up until the note of introducing himself as Hachiman.

        That seems to make Ushiwaka pause. And then he actually starts to laugh. It's not an evil cackle, no. It's a bright, genuinely amused laugh that sounds like bells. "Ahahaha~... really now? Hachiman? Has it been so long that you would forget me, then? Have you forgotten our battle in the Celestial Plain? That is a shame, it was such a glorious one. Or maybe your soul has merely been reborn. You did not leave that battle with your life, after all..."

        Serenity nods in reply to Kotal, but does not seem to relax as Kotal continues to shout across the room and brandishes his weapon at Ushiwaka. Apparently charming and well-dressed is still less threatening than angry and well-armed. Still, Ren shifts more of the tail end parallel with the floor, as if kneeling down, to ensure that a greater portion of the body is shielded from the visitor by the desk. The sea slug alternately peers out over the top of the desk and back behind it while regarding the two more powerful beings with a vaguely-worried and more than a little confused expression.

        Although he frowns in annoyance when Ushiwaka's answer to his threats is to laugh, Kotal's arm does not lower from pointing at the tengu with his macuahuitl. It stays firm and steady, with almost an unnaturally strong grip. Normally, when someone is holding a weapon /that/ big with one hand and extending it forward, there'd be some shifts and twitches as the person would adjust the position to keep pointing forward.

        No such thing with Kotal, it's like his arm is frozen in place.

        As Ushiwaka reveals that he indeed knows him as Hachiman and that they share some past, the Aztec quickly tries to scan his long memories to see if he has ever met a fellow like this. Who could it be? Raiden? Fujin? Shinnok? Rain? Xipe-Totec? Argus? Kotal has fought /many/ deities in his time, but rather ironically, the only people that have truly bested him are Earthrealmers.. dodgy punks.

        That's why when Ushiwaka claims that Kotal fell in the battle of the Celestial Plains, Kotal refrains from answering immediately. Something is not right here-- is Ushiwaka referring to that fight in Z'unkaharah, the capital city of Outworld? Kotal is quite certain he survived that one, even if it looked like he didn't.

        The Aztec spares a glance to Serenity as she begins to hide behind the desk and then he's starring back at the lunar tengu, macuahuitl blade still pointed menacingly.

        "Long has it been since I've been here." He begins. "Mayhap I do not remember all my battles, much like Lady Amaterasu does not seem to remember me." So, he has to fess up to some information. Showing some of his cards in order to not completely fold. Amaterasu doesn't remember him, so it's just as likely that Kotal might not be able to remember Ushiwaka if they truly met at some point.

        "Nevertheless, the annals of history mean little to me at this juncture."

        "Until you have proven yourself trustworthy, I will not let you see her ladyship."

        Looking in Serenity's direction, Ushiwaka offers a smile, and bows. "I do humbly beg forgiveness for this <fiasco>," he offers to her. "What a world this is-- I come here, merely looking to catch up with a <friend> I've not seen in a long time, to be accosted and shouted at by very large blue war gods." The expression is full of quite clearly faked indignation. It's clearly faked because his tone is amused. "Tsk, tsk, tsk..."

        So it seems that Kotal hasn't taken the bait. This does make Ushiwaka frown a little. Only briefly though, and then he's back to that shrewd, uncomfortable smirk. "Of course she does not know you. Because she has never met you. Nor have I. Hachiman was about your size. But he had skin like bronze, eyes like ice, and his hair and wings were as fire in the sky. And upon each wing, eight feathers were the color of pure gold." Pause, and he gives Kotal a once-over. "You do not seem to fit that description. <Not quite>~."

        However, with Kotal's declaration that he would not allow Ushiwaka to see Amaterasu, he sighs, a put-upon sigh. "So stubborn! I see why you get along with her now." He raises a hand, waving it nonchalantly, and turns, opening the door as if to leave. "Very well then," he acquiesces.

        "But do give her a message, would you? I am something of a prophet, and I have a prediction for her." He pauses, and then smirks in that predatory way, turning his head just enough that Serenity and Kotal can see that predatory smirk. "The Lady Amaterasu's <Flower Battle> is close at hand. Will she be a <budding genius>? Or a <blooming idiot>?"

        And then, before he can be asked any questions, he shimmers and disappears from the threashhold, leaving nothing but a few motes of light to fall to the ground and disappear. He is nowhere to be found in the sky, either. He's just... gone.

        Serenity nods briefly to Ushiwaka upon being addressed, more because it seemed proper to acknowledge than out of agreement or even understanding. But Ren doesn't speak up, nor interrupt the apparently unenlightening exchange. After his disappearance, Ren remains in the same posture for a few moments, then leans to the side as if looking for a flaw in an active camouflage suit, and finally returns to 'standing'. Ren twists to look at Kotal. "Hhh..." Ren hisses uncertainly. "I would ask what just happened, but I'm not sure that I would understand the explanation."

        Then it is as he feared.

        When Ushiwaka reveals his ploy and that he truly never has seen Kotal before, it tells the Cuachic exactly what he had dreaded all this time.

        That Lady Amaterasu truly doesn't remember him because this Amaterasu is not the same one that Kotal Kahn knows. Twisted pulls people from any point in time and dimension, which means that Kotal and Amaterasu truly are from different universes.

        Still... that's not something that Kotal feels inclined to sharing with Amaterasu. Perhaps a dishonest move from him, but he would prefer to keep his closeness with the Sun Goddess.

        Besides, although he senses nothing particular evil from Ushiwaka.. something about this man makes Kotal feel a strong sense of jealousy. It's.. strange.

        He says nothing about the revelation, though he does put his macuahuitl back on his back, apparently no longer feeling inclined to charge the fellow. He then crosses his arms and listens to the tengu's warning.

        "Xochiyayotl?" Kotal Kahn speaks 'Flower Wars' in Nahuatl, apparently recognizing the term.

        As he's pondering this, there's a shimmer, a rush of wind, and the tengu vanishes, leaving a very concerned looking War God.

        Once Serenity ensures that Ushiwaka is truly gone and not merely just hiding, the War God gives an affirmative grunt to the dancing slug in response to her questioning. It doesn't look like Kotal understood himself what just happened... though he can tell her this much.

        "Serenity." He glances at her, staring with glowing orbs of bright fire that are his eyes. "If you would not mind, I wish to be the one to tell Lady Amaterasu of this incident."

        Serenity nods in reply to Kotal. Ren then pours out from behind the desk in a ripple of undulatory fins, stretching as if to relieve the tension of remaining still during the visit. "That seems fair enough," Ren replies, looking back at him. Ren then gestures toward Ushiwaka's recently-vacated spot. "I'll be informing Dante, though, as strangers appearing to offer mysterious prophecies before disappearing seem the sort of thing that he likes to be informed of." Ren then adds thoughtfully, "I would not have guessed that our visitor was Amaterasu's type, given the rather large difference in form. But then /I/ can appreciate humans as well."

        With arms still crossed over his chest, Kotal nods in agreement. "I concur, Dante should be informed of all this." He glances at the door where Ushiwaka entered and presumedly made his exit. "I will be leaving that in your capable fins, for when Dante makes his return..." No clue where he has gone.

        Though when Serenity questions Ushiwaka and Amaterasu being mates, Kotal simply smirks and glances back at her. "Gods often assume many different forms, Serenity. For instance; Amaterasu's true form is that of a beautiful, statuesque woman. She is simply stuck in her wolf form due an issue..."

        "One misconception there appears to be here in Twisted is that we Gods are infallible beings. If only you mortals would understand that ascending into Godhood means becoming forever bound to your one domain... our power is not limitless, otherwise we would not be in need of worshipers."

        And right on cue, Kotal begins to sniff around and look concerned. "Is something burning...?"

        Uh oh.

        "My mole!!!" Kotal screams and rushes back to the kitchen. Because while Huitzilopotchli, rarely if ever makes any mistakes in the battlefield, he is definitely not the God of the culinary arts.

        "True form, huh?" Ren remarks thoughtfully. "While that sounds unpleasant, I imagine Dante is safer this way." The sea slug nods at the continued explanation. "I'm afraid my understanding is a bit taxed by..." Ren breaks off at Kotal's sudden flight. After a brief pause to consider, Ren takes off to the kitchen after him in a ripple of fins.

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