2015-07-03 - ...Paved with Good Intentions

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...Paved with Good Intentions

Summary: Continuing from last time, our heroes continue to explore Hell, much to Caliga's dismay. Which wouldn't be bad if they had left empty handed...

Who: Caliga, Christabella, Dante, Tabitha
When: July 3rd, 2015
Where: Hell, Wastelands


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The Endless Wasteland(#4094R)
You find yourself staring into the horizon of a burning wasteland. However you got here, the path to return from whence you came is gone replaced with more and more of this nothingness. Only rocks and carcasses seem to break up the monotony. The ground and the sky have a reddish tint that seems to stain anything it touches. Even the clouds have this ugly red, like mountains of rusted wool, floating above. Should you attempt to transverse in any direction you may see bits of randomness which float like ghosts just out of your field of vision. Sometimes a massive shadow will pass overhead, a mountain of some kind, which seems poised to fall from the sky destroying everything around you. Sometimes crumbled buildings fade in and out of view and on rare occasion you may be able to explore one or two of them, but your attempts to explore will go unrewarded. Everything here is dead and in ruins. Nothing moves, not even time?

Dante shrugs. "Honestly, as I mighta mentioned before, I was here to take care of Tabs. I'm hoping this stays nice and peaceful like but of course, anyone wants to hurt my friend here and they'll be going through my lifeless corpse first." He pauses for a moment, peering closely at Cali...and continues, "That bein' said...since you're offerin', I do have ONE question. ... WHY the fuck can't I remember a damn thing? I mean, I know I'm gettin' old but...I *know* you. I *know* Tabs...LONG before my most recent memories. Why the hell are there these huge chunks of my previous life here missin'?..." He trails off here, his face surprisingly 'flat' for this particular man.

"Man. You would go straight for the hard questions." Caliga stares directly at Dante, mulling the answer to this particular question over in his head."Dante Sparda... Sometimes, the truth is far more wicked then the lie. This.. is one of those times. I will be honest with my responses, even though neither of you have asked me to swear that."

The cigarette in his mouth burns brightly as he takes a long drag, only to exhale a thick cloud of smoke that covers the ground before them. "The truth is Dante, this world needed it. That's really the only answer I can or will give at this time. The old world was so fucked that if something drastic wasn't done.. none of us would even exist any more. So while you bemoan lost memories, take comfort that you still draw air into your lungs."

Tabitha glares at Caliga, the Dread Dagger once more in her hands as she twirls it at her side. The girl's matured again. Her face pale with bits of flesh clearly beginning to peel away. Looks like the older one has come back a second time today. "...Bullshit. There's just as many problems with th' world now as there was then. I think he's feedin' us more'a someone else's lies..." The corpse glances briefly at Dante and starts making her way to the ruins in the distance, "Fuck this..."

Dante snorts in a rather derisive way. He shakes his head and meets Tabi's glance at just the right moment. He sighs softly and gives Cali a quick look, "I shoulda figured you'd leave me unsatisfied. Well, thanks anyway, lord whatever the hell of the who gives a fuck, but...it looks like we're leavin'." He proceeds to follow after Tabitha. He isn't here to lead her around, just protect. That's it. Protecting his friend.

As Tabitha starts to walk away, Caliga lifts a finger into the air, channeling immense ammounts of energy into a large sphere. "Do either of you realize just what sort of web you've fallen into?" He slowly climbs to his feet now, walking after them.

"All right. I can see how you two want to play this." He brings the ball of energy down, causing a large flash of light that would blind anyone dumb enough to leave their eyes open. Of course, after the blindness fades, once more Caliga is standing before them, this time a paved road leading straight to the city beneath him.

A manic grin suddenly crosses his face as he rips open his jacket, holding it wide open like some sort of sick deviant. Of course, he remains fully clothed, but everything that lines the inside of his jacket however seems to be things that most people shouldn't have. Badges, ID Cards, Tablets. Even a few pairs of what appear to be handcuffs.

"Before you two go running off to your death, might I intrest you in my wares?"

The nekojin shakes her head and lets out a long sigh before she turns around to face Caliga once again. The rate of decay on her face is even greater now and it's starting to affect her voice. "Isss it your job to keep uss back? I'm sstartin' ta think we musst be onta somethin', Dante. He's trying too hard." With a self-satisfied smirk she looks at her companion to see his reaction. This version of the girl seems pretty sure of herself, doesn't she?

"Oh, without this you can't. I did tell you that you didn't have anything to arrest me with /yet/ didn't I?" Caliga smirks as he reaches down and pulls out the ID Cards and Badges from his jacket, holding them out towards Dante. "I mean, without this, you wouldn't even be able to get to the central computer to update your roster without a member of the Council to assist. Wait a moment.. there isn't a council anymore, is there?"

The items are now neatly thrust towards Dante, irregardless of wether or not he takes them. "I won't tell you the truth yet Dante, but. Well, its a bit more fun this way."

He now extends a finger towards Tabitha. "As for you, I don't care what you two do, I've given you permission to travel freely through my domain. I can't say the same for Dis but hey." A small ball of energy surges forward, aimed directly for Tabitha's forehead. "Once you're finished here, you're to report back to me. Its time for us to continue your training again."

Knowing that Tabitha may dodge that easy one, he rises up into the air. "Don't even /think/ you have a choice to back out of this one. All of you inside that pretty little head of hers better understand that once you've finished with your little games of finding truths down in the worst place imaginable... That body belongs to me to whip back into shape. Especially since I know what to be prepared for."

Tabitha ducks under the energy ball and grips her dagger tightly, its influence turning her black and making the decay look like holes cut into a sheet, the city easily seen through the gaps in her body. "Ain't that cute? It thinkss it can bosss uss around!" She tilts the dagger so that light reflects off the blade into for a second into Caliga's eyes. "THISS gives us all th' permisssion we need. Ssso, FUCK YOU 'Caliga'. I don't care what th' fuck ya think you are, or what th' fuck ya think you can do ta uss..." She rises into the air, letting her head and arms simply roll back until she matches his height, and then hunches forwards resembling the maniac in many more ways than one. "The only power you ever had o'er us wasss to unlock usss... and then 'ssssshe' nearly ate you. If I c'n kill tha bitch, I c'n kill you too..."

Dante has had about enough of this wham bam snore of a lay and with a practiced flip of his wrist, Ivory comes flying up and out of its respective holster. The metal itself almost seems to dull and decay ever so slightly as a seemy mixture of a blood red crackling energy of some sort or another mixes around with short jolts of what look somewhat like electrical arcs in shape but seem to do nothing but absorb light, appearing as a black void. Instead of a bullet, this very mixture seems to spew out from the barrel up in Cali's direction. It's quite obvious that he's tapping his own bad juju, as his eyes briefly pulse that same blood red, pupils disappearing from sight. Don't attack Tabi around him. He's going to take it very personally.

Caliga simply shrugs his shoulders. "Whatever helps you feel better about yourself. I'm fairly sure someone in that head is telling you this isn't the most brilliant choice you've made today. You should listen to 'em." He drops the cigarette in his mouth onto the ground, only to rise higher into the air.

"You'll figure it out soon enough Tabbikins."

As Dante's arcs of energy fly towards Caliga, his right arm rises upwards to once more pull the sword from its sheathe. He pauses however, pulling his hand away. The blast strikes him dead on. He doesn't bother moving from his posistion, looking down at the rapidly changing Neko-jin. "You do realize, she's already sworn herself to me. I am her teacher, she is my pupil. Please don't do that again or else I'll have to get very cross with you, Dante Sparda. Please don't make me cross with you. You're far to entertaining. She's ALSO far more dangerous then you realize."

Tabitha lets out a howl of rage and charges at Caliga, her empty white eyes suddenly flaring red, "MY NAME ISSSS SSSSAMANTHA!!" The shadowed creature's speed easily doubles and if it can get in close enough she'll turn the dagger to drive it into his chest, it's blade suddenly elongating to more of a short sword. Caliga's sword will of course begin to react to the girl again with both blades suddenly emitting a ceaseless trail of black flames and smoke...

Dante huhs. He twirls Ivory and reholsters it. "Is this one of those cheesy boss fights where I can't hurt the bad guy? I always hated those. They seemed like the writers had no imagination." He blinks once as Tabi charges, sighing softly. Well, that escalated quickly. He's not going to let her fight alone though. ... Samantha? Ooh boy. He draws Rebellion out slowly...and launches in Tabi and Cali's direction, springing off of debris or Trickster platforms as needed.

"See?" As if Tabitha intends to prove his point, she charges towards Caliga and makes him frown. He wasn't QUITE ready to start again, but she's decided otherwise. He sighs loudly and suddenly vanishes as the Neko-jin nears.

He suddenly reappears next to the girl, easily keeping pace with her. "Psssst. Tabitha. I forgot to tell you something very important."

Most beings couldn't even dream of keeping up with the speed Caliga suddenly starts to move at, his entire being violently shaking as he surges to the other side of the girl, neatly aiming a feint towards her elbow, as if he were seeking to cause enough pain for her to drop that dagger. However, that's not his intent. Even as the Neko-jin moves, his other hands reaches into his jacket and pulls out a small object with two long metal studs on it, which he thrusts towards the girl's wrist. Neatly written on the object however, is the words 'MR. ZAPPY. :D'

Tabitha howls again, this time in pain as the energy rushes though her. The girl's body convulses on its own, sending the dagger plummeting to the ground beneath her. Before Mr Zappy can even be pulled back the darkness drains out of her as well and the 'normal' form of Tabitha falls from the sky, hitting the road Caliga had created below at a speed hard enough to crack the bones in her arm sending a sound into the air like someone breaking driftwood. A more pained scream emits from the girl as her primary personality fully regains control and cradles her arm in an almost fetal position with tears streaming down her face. "OHGODWHATTHEFUCKJUSTHAPPENED!?!?"

Dante growls. "Fuck!" He diverts his course, assuring Tabi's safety more directly important to him than trying to reach Cali to attack again. He diverts his course to land near Tabi and kneeling there to examine her arm. "Don't move it, Tabs. Try to hold still." He snarls up at Cali. "Yeah, you're just the kinda teacher everyone should want, you fucking bully." That being said, he attends to the task at hand. He's going to have to set Tabi's arm in place and tie it tightly with something...

Caliga merely lands on the ground next to the dagger, staring at it, only to shrug his shoulders and /dance/ towards the two. With every step and thrust, the taser is turned on, loudly clicking with electic glee, only for it to be placed back inside his jacket.

The hand continues to dig around in the jacket, until it pulls out a small bottle. "Oh good. I was afraid I had given the last of it to Johnny." He pops the lid off the bottle and pulls out a single bean which he then holds out to Tabitha. "Here you go Kiddo. This will fix you up quick fast and in a hurry. Now.. I do have a few things to say, and you two can go off to make out or whatever the hell it is you want down here."

Clearing his throat, he looks directly at the girl's forehead. "NOW LISTEN HERE YOU FUCKING ASSRAMMING CUNTGOBLINS. You? You're no longer in charge. You fucks are now mine. You will not do a gods damn thing unless /I/ permit it. You pull a stunt like this again, and make it to where people get the wrong idea, I'll fucking find a way to evict your asses from that pretty little head so fast you won't understand what the fuck just happend." He doesn't even wait for Tabitha now to take the bean, and quickly thrusts it into her mouth, forcing her to swallow it.

"I'm the god damned Captain now, and you fucks better remember that." He motions towards the dagger and now turns his attention to Dante. "You get that for her, and don't fucking let her have it back /until/ you're out of Hell. And for fucks sakes, don't you dare touch it. Use your jacket or something to hold it."

He rises up to walk away, and starts letting forth a large string of profanity, that would make most blush with shame.

Tabitha thrashes as Dante tries to look at her arm, mostly instinctually, however she does manage to pull up her short jacket's sleeve where her arm is already starting to turn a dark purple... which begins to turn black? Another 'gift' from Johnny it seems as her arm loses all color and definition and a network of crosshatched darkness spreads out over the damaged area, supporting and resetting it from the sounds Tabitha suddenly starts making behind more tears. Assuming Dante doesn't try to stop Caliga from walking off, she manages to get herself together and quiet down just as he gets out of earshot. "Fuckin' hell... what was all that?" She rubs her face on her other sleeve and moves her wounded arm around to test it. Once she's satisfied that the pain is tolerable she pulls the jacket off and ties it around her waist to keep an eye on the darkness wrapped around her limb.

Dante watches Cali, letting him expound on his...the...ya know what? Who cares what that impotent bastard has to say? Tabi's hurt. Caliga can feel free to stick his face in a vat of liquid Miley Cyrus. He looks over Tabi's arm, watching the 'darkness' closely...but he seems more concerned about Tabi's overall well being. "You sure you're gonna be alright?..." HE can sure heal this kind of injury pretty easily, but he doesn't know THAT much about Tabi's abilities...

The girl coughs and hacks, eventually sticking her hand in her mouth and pulling out the unchewed Senzu bean Caliga tried to force on her. "I dunno... I need to gargle or somethin'." She does a show of shuddering and sticks out her tongue. "Heee put 'is 'and in my mooouuuth." The girl draws it out with a whine, her ears drooping down as she does so. Looking over the bean a moment she shakes her head at it and drops it into a pant pocket. Intending to hold onto it until she can figure out what it is. Letting Dante help her if he offers, she rises to her feet and flexes her arm again. "It's weird. The whole thing's numb." That's a good thing, right? "Fuck, I don't even WANNA know what's goin' on anymore. Let's see if anyone's at home in th' Emerald Palace an' get th' Hell outta Oz. I'm not sure I wanna know th' answers this badly anymore." Probably the wisest thing she's said all day. But wait, does that make Dante the Lion or the Scarecrow?

Dante definitely helps Tabi up. He looks surprisingly serious and concerned for his usual demeanor. He glances over at the dagger and sighs softly. Why would he even LISTEN to... ... He shakes his head and raises a hand, palm first in the direction of said blade. A small void seems to shift under the blade and it sinks out of view, sealing up behind it slowly. He gives Tabi an apologetic look. "Sorry Tabs."

Tabitha blinks in confusion. "Sorry? For what?" She glances over to where he was gesturing, not realizing what he did. She raises an eyebrow, "What? Fer this?" The nekojin holds up her arm and wiggles her fingers, "It's fiiiiiine. I'd say I'd had worse, but I don't think I did." She frowns, "Not that I'm sure I believe what I think right now either." The girl lets out a sigh and starts walking again, ready to get this adventure over with. Assuming Dante keeps up they make good time towards the city and Tabitha's mood seems to improve the closer they get at least until they get close enough to realize the entire city seems to be dead. Crumbled buildings, abandoned cars... Silence. Lots and lots of silence. The girl jogs into the city at first, but slows to a crawl as her wide and worried eyes look for any sign of life. "...this definitely wasn't part-a Twisted." The slowly building fog isn't making this place look any friendlier.

The Forgotten City(#2148R)
Reaching the bottom of the canyon, you find yourself at the edge of the ruined city. Paved streets branch out in all direction amongst fallen buildings. A dense fog seems to clutch onto the ruins tightly as if protecting them from whatever may pass by. The old decrepit cars and bit of newspapers which litter the streets force an air of silence on the landscape. Even the stale air itself seems to imply death, or the wake of some great tragedy.

Dante offers Tabi a slight smile, shrugging. "It's nothin'." He follows along with her. He'll chatter with her if she wants. If not, he doesn't push it. He's here to make sure that she's doing ok. That's pretty much all. He peers at his hand as they walk, looking a little confused. o O(It's funny. I didn't think...Since I've been here, I just... ... Huh.) He shakes his head clear and peers around as they enter this dead city. He's not entirely sure himself. Something seems familiar about the situation but...he just can't...he offers yet another helpless shrug. "I dunno, Tabi."

The girl frowns. The streets are all looking the same now. They could be walking in circles and never know it with the now dense fog that has settled in. Just to be sure she asks Dante, "Hey? Stand still a sec, will ya?" Barely waiting for a response she chases forwards into the distance, never breaking a straight line... At least until she comes up on his right. "FUCK!" That about sums it up. Before she can explain what just happened her ears perk up and she frantically starts looking around. "Do ya hear that??" It's faint but it's there. Someone is crying in the distance...

Dante blinks. He does as he's asked and holds still, peering over his shoulder as Tabi runs up. He rubs the back of his head. "Well, I guess that feeling that we were going in circles was t-..." He trails off, quirking an eyeobrow. His hearing isn't like Tabi's, but he gets a faint taste of it. He sniffs at the air. Yeah, he's a human/demon thing but he has an oddly fine sense of smell. "Somethin' wicked this way comes, Tabs. What do ya want ta do?"

Tabitha slowly turns until she's facing the source of the crying. "Well I came to get answers, they might have it. Besides, it's better than walkin' in circles, right?" With a forced smile she paces off in the direction of the sound finding the street layout finally changing until they come to an empty courtyard. Across from them the ground seems to cut off and drop due to a collapsed tunnel. The nekojin stands on the edge looking down nervously. The sound is definitely coming from one end of the tunnel. Something inside her is making her hesitate and she's not sure if she should keep going. Without saying a word she looks back at Dante, hoping he'll tell her what to do. Honestly at this point if he said 'run' she would...

Dante doesn't have much to say at this point. He came here to protect and watch and because...he was asked too. He doesn't really like Hells in general. He smiles warmly at Tabi, as an older brother might. He rests a hand on her shoulder. "Sorry Tabs. This is your game. I'm just along for the ride."

With a shake of her head and a sigh that seems to scream, 'What good are you?' Tabitha slowly climbs down the side of the collapsed tunnel. The sound of rolling rocks seems to abruptly silence the crying. Tabitha calls out nervously, "H-hello? We just wanna talk..." Now that she can see, the end of the tunnel has a heavy set of bars blocking off passage. Behind the bars a young girl with black hair in a dirty white dress watches with wide tear-stained eyes. "Oh shi-Dante!? It's a kid!" The little girl, possibly only six, steps back nervously gripping the bars as she does.

Dante settles to a halt down next to Tabi, briefly landing silently on a Trickster platform before settling quietly next to her. He peers down the hallway and raises an eyebrow. "Well, shit. You're right." He glances over at Tabi. "Then again, shit ain't what it seems in this kind of places, Tabi. I dunno what we're lookin' at here, but..."

Tabitha doesn't listen to him of course, or if she does she doesn't show it. Instead she slowly makes her way towards the little girl, keeping her hands out to the sides to show she's unarmed. "Hey? Little girl? Are you lost?"

The little girl frowns and speaks with a soft, calm voice. "Christabella. My name is Christabella."

Tabitha smiles, "That's a pretty name, Christabella. My name is Tabitha. This is Dante. Do you know where this is?" It's a valid question. No one's admitted this is Hell yet.

Christabella frowns, "Diablo put me here."

Tabitha blinks and nervously looks back at Dante. That wasn't the answer she was expecting.

Dante narrows his eyes a bit. He doesn't know why. That name. He shakes his head, shrugging slightly at Tabi. He peers over at Christy. "So, darlin', why did Diablo put you here? Can ya tell me that?" I dunno what he's expecting here.

Christabella sniffles and draws back a little more as Dante addresses her. "He said I was too scary." She mocks his voice but it comes out sounding more like a gruff businessman, "You have too much potential! Little girls like you are a threat!" The girl slinks to her knees, "...I want to go home. I want my Mommy." The girl begins to softly cry again.

The nekojin tenses up from the words and turns to face Dante. "We can't just leave her here. What if she's one-a th' innocents that were supposed ta be locked away here?" We do go on about that a lot, don't we?

Dante doesn't say anything for a moment. He scrutinizes Christy for a moment, although he tries not to give her a death stare. He glances over at Tabi as he's addressed and has this to say in reply: "Tabi...I hear what you're sayin'...but, if Diablo had to lock her away like this, don't ya think that...letting her out without knowin' WHY might be a little dangerous? We dunno who or what she is, and..." He trails off. Fuck. He sounds like one of the bad guys here. THIS is why he NEVER takes on fucking responsibility! He needs a drink.

Tabitha glares, "A little dangerous? She's a little kid!!" Crossing her arms she looks back at the little girl who's now buried her face in her hands. "Look, I've seen nothing since we got here that makes me have any more faith in ol' horney. He screwed with my head, he lied about th' Wastelands, he's got that buffoon of his goin' around telling people our memories where fucked with for 'a good purpose'. Fuck him! I'm gettin' her out, an' we're getting' the fuck outta here an' going home." Turning on her heals, Tabitha grabs the bars and tries to yank the gate open. "Soon as we get this open, you're goin' home Christabella."

The little girl looks up with a faint sparkle of hope in her eyes. "Really?? You promise??" Tabitha strains with the bars once more and looks back at Dante. "Are you gonna help or just stand there and stare?"

Dante sighs softly, slumping just a bit. Ya know what, Diablo? Unless you've got a Xanatos Gambit brewing here the size of Alaska, sending him along was actually a REALLY stupid idea. He wanders over and favors Tabi with a weak smile. "Anythin' for you, darlin'. You know that." He grasps the bars and closes his eyes. Good a time as any to test this out. A faint sound seems to drum up from the area around them. Could just be ambient noise? This place seems full of it...yet this seems to be a little disassociated from the usual background 'hiss'. The air seems to grow heavy...something that's here now seems out of place. One of these things DEFINITELY doesn't belong. Is something wrong with Dante. The surface beneath his feet begins to sizzle and twist, maybe reforming just as quickly, maybe not. It's kind of hard to say. His eyes open slowly and...there's nothing. A void. Light doesn't seem to matter, however much there might be. There's just...nothing there. He grins widely, his fangs glistening in the darkness, his breath gutteral and raspy. He YANKS on the prison bars. With a fury.

As soon as Dante's hand touches the gate, the metal flashes that same silver of Diablo's eyes. Didn't he say something about Dante being allowed to release anyone he imprisoned? It doesn't matter, because the show of force pumping out of this devil is enough that the gate is literally ripped from the tunnel with all the difficulty of ripping paper. Tabitha stumbles to the ground and if he lets go for a second that gate will be thrown at full force farther than anyone has ever seen the Director of TASK throw an object. Even if he doesn't let go, and doesn't manage to fling himself in the process, it will likely be the most amazing thing they've ever seen. It certainly puts a smile on the face of Christabella who will run out and hug Dante as tightly as she can no matter where he ends up with happy tears and a ranting of 'thankyouthankyou'. It's cute, really. A dramatic contrast to the terrible landscape they've found themselves in.

Dante might have forgotten. Bear in mind that he also likes to break stuff. He doesn't let the gate fly...he doesn't want anyone getting hrt. He sets it slowly to the side, quite pleased in all honestly. He didn't think he could still....well, perhaps him and Cali should have another chat someday. Might be a lot more...fun. Then, he's hugged. He blinks once down at Christy. Well....he smiles, giving her a very gentle squeeze of a hug. "It's ok. It's ok now." He grins over at Tabi. "Nice, huh? This place really brings out the beast in me."

Tabitha smiles at his comment and claps for him. "It suits ya in a weird way." With a feeling of this nightmare finally being over the nekojin walks over and hugs Christabella as well, blinking when she returns the gesture by wrapping her arms around Tabitha's neck and hanging on so she can be carried. With a slight shrug she manages the weight and hugs the girl again. "Let's get outta here." Assuming Dante doesn't hesitate they'll make it out of the city easily as the fog seems to have faded as well. In fact only a street or two passes before they're in the endless wastes again. Maybe it was all an illusion? Caliga's street at least makes it easy to get back to the portal that brought them. "Thank you Dante. I mean it. I'm really glad ya came with me today."

Dante has no reason to stall them. He keeps a close eye on the girls but aside from the encounter with Cali, the area seems to be 'friendly' enough for the time being. He ruffles Tabi's hair gently as they walk, if she doesn't stop em. "Like I said, anything for you kiddo. I was never intendin' to let you do this on your own. Once your mind was made up...that was that." ...He WAS a little relieved that Diablo 'assured' him that they'd most likely be ok. Still...

Reaching the portal, Tabitha draws her dagger and opens it. Waaaaaiiit, didn't Dante take that from her? Never the less there it is in her hand and once more in its original form, and yes - that's really it. However it happened the portal opens and Tabitha steps inside after resheating the blade the vortex depositing them back in the wastelands of Twisted, and the barbed wire tree regrowing the moment Dante follows and steps away from it. Tabitha pets the girls hair and turns to her friend now that they're finally back where they belong. "You wanna go with us to the UR? It's the best place I can think of ta start lookin' for this girl's family?"

The Wastelands - Insanity(#4467R)
The sky no longer exists for souls that manage to get this far. The ground is nothing but fire and darkness. All the worlds that were seen in the near eastern part of the wastelands are mirrored here in a way, as in all the worlds seen here are the Worlds of the Dead. Every version of Heaven and every version of Hell might be found here. The spiritual walls are weaker and easier to pass through, however, allowing all sorts of evil and negativity to seep out. Every step taken in this area allows a hand or claw to snap into existence and flail until it's user moves away. I'd be careful; but that's just me.

In the middle of all this insanity, there is a lone tree. Some might recognize it from the cemetary, though it's not a cherry tree. Instead, it floats slighty above the ground and is composed purely of barbed wire. A gift left by an angry god, perhaps? Fluid and writhing, the vicious barbs will attack anyone who tries to get near it, and the ground nearby suggests that a few have tried. Charred desert sand and a few sets of bones lie at the base, suggesting that the tree is durable, too. But then it would have to be, to thrive in this wasteland.

Dante raises an eyebrow. Well, shit. Caliga didn't tell him she could do that. That asshole. Oh well, he trusts her with it. He just...eh. Whatever. He nods to Tabi, offering her a Dante grin and a thumbs up. "Of course. I got your back, Tabs. Besides, as the director of TASK, it's my job to make sure the citizens are safe." Yeah, some shit like that. Just TRY and hurt his buddies. Just try it.

Tabitha smiles happily at Dante's words, at least until she looks at her hand and realizes it's covered in blood. Nervously she looks down at the girl in her arms and realizes there's now blood all over the front of her white dress and a bullet hole in the middle of her forehead. Christabella pushes herself away until Tabitha sets her on the ground.

"Jeeze, you stupid fucking cunt," Yes. That's the little girl talking. "How fucking stupid are you?" She turns to look at Dante and scoffs, "...and you? Patting yourself on the back? You guys just went into HELL and released someone THE DEVIL put away? How fucking stupid are you two?" Even denser than the fog in the city, the world around them is suddenly gone in an even thicker fog. An air raid siren calls out and lurking, ominous shadows make their way suddenly into view all around them. Creatures made of pure nightmares completely surround them as Christabella begins to cackle. "But thaaaaaaaaaank you! I didn't think anyone would be stupid enough to let me back out after I helped kill Alessa!!" She skips off into the fog, "...and with that bitch outta the way there's no one who can stop me from making this my new Silent Hill!" The girl is suddenly lost in the fog and the shadows pull back. As soon as they can't be seen the fog fades away again as if it had never existed.

Tabitha drops to her knees, catching herself with her palms. "....oh ...fuck."

"TABITHA LI-BOGARD, JUST WHAT IN THE FLYING FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?!" A man dressed in silver suddenly stands on the street, yet the voice is obvious as to the owner. Caliga's eyes burn with energy as he narrows them down upon both Dante and Tabitha, outright allowing as much power as he holds to spread forth. It's quite possible he may be a little upset. Or gassy.

His hand flies out and snatches the Neko-jin by the ear, pulling it slightly as he stomps towards Dante. "YOU FUCKING IDIOTS. THE BOTH OF YOU." His rage continues to build as he stomps towards Dante, only to stop before him with Tabitha in tow. "OH NO, DIABLO IS SUCH A BASTARD, OH NO, DIABLO IS A MONSTER. DID EITHER OF YOU STOP TO THINK THAT THERE ARE REASONS NEITHER HE OR I HAVE OUTRIGHT STATED JUST WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? NO. YOU DIDN'T. INSTEAD YOU GO TROUNCING THROUGH /HELL/, AND FREE SOMEONE WHO IS PRETTY MUCH UP THERE ON THE SCALE OF 'LETS RUIN EVERYONE'S LIVES FOREVER'!" He lets go of Tabitha's ear, only to rub his temples gingerly.

"Dante. You had better put TASK on high alert, and pray that little girl is found and thrown right back into the pit where she belongs before... FUCK! IT'S THE GOD DAMN XENOBITE FIASCO ALL OVER AGAIN!" He spins around and glares at Tabitha. "As for you, you're coming with me young lady."

Dante ehs. He watches the scene unfold. He shakes his head, rubbing his temples. Surprisingly enough, he doesn't seem terribly shocked. "Yeah. That figures." He kind of expected as much. Well, Diablo WANTED him to go along...I guess he...DIDN'T realize that Dante had this rabid loyalty to his friendship with Tabs? Or, maybe he knew. Maybe he expected something like this...or maybe he doesn't care? Maybe it's meant to be. Who the fuck knows? He peers at Cali as he has his hissy fit. He looks rather unperturbed. He snorts. "I'll get right on it. Do me a favor though and stop fucking with Tabi's ear?" Devil may care, devil may cry. He shrugs a bit, looking out over Twisted. "Of course, if I hadn't been kept in the dark by you shithead policitians, I would have known that one. Just sayin'."

Tabitha reluctantly follows Caliga while cradling her ear. Somehow that felt worse than breaking her arm and the tears don't seem to want to stop flowing. Maybe its guilt, maybe it's the weight of what's happened. Either way she glances back sadly at Dante with an apologetic, "This is my fault... I-I'm sorry... " And it is. Especially in her eyes. Not that she'll notice but there's no blood on her clothes, just on her hand from touching the girl's hair. It might not be an important thing to observe, but it's worth noting as she stares at her hand, following Caliga's back into the distance full of worry and fear about what will happen next.

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