2015-07-12 - Still Unclean

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Still Unclean

Summary: The DMC staff pool their resources together to help Morgana with her affliction once and for all-- even resorting to outside help from an intriguing doctor!

Who: Morgana, Serenity, Johann, Dante, Kotal_Kahn
When: July 12, 2015.
Where: DMC

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While waiting in the office for the visitor, sea slug secretary Serenity occupies the time by swishing some fins and gill-feathers in a series of vaguely-connected moves, evidently aiming to imitate the motion of various sorts of clothing. There's a set of flamenco skirts, it seems (with fin edges stretched thin), and baggy pants (with edges curled inward).

Johann soon arrives at the DMC office, wearing more casual attire for the moment. Really, he just took off his overcoat and vest, leaving the undershirt, but he of course still has his medigun glove on... just in case. As he spies Serenity trying on new 'dresses', he chuckles and waves to her. "Good evening, Serenity! Having fun?"

Dante wanders down the stairs, a loud belch alerting all those around to his presence. He walks into view, scratching himself in a most ungentlemanly way and offers a wave to everyone present. "Heya people. No need to fear, the boss is here...and in need of a beer."

He flops into his usual chair, covering a yawn and makes a weak, half-hearted gesture in the direction of the fridge. It pops open and a brew quietly floats its way over to him, the door closing duitifly behind. He flicks the cap off with a thumb and chugs. He then looks quite content. "There we go."

Seeing as Kotal was off doing whatever it is war gods do in this strange world, Morgana found herself longing for the cool kiss off the sea. The pool was pleasant enough and kept her comfortable in this place, but she had taken to slipping out when ever she could to just swim and stretch her fins.

Quietly she lets herself out of Kotal's room, and on bare feet pads her way silently to the stairs and down to the main office, headed for the front door. She is about halfway down when she hears voices she does not know.

She could very well go back and wait for another time, but with her mind currently clear of the frenzy and her hunger mostly abated, she finds curiosity plucking at her; and so she slips further down the stairs, tucking into the shadows as much as possible.

Serenity is looking down (and is rather focused besides) when Johann arrives, and so fails to notice his appearance until he speaks up. Hearing his voice, Ren abruptly cuts off a spin, though the water within the forcefield continues to spin around fins and 'feathers'. "Hello!" Ren sizzles cheerily in greeting, rippling over to join him.

Ren momentarily looks dismayed at Dante's appearance, but recovers quickly. "Welcome to the director's office of TASK, Johann. And it seems we have the director in today, even," Ren says, gesturing a pair of fins toward him and nodding a greeting. "Despite being in charge," Ren explains, "Dante likes to maintain an informal environment. It's especially important, you see, to put everyone at ease following the rigidity and abuses of the previous TASK."

Johann smiles at the invertebrate secretary. "I hope you vill forgive me for ze lack of physical affection. As you can see, I am not exactly dressed for a dunking, heh," he says, then raises an eyebrow as Dante comes in and apparently magics a beer out of the fridge.

At Serenity's explanation, he says, with a mixture of humor and annoyance, "Are you sure it is not simply because he is a very informal person? /Some/ decorum is appreciated in such environs."

Dante laughs a bit, offering Ren a thumbs up. "Well, thanks for the vote of confidence, madame secretary." He shakes his head good-naturedly at that one, he knows Ren can't stand some of his mannerisms. Doesn't really CARE either, but you know how he is.

He chugs down his beer with a pleased look...and then peers over at Johann. "You tryin' to sell me some cough drops, buddy-boy? Not interested, thanks. Beer takes care of my sore throats..."

He trails off there, looking a tad quizzical out of what appears to be nowhere. He sniffs a few times at the air...and then seems to let it go. He settles back further into his chair, balancing it precariously on what looks like a single leg and says no more on the matter.

Morgana clings to the shadow that lines the wall side of the stairs as she slowly sneaks down stairs further. She stretches her neck and peers down toward the main floor. She catches sight of Serenity at the desk, a person she knows, though likely one that might not wish to see her after their last encounter.

She hears a pair of male voices, too, and curiosity drives her further down till she is nearly to the last step, where she freezes to look at those in the room. She actively sniffs the air and takes in the scent of human and something more.

Standing there, long dark hair falling around her in inky waves, her eyes almost alien in their near utter blackness. Morgana had chosen to yield to Kotal's request and was actually wearing a rectangle of fabric wrapped around her torso, knotted at one shoulder and held to her body with a simple knot of cording at the waist. This left most of her left side bare to view as well as lean arms and long legs, though she was..technically covered.

Serenity nods and smiles at Johann's initial remark, though his latter about decorum has Ren looking a bit helplessly at Dante for a save... which Dante, in his manner, delivers. Ren's gaze briefly follows Dante's as he looks elsewhere, but then returns to Johann.

"I invited Doctor Johann van Windhoek because he seems like a compassionate person and has some expertise in medicine and medical technologies." Ren looks to Dante and explains, "While you were taking care of pressing matters, I thought we might look into doing something for Morgana."

And then Ren 'blinks' eyes inward at the appearance of the same, at the moment looking more concerned about her freedom than about the one-shouldered toga.

Johann rolls his eyes at Dante, deciding for the moment that he'll save a demonstration of his medical expertise for later. The sniffing earns another raised eyebrow, but with a sigh, he turns to Serenity again and gives a small bow. "Vhy zank you, my dear. Vhile I may be able to find a vay to help your friend, I must ask vhere she is. It is difficult to perform an examination vithout ze patie-"

And then Morgana comes in, and Johann abruptly stops, then clears his throat and adjusts his glasses. "Er, zat is quite ze outfit. Zis really is quite ze casual little gathering, isn't it?"

Dante looks Johann over, shrugging. "Eh. I guess. Don't have much use for docs MYSELF, but this guy sounds REALLY German...so he probably at least knows what he's doin'." Ech. Come on Dante, high road, high road.

He peers over at Morgana as she comes into view, not looking terribly surprised. "Ah. There she is. Hello darlin'." He nods back over at Ren. "I getcha. Had ta wait until she was ready though, right?" He grins back over at Morgana, patting his leg. "If ya need a seat, honey, old director Dante's gotcha covered."

The siren goes utterly still as her name drops from multiple sets of lips. Clearly there has been talk of her, though she knows none of these people other then the brightly colored sea child.

Dark eyes dart from Ren to Johann then land on Dante. Her brow lifts quizzically and she tilts her head to the side as he speaks to her in such a familiar way.

"I have.. no need.. to sit."

She lifts her chin and she sniffs the air again trying to pull specific scents from it to figure out more about those before her. Her eyes dart quickly back toward the stairs behind her; she could simply retreat and go back to Kotal's room until he is present, but then she is not one to fear anything or anyone, so she would not hide from these others.

Serenity twists to face Morgana, shrinking lengthwise and rippling backwards with a concerned expression to gain a bit more distance from her than Johann has. "Hhhh..." Ren looks from Dante to Morgana. "Or perhaps the assistance is no longer necessary, and you've already been healed?"

Johann blinks as he watches Morgana, unsure what to make of her. She seems... odd. Human, but not. He doesn't have the refined senses of the others in the room, but even he can tell that there's just something /off/ about her. Probably the eyes.

On the matter of scents, Johann himself smells quite ordinary for a human, with the smells of numerous medical chemicals, particularly isopropyl alcohol. It seems he keeps himself very clean.

Giving Serenity a questioning look, he turns back to Morgana and steps forward to offer a hand- his left, specifically- for her to shake in greeting. "Good evening, madame. I do not believe ve have had ze opportunity to meet yet. I am Johann van Vindhoek, recently appointed head doctor of ze Vellness Center. Vhat appears to be ze problem, hm?" He flashes a friendly, welcoming smile.

Johann also very pointedly ignores Dante.

Dante snorts. "Careful there, doctor scratch n' sniff." He glances over at Ren, giving her a slight, comforting smile and raising a hand. "Don't worry, Ren. You're safe." He turns back to gaze at Morgana and for the time being, just watches her. Johann seems to want to make contact and he doesn't want to worry her by advancing too much attention on her too quickly. If doc wants to take point, he can feel free.

Morgana's eyes go to Ren, and her face clouds as she watches the sea child cringe. She expected nothing different really. She gives her head a shake and lets loose a soft sigh.

"There is no healing. I am what I am. The hunger frenzy has been quieted. Kotal shared himself with me, and his god's blood has made the hunger quiet enough to bear and allowed my mind to clear for now. "

She has caught Johann's scent and knows he is human, but Dante is something more and she knows this too. She is also aware from things Kotal has said that Dante is also the leader here in this place. Though he doesn't rise she does look very pointedly at him for a long moment as if trying to sum him up.

Johann's movement forward does catch her predatory eye, though, and she turns all her attention on the human. When he offers his hand, she steps down that final step and tilts her head, looking at it and at him. She moves with slow careful steps, circling him slowly, looking him over.

"I have not seen a human that was untainted in many centuries."

Serenity doesn't look entirely reassured by Dante's reassurance or Morganna's explanation. Ren does, however, gradually slip over in Johann's wake with a slow ripple of the undulatory fins.

"In addition to investigating the possibility of healing this 'nature' in a way that perhaps magic could not," Ren offers with an uncertain frown, "I thought perhaps we could provide you a way to appear out in public while you actually remain in your room- videoconferencing, that is, so that you can socialize with no risk of... hhh... anything that might put that socializing at risk."

Johann parses from their words that Morgana is some kind of blood-drinking creature, one who is apparently a danger when hungry. He does not move, keeping up his smile as she circles around him, trusting in his mediglove if she wounds him. Thankfully, it seems she isn't in the mood for meat at the moment. "Untainted?" he asks, when she's done.

Then, looking back at Serenity, he says, "I am uncertain how effective I vill be, but I vill try my best to, er, quell her urges, I suppose."

Massive explosions are heard outside. Even with the barriers that protect the DMC agency of whatever peril may lurk outside, the ground can still be felt trembling again and again. It's different from an earthquake, mind you; it's not a prolonged trembling. This is not unlike a pounding, like massive objects were falling from the sky. It sounds like someone is using the earth as their own personal beating drum.

The pounding comes to a sudden stop, which is followed by a presence approaching the building. Even those who are not proficient sensing energy will be able to tell there's someone getting close because he heralds his arrival with a very familiar booming voice.


Enter Kotal Kahn. The turquoise giant opens the door with a slam and stumbles in. He has his macuahuitl sword drawn and is looking decidedly like a total mess. One can barely see his colorful skin pigmentation right now since he is covered almost completely from head to toe with what appears to be black tar. He's also sporting numerous wounds, but he looks more mortified and annoyed than in pain.

"There are too many of those blasted wretches outside and I need to replenish my strength! I am diminished when fighting inside a fog!"

Dante chuckles and raises his palms. "Woop! I guess that's my cue to tag in. Excuse me folks, I need to go take care of business." The demon hunter excuses himself and walks out of the building giving Kotal a high five. "Hey Kots! Take care of this thing while I'm out, kay? I'll be right back!"

With Dante making his exit, the giant of an Aztec lumbers inside, setting his massive serrated sword aside and trying to pluck the tar out of his skin. "Greetings.." He says tiredly and seems to finally notice everyone present.

"What is.. exactly going on here?"

With the loud entry of the blue man and the swap-off between Dante and him, the siren found herself momentarily distacted from the human before her. When Dante leaves, she turns herself back to Johann and gives him another sniff.

"Untainted...you are not a blood drinker. You are a regular mortal man." Morgana darts her eyes toward Ren briefly as she passes between the sea dancer and the human doctor. "I believe they think you can fix what 900 years of soaking in the blood waters of Nox has done to me." It's clear from the tone of her voice she finds the concept dubious at best.

The siren comes back around to stand before the man. She grins, and it's not a particularly becoming grin, seeing as she is intentionally flashing a mouth full of wickedly sharp teeth.

Serenity twitches at the concussions outside, then twists to look toward the door as Kotal calls out. Ren 'blinks' eyes inward as he makes his appearance, remaining quiet for a time while regarding the ichor-covered figure with an entirely confused expression.

Morgana's approach has Ren sliding subtly in reverse as she moves close to Johann. "I believe that we were having a conversation about Morgana's condition, as well as introducing Doctor Windhoek," Ren eventually supplies. Ren then adds, "I also realized that I must have missed the point when you informed us about leaving your door unlocked."

Johann ahs and nods at the explanation. There are those in his world, yes, but he has never been possessed of the desire to drink blood himself, and he starts to say as much when suddenly there's a pounding from outside. "Ack! Ve are under attack!" he panics, diving behind the couch... until Kotal enters, and his exchange with Dante makes it clear that things are, mostly, alright. Clearing his throat and standing with an embarrassed blush, he returns to Serenity's side.

"Yes, I am Doctor Johann van Windhoek. A pleasure to meet you, sir." Johann introduces himself to Kotal, eyeing the strange substance coating the large Osh'tekk man warily. "Zat, er, isn't dangerous... is it?" Then, to Morgana, he shrugs. "I am not certain of it, myself, but it is vorth a try, is it not?"

Kotal takes a moment to survey the scene before speaking again. Not only does he look winded, but that Morgana is out and speaking with Serenity and a stranger brings him now to full attention, his previous tiredness seemingly gone in the blink of an eye.

The Aztec spares a glance first to Morgana when he sees her making predatory movements towards the fellow in uniform, and as Serenity motions in his direction, the War God takes a step towards Johan and nods in greetings. "Well met, doctor. I am Kotal Kahn, better known to mortals as Huitzilopotchli. Please forgive my appearance, I just got back from...work." Because that is what the DMC does anyway, hunt demons. "I am unsure." Kotal continues speaking as Johann questions the nature of the substance he is covered in. "The demons I was fighting have no blood, only this foulness that now covers me. If it is all the same to you, I'll refrain from shaking your hand until I am certain of what it is." As he speaks, Kotal seems to constantly keep trying to pry the goop off his skin, but man is it sticky.

When Serenity addresses him and explains what is going on, the warrior seems to understand but gives a dismissing wave to the slug when she asks him why he has the door to his room unlocked. "No need to worry of Morgana trying to escape, I have taken precautions. Her lock is right here." The Aztec makes a fist with his hand and the D ring on Morgana's collar lifts and glows. The siren won't be pulled or anything, Kotal is just making a point he can stop her if she goes berserk again.

"So...I take it Morgana has explained at length of her condition. Do you think there is anything that can be done to control, if not cure, her taint, doctor? I must say, it will likely be a monumental ordeal. Lady Amaterasu herself proclaimed that she would need to be at full power to properly cleanse Morgana. What can your science do than the Goddess of the Sun herself cannot accomplish?"

Morgana turns and glances at Kotal and the black smut that seems to coat him. She wrinkles her nose and turns back to watch the doctor as he and Kotal speak.

When Kotal rattles the colar around her neck, she narrows her eyes and makes a low hiss. Charybdis' Bones... Her teeth gnash and she huffs as she turns and puts her back to the group for a long moment. Every time that collar is messed with, it simply reminds her that no matter how hard she tries to contain herself, it is a threat ever held over her head.

The Siren grits her teeth, stills herself utterly and then breaths out. She works to contain her ire and the hunger that always arises when emotion is high. Her mind is clear, and she will not give in to the frenzy or give the blue man an excuse to use his power against her.

"I have told them nothing you have not just heard Kotal. I know only that I was different once, until the waters of Nox became dark with the blood of many slain blood-drinkers. All within the waters changed, those like myself became as I am, each driven by the frenzy of hunger for flesh and blood. The strength of the life, I have found, affects how long the hunger is quieted, but it is never fully gone. At the height of the frenzy, it is easy to kill and feed and spill blood even when the body is unable to hold more; the hunger never ends."

She focuses on her explination, banking her annoyance for now and not giving in to any of the urges that prod at her.

As if to make up for edging away from Johann's meeting with the mermaid, Ren ripples closer to Johann as he regains his composure and extends a pair of fins from the mass of suspended water to offer him a pat on the back.

Serenity then looks between Kotal's unsanitary-looking problem and Morgana's collar as they speak. "Or if not a treatment," Ren adds, looking to Johann, "perhaps some more dignified ways to avoid temptation?"

Johann nods at the explanation, grimacing as he imagines what that work must have entailed. Nevertheless, he bows to the man who is obviously some sort of royalty, as it is only respectful, and gives Serenity a thankful look for her comforting fin. As the subject of discussion once more turns to Morgana and her affliction, the Namibian doctor nods and takes a deep breath, rubbing his chin as he regards her.

"Zat seems to be some powerful magic, or perhaps a viral infection of some kind. If it is ze latter, I can perhaps study her blood to discover it and, hopefully, synthesize a cure. If ze former, however, zere is still a use for my science." he says, then grins as he turns his gaze to Kotal. "Science is, after all, more zan books and technology. Ze very foundation of science is observation, experimentation, and ze solution. For ze moment, you seem to have a decent solution in hand, but dedicated study may be necessary to find one more permanent, hm?"

Turning back to Morgana again, he gives her a cursory glance as he rubs his chin more. "I have some experience vith ze undead, and other strange and unnatural creatures. I may be able to apply zat to ze situation at hand. Hm..."

Despite his current sanitary predicament, Kotal can still be seen smiling somewhat mischievously when Morgana gets huffy at him for tapping into her restraining collar and turning her back on the group. In all honesty, it should bother him that the siren still acts like what he does is not for her own good. However, the Aztec simply finds it far too amusing to tease her and see her reactions. Proof that even an ancient creature like Morgana can still act like a bratty child.

Actually, given Kotal's experience with ancient beings, that seems to be more the norm than the exception. Maybe something about living that long starts making the mind regress into brattiness. That certainly was the case with Shao Kahn-- talk about a spoiled brat that wanted everything. It's a wonder how Kotal has been able to avoid it thus far.

Anyway, while Morgana huffs and puffs at him and Serenity offers some other alternatives, the God of Warriors turns to hear Johann's explanation whilst clasping his hands behind his back. Royalty is a fair assessment when dealing with Kotal Kahn, and he appreciates the respect even if it looks like he was rolling around in mud just moments ago. He nods back at the bow and listens to the good doctor carefully, deigning him worthy of his attention.

"Or perhaps both," suggests Kotal. "This vampirism that is affecting Morgana is unlike any I have seen before as well. Dare I say, mayhap a magical virus could be the source of the problem here. This land of Nox that she speaks of sounded as if it was full of magic, and the 'taint' was a foreign agent. Just my thoughts in the matter."

"As for having her under control. Perhaps so, but as Serenity points out there must be more humane matters of restraining Morgana. It is not my intention to treat her as if she were a hound." Even though it amuses him, he mentally points out.

"Nevertheless, if Serenity trusts you then so shall I. Morgana, you are to cooperate in doctor Johann's experiments. I have given you of my blood to sustain yourself, if he asks of a sample of yours then it will be your turn to repay what was given. Understood?" Though his tone isn't demeaning, its fair to say that Kotal can be pretty bossy. He would too being a god and all.

If Morgana was acting the brat, then Kotal was acting the bully, seeing as he intentionally tormented the siren with his power, knowing it annoyed her so badly. To intentionally remind someone you have power over them has to be as rude as being snappy when that power is used. When she is forced around to face the group, the siren glares at Kotal as if she wished he was dead and ash. So much for trust and loyalty and friendship. Gods can be such petty bastards.

She listens as those around her discuss her as if she were not but some lab rat and she simply grits her teeth. The siren closes her eyes and takes a long breath.

"Requests are usually put in polite language Kotal. I am not so broken of mind that I do not recall this thing. Do not order me about as if I belong to you."

She opened her eyes and looked at the doctor "I know not if you can end this hunger, I have my doubts truly. I have been as I am for so long that I think I must be wholely different than I was, and I don't see how that can be brought back. Once a fish hatches from an egg, it can never be an egg again. I will not resist your tests, within reason. You will allow for me to choose when I am tested, though. For now, I have control of my own mind; I know when I cannot resist the frenzy and might try to ...taste you. I wish to do this myself, for myself, and NOT be forced by the hand of another. As Kotal has said, he has offered me his own blood, and it has helped free my mind from the frenzy for now. I do not wish to lose it again."

"A willingness to investigate possibilites," Ren remarks with a nod to Johann, "to find the truth by eliminating plausible untruths- I think we could do with more of that ...not to mention hope."

Ren then looks to Morgana. "Please excuse me if you've dicussed this already, but wouldn't it seem more ordinary if you were offered your own room, decorated to your own liking?" Ren gestures toward Johann with a portion of fin and continues, "Perhaps we could find books and videos for you if you would share something about your scholarly or entertainment interests."

Johann nods to Kotal. "Zat too is a possibility. A magical virus is still a virus, however, and vith some help from some of ze magical residents here, I may still be able to concoct a cure... hopefully," he says, then turns to Morgana to await her answer. When it is given, he shakes his head and replies, "But a sick fish can be made vell again, and so too shall I try to heal your illness. I vill be ready, vithin reason, to conduct ze tests when you see fit." Then, finally, to Serenity, "An excellent idea, my dear. Finding some vay to take her mind off ze hunger may help, at least some."

"Please," Kotal adds when Morgana reminds him that requests need to be done politely. Although he is quite bossy and, let's be honest now, the God of slaughters and warfare, Kotal is a stickler for good manners and customs. He'd be remiss if he were to treat someone impolitely, even someone as difficult to deal with as Morgana.

Hopefully that'll make her feel better, and he also seems glad that the good doctor is ready to tackle on that challenge despite Morgana's misgivings. "Very well. Please, do keep me informed of whatever progress is made, doctor. I am most curious to see your methods."

"Now if you excuse me, I do apologize if I cut this meeting short, but I am in /dire/ need to get this filth off me." He's starting to smell quite badly too, one could say, nightmarishly bad. "Doctor, I hope we can run into each other in better circumstances."

"Oh and Serenity, I will have the report ready about my exploits shortly."

As he begins to move, he casts a glance at Morgana and walks past her. "As long as the good doctor is not in need of you, I see no reason for you not to go as you please. Just be wary of going outside, it is not safe."

"And stay away from the fog. That is what brings the demons."

The siren looks to the doctor and to Ren. She furrows her brow in thought. "I would prefer the sea, but seeing as only you would comfortably see me there, then a room of my own would be a good thing I think. I will not however tolerate being caged. This," she flicks the collar with her fingers "is annoyance and confinement enough."

When Kotal moves past her, she looks up at him but says nothing. Fog...Demons, what on earth is he going on about? "I hunger now. I was heading to the sea to swim and hunt. I have the need to feel the sea on my skin again. I will return if you wish to find me, I will make myself available then."

Morgana shrugs her shoulders and pushes that dark mass of hair over her shoulders then simply heads for the door. Be damned Kotal and his bossy demands. She needs to swim.

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