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Training Schedules

Summary: Caliga decides now's a good time to start Tabitha training, but his methods for getting started might be a little questionable...

Who: Caliga, Sun, Tabitha
When: July 12th, 2015
Where: Old Shack In The Mountains(#2491R)


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Old Shack In The Mountains(#2491R)
The path in the mountains opens into a very small clearing, at the back of it rests a shoddy old cabin in definite disrepair. It's hard to tell if anyone lives there, though the door does hang in its proper place, and wouldn't open with just a touch. Oddly, the clouds about this area are continual, an ever overshadowing grey mass hovers in the sky despite the weather in other parts of the kingdom.

Ah, the mountains. Zits that have exploded violently upon a planet's prepubescent face. The air, the birds, the sense of foreboding dread that maybe, just maybe an evil psychotic dragon might call this place home.

Caliga struts up the mountain, whistling loudly as he randomly shakes a rather large burlap sake that rests over his shoulder. "You smell that Tabitha? All that wonderful, fresh mountain air. It does wonders, you know?" Eventually however, Caliga does come to a stop.

The bag is shaken, and then dropped on the ground, as if whatever was inside, was intentionally being put into as bad a mood as possible, only to stare at the pure mask of happiness and joy that Caliga has on his face.

"Oh, we are going to have so much fun, you and I."

Somewhere along the way Tabitha actually managed to fall asleep. Maybe it was the hopelessness of it all. Maybe it was the rude awakening in the middle of the night. Either way, she managed to curl up in the sack and actually sleep until it becomes violently shaken. Of course this also means the girl who falls out of the sack is now much younger and smaller as every night the girl awakens in frustration to find her youngest mental roommate has regressed her body to the age it sees itself.

Tabitha manages to land on her feet, her eyes wide and full of shock and anger. Well, until she sees Caliga. Then they're mostly full of anger and regret. "Ya told me I could go hooooome!!" The nekojin pushes herself to her feet and looks around, crossing her arms from the chill in the air - or maybe it's the childish nightgown she's now standing in. Inwardly she curses Tabby.

As soon as the opportunity presents itself she takes a moment to assess the situation and frowns, "Where's tha dagger, Caliga?" Any other time she'd just draw it reflexively - but this isn't her normal body after all.

"See. Tabby-cat, you're asking the wrong questions!" Caliga doesn't waste any time, quickly moving his right hand over the girl's head. He doesn't care that she's managed to change forms. Of course, he remembers /this/ one just like the others. He remembers them all.

"I asked a friend for a favor, and then he asked another friend, and so on. You know how that kind of thing goes, right? Right. So. Right now, you're on your own little lady. No running amuck, creating giant shadow tentacles to pillage the townspeople. I do have to warn you though, there /may/ be an evil crazy dragon who likes stealing girls and forcing them to marry him somewhere on this mountain as well."

"Besides. How else are you going to learn if I just tell you everything." The moment Caliga utters the words, energy starts to flare up beneath the palm that he has placed over the Neko-jin's head. "Oh, by the way.... I'd really suggest that you dodge."

Good. Great. Her ears droop as he starts building up energy. "I CAN'T FIGHT LIKE THIS!!!" And it's true. She can't. The tiny girl drops into a crouch and puts her hands up over her head like the useless advice they gave people about the atomic bomb. "Give me my dagger so I c'n change back at least!!" This is going to end bad before it even gets a chance to begin.

"What? No!" The energy suddenly vanishes and Caliga drops his hand, staring directly at the girl. "...Tabitha. Jeez, you're too reliant on that dagger." He moves to sit down now on the ground, and pats it. "Cop a squat kiddo, its time you and I had a one on one with what you really are capable of, and maybe, the other kids you have living upstairs, well. They may get the hint finally too."

"You don't need the dagger. You're more than capable of handling yourself as you are right now. You just think that since you have a kids body, you're going to be boned like a kid. I'm pretty sure I'd have to get.. maybe.. fifteen percent serious to take you down if you went all out as you are now. You just have to learn how to do so on your own, without having the Happy Dagger that causes the other people in your head to go nuts."

Tabitha peeks up nervously when he tells her to sit down and once she's sure it's safe she does so. She listens to it with a heavy sigh and then shakes her head. "No ya dolt. I get that. I do. But she can't..." Another sigh, "-I- can't do anythin' in this body. The others c'n change my shape somehow, but I can't do it without stabbin' myself with that damn dagger." The girl crosses her arms again. "I don't get what's so special about it anyways. It opens that damn portal. Yay. All it does ta me is make my skin turn black." She's been a bit oblivious to what it actually does, if it's not obvious.

"Obviously, you don't, or else we wouldn't be having this little talk, now would we Tabitha?" Caliga rises to his feet, stretching his arms above his head as bones pop loudly. "Well, maybe if I teach you about some other energy, you'll be able to understand just what that dagger does."

The man reaches into his jacket, and pulls out three rocks, which he then drops on the ground. "Do you know /anything/ about ki, Tabby-cat?" He points his right index finger towards one of the rocks, "Pew pew!" A light blue beam of energy surges forth, completely destroying the rock, and leaving a smoking hole in the ground where it once laid.

"Because you're going to learn how to use it and master it, and maybe even learn to fly if we're lucky! Maybe then you'll understand just what the dagger does."

Tabitha's expression falls into a scowl again. "An' WHY can't I learn all of this while lookin' like myself? I'm all for trainin', I like trainin'. I like sparrin'. I DON'T LIKE BEING TRAPPED IN A BODY THAT AIN'T MINE!" She stands and marches a step or two away, letting 'Samantha' bicker in her thoughts about not needing him to give the dagger to her. It's probably a good thing she doesn't want to listen to her.

This time she turns and tries to plead with him, pausing only to realize she's almost the same height as him when he's sitting? Sheesh. "Look, this one is weak in more ways than one. It's just a kid. I'm not 'dependent' on the dagger. I didn't even carry it around until ol' Horney told me I had ta. Gimmie the damn thing, lemme change back, and we can do whatever." After a moment she adds a little more desperately, "/Pleeease/."

"NOPE!" Caliga grins at Tabitha, only to point a finger at her midsection. "Seriously, why don't you just /try/ grabbing for it? I mean, haven't you ever just tried to do that? Honestly what I'm trying to teach you isn't so damn different. So either you figure out how to get the dagger on your own, or you resign yourself to doing this the long way."

Tabitha glares angrily, "THAT'S JUST WHAT /SHE/ SAID!!" The girl's hands are balled up into fists, at least until she goes to point at Caliga - the blade already in her grasp. "FUCK YOU BOTH! This isn't some kinda fuckin' game! Ya can't just... make..." Tabitha stares at the dagger and winces from the laughter in her mind. Eyes closed and irritation still locked onto her features she immediately plunges the blade into her thigh with a scream of rage and pain.

With all the speed of running water her body shifts into her normal form, clothes included. Ripping the blade out of her leg and cutting her baggy jeans in the process the nekojin shakes her head and sheathes the blade. "Just shut up. I don't want to hear it."

"Now, for the remainder of our time here, you are forbidden from unsheating that dagger for any reason. Even if you are about to die, the dagger remains sheathed. If it is unsheathed... well. There will be punishments for it." Caliga now rises to his feet fully, eyes staring at the Catgirl as if she were now his prey.

"Now. Where were we.. Ah. That's right." The man's mouth suddenly drops open as energy starts to rapidly collect, creating a large sphere that glows a bright orange. He then turns his head slightly to the right, and releases the ball of energy, which slams into a tree and blows a nice chunk of the woods behind it away.

"KI! Its time for you to learn how to use it and control it Tabby-cat! And there's no better way then by diving head first into it. But first, we need to get you to understand it. For that.. I can either A, find a volcano and toss you in it repeatedly until you learn how to use it, or B, we can learn the boring way through meditation."

Caliga DOES seem to be quite eager for option A, but he has a good feeling that Tabitha is going to chose B.

Tabitha's expressions are fairly comical as Caliga lays out her options. Everything from confusion to shock and surprise and finally blatantly looking at him like he's suddenly grown a second head. "...how th' fuck does throwin' someone into a volcano teach them about ki? That makes tying fish to someone an' throwin' 'em to starving cats sound SANE." Some stories will never stop being told at the UR. Rebooted realities or not.

The girl lets out another sigh and runs a hand through her hair as she thinks. "Is ki any different than doin' this?" The girl concentrates and opens her right hand with the palm facing upwards as a small flame appears and dances into a sphere only to dissipate and fizzle out. "It's th' only thing like it I know. I dunno even where I learned it from."

A fucking fire. A house fire. In her house. That's some bullshit. It's taken care of now, thankfully, in that swift fashion that the dragoness tends to take care of petty nuisances such as house fires. And then, to top it off, she found out that her cat girl is missing. Seriously, man, who steals other people's cat girls? Seriously, shitty thing to do there. Shitty and stupid. And infuriating. Extremely infuriating, actually. What the hell is the world coming to, where people steal other people's cat girls?

That's probably why it seems like the entire piece of existence here is rumbling. The ground is shaking. The air is shaking. Sounds are shaking. Light is kind of shaking, in a weirdly unexplainable way. Just...everything that makes up this part of the world of Twisted is just kind of rumble-shaking. In a very, very infuriated kind of way.

And then, with a somewhat terrifying pop, there is a very angry looking dragon lady suddenly existing a few feet away, a rather deadly glare set on Caliga. "Fucking seriously?!" Everything is still kind of rumble-ey as Sun starts advancing toward Caliga, fists clenched at her sides.

"How do you think my son managed to learn how to control his ki so well? Volcanos are natures best training tool." Caliga strokes his chin as he watches the flame, only to raise a hand up, waving it around some. "Ehhh.. Somewhat. I'd say that really isn't, but, it is to others. But at least you have an idea of what it may be."

Caliga goes to speak, only to stop as the dragon stomps her way up a mountain. "See Tabby? What'd I tell you! Evil sadistic dragon.. Wait. That's the wrong one." He smiles, only to turn his attention back to the Neko-jin. "Now. Since we have a Dragon on our hands, lets do our best to ignore it so it'll go back to its home. I mean, its not like the fire would have ever did any real damage. Only an idiot would think their house would burn down to the ground and they'd lose it all when living in that part of Twisted. Plus, if they knew better, they'd sit down, shut up, and take a number. Class currently is in session, and we do have so much to cover today."

Tabitha didn't have a lot of time to wake up and realize the state of things before being thrown into a burlap sack, so she blindly assumes Sun has shown up to 'save' her. The girl lets out another sigh at the thought of it, she's here because she screwed up after all - or at least that's what she's telling herself. Caliga's words make her pause and stare with one eyebrow raised. "...fire?" Well, Sun does look pissed. Not sure of what to do or think she crosses her arms and waits to see what happens next.

Sneering, Sun stops a good distance away from Caliga, eyes narrowed. "Seriously, who the fuck steals a person's cat girl?! That's fucked up, man." She gestures to Tabby to take her hand, scowling at Caliga. "In all seriousness, little man, you have one shot at telling me what the fuck you're doing with her, or you will really, REALLY regret it." An indicator that she can be reasoned with, but she's also not going to back down without an explanation. "Did Diablo put you up to this?"

Knowing Sul Uv, she probably already knows the answers, but despite that, the conversation hasn't happened yet, so she can't know the answers truly unless this conversation happens...oh, the lovely logic of a timeless creature.

Tabitha winces at Sun's words. Hearing herself referred to like a pet actually hurt a bit. She swallows it down of course, at least until Diablo's name gets brought up. With these two explosively tempered people already yelling, Tabitha decides to interject herself with a forced cough, "Um, Sun? He's here because a me." She frowns and sighs again, "I snuck out th' other day with Dante an' we went ta see how much of what I know was put there by Diablo." She pauses as her mind tries not to say exactly how stupid her plan really was, but sadly there's no other way. "We went an' opened th' Hell portal." There's a pause for that to sink in. "It looks like it was all a lie. I've been tellin' people bullshit that monster put in my mind." Of course she should have known that already. "...an' we released another monster because I told Dante we should... We let a little girl out an' she let an army of monsters onta Twisted."

"Originally, I was put up to training her because Diablo warned me she could be a danger to herself and others. Now, I'm training her because she's proven to be a danger to herself and others. The stunt in Hell was just the icing on the cake." Caliga reaches into his jacket, feeling around for something, only to grumble as he pulls his hand back. "Damn. Left them back in Hell."

He points a finger at the ground, and causes a large mound of earth to rise up, forming a makeshift stool which he then sits on. "Of course, the other people in her head already know just what I'm talking about here. But Sammy and gang, don't you guys fret one little bit. I'll be having a nice little pow-wow with /all/ of you once I've finished with Tabby-cat."

Turning his attention once more to Sun, he does his best to be poilte. "Now, if you insist on staying, do me a favor and remain silent. I already said I have a good amount of things to cover, and we don't need no distractions right now. Otherwise, feel free to go home, and know that Tabitha will be back to Twisted someday. Most assuredly however, not today."

Sun turns, first listening to Tabitha's side of the story, before turning to wearily eye Caliga, a frown on her face. The rumbling finally quiets, then dies down to nothing. All the while, Sun's got a thoughtful look on her face, and it seems like her eyes are slightly out of focus. Then, she relaxes visibly, though her gaze upon Caliga is still weary. "If Tabitha truly wishes to be here, then I won't stop her from being here." She glances to Tabby, frowning slightly.

Then, she glances up to Caliga. "Let her talk to me whenever she wants, and give me a weekly progress report, and I will leave you alone as much as you like. I agree, she needs to be able to control herself." She frowns. "If you don't want to do that, you will wish you were dead." She steps back, peering over at Tabby to make sure she is okay with this.

Tabitha stares silently as the two of them effectively discuss her future and how they all fit into it. She mostly ignores Caliga for obvious reasons, but she listens to Sun much more closely, feeling guilty for the frown glanced at her. "I'll be alright. Unless he's just blowin' smoke up my ass, this might help me..." Her voice lowers and she adds under her breath, "...unless it turns out like last time." Frowning herself at the thought she looks back at Sun and forces a smile. "Thank you fer comin' out here." There's a part of her that wants nothing more than to tell Caliga off and go back with her, but she knows she can't. Plus she still feels like she deserves this as a punishment if nothing else.

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