2015-07-13 - Silent Hill is Getting Loud

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Silent Hill is Getting Loud

Summary: Through some twist of fate (see what I did there?) two unlikely allies are brought together to face the horrors of Silent Hill.

Who: Morgana, Muradin
When: July 13, 2015
Where: Twisted Street


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No one seems to know exactly what drew the demons out. Rumors amongst the long standing citizens of Twisted say that it was a matter of time, that a maw leading to Hell itself sitting just in the outskirts of the city was bound to open at some point. Hell is never truly defeated, and it wouldn't slumber indefinitely. Now whether it was an inevitable happening or someone deliberately opened the portal to Hell.. that is still unknown. Truth is, there is hardly any time to be pointing fingers right now, not with the city being wrapped under the darkness of an ashen fog. Because when the fog comes.. the demons come with it.

As soon as the fog fell upon Twisted street, the otherwise sleepy and apathetic citizens of Twisted fell into a panic and scattered as fast as they could, fleeing from the unmistakable chorus that are the monstrous and tormented groaning of the flayed ones and the static noise from electronic devices that comes with the fog.

From the shadows they come; dozens of flayed looking dogs, with their skins peeled apart in a sickening display of tendons and muscles, blood visibly dripping from their bodies as they leave bloody prints when they move, their empty eye sockets peering about before they chase after frightened citizens. With them also come flayed humanoid creatures, with no faces or arms, it looks like they are trapped inside their own skin, their flesh fashioned into straight-jackets. But even with their deformed figures they can still slam their acidic bodies against people to cause horrendous burning wounds, as if merely touching them caused damage.

The citizens are wise to flee-- all except one. A short stocky fellow with blue armor and a blond well groomed beard. The short man, he can't be taller than five feet, launches himself straight at the creatures with reckless bravery, swinging his battle axe and war hammer, flattening them to a pulp with every swing.

Though the scene is horrifying one and any sane creature would flee in terror, this man is actually laughing, reveling in his slaughter.

"Hah! Come on, ye buggers! I'm still waiting for ye to do somethin' dangerous!" Says the short fellow as he caves in another skull with a mighty swing of his hammer.

New as she was herself to Twisted, the siren knew nothing of this threat from hell or fog or flayed beings. She had taken to slipping down the streets of Twisted to the sea when the sun set so that she could feed deeply and enjoy being able to stretch her fins and truely swim.

Sliping out of the DMC building Morgana made her way in the shadows down toward the sea as the fog rolled in. What is fog but low clouds and so what worry is it to a creature that knows the water. She could smell blood though and THAT got her attention. Bare feet carry her silently along the street untill she comes upon a scene that makes her blink and then bare her sharp teeth. Odd beings rushing what seems to be a man in armor.

She has known armor like that, hair the color of flames and one who laughed in battle. The one she knew was a winged woman but her mind is clear for now and her memeory strong. Stepping from the shaddows she hisses as she sees a flayed hound leap for the mans back . She isnt sure what posses her but she leaps forward, lunging past the man in a blur of speed and bodily crashes into the hound. With a loud and piercing shreek directed purely at the hound she does her best to turn the beasts brain to putty.

Blood and metal and that humidity in the air that comes just before lighting strikes, all can be smelled in the air along with a healthy dose of rotting flesh.

The warrior with the hammer and the axe seems far too focused on contending with the flayed men and dogs on his front side to notice the dog leaping from behind, he only has time to see Morgana making a leap towards him and he ducks, giving the siren more than enough to room to fall upon the diseased dog and tear its skull apart.

As she might expect, this dog tastes foul to the senses, it seems to be more than just simply dead, there's more to it than simple rotten flesh, more than just merely undead. It's like taking a bite out of a nightmare and trying to swallow it, as if it were made of pure bile and despair rather than flesh.

The warrior appreciates it nonetheless, and he turns to give Morgana a fierce nod when he notices that she's covering his flank. "Nice hit!" He yells as he swipes his axe and beheads another dog. "Got more of these beasties coming from the sides, lassie! Ye best brace yerself!"

Sure enough, as the fog begins to surround both the dwarf and the siren, the horrors of Silent Hill begin to pour out from every side. A flayed man comes r ushing straight for Morgana, screeching in an agonizing war cry as he tries to headbutt her on the face.

"I wouldna try touching 'em with yer hands! These flamin' bastards got some kinna acid on their skin. Don't ye have any weapons!?" Calls the short warrior.

Gore covers her make shift wrap as the siren sinks her sharp talons into the rotted flesh. Her shreek echos through the streets, the power of those window rattling vibrations bound to do some manner of damage to the horrors around her.

Morgana had marinated in the tainted waters of Nox for so long and her bodys so changed that though she can feel the sting of what ever these hounds are made of it hardly phases her. Violently she wrenches the hounds lower jaw from its upper and then snaps its neck with a powerful jerk.

She is just tossing the carcase away when the flayed man comes at her . She hisses and glairs at the thing. She has fought a multitude of being, to feed and survive, even the great charybdis was no match for her and yet these things are..vile.

How dare something exist that is so...inedible. As the flayed man makes to head but her, she darts her face to the side and lays all those razor teeth into neck flesh with a rather disturbing and resounding tearing and popping sound. The taste is appalling but the effect is efficient.

Death is death after all and even a ...what ever this is need a head which soon is torn from the rest of the body aided by that first severing bite. The nightmare taste coats her mouth and she spits a large hunk of flesh into the street.

"I have only myself . What are these and why are they so foul?" She asks as she turns to face the next rush.

The flayed dog is clearly no match for the thousands of years old vampire siren. Though its very existence seems to repel everything that touches it, including one that is tainted, the dog is physically weak and even less resistant. It's jaw snaps like a twig and then the head is ripped apart as if it were naught but dough on the hands of the vampire, the headless carcass going limp and turning into shadows that return to the fog.

Still, even while now dead, its presence still lingers on Morgana. The acidic sensation on her fangs and hands clinging to her, as well as the stench and the disgusting taste. These creatures aren't the taint, they do not seek to corrupt, they are the bane of all that exists, and that includes the blood drinkers. When not even a vampire can gain nourishment from feasting on these creatures, that's when one knows they are truly well beyond recovery. Where these things even alive at one point?

Needless to say that the creatures are immune to the siren's screech. They march fearlessly into the duo giving muffled screeches of their own. The flayed men in particular sound as if they were gagged, like if they were trying to scream from within but their own flesh covering their faces prevented them. Morgana's attacker painfully misses hits head butt, receiving in turn a vicious bite on its neck. More foul black gore and bile explode out of the wound like a water fountain and it collapses, twitching a little, before dissipating into shadows. The bile produced by these creatures seems to pile up too, the more Morgana bites into them, the more she'll be able to taste the nightmare they come from. All the agony and tortured pain they seem to be in, that apparently has a taste, as the siren might be beginning to find out.

"Haven't ya heard the news!?" The warrior calls back to Morgana as she asks him what these things are. "A portal to Hell opened in the wastelands and these things just started pouring out! This whole bloody city is crawling with 'em!" He grunts and smashes another flayed man apart by collapsing his ribcage with a warhammer smash. "Name's Muradin by the way, glad to see there's more people defending the city."

But as he keeps talking casually, more of the creatures begin to walk out of the fog. This time the arrival of more monsters is heralded by sounds of women crying, and from the shadows feminine figures walk out dressed like nurses. These women though also have their skin flayed, their faces in particular look like they've been wrapped with their own flesh. They have no nose, or mouth, or eyes, and they can still be heard crying.

"Uh.." Muradin is finally starting to look a little perturbed and turns to Morgana. "Here! Use Troggbane!" He says as he flings his finely crafted dwarven battle axe for Morgana to use.

Just as he does, one of the nurses wails in despair and lunges herself at Morgana, trying to stab her in the neck with a scalpel.

Morgana spits onto the street again as the foul taste of the creatures seems to cling to her tongue. The shear wrongness of that seems to annoy her more then anything else. She faces the fog and her eyes narrow , her sleek form quivering in readiness for the next attack.

"I have not been, ...out much. I have only arrived recently and I was...unfit to wander."

She shrugs and glances back at the armored man. The more he moves, the more she sees the more her memory calls her to the female she had known. The joy of battle as if they lived for it, the ease of how they gave themselves to the fray. She remembers ringing laughter and easily thrown taunts as the flame haired one spared with the other landed so many times.

When more creatures come from the fog the siren swears "Chrybris' bones, where is that blue bastard when he is needed..."

Dark hair makes a lovely swirling arch as Morgana turns herself fast as a "nurse" lunges for her. She drives and elbow in the beings back sharply then lashes back in the same motion and rips talons across the things lower back as it goes down.

When the dwarf grunts the siren turns her head quick to check on him and is just in time to see him toss an axe her way. She has not been one for weapons but she has seen them used enough to know the general what and how. With her supernatural physcal strength and reflexes the addition of a weapon is bad news for the hell spawn.

Catching the axe , Morgana turns fast on the fallen "nurse" and takes aim for the place where neck and shoulders meet and again heads and body are taken one from the other.

"I dislike these things, they taste worse then foul and my skin feels as if I the sting of a thousand jelly tenticals on it. "

Even with only one weapon, Muradin seems more than capable of dealing with the creatures of darkness. He ducks under a swing by a nurse trying to hit him with a lead pipe, sweeping her legs with his war hammer to drop her and then flattening her face with a stomping kick, black bile and brains exploding everywhere under the dwarven warrior's boot. "Soddin' blighters!" He grunts, still looking like he's having a good time for one who's fighting the minions of Hell. True enough, personality wise he seems to be the same as that Valkyrie from Morgana's past. Although he does catch her looking at him and he just chuckles, probably mistaken it for the siren taking a shine to him. "Oi! Donna be lookin' at me now, keep yer eyes on the enemy, aye??"

The nurse attacking Morgana is driven back and sliced on her torso by the mermaid's talons. She has the relentlessness of the undead though and picks herself right up using only her legs, the creature's body arching as if some unnatural force was actually controlling her body like a marionette.

She doesn't get a second chance to charge though, the dwarven battle axe cleaves right over her clavicle and the tortured nurse's head goes flying, bile shooting up from the socket that once was her neck before she collapses and turns to shadow. "Well, don't bloody bite into 'em then! That's wot I gave ye me axe fer!" Calls the dwarf when the siren finishes off the nurse fighting her.

It seems the undead creatures are diminishing in number, even with all their horror and unnatural existence, there is very little they can do against a Dwarven Thane and a thousand year old vampire Siren, heads and bodies are turn asunder by hammer and axe until none of them are left.

But the fog persists.. and then they come.

A screeching noise heralds the coming of an army of large sized dung beetles, as big as a man's head, the swarm over Morgana and Muradin to apparently circle them and try to surround them.

This is when a shadowy figure comes out of the mist.. he's tall, a bit taller than Kotal Kahn. Muscled, disgustingly so, with throbbing veins running all across his putrid looking flesh, the creature only has black pants leaving the rest of his sickeningly powerful body exposed. He carries a massive butcher knife with him, almost as tall as he is, which he drags across the concrete like he could barely lift it.

Like the monsters before him, he also has no face. Instead he seems to wear a gigantic metal triangle like a mask, completely concealing his features. His very presence makes the fog thicker and that static noise from nearby electrical devices louder, a nightmare made flesh and bone and steel.

Pyramid Head.

"Blimey, that's a big one.." Grunts Muradin and grips his war hammer tightly, taking position right next to Morgana. Looks like this one is actually going to put a fight.

The woman shoots the dwarf a look and shakes her head as the swarm of beetles spill from the fog. Morgana draws back her lips and bares her teeth with a hiss and as that strange and horrendous new creature stomps forth from the thickend fog. The siren spits again, that taste still on her tongue and snarls

"Charybdis' bones..." She kicks at a beetle with one dainty bare foot and sents it toppling end over end. "there is not enough sea water to get this reek from my mouth. I wish to see the end of this horde . I grow hungry and I do not wish to loose myself again so soon. Where are the wreched gods of this land and thier so called power..." The siren is getting down right pissy and she is NOT amused by this new addition to the fight.

Muradin also steps into a beetle that draws too near, although its of little comfort considering there's hundreds of them, the streets darkened completely with the swarm of insects.

The dwarf rolls his head to crack himself and limber himself up whilst Morgana begins to curse their bad fortune. "I've never put too much stock in gods meself. If there are any gods in this kingdom they've clearly abandoned it, just a quick look at that blighter right there is proof enough of it." The warrior motions to Pyramid Head, who's just standing there looking at them though his face can't be seen. "I prefer to make me own luck with these weapons right 'ere!" Muradin proves the dwarven resolute fearlessness as he bangs his hammer on the ground, the smash sounding like a thunderclap and a good chunk of the beetles go flying and are electrocuted in mid air, they too turn into shadows and ash when they die. "Waddaya say we bash this fool's head in and then I'll buy ye a drink, ey!?" Muradin is clearly not getting what Morgana means by growing hungry.

Pyramid Head doesn't look like he's willing to wait though. The massive grotesque man lumbers forward with demonic speed for his girth and swings an overheard smash at Morgana's head with his butcher knife, intending to split the mermaid in two if he connects!

"Look out!" Calls Muradin just as the demon makes his charge.

The siren flicks her eyes from the dwarf to the hell spawn. She adjusts her grip on the axe and takes a long breath in and then out. Aware that she had tried to use her voice to no avail before the siren simply must rely on her speed and strength, her natural ferocity to see her through.

"when this is done, I wish a swim and a feed and then we shall discuss this drink. You remind me of another and I would talk with you while my mind is clear."

Dark eyes narrow as the demon beast decides it has waited long enough and starts to come her way. It is quicker then it looks but then again so is Morgana. As the great blade comes her way she ducks, and roll. Her shoulder scuffs the pavement and the pain of that infuriates her. Rising to her knee behind the demon she screams her furry and before it can turn she drives the axe into the back of its thigh, hamstringing it.

That thing is indeed much faster than it looks but its just as strong as one might think given its musculature. Pyramid Head swings his massive cleaver with only one hand and SLAMS the blade into the concrete, the butcher knife cleaving right through the ground as it were nothing, causing spider web like cracks to spread all across Twisted street.

It was a strangely clumsy swing though, as it missed Morgana by quite a lot, and the same went for the dwarf. Apparently it was more a show of force than actual attack, clearly trying to intimidate his opponents by displaying his monstrous strength. This is how these monsters operate after all, they feast in your fear. Fighting them is no matter of skill and strength, but of willpower.

Unfortunately for Pyramid Head, his opponents happen to be quite well versed with fear, and as his massive swing misses all he gets in return is Morgana slicing his hamstring with an axe and Muradin coming in to the other side and slamming his warhammer on the creature's kneecap. Black bile pours from the wound where Morgana struck him and something audibly shatters on the monster's leg when the hammer hits him which causes Pyramid Head to momentarily crumble.

"Ey, sure, nothin' like a swim and some brew after a good fight, aye?" Chuckles Muradin in the brief moment of respite, probably getting all the wrong ideas about what Morgana is asking him.

Pyramid Head doesn't stay kneeled for long. The monster eerily stays silent as he's damaged, making no sound of complaint or care about his injures. The demons simply stands up with another burst of speed, moving far too quickly for its girth, and swings the flat of his butcher knife at Morgana to try and flatten her against Muradin. The broad side of the blade making it quite difficult to dodge since its much taller than Morgana.

As the demon goes down with the strikes to its legs , the siren lifts from her own knees to her feet and looks over at the dwarf with a toothsom grin, "You are much like Myst. Fighting, Drinking,and Mating were her favorites too. I heard her say it many times. "

When the demon rises again to its feet the siren swears "Charybdis bones...we will need to do much to kill this one.." She makes to step back but the sweep of that blade catches her with its broad side and knocks her sideways into the dwarf. She grunts as she lands in a sprawl against him.

The dwarven warrior perks up at the Siren when she addresses him again, eyebrows furrowed in some confusion and curiosity when she mentions the person that Muradin reminds her of. He was sort of thinking that Morgana was flirting with him, but now this is making it a bit too obvious. "Oi, if yer fancying a shag with me ye just need to say so--"

Perhaps it was because he was distracted by the lures of the mermaid the Muradin was not entirely prepared by the butcher knife swing of Pyramid Head. The dwarf stops mid sentence, and though the Bronzebeard warrior is a resilient opponent that moves for no one, even he has a hard time trying to stop the swing. Morgana and the flat of the butcher knife is slammed into her and Muradin does all he can to dig his heels in and resist being thrown, but even with his dwarven stubbornness he ends up flying and slamming into a wall and smashing a bunch of beetles on the way there, taking Morgana along with the ride too apparently. "Ugh! Well, if ye got any ideas I'm open to suggestions."

Says Muradin as he begins to push Morgana out of the way since Pyramid Head is rushing over to them. "Move! Move!" He warns her and rolls to the side, just as the demon tries to fall upon Morgana and stomp her on the back with a boot clad foot and crush her spine.

Morgana actually laughs, a full throated musical sound that dances on the foggy air. It has been a long time since someone just chose to be pleasant and light hearted around her, even amidst battle. Of course the dwarf didn't know just what he was offering but with her mind clear she found it amusing. "I have taken none unto myself since I lost my mate. I will think on this. Now though we must look to not being distroyed by this foulness." She had not survived so long in the dark waters of Nox by being slow or stupid and when the pair ends up in a heap against a wall she doesn't just lay there but starts to scramble clear as quickly as she can. The siren is amazingly quick for looking no more then a half naked human. She rolls aside and rises then darts a wide circle around the demon. Let him focus on the dwarf and she will go again for its back.

When Pyramid Head misses his stomping kick against Morgana he goes to do just that; focus on Muradin. Of course, the dwarf is apparently more than willing to try and go toe to toe with the massive demon, it's what a dwarven warrior would do after all, and he arises from the heap of beetles he was thrown into with a might war cry to challenge the monster of Silent Hill.


The Mountain King yells in defiance and dives right into Pyramid Head swinging a massive warhammer strike right into the creatures groin. If Pyramid Head does really have a pair, they are more than definitely crushed under the dwarf's hammer. But even with black bile starting to spread across Pyramid Head's pants showing that he really was injured by that strike, he still doesn't react, even after taking a warhammer to the jewels. His response is to lift his massively muscled arm and slam Muradin on the side of the head, striking the dwarf right on his helmet and causing him to tumble over looking slightly dazed.

At least now Pyramid Head looks far too focused on the dwarf to pay attention to what Morgana is doing.

The siren has no drive to be noble or honorable. She will fight as dirty as needs be to get the job done and survive. As the dwarf give the demon a hammer to the nards the siren slips around behind. Just as the demon puts all his attention into ringing Muradins bell, she leaps. Talons sink into shoulder flesh, heels find hips and she climbs the demon like a tree. The borrowed axe is lifted high and driven viciously into the flesh of the opposing shoulder from where she hangs. The blade sinking deep into the demons flesh, nasty pops and crunches hears as the blade catches in the clavicle.

Morgana chose an opportune time to attack Pyramid Head's arm, for he was raising his mighty cleaver up the air again to try and split Muradin in twain. As the demon's blade reached its maximum height, Pyramid Head feels his grip on his sword slipping as one of his shoulders is suddenly severed by the bite of a dwarven battle axe. Although the creature still does not scream in pain - and really if a hammer to the nuts didn't make him scream nothing will - he does seem to reel on confusion when he senses that he suddenly has no control over one of his own arms. There's a sickening crunching sound as bone and meat are chopped apart and one of Pyramid Head's arms falls on the ground, more of that putrid, foul smelling bile gushing out of the demon's socket.

The creature staggers back, looking more confused than anything about the loss of his arm, and then quickly spins on his heel to try and backpedal into a building's wall in an attempt to sandwich Morgana between himself and a hard place.

Morgana grunts as she drives that axe through demon flesh. Its a few hard hacks but the effort pays off as the creatures sword arm is cleaved from its body. She doesn't stop though as the arm falls away. She has no intent of letting this thing continue to exhist. The blade it angled in and as the arm falls the next hack is driven into the side of the creatures neck and shoulder, the siren attempting cut under that armored pyramid and take the beasts head from its neck. She is oblivious to its backing as she bashes relentlessly at it. The siren can be painfully single minded.

One of benefits of bashing your opponent into a wall like that is that it doesn't leave them much room to maneuver. Morgana's axe cleave hits Pyramid Head's neck, but the creature manages to slam the mermaid against a wall first before she can get any leverage in. He begins to grind his back against the stone wall, not intending to leave the frenzied siren any room to try and continue chopping at his neck.

It would be a deadlock at that point, with neither party getting much done in that current position. At least until a certain dwarf intervenes.

Muradin manages to snap out of his daze and looks to see what Morgana is doing. Thinking quickly, the dwarf makes a leap that clears all of the demon's height and grabs hold of the helmet that is Pyramid Head's namesake. With a few fierce pulls, a grunt, and the fact that Morgana had already chopped a good bit of the creature's neck off, Muradin manages to /rip/ the head right off with his bare hands.

Black, fetid blood gushes out of the creature's neck like a fountain and out from underneath his helmet too, beetles running every which way from inside Pyramid Head as if he was made out of the things.

Headless and armless, even it can't withstand that kind of massive injuries. He crumbles into the ground and turns to ashes like the creatures before him.

And with it gone, the fog also clears out revealing the normal evening sky.

Looks like its over.

For now...

Even as strong as Morgana is, as resilient she isnt impurvious to pain or damage, she just heals fast, wounds still hurt though. She grunts as she is driven into the wall and the demons weight smashes her. The force brusies and the roughness scrapes and it all serves to piss her off royal. She snarls and gnashes those teeth as she trys to whack at its neck. If she is going down by the darkness she will take the beast with her.

So driven is she in that moment that nothing else is in her sight or mind untill the dwarf leaps and takes hold of her prey, she almost reacts to that to protect what is hers to kill the stops herself and watches as Muradin rips the pyramid right from the body, leaving a neck stump and spilling ichor. As the demon crumples she slides down the wall with it and jerks the axe free. The siren pushes herself a few feet sideways as the demon desolves and mutters darkly to herself abour useless gods and foulness that will never come off. She has several scrapes and there is blood and gore on her skin and the little rectange of fabric that had been serving as a toga wrap of sorts. She rests on her rump and spits onto the ground again.

Muradin on the other hand is less silent about their victory than the siren. Where the mermaid takes a moment to sit down, curse and spit on the ground, the dwarf lifts his warhammer to the sky and screams as this where just any other battle for him, warfare coming quite easily to the fighter of a dwarf.


With that rush of excitement out of the way, Muradin dusts some bile off his armor and beard before walking over to Morgana and offer her a helpful hand to stand up. "We clobbered that bastard good, didn't we!? Haah!" He continues to chuckle. "By the way, the axe is a good look for ya, lass. If'n ye want I can make ye one of yer own."

"I'd probably have it done after our date." That was what Morgana was asking of Muradin.. right?

As a hand is offered to her, the siren blinks, her mind taken from survival to the male before her. Warm, his blood up and that scent of life is bright and atractive. She sweeps her tongue across her teeth and her noses twitches as she breaths him in.

She allows him to draw her to her feet and she steps into him, dropping her face , eyes instantly looking for weakness in his armor around those tender neck places. After so many days of her mind being clear and the hunger being mostly just an echo the siren can feel it awakening. Likely it is a mix of battle rush and the mans closeness. "I hunger....I need to feed ..I ..I would not ...I must go to the sea..we can speak after I feed. " She physically pushes him away, she needs distance from the rich living scent of him. "an axe is a poor thing in water, what weapon would you forge for one of the sea?" She knows where the waters are and she must get there, get the ichor off her skin and find something to sink fang into before she turns on this one who was an ally in this fight.

Thanks to his fighter nature, Muradin recognizes that look of hunger when he sees it. He's not sure what to make of it though since he and Morgana were really just fighting as allies moments before, to have the siren turn on him like that is rather unexpected. The dwarf takes a step back as she pushes him, but he looks at her strangely, perhaps thinking that it might be lust that was clouding Morgana's mind. Muradin can understand that though-- what with his good looks and all, besides, nothing quite gets ya in the mood for that like a fight for your life.

Anyway, the dwarf lets the siren be as she wishes, not noticing that she's taking in his scent. Although he could be mistaken for a short, stocky human, its quite clear by his smell that Muradin is something else entirely. He smells of blood and flesh sure enough, but also of steel and stone, as if there was iron in his skin and insides. He's far too focused on the talk of weapons to pay any mind to the odd looks Morgana is giving him.

"For underwater fightin' I'd do somethin' like a spear, or a trident.. or a sasumata or some such. Ye wanna be using anything that's got a big handle for pokin' like polearms, I can give ye a list if ye want!" He really likes his weapons. "Oh, or a short sword too as a side weapon. Canna go wrong with the ol' spear and sword combo."

Morgana is doing her best not to give in to her growing hunger. Yes he smells of many things but he is so ALIVE, his blood up from battle and he would be delicious. Shaking her head she brushes past him. Her arm rubbing briefly against his. She looks toward the far end of the street and where it leads her toward the sea. "I must swim...this, trident. I have heard of it. Yes. I think it would be good. You may wish to wait till I finish talk more. You would be as a stone in the sea with all that metal on. When I finish we can talk more. I would have this. " She isnt great at social nicetys and so she simply pushes the axe toward him and lets it go as she moves. He may follow or not as he desires but if she stays she will be the next thing to attack him and she does not desire to battle further this night.

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