2015-07-18 - Searching for Lost Friends (part II)

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Searching for Lost Friends (part II)

Summary: Wow, it really took a long while to continue from last time, but we finally managed to start again - even if we were forced to cut it short.

Who: Gegoshi, Nancy
When: July 18th, 2015
Where: New World: The Grass Plain(#1958R)


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...continuing from last time...

New World: The Grass Plain(#1958R)
Eternal blue twilight rests upon this world. You count three moons, or perhaps dulled suns in the sky above you. Your feet rest upon a long and lush grassy plain, spreading out for miles. In the distance is a mammoth sized black stone castle, beyond that a forest, and in the opposite direction is a landscape of distant rolling mountains.

One piece of the plain shimmers and churns, occasionaly a doorway onto an empty cracked street will form and then fade, sometimes depositing things, sometimes taking them.

Nancy steps through the window and raises an eyebrow at the clear skies above and the moons and stars beyond. Closing her eyes a moment to feel the breeze off the plain, the councilwoman can't help but smile. "It's so peaceful here." She opens her eyes and looks to her friend. "I wish Twisted felt more like this sometimes." It takes her a moment to remember that they're not here to sight see. Already it feels like a vast amount of time had passed since embarking on this quest. With her mind once more focused she looks around and raises her brow once again. "What now, Gegoshi?"

Gegoshi looks around the grassy plain, then points straight towards the giant castle in the distance! "Our quest lies this way!" she says and starts walking towards it! "I believe this world was created within the last decade, therefore it is quite free of any influences time has on planets! Furthermore, it's home to many dragons, vampires, and gargoyle's amonth other things, so it's not very hospitable towards humans!" She heads for the castle, her clothing swirling around her in a silver pattern that catches the blue tinted light that ever shines in the eternal twilight this world lays in, changing it into an extravagent robe and cloak with a long trail that ripples in the wind.

The woman stares at the synth as she walks off, overwhelmed by what she's just said. As such it takes her a quick jog to catch up where she immediately begins to shake her head and gesture with her arms, "Wait, wait, wait. Not very hospitable? Should I be worried?" She looks back where they came expecting to see an exit that of course doesn't exist. "I'm not a fighter... I can't use magic... Wh-what if something happens?" All legit fears, but also all things she really should have thought of before beginning this quest.

Gegoshi looks at Nancy as she catches up, "Adventures are dangerous! However, if we are attacked I can access my battle protocols. Although I've never used them. My earlier prototype went out of control because she was allowed to freely access them. As such, I haven't made use of them because they were restricted, however now I have access to all of my systems." She reaches over to take Nancy's hand and hold it, drawing in close, "Don't worry fair maiden, I will protect you." There's a loud rumble in the far distant mountains...which could be anything from a large boulder falling to a dragon roaring. It's hard to distinguish.

The nervousness in Nancy's voice doesn't fade, although she does try to make the best of it by joking, "M-my hero!" The rumble keeps her from adding more to that statement as she looks up expecting the worst. As it doesn't, she allows herself a moment to breathe - her grip in Gegoshi's hand the being only thing that doesn't relax. The return of silence sets in heavily and soon enough she starts to ramble off to distract herself from thoughts of dragons and vampires. "So... Your prototype? Is that like another version of yourself or a sister? What exactly does that mean?" She's led a sheltered life after all.

Gegoshi keeps hold of Nancy's hand, walking towards the castle. It's quite a distance away, "An earlier version of myself, yes, but with different personality protocols and decision making hardware." She tilts her head, "She is as close to I have as a sister...she can't handle as many complex algorithims and social interactions as I can, as well as her synth ability being more battle focused rather than entertainment." She looks up at the sky, "I don't know where she is...she escaped before I was created..." She presses her lips into a thin line, the halo above her head spinning down.

Nancy watches her as she speaks, nodding her head slowly. "I actually understand that, I think. I have a brother too... When they sealed me away I never thought I'd see him or any of my family again." The councilwoman goes quiet, her gaze falling on the grass beneath her feet. "Now he doesn't even know I exist. I thought about going to him and telling him who I am, but I doubt he'd believe me. I think it's better I just keep away. I do miss him, though." The whole time she speaks about Seth her voice gets quieter and quieter, the final part spoken in almost a whisper.

Gegoshi looks at Nancy as the halo above her head starts spinning again rapidly, it's all a game to her in the end. She was trying to create a sombre mood, and it worked! She assumed that's what Nancy was going for, asking about her earlier model. "If he doesn't know you exist, how can you miss him?" she asks, geniuinely interested in such an answer, "Yunie can't miss me because she doesn't know I exist, however although I know she exists I don't miss her because we never met. I only know of her existence because some of my files were not renamed. Furthermore, one of the scientists often shared secrets with me."

Stopping dead in her tracks, Nancy has to consider that question a moment before she resumes walking and responds. "I... I remember him. We grew up together... mostly. But Seth, he.. he doesn't remember even that. He doesn't remember me at all." Taking her free hand she holds it to her chest. "Gegoshi, it hurts to be forgotten. For me, it makes my heart ache." Surely she can understand that, right? "I don't consider a lot of people family or friends, and that makes it worse because you are all so important to me." Suddenly her demeanor seems more confident and she looks up at that castle they're approaching almost excitedly. "That's why we have to save Guarlesia. She's our friend and she wouldn't want us to give up!"

Gegoshi nods at Nancy's words, "Don't worry! I'll never forget you! The only way my memory can be erased is if my master orders me to do so!" She then lowers her voice and leans in close, whispering, "However, I'll never forget you anyway because I've re-written my factory settings." She tilts her head to the side, "Am I your family or your friend?" she asks, not sure about that herself. She hasn't really classified Nancy, other than that she's on The Council, even if she doesn't really work for them anymore and just for Senior Diablo since he holds her contract, but he doesn't seem overly interested in ordering her about. She smiles about Guarlesia, "Then let's hope the ancient being will aide in our quest!"

Well that's a very humbling question. She doesn't stop this time, but she does slow down as she considers Gegoshi's words. "I... I guess I don't really have any family anymore. Just my idiot brother who doesn't know who I am." The girl frowns, her grip loosening a little. After a moment her she looks back at the synth and smiles, or forces a smile at least. "Maybe I just need a new family?" If only it where that simple, right? "But yes, our quest! Maybe we won't take no for an answer! This is our friend we're trying to bring back." She nods at her own words with a more genuine smile this time.

Blue text flickers across Gegoshi's eyes as she analyzes Nancy's current emotional state from what she's said and how she moves. She smiles, "You can create your own family if you try! If you desire I can simulate any family member!" She tightens her hand around Nancy's to reassure her, "Correct! However, if he does say no and argue I'm not sure what will happen! I have never interacted with this being." The castle looms larger and larger as they get closer...

Nancy glances up the castle again, trying not to think too hard on the subject she's walked herself into. "I'm not sure if 'simulate' is really appropriate, but you'd always be welcome in my family however things turn out, Gegoshi." She smiles warmly this time but her eyes remain mostly glued on the gate they're quickly approaching. "It doesn't matter what happens. We've tried, and we'll keep trying until we run out of options, right?" She's saying this more for herself at this point as the urge to run is stronger now than ever. She might have quit already where it not for Gegoshi being willing to hold her hand and join her in this quest. Realizing this just makes her smile again. "I think you really are the best friend I've ever had." She looks back at the synth. "I mean that..."

...to be continued...

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