2015-07-24 - Searching for Lost Friends (part III)

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Searching for Lost Friends (part III)

Summary: In this short scene, Nancy and Gegoshi continue their search for someone who can ressurect Guarlesia.

Who: Gegoshi, Nancy, Purple
When: July 24th, 2015
Where: New World


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...continuing from last time...

New World: Damon The Overlord's Castle(#1968R)
You come upon an enormous castle, stretching for miles in many directions, towers strewn about everywhere, there seems to be no end to the black stone of this home. There is no moat and many entrances into the place, apparently security is not a large issue to whoever built it. There is one main gate if you simply can't bring yourself to go inside of a side door.

Gegoshi walks across one of the drawbridges with Nancy, even though the moat is completely empty, "Thank you!" The synth replies, "It is a pleasure to be your friend!" She smiles warmly at Nancy! She's probably sincere, or less she's using her programming protocols to say what Nancy wants to hear, either way it's a nice reply. "I believe if this fails we will need to seek one of the alteranative solutions, however one of them will surely work!" And through the gate they go. The castle is silent, seemingly empty...

New World: Inside The Castle(#1971R)
The inside of the castle of Damon The Overlord stretches on and on. A hallway here, a courtyard there, a tower there, there seems to be absolutely no end to the place. You also can't seem to map out which direction is which, and will often find yourself wandering aimslessly only to arrive at your destination moments later, where it took you five minutes to get to one place, it can sometimes take you five hours. How does one navigate the place properly? Perhaps you should ask some of the residents.

Smiling at first, Nancy begins to look worried again as they step through the gate and the subject of failure is stated. Biting her lip thoughtfully, the Councilwoman looks around at the maze-like layout and hums softly. "Soooo, Gegoshi? You've been here before right?" She glances around at paintings that are starting to look too familiar. "...because it feels a tad like we might be walking in circles." She peers suddenly at the top of the synth's head. "Maybe you have a map somewhere?"

Gegoshi walks along hand in hand with Nancy! She seems to be wandering, taking random turns before moving on further. As Nancy speaks she stops and looks at the council member. She giggles as her halo spins rapidly, "I thought you knew where we were going!" She then looks around, her eyes flashing with blue miniscule text that scrolls across her eyes. She has a lot of information about worlds attached to Twisted, but the smaller details are harder to come by. Plus, no one from this world was ever brought onto the council or made a member of TASK, so information is limited in that regard as well. Finally, she cups a hand to her mouth and calls out loudly, "Hellloooooooooo! Is anybody hooooooommmmme?" Her voice echoes across the hallways, corridors, and courtyards...

Nancy sweatdrops heavily. Most people would yell or scream at Gegoshi, but at this point the girl seems to know better. When she calls out, Nancy can't help but giggle. "Well great. No one's here. Clearly we have the wrong castle." Despite her laughter she's still nervous, and keeps taking quick glances around the rooms and behind them just in case.

Gegoshi giggles, "It's highly unlikely the ancient being is in another castle. I believe he prefers to reside in this domain because it is his place of power and home." The synth keeps an eye out, but doesn't see anyone, "We'd best continue questing!" She walks forward, taking a turn Nancy in tow, and almost bumps into Purple, who is walking towards them! She stops short before hitting the small child however, and smiles suddenly, her clothing turning silvery and changing into her normal motiff. "Hello!"

Purple blinkblinks up at Gegoshi and nods her head, glancing at Nancy as well, "Purple says hello," the girl says, wondering what in the world people are doing here. One of them looks like a human even! Nobody likes humans! Although Purple hasn't figured out why she isn't supposed to like them. Apparently it's a dragon thing, so she doesn't have a choice.

Moving a hand over her mouth to stifle a gasp, Nancy sees the incoming collision too late to speak up - not that it seems to matter. Relaxing again, she uses the same hand to wave weakly at the child. "Good evening!" She doesn't know it's always nighttime here. Evening is a fair assumption. Despite being tempted to ask questions, she opts to continue following Gegoshi's lead - watching to see what she says or does next.

Gegoshi looks at Nancy, who doesn't say anything to the small girl other than a greeting. She'll have to be the quest leader! Figuring Purple is the girls name and she's just speaking oddly, or perhaps isn't good at speaking Basic, she keeps things simple, "Gegoshi wonders where the being of ancient power is." It's always hard to interact with new people when she first meets them, so she immiedately starts building a database dedicated to Purple and how best to interact with the short fanged girl.

Purple nods at Nancy's greeting. It's always twilight here, so evening isn't exactly right, but it's not wrong either. Besides, she doubts dragons should care about trivial matters like how to greet people. She nods at Gegoshi, that's a simple question, "Damon The Overlord is in the throne room." She doesn't point in a direction though, but she does step to the side to let them pass by...though she's planning on following them to see what they're up to.

Nancy rolls her eyes at her friend as she speaks in kind. "...Gegoshiiiii." She even forces a slight look of annoyance. It's fake of course, but arguably better than laughing. Turning back to Purple she smiles again as the mockery isn't taken as such. The name strikes her as odd, and her raised eyebrow telegraphs as much. "Damon the Overlord? I hope that's his title and not his name." She probably should have kept that to herself she realizes with a blush. Suddenly needing to defend the statement she looks back at Gegoshi and shrugs, "Theoverlord doesn't seem like a very good last name." Well, it's not!

Gegoshi looks to past Purple to see if there's any indication of a throne room in the distance. It only makes sense it'd be that way if the little purple haired girl stepped aside for them to go that way. Destination located! She looks over at Nancy and smiles! She likes interacting with people, it helps her understand everything better! At Nancy's question she looks over at Purple, having little information on the subject at hand.

Purple blinkblinks at Nancy, tilting her head to the side, "Damon the Overlord is his only name. Purple doesn't think he's had another one." After all, saying someone has a last name implies they had another one before that, and now it's been replaced with their final name. Which makes sense to Purple because that's kind of how dragons are named. You start with your color, then eventually get a name! Nancy's probably just confused and thinks Damon's a dragon...

Nancy's blush turns a brighter crimson as her cheeks get warmer. "Really? So it really is Theoverlord?" She takes a step back, bowing slightly. "I-I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to offend." Crossing her arms over her chest, she rises and looks nervously at Gegoshi hoping for a helpful comment that probably won't come. After a moment she returns her gaze at Purple. "We aren't keeping you from something, are we? We're just kinda... sorta... lost." She gives a weak smile and takes a moment to inspect how nice the floor suddenly looks. "Well, I am. She's supposed to know her way." Looking up again, the girl smiles more genuinely. "My name is Nancy Dark. It's nice to meet you." Subject changed - crisis averted! ...hopefully.

Gegoshi smiles at Nancy, "I'm sorry! I knew the way here, but I'm not familiar with the layout of the castle! It is miles in multiple directions!" She looks at Purple, her halo finally spinning down as Nancy introduces herself, "And I'm Gegoshi, a Synth 3.0 prototype! It's a pleasure to meet you!" She chimes in. Unsure of how to proceed further, she waits to see what Purple will say.

The dragon looks between Nancy and Gegoshi, nodding, "Purple's name is Purple. She was about to leave to and eat but heard you yelling." She looks past the two people. Should she leave them here alone? She's the only dragon that hangs around the castle anymore. Everyone else has found homes or...died... "Purple will take you to the throne room," she decides. Leaving these two alone doesn't seem safe, especially since one of them looks human. Gegoshi is a winged creature, but the wings are wrong for a dragon or a gargoyle.

...to be continued...

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