2015-07-25 - Priority: Ice cream

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Priority: Ice Cream

Summary: The new arrivals have a seat in the Usual to learn about Twisted. A small misunderstanding involving exploding furniture and a battle-ax ensues.

Who: Flandre, Gogron, Meiling, Serenity
When: July 25, 2015
Where: The Usual Restaurant


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That's an odd sight. Well, a little. There's a tall, well-built red-haired woman in a green dress that looks like it's inspired by --but isn't quite-- Asian design. Ordinarily this wouldn't be a thing.

What's a little odd is that she has a parasol in her hand. It is the most garish shade of cotton candy pink, with enough frills to make the prettiest of pretty-pretty princesses choke. Clearly it's not hers. Though that makes sense because she's actually holding it over someone else. Someone quite a bit shorter than her.

She's being extra careful to keep the shadow centered over the smaller person she's holding the parasol over, as if she were attempting to keep the sun off of this shorter person with EXTREME PREJUDICE!

Accompanying said statuesque woman is said shorter person. A girl dressed in elegant crimson clothes that could very well make the prettiest of pretty-pretty princess choke! Clearly the pink parasol is hers and the red haired woman is holding it for her due to the height advantage that her stature gives her. The shorter girl introduces an intriguing contrast to the red haired woman with Asianesque style dress.

She's a blond girl, just entering her teens, can't be much older than fourteen or such. Her dress, unlike her companion, is heavily European styled and old fashioned at that, with a 18th century mob cap that seems more at place in Victorian times. The girl's dress isn't the only thing uncommon about her, as she posses bright red eyes, almost looking as if they were bloodshot and glowing. Additionally, she has bright, rainbow colored wings sprouting from her back.

This small, young girl, who looks quite happy as she walks along her tall red-headed bodyguard, is also quite clearly doing her damnest to stay within the shade of the parasol and AVOID THE SUN AT ALL COSTS. But yeah, the two seem to be walking along Twisted street looking for nothing in particular... almost as if they were tourists.

The mottled mollusc meandering down the sidewalk bears a double-bagged jar of some sort in a container sitting on the black disk that keeps a mass of water (and its owner) suspended in midair.

Serenity seems to be flowing towards the Usual Restaurant with slow undulations of the 'wings' when Meiling and Flandre pass near. Ren doesn't seem to have any problem with the girl's fashion sense, which may be related to the diverse nature of the world... or to having neon orange, turquoise, and blue skin and a patch of clothing in yellow and lime green leopard spots.

As bluish-green eyes fall on Meiling, Ren makes a polite nod of the head to her and then the shorter person. "I like your colorful... decorations," Ren cheerily hisses to Flandre, motioning a 'wing' towards her. Ren puts folds in the pair of fins to give a vague impression of a human arm in a sleeve.

Meiling blinks at Serenity, not ever having seen such a being before. However, when the being begins to speak, that's when Meiling looks REALLY surprised, and her blue eyes widen. She bows politely to Serenity, somehow managing not to move the parasol from over the smaller girl as she does so. She must have had some practice doing that.

"Good afternoon to you..." Sounds like she was going to say more but decided against it, for whatever reason. "Er... we seem to be lost. Where are we, do you know a place called Gensokyo, and do you know the way back?" she inquires. Then she looks sheepish. "I know that was a lot of questions, but we're very confused..."

Flandre doesn't even try to refute the claim that her wings are just decorations. They aren't, mind you, those things are really coming out of her back, Flandre simply does not have the mental concentration to realize that Serenity believes those might be fake -- basically, it goes right over Flandre's head, talk about having a blond moment. "Huh..? Oh! Thanks!" The girl turns to the source of the voice and beams happily at it.

It takes her a few moments to realize who she's talking to. The colorfully winged girl looks this way and that as if she's looking for the source of the voice, not realizing that the floating luminescent mollusc is the person that was talking to her. It's not until she realizes that Meiling is answering that Flandre begins to jump up and down excitedly and pointing at Serenity.

"EEEEEEEE!!!" What's wrong with her? Is Serenity scaring her or something! "Meiling!!" She gives a girlish shriek! "Look at that thing!! It's so pretty!!! I want it! I want it!!" It's a wonder how she manages to stay inside the parasol's shade whilst she's jumping up and down all excited-like.

Serenity pauses in front of Meiling in a standing posture at a height that matches hers. With her question, Ren loses the pleasant expression, replacing it with a concerned frown. "Hhh... perhaps it would be best if we have a seat inside first? The answer to those questions is rather complicated." Ren motions toward the door of the Usual.

The sudden shriek makes Ren 'blink' eyes inward and shrink in length, followed shortly thereafter by twisting (in a way that vertebrates ought not twist) to look in the direction Flandre was facing.

As Flandre clarifies, Ren turns back and seems to relax, eyes darting from the girl to the woman with a confused expression.

Meiling blushes at Flandre's sudden shriek. "Aa... M-Mistress Flan, that was the lady who said your wings were pretty," she tries to explain. Then she looks up at Serenity again, still blushing. "I'm sorry... we're new here, and all of this is still very... well, new."

Serenity's words get a nod, and Meiling adds, "That would be nice, thank you. Please forgive us if we seem odd." She smiles. "My name is Hong Meiling, and with me is Mistress Flandre Scarlet," she offers.

"Whaaat? Really?" Flandre says sounding totally oblivious to the fact that Serenity is in fact not a toy and a sentient living thing. Of course, in Flandre's mind there is very little difference between sentient creatures and toys since the girl regards nearly everything she says as her playthings. However, the difference here is that she has Meiling around with her and she can rely on her nanny to tell her what is okay to play with and what isn't.

"Wow! I've never seen a human like you before!" The girl still seems to be convinced that they are in the outside world and because the outside world is full of humans, then that makes Serenity a human too! If they were still in Gensokyo she would have assumed that Serenity was a yokai and maybe wouldn't have been as surprised, but in the end, nearly everything is completely new to the sheltered Flandre Scarlet and its not entirely surprising that she'd react like that, at least not to someone that knows her like Meiling.

The blond vampire girl does recognize when pleasantries are being exchanged though and she makes an elegant European style curtsy to the mollusk, lifting the hem of her skirt as she bends her knees to introduce herself. "A pleasure to make your acquaintance." This sounds more like something that Flandre has practiced repeating rather than something she'd say on her own.

"I'm pleased to meet you both. Please call me Serenity," Ren offers in reply, motioning a pair of fin edges inward. "And I can assure you," Ren says to Meiling with a smile, "that people in this town see far more odd things on a daily basis."

Ren grins at the girl's reaction and curls the trailing portions of the fins into a skirt-like shape, wrinkling them upward and shrinking lengthwise in a loose approximation of the curtsey.

Ren then straightens and allows fins to spread out in aquamarine sheets before beginning to ripple toward the restaurant entrance. "The translation... magic?... seems to obscure some differences in species names. But in fact mine is <fsst>. Humans or other sorts with two legs and two arms do seem the most common, though," Ren explains to Meiling. Then Ren looks to Flandre. "Perhaps we can say 'person'?"

Meiling chuckles as Flandre registers Serenity's an actual being. She's relieved, truth be told. Woudln't do for Flandre to try to hug someone and smush them! Particularly because Serenity happens to look bear an uncanny resemblance to some of the squishy, not-very-nice inhabitants of the gardens of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, those Meiling had to fight with salt!

She is, however, careful not to say this. But she DOES note that Serenity isn't a human. Which makes sense. But that also means... Meiling blinks. "...There are non-humans here too? Regularly?"

The blond girl smiles winsomely and seems delighted when Serenity shape shifts like that and returns the curtsey. That's a very neat trick and it makes Flandre clap approvingly, yet another reason why she really wants Serenity to be here pet now! The only reason why she's not demanding it this very instant is because Meiling is talking to her, but its just a matter of time before Flandre's concentration shifts and has yet another of her unreasonable requests.

"Oh! So there's yokai here too? Maybe we are in Gensokyo after all, Meiling," adds Flandre, who quite clearly still has no idea where she is or what's going on. "Good thing too! Now we can bring Serenity to the mansion, I really want her to be my pet!" Well, that didn't take long at all now, did it?

Serenity smiles brightly at Flandre's clapping- as brightly as one can smile sans teeth. Ren then seems to have a bit of difficulty opening the restaurant door, but once the black disc is propping it open, Ren squishes the dorsal side against the door. The forcefield strips water as it moves past so that the surface is left only damp and not dripping.

"Indeed the city of Twisted has many non-humans living here," Ren explains to Meiling. "I'm not entirely sure who 'yokai' are, but it's quite possible to meet most any sort of person." Ren motions them inside with a 'wing', grinning at but not remarking upon the 'pet' demand.

Meiling's expression falls a little at the mention of the mansion. She knows they're not in Gensokyo anymore, but coudl the mansion still be here? Inwardly she hopes not, because them Remilia would start again on her conquest. And at the same time she feels horrible for hoping that the mansion isn't here. But she says only, "We'll have to find it first. If this /is/ Gensokyo, it's a part of if I've never seen, so finding our way back might be hard."

As for yokai? Meiling nods. "We're yokai, both of us. Well... I am, the young mistress Flandre isn't." She doesn't venture what Flan is, though. Serenity holds the door to the restaurant, and Meiling nods. "Thank you," she offers, and makes to assist Flandre in entering, making sure the sun doesn't hit her and all.

"I'm a vampire!" Flandre solves that little mystery by revealing her true nature to anyone within earshot. So much for Meiling trying to keep /that/ a secret. Of course, Flandre doesn't seem to understand the implications, in fact, if Serenity has come to understand anything about human nature, she'd realize that the girl acts a lot younger than she looks. It's almost like if Flandre was a toddler instead of a teenager--- there's clearly something wrong with her and its not just the fact that she's an alleged vampire.. I'm talking mentally.

"I'm sure we'll get there with no problems, Meiling. You've always been really good at getting us out of trouble." Says the girl with her unwavering trust on her dear nanny. At the very least, Flandre notices that Serenity is having some difficulty open the door, and the girl helpfully pushes it open with such force that it almost bashes it out of its hinges. Clearly she doesn't have the strength of a regular teenage girl either.

"Wheeee!! It's a store!" Chirps Flandre as she runs inside, not having to worry about the sun rays anymore. "I hope there's candy!!~"

Serenity dives quickly out of the way of the door, rippling quickly into the Usual as the door bounces off the wall outside. That appears to worry Ren more than the admission of vampirism.

Ren slides backwards for a bit to keep an eye on the girl, still moving generally toward a table. "Now," Ren then says to Meiling, "some answers to your questions." Ren moves a chair out of the way to take a 'kneeling' posture above the floor in its place. "This city, and perhaps by extension, the world, is called Twisted," Ren explains, motioning outward with the 'wings'. "It doesn't seem to obey an entirely consistent set of physical laws- or at least not those I am familiar with. The barrier around the city seems to keep the greater part of that physical chaos at bay, but still leaves a generous amount of the social sort of chaos."

Ren continues with a frown, "The world also seems to have the unfortunate habit of abducting people from various universes."

Meiling sweatdrops a little at the blurting out of that information. "Aa, M-Mistress Flandre, that could be dangerous information to just tell anyone..." But at least it explains the parasol. She seems sheepish at Flandre's trust, but nods. Flandre's treatment of the door gets a blink. "Oh, please be careful," she cautions Flandre. Once Flandre is no longer in danger of being burninated, Meiling folds the parasol and enters the place as well, smiling at Flandre's reaction.

Now that they're inside, Meiling will guide Flandre over to a chair. She also pulls the chair out so that Flandre can sit down. Such a diligent nanny! Though she seems less like a nanny and more like a servant. Perhaps a little of both? Either way, once flandre is seated Meiling will take a seat next to her. Then she turns her attention to Serenity's explanation.

Meiling listens, absorbs and processes the information. It seems simple enough. But she does have a few question. "So... this isn't Gensokyo after all?" Poor girl, she looks almost relieved! "Is there any way back?"

It's not trust that compelled Flandre to tell Serenity of her true nature. Frankly, there are very few people that Flandre trusts implicitly, and those can only be found within the Scarlet Devil Mansion. It's more like... total ignorance that caused Flandre to blurt that out, she doesn't understand that there can be repercussions to people finding that out, at least not yet.

Fortunately, Flandre is very easy to control for those that know how she works. She stops running around the restaurant when Meiling nabs her and giddily goes to sit on the chair that Meiling pulls for her. Indeed, Meiling acts a lot more like a servant than she does a nanny, or maybe more like a care-taker. Whatever Flandre's mental problems may be, it appears that the blond girl really can't fend for herself, or at least appears incapable of doing so.

When Serenity reveals that this isn't Gensokyo after all, Flandre does little more than snap her fingers. "Darn, I was sure were here still. Good thing I didn't bet anything." That was slightly random, but she keeps kicking her legs whilst Meiling speaks business with Serenity. She also picks up the menu of the restaurant and starts looking it over as if she were wondering what she's going to order, already forgetting of the trouble she and Meiling are in. Flandre really does seem to be oblivious to anything that isn't her own self-gratification actually. "Hmm...I'm gonna get the cherry ice cream with chocolate." Yep..

Serenity watches the dynamic between the two attentively but without remark, then turns eyes to Meiling again.

"I am very much interested in answering that question myself," Ren explains uncomfortably. "I had intended to spend some years away from home before arriving here. I have made many friends and acquaintences since arriving here. But I would at least like to get a message home."

Ren motions to the exit with the edge of a fin, not troubling to make an illusory arm now. "So far, no one has been able to assure me that return is either possible or impossible. All I know is that attempting to leave is dangerous and returning home permanently unlikely."

Meiling sweatdrops again at Flandre's words. "Mistress Flandre, we don't have any money with us..." she hedges as the girl starts to make an order from the menu. She's not familiar with the workings of the place, either, so she's not sure any of the food is safe.

Serenity's words do bring a measure of comfort to Meiling. Even if it leaves the option that Remilia might come here. What if the mansion follows? Well, hopefully there will be people here who could stand against Remilia if she decides to try to conquer this place too.

However, she nods. "I hope you can manage to get a message home, at least," she says kindly. "To at least let the people from home know you're all right. And thank you. We're both just very confused right now."

There's a disappointed 'aaaww' from Flandre when Meiling mentions they have no money, at least having 'enough' worldly understanding that she knows what money is and how it works. She's played plenty of MMOs anyway, so that's one way of learning about the outside world when confined to the basement of the mansion. "This sucks... I want to go home!" The girl whines and buries her face on the menu, longing for the comfort of her mansion and the endless supply of ice cream there. Although the bossy older sister was a downside, but it was tolerable in comparison to being lost in this strange land.

In fact, it looks like Flandre is getting ready to start crying. "I wanna go to my room! I want my videogames! I want my candy! I want to go play with Sakuya!" Hard to tell if she's honestly sad or she's just being a brat.

Serenity nods in reply to Meiling. "Thank you. And I wish that I could be of more help," Ren says, extending a fin edge from the water to offer her a damp pat on the arm. "What I can do is point you to some resources."

Ren motions toward the bar. "As a recent arrival, you can request some free food." Ren motions toward the exit. "Free apartments are available across the street, customizable if you inquire with the proprietors."

Ren continues less comfortably, "We are having a bit of a problem at the moment with... animal control, so I would advise against being outside at night or during heavy fog, particularly outside the city's barrier."

Ren adds with a smile, "In any case, would be happy to direct you to anything you need in town."

It's that orc again. He's dressed in the same thing he's been dressed in every time. You'd think it would smell bad, but evidently he takes time to wash the armor out. Would it rust? It looks kind of rusty- no scratch that it looks like the red bits are part of the motif, like it's supposed to be a bloody glaring red here and there in amongst the soot lashed black and almost painful glinting metallic brightness.

There's that axe again, glowing a sullen dull crimson now and again. And those same tired eyes, though he seems to be a bit less, tired? There's that at least.

Meiling leans over when Flan starts to whine, and hugs the blonde girl. "Oh... it's all right Mistress Flandre, we'll figure something out, I promise!" she assures Flan, rubbing the smaller girl's back gently. Serenity's mention that they could request a little free food gets a smile. "Ah, thank you so much," Meiling notes. To Flan, "So we may be able to get that ice cream after all~!"

Then it's the mention of 'animal control'. "Well, er..." Meiling hedges. "Nighttime and heavy fog are ideal conditions for Mistress Flandre." For reasons that the blonde girl has mentioned-- that whole 'vampire' thing. As for directions? "Is there a map? What exists in the city?"

Suddenly ORC! Meiling looks in Gogron's direction, blinking slightly. She doesn't know him, obviously, but she doesn't seem all that scared of him. Also, suddenly yokai! Gogron has a tall, pretty redhead looking at him in surprise.

Serenity reaches up to rub at the beginnings of the gill mane as Flandre protests and Meiling comforts.

Ren remains quiet for a moment before answering, "You may want to talk with someone at the TASK office about the details of the security situation. I'd still advise a safe place to spend the night."

Ren looks up at Gogron's entrance and nods politely to him, though doesn't look exactly comforted by his presence. "As for maps, I would try the convenience store down the street. I believe they have some sort of iced sweets there, too."

Flandre brushes the beginning of her tears and gives a pitiful look up at Meiling when she and Ren try to console her. "R-Really?" Flandre has a very simplistic mind, and it only takes a couple of bowls of ice cream to keep her from blowing an aggression inhibitor. A good thing too, because her tantrums tend to turn deadly.

The mention of moving through night though make her brighten up a little, rather ironically. "Hey! If there's fog here then its just like how sis wanted to make for Gensokyo!" Maybe this place won't be so bad after all if there's constant fog covering the icky nasty sun away, and what are a few 'animal's as Ren keeps putting it against Meiling and her?

Flandre does notice the large orc approaching and giddily points his way, finding him to be a most curious attraction. "Oooh, who's that? Can I play with him??"

Blinkblink, blink? "What?" Play with... what? Suddenly uncomfortable orc is suddenly uncomfortable, bumping up against a table as he backs up. "What? I- what?"

"I don't think that fog would be a good idea at the moment," Ren remarks with a frown to Flandre.

"First, it would be a bit difficult to take a vote on weather modification, as this town doesn't have a democratic government. Or, as far as I know, a company that does surveys." Ren motions to the side and continues, "And secondly, TASK- a police force, of a sort, is still working to remove some unsafe beings from around the town and needs to be able to see them properly."

Glancing to Gogron and back, Ren adds, "I believe his name is Gogron, or at least it is when he talks to himself. We may need to get a second opinion from a friend of mine before deciding whether he would be a good playmate."

Eh! All this talk about deadly weather, democratic systems and police forces goes right over Flandre's head! Serenity may not have realized this yet, but Flandre /really/ doesn't seem to be playing with a full deck of cards at all. She's acting far too immature for even a visibly spoiled girl like herself. It's quite possible that she may be autistic.. if that's even possible as a vampire.

The girl sort of stares blankly with her big wide, red eyes as Serenity speaks of the dangers of going out in the fog and she shrugs helplessly. "Its okay! If I find any yokai there I can just do this." Flandre squeezes her fist and something is heard in the room... it sounds like a..

  • squish!*

Then, there's an loud noise as the table right behind Gogron just inflates as if it were a balloon and EXPLODES into a million pieces, causing Flandre to giggle girlishly and clap her hands. "Yaaay! See? It'll be fine!" She grins up at Serenity, showing her sharp vampire fangs.

"Who is your friend, Serenity? Can they come to let Gogron play? Are they Gogron's parents?"

Meiling emits a quiet 'eek!' when Flandre makes the table explode. "Please, Mistress Flandre? You might be scaring them." She whispers this, leaning down to make sure the sound doesn't carry. She might have explained this before, that Flandre's abilities are scary to some people.

She sighs when she leans up. "We'll make do, not to worry~," she assures Flandre cheerfully.


And then suddenly explosions and he's flinching back from the wood shrapnel, head down and shouting, "OBLIVION" in a harsh bark as he curls away from the exploding table. Blinking with wide eyes and brushing bits of wood out of his hair, he stares around at Flandre and the rest before booming out "What by the EIGHT is going ON over here!"

Serenity gives Flandre a confused look as she begins to explain why she is safe.

The general reaction of the other patrons to the explosion is is one of alarm but not unreasoning screaming panic. It's more of 'I caught my sleeve on fire while roasting marshmallows!' and not so much 'Why is there a hungry tiger in my living room!?'. Evidently this wasn't the first indoor explosion here. A few reach for weapons, while most beat a hasty retreat out the nearest exit. (The people on the dance floor seem not to have heard anything over the music.) Fortunately, no one seems to have been impaled by giant splinters, in any case.

Serenity curls inward at the noise, then makes a quick retreat under the table in an aquamarine flutter, entirely missing Flandre's questions while trying to squish against the underside of the table.

Woopsie daisy! In all the excitement, it looks like Flandre did forget about a few things that Meiling had discussed with her. No using her powers because it makes people think she's scary! Oh and look, now she's gone and made Gogron and Serenity all scared like! The girl does notice that some people flat out run while other reach for weapons and she gets a sad look about her face. All she wanted to show was that she'd be fine out in the fog! She didn't mean to scare people... much!

"Sorry about that." Says Flandre as she bows her head to the restaurant's crowd in general. That includes the frightened Gogron and Serenity.

No unnecessarily harsh reaction other than the sudden AXE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE TABLE. That just happened. Axe. Table. The one that everyone is sitting at? Axe. Sudden axe. It's a dual headed monster of an axe, glowing an ugly red and there's a brief sapping of strength of those around the table, just a little, just enough to be felt.

Let's hope Serenity moves enough not to catch the edge of it.

"WHAT BY OBLVION DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING, you can't go BLOWING UP TABLES around people!" Angry orc is ANGRY, and all sorts of frowny. Who the hell punctuates sentences with destruction of property?

This time Meiling emits an 'eep!' as Gogron seems upset. Upset enough, it seems, to PLANT AN AXE IN THE TABLE! And in response Meiling will attempt to physically pick up Flandre form her chair. Her aim is to put distance between herself and Gogron. "She said she was sorry," Meiling replies firmly.

It's clearer now that she's not the meek little servant-slash-nanny she usually acts to be here-- she's acting like a brick wall. A very pretty brick wall, but a brick wall.

Serenity takes a moment to collect enough wits for concluding that Flandre is likely the cause of the explosion, and thus that there isn't much point in hiding right next to her knees. (Her apology, on the other hand, is not the foremost thing in Ren's attention.)

Ren is just beginning to peel off the underside of the table and flutter toward the opposite side from Flandre when Gogron comes over to express his displeasure. Ren again contracts inward at the concussion, this time knocking the storage box off the forcefield generator to flatten against the device sitting just above the floor. Still facing the danger, Ren begins to drift slowly backwards, looking between Meiling and Flandre, Gogron, and the exit.

Now, Flandre Scarlet ain't no pushover, despite having a very little-girl attitude. The whole reason why she and Meiling are stuck in Twisted right now is because of how much of a problem it was to have Flandre destroy things in Gensokyo.

But, after seeing the giant orc angry and driving a battle axe into their table, not to mention that Meiling was already scolding her about it, Flandre receded to little girl tactics instead of her usual flip out and start killing everyone indiscriminately.

Where Meiling turns into her stalwart defender, Flandre opts to act her apparent age and go to hide behind Meiling's skirt, watching the giant orc behind her protective nanny with wide, red eyes. It almost looks like she's scared.. and yet.. she's not. It's more creepy than endearing.

To be fair, maybe he does this a lot. Maybe. Planting axes in tables. Maybe he's that kind of guy. He doesn't necessarily strike one as the type to be so... reckless, with things? But who knows.

The obvious stress, tension and lack of sleep probably don't help.

His breath is heavy, his eyes shadowed and a bit unnaturally bright. More exhaustion-or-possibly-drugs less obviously-supernatural-or-somesuch but a bit crazed, looking between Meiling and the little girl with the uncanny red eyes. He's laughing, a bit, under his breath, a dizzy distant sort of distracted half laugh half coughing breath, eyeing her. "Is this the way it's going to be, is it. Assaulted from all sides... I can deal with that. I can..." He seems to sag a little, eyes dilated a bit. Just a bit.

"No one is assaulting you," Meiling replies, but more gently. This fellow doesn't look well, but if he's going to be a danger to Serenity, Flandre, or herself then Meiling's going to have to have words with him. Hopefully one of those words don't end up being 'danmaku'.

"Mistress Flandre has abilities that she cannot always control." There are other problems, but that's the main one. She remains between Flandre and Gogron for the time being, as a shield.

"I am not reassured to hear that potentially fatal indoor explosions are the result of /accidentally/ losing control," Ren hisses uncertainly, straightening to a more vertical posture, but still looking about for likely exit paths. Though Ren looks briefly to the axe in the table, it seems that problem doesn't have the highest priority.

"Rather, I'd like to hear what you're doing to prevent that from happening again. And I'd suggest a visit to a TASK office if you need any help with this."

"Meiling..." Flandre whispers from behind her bodyguard sounding far too concerned.. which is strange, because a girl like her should be terrified seeing something like this, and yet she looks more curious than anything. "His eye..." She says strangely, paying no heed to Serenity's warnings or Gogron's mad ramblings. She's far too focused on something.

"Gogron's eye.. it's chipped.. it's broken." Continues she whilst still hiding behind Meiling. "His eye is like mine."

Just whatever she could mean by that?

A weak, reedy laugh. "Oh and that makes it okay does it? That makes it okay- things you can't control means it's all okaaaaay I suppose."

Another laugh, as he hauls the axe out of the tabletop with a jerk. "There's a lot in the world you can't, quite, control, and it doesn't matter, at the end of the day when it's time to answer for it, don't you know? You have to fake it, you have to learn, how to... to hide it, to-"

It trails off, and he seems so very intent on the two of them he almost doesn't see Ren there, though the cephalo-american does seem a hard thing to miss. Deep, heavy breaths, his hand on his face now, showing teeth and tusks. He takes a moment, those burnished golden eyes looking into hers, and a look of confusion clouds across his face. ...What?

What is Meiling doing to prevent it? There isn't really much she CAN do about it. So she chooses instead to focus on another aspect though. She /glares/ at Serenity. "Yes, because I'm sure planting an axe in a table in front of a child, powers or not, is a wonderful idea," she says, voice heavy with sarcasm. As for TASK? "No thank you. I've heard all those 'solutions' before."

Flandre's words give her pause, though, and she blinks, looking to the blonde girl. "...Is it...?" A pause, and then she looks to Gogron. He knows exactly what Flandre's talking about, having spoken to her about that 'eye'. Meiling stares at the orc for a moment, as he begins to speak. Yeah, she can tell Gogron's 'eye' is... probably not in great shape.

She also realizes something else. They've probably overstayed their welcome.

Meiling sighs, and then straightens. Bowing, she says politely, "Perhaps we should leave." To Serenity, "Thank you for answering my questions." And to Gogron. "Apologies for startling you." Turning to Flandre, she notes, "We can come back for ice cream later, hm?" She's suddenly very cheerful, as she was before she started acting as a a shield for Flandre. She wants to get Flandre out of here before someone starts swinging. Or calls this 'TASK', whatever it is. Doesn't sound pleasant.

Serenity's attention seems split between the telekinetic girl and the man with the large weapon. Ren stops looking for an exit just now, regarding Flandre with confusion as she makes her remark about Gogron. His reply to Meiling about responsibility, on the other hand, gets a slight nod. Ren shrinks back a bit from Meiling's glare, though not so much as from more substantial sharp edges.

Her next words addressed to all seem to come as something of a relief. Ren nods politely in return to her thanks while sliding sideways out of her way.

Honestly, there isn't /anything/ anyone can do about it. Flandre's uncontrollable power is something she's been trying to deal with ever since she was born, and has continued to be a problem after five hundred years of existing. Its not like she can suddenly get a psychiatrist and make the hundreds of years of trauma go aaaaaall away.

Whether TASK or anyone in Twisted can do anything about, though, isn't the main concern right now. The deal is just how are they going to get past this axe-swinging orc without causing more property damage or a few deaths.

Meiling has the right idea; they should leave, and Flandre is getting that sensation too. She nods to Meiling and smiles at Serenity when she seems to calm down, but as Meiling seems to try and move away, the blond girl holds her ground.

In fact, those wide crimson eyes are now staring far too intently into Gogron's eyes, and the red clad girl moves away from Meiling, standing right in front of her nanny, never breaking eye contact with the orc.

So intense is her stare, that the tension can be felt in the air, and those that are attuned to magic will definitely feel that there is some sort of enchantment being cast here.

"~Bring me ice cream~"

Flandre speaks and the command itself feels less like spoken words and more like a spell being cast. Perhaps enough to compel Gogron to obey her command as those bright red eyes continue to bore right into the orc and seemingly bend his will to Flandre.

His eyes go kind of unfocused, and then he's turning, grumbling to himself. He doesn't need this, he doesn't need any of this, this hassle and this tension.

He should get some of that ...thing, that stuff that, that... what was it called, again that... thing, that... he... he- Ice cream. Why is he suddenly in the mood for ice cream? He doesn't even like it it makes him a touch mucky in the sinuses and- ice cream, he wants to get some ice cream he- why is he-

-a shifting lurch, ending up near one of the waitresses, who looks upon him with a look of barely disguised alarm. "Yes, hello, I'd like to get some of the- I can't remember what it's name is pulque or- 'ice cream'" Why he's not in the MOOD for ice cream; it makes him- she's nodding and wandering off and he- everything's swimming.

How much time has passed? He can't see anything he can't- and then there's cold against his hand and he nearly drops it, blinking weakly, head tilting and taking it and, walking towards the- and then there's that little girl again with the dark elf eyes and- he is holding something holding it out why is he-

Meiling doesn't realize what Flandre's doing until she's already well started. And when she realizes it, Meiling draws her hands up against her, under her chin, cringing a little. But she doesn't interrupt, because she doesn't know if it would hurt Flandre to break her concentration.

Besides that, she's concerned about the reaction of the orc if he should realize what's going on. Not until Flandre has the ice cream. Then she notes, "M-Mistress Flandre? Are you sure that's a good idea...?"

Flandre just has the most /impish/ smile when Gogron falls victim to her charm spell. For all her power, Flandre has never been particularly good at charming people, certainly nowhere near as well as her sister Remilia who seems to be a prodigy at it. If it didn't blowing up things, or people, to smithereens, then chances were that Flandre wasn't good at it.

But man, sometimes her desire for candy can even overcome her own downfalls, and it seems Flandre was successful in convincing Gogron that he really needed to give Flandre some ice cream.

The girl chirps and cheers when the totally hypnotized Gogron hands her a cone of ice cream and she immediatly goes to start licking it, which of course, breaks the spell.

"Of course its a good idea, Meiling! I got ice cream!"


His hand drifts over his head, and it's cold. Why is it cold? Why is he- he shakes his head, slowly. Too fast would hurt the neck, and he's suddenly not in such a good place. And the little girl is eating ice cream- wait why did he- wait where did that come fro- wait.

Wait wait wait wait, wait.


And then Gogron is leaving. He doesn't feel well, he doesn't- wall. There's a wall there there's a- hand on the face, on the head.

Aaaand then shouting, brandishing his axe, sort of almost, not quite foaming but a few flecks here and there, a deep bellowing cry. Crash. Crash and then he's gone.

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