2015-07-27 - Moonlight Swim

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Moonlight Swim

Summary: Muradin and Morgana catch up after their fight against the Silent Hill horrors.

Who: Morgana, Muradin
When: July 27, 215.
Where: The Docks


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It had been over a day since the battle with the vile demons from the fog. The siren had spent that night in the waters sea and had even spent the following day curled with in a wreck deep under water. She had fed well and rested. The clean sea water soothing her wounds, Her natural quick healing assuring she suffered no ill affects from the fight.

Even after feeding on many fish she could feel her hunger just gnawing in the back of her mind. She was still mostly clear headed though but she knew she would have to seek a bigger life soon or at least some sort of more potent nurishment.

The siren swam lazily up from the depths and through the long rubbery branches of the kelp forest. She spied a rather large looking oyster and swept down to pluck it from its bed. As she moved through the kelp she pryed the oyster open and nibbled at the slick flesh if the animal inside.

As she slurped the oyster drom its shell she finds a shimmering black pearl and grins to herself. Deciding to keep it, she lets the shell fall to the sea floor. Other then that minor gnaw of hunger the siren is amazingly at peace. The fact that the waters are clean and untainted no doubt doing much to offer her that peace.

She swims into the wide bay, the kelp giving way to short scrubby seagrass. The moon rises high and full over the sea tonight and she can see the silvery light dancing on the waters. Rising to the surface she brakes the water with a short little leap, smacking her tail on the water . She rises again this time in the curve of a wave and rides it toward the beach.

It's often been told that water and dwarven folk don't mix very well. This, like most stereotypes about a race, is based in some actual truth. Dwarves aren't usually seen near large bodies of waters unless they are the explorer types, but not because they can't swim, you just don't get a lot of water deep underground except for the odd underground river.

So, Muradin heading to Zeku-Kari Beach isn't a move that fills the dwarven fighter with trepidation. He can swim well enough even with the armor on and he has no fear of water, it's just something he seldom has the opportunity to do.

In fact, the only reason why he's heading for the waters today is because of a certain comely creature he met the other day. That woman.. did he even get her name? She had mentioned wanting to swim after their fight with the Hell spawn, and knowing of no other place where waters were found, Muradin thought if there is a place where he can run into the woman from the other day it might be at the beach.

It's kind of a long shot, and he knows not if he'll truly find her. Yet, he has nothing else better to do either, and so, late at night the short stocky figure of Muradin Bronzebeard is seeing walking up to the docks, trudging with heavy steps as he moves across the well worn but sturdy wood that makes the pier.

He flops at the edge and digs a fishing rod from his knapsack, because if he's here at the beach, he might as well see what kind of fish Twisted has to offer.

Maybe he'll run into a mermaid. Wouldn't that be ironic?

The waters that roll in waves through the bay to the beach moves quicker around the pilings of the pier. The siren in her light and easy mood decides to body surf those waves and swims hard then rises up and streches out her body, tail fin lifting slighty behind her so not to cause drag. The wave sweeps in and she is carried along side the pier. As she passes it she turns slighty and in that moment finds a thin filiment catching on her tail. She smacks it agains the water to flick it off and it twines around, binding her fast. The surprise of being entangled causes her to sink, the wave passing by as she flips her tail and mutters a dark curse "Charybdis Bones!"

Hey! Looks like he got something on his first try! Waddaya know?

Muradin looks quite taken back when his fishing rod starts tugging almost immediately. These Twisted waters have /some/ kind of fish, apparently the type that curse at you when you fish them too.

"Hmrr?" The Mountain King stops pulling as soon as he hears that curse though, he recognizes that voice and those words, he heard that a lot the other day. Peering over the dock, the dwarf looks down to the waters to spot a familiar figure tangled in his fishing string. "Oi! Wot in blazes are ye doin' in there lass?" Apparently Muradin hasn't noticed the fish tail that has now replaced Morgana's legs and thinks she's in danger of drowning. "Hold on! I'll cut ye loose!" Oh well, one fishing string isn't too bad of a sacrifice to make when the life someone depends on it. The dwarf pulls out a hunting knife and slices the cord off to free Morgana.

When a voice calls from above the siren blinks and goes still. She knows that voice, the fire haired dwarf from the battle with the fog demons. Were she not surprised she might be mortified at being caught like a fish on a line. She arches and tries not to flick her fins but she cant seem to help it and just as he is about to cut the cord she slaps that tail in agitation, sending a bit of a splash around. "I was swimming, I do this." She says over the sound of the waives "there are better ways to catch fish then stings in the waters, I could call you a few. How ever right now I am not amused at being captured this way." Her indignation quite clear in her voice. When the cord is cut she slaps the water again then arches and lifts her tails so she can look at the fluke fins and carefully unravel the fishing line from them.

It's only after Muradin cuts the cord and gets a good look and what is transpiring in the waters that he realizes just what exactly Morgana is. "Blood and ashes.." Mutters the Ironforge warrior as he spots the long fish tail that splashes at the waves as it is unraveled from the fishing line. He seems frozen in place for a few moments and though Morgana speaks, her words seem to fall on deaf ears, Muradin clearly looking like he can't believe what his eyes are seeing right now.

"Yer a mermaid!" He points out wisely.

"But how? I saw ye walking on two legs the other day!"

Oh if looks could kill, the poor dwarf would have simply expired on the spot and fallen into the sea. The siren rolls those fathomless black eyes up at the man as she finishes getting the cording off her tail. "I am a Siren. I am of the mer-kin though. Or, I was. Long ago." She lets her tail sink beneath the waters and starts to make a slow swim toward the sand "come if you wish to talk further, I will meet you on the waters edge" As she makes her way to the beach.

Admittedly, Muradin does look a little sheepish when Morgana gives him /that/ look. He can't help but be surprised! Not to mention that the irony of catching a mermaid with a fishing rod is quite definitely not lost in him -- talk about awkward. Morgana will have to excuse him if he's a bit of a slack jawed dorf at the moment, but in all his travels he had never seen a mermaid before, much less fought besides one. "Oh, aye. Sure." Naturally Muradin will take Morgana's invitation to meet her at the beach proper, but it looks like he's not taking the long way there.

Muradin just runs up to the side of the dock and leaps into the air, clearing at least seven feet in height and making a full frontal flip in the air, he's quite the agile fellow for someone so short.

The dwarven fighter then lands feet first on the sandy beach and trots over to the waters, looking quite eager to see more of Morgana.

One never knows how unusual one is till one meats folks that never realizes your kind exhist. The siren makes her way to the beach and as the water becomes shallow she comes to rest on her hip, fins sweeping lazily in the gentle lap of the waves at the waters edge. When the stout man lands on the beach she watches him make his way to her. She leans on one arm and that long dark hair drapes over her shoulders and down her chest, just hiding her breasts from view. "What brings you to the sea? Surely it was not to fish on a night such as this?" The moon casts its silver light over the siren, making her tail and skin shimmer with a gentle pearlescence.

Muradin slows down the pace of his jog to a walk, moving into the waters until he's into close view of Morgana. He has no fear of getting his boots wet it seems, they are combat boots at that, meant to take on a lot of punishment and suitable for the rough and tumble life of a dwarven fighter.

He smiles when Morgana questions him, finding it amusing that she asks such a thing of him. "Isn't it obvious?" He says shrugging his armor clad shoulders. "I was lookin' for ye, mate."

"Ye mentioned that ya were going off fer a swim after the fight so I figured this was the best place to come looking fer ya. 'Course, had I know ye were a mermaid then I woulda know wot ya meant by go swimming and wouldn't have brought me fishing rod, but it all worked out aye?"

"'Sides, I still owe ya that drink I promised ya don't I?"

Morgana blinks at the mans words. You were looking for me? She tilts her head to the side and for a moment her entire expression makes it clear she cant understand why anyone would seek her out. "I had not intended to stay so long in the see, the war god will no double be having a fit at my being away so long but I needed the see to sooth my skin after those foul things we faught. I was going to head back but, perhaps your arrival offers a reason not to go back just yet." She tucks her tail under and there is a funny shimmer about her lower body as if someone had messed with the focus around her. Those scales recede and her fins fade as her tail becomes two sleek legs. The siren rocks up onto her feet and water drips from her body. Her long hair is shook and as it is it seems to dry instanly and it draps her body like a cloak but its still quite clear the woman is nude in the moonlight. "I left my garment here..somewhere." She looks around and frowns , not seeing the scrap of cloth any where.

Muradin decides that this woman has a very odd way of communicating, maybe it's something like an accent and given the fact that she's a siren, but something about it really makes him like it, probably all that exotic flair, it's quite intriguing indeed. He crosses his muscled arms over his barrel like chest and purses his lips whilst listening to Morgana talk. "Eh, I'm sure yer keeper or wotever will understand ye needin' to take a bath after fightin' those blasted things. I'll tell ye, it took me well over an hour to get all that rot outta me armor, talk 'bout sticky! It was a bloody nightmare cleanin' it." Muradin doesn't realize just how right he is about the nature about that dark tar. He also doesn't quite get what Morgana means by a war god, all kinds of strange titles 'round here, she can't possibly mean a literal one, can she? He then smiles broadly when she says that him being here gives her an excuse not to go back. "Ey, take all the time ye need. I got all night." Oh yeah..

He's looking quite confident with himself.. right until Morgana just walks out of the water stark on naked. Now, Muradin isn't necessarily shy, but he ain't no lecher, and he averts his gaze to avoid staring at the siren's naked body, covered by nothing more than her raven locks. "Oh, eh... I donna think I saw anything. I'd offer ye me undershirt too but I donna think it'd be right the fit." Size difference and all, Muradin seems to be around Morgana's shoulder height.

The siren wrinkles up her nose as Muradin calls the war god her "keeper" She makes a hiss and shakes her head. Her hand streys to the collar around her neck "I am ever a trial to the man you can be sure. I will never under stand gods, expecially not warrior gods. Surely if he were over concerned he would, make it clear. I know not what distance this acursed thing works at but, I have felt no pull at it." Morgana places a hand on her hip and scowles. "Kotal was quite adiment that those of the city would be distessed if I were to go about uncoverd. I see no why, it is not as if I were deformed or hidious. I simply , am." She lets go a long sigh "I must find something, for I gave the blue bastard my word and I try to keep my word when I can."

The dorf does manage to peek at the her from between his fingers when she points to the collar on her neck. Huh, how did he manage to miss that. "Oh, that's a slave collar ye got on there. I see.. so it's /that/ kind of keeper, aye?" Muradin is no magician, but he has had a life experience dealing with wizards and all sorts of magical artifacts, his weapons and equipment are all magical too. He can sense the magic on the collar and recognize it. "So yer sayin' an actual god is keepin' ye under a leash or somethin'? That takes some doin'. Why is he doin' such a daft thing beside him being an asshole?"

All through this Muradin is still averting his gaze and hears Morgana bemoan the fact that she has to get some clothing. "I donna think it's a lack of beauty that's the problem 'ere, more like the complete opposite me thinks.." He coughs. "Most folk wouldna know how to react to a woman walkin' around naked."

He rubs at his beard. "Well, I could go get ye somethin' me thinks, but most everything's closed right now. Especially 'cause of that bloody fog circlin' bout the city. If ye donna have to do anything right now we could stay her 'till mornin' and I can get ya somethin' at day break." Seriously, Muradin has really nothing better to do, and the prospect of spending the night with a mermaid is not a bad thought at all.

Its rather amusing in a way how the man keeps hiding his eyes and not looking at her. How strange these folk are. His words bring a wry twist of her lips "I am not a beast to be kept, but He is perhaps correct to be concerned with my control. With out feeding on a strong life my mind is not clear." She waves a delicate hand "if you are not offended by my lack of covering then I will sit and pass the time with you till we are able to find something that will due. I have no desire to go back inside and away from the sea just now any way." The siren motions "the pier offers shadow and protection we could sit out of sight there"

"If yer not offended of me lookin' at ye, then I donna mind either." Muradin responds and takes his hand off his eyes to now look at Morgana properly. As stated earlier, it's not like he's shy about these things, he simply knows that most women prefer not to be looked at when naked, it all depends about their modesty, not his.

When Morgana points to the pier, Muradin smiles and nods. "Sure, works for me!" He seems quite happy with whatever decision the siren wants to make. "So uh..that magic collar ye got on. If ye donna ask me wot its fer. Ya mentioned a lack of control and needin' to feed, but it must be serious to get collared by a god, huh?"

Morgana shakes her head "what do I care if you look upon me. I am what I am, I feel no shame in my form." She turns and heads toward the peir and lets loose a long sigh. "It is a long story. When I arrived in this realm, I was trapped with in the frenzy of starvation and madness. I could think of nother but flesh and blood. The tiain as offered me strenght to survive even when I did not wish to. So the first we met the war god saw fit to collar me like a hound to protect those who I may harm in my quest to feed." Reaching the shadows under the pier the siren settles down and sits her rump onto a rise in the sand. "I do not recall I learned you name before...I am Morgana."

Muradin follows and plops alongside Morgana, sitting with a grunt on the pier's sand and taking that moment to take off his bulky knapsack. He sets it in front of him so he can dig through some things whilst he's listening to Morgana's story and the thane gives her a thoughtful look, one that is strangely understanding. "The 'taint' ey?" Apparently the dwarven warrior is familiar with this thing. "A person close to me got this taint yer talking about."

"He was my apprentice, taught him all he knows 'bout fightin' I did. Then he went off to get this cursed sword and he was never the same again, he couldn't do anything but feed offa other people, drainin' their souls is what he called it" He shakes his head and pulls out a flask from his bag, opening it to take a long swig. "Went around calling himself the Lich King last I heard of 'im. Soddin' blighter, nearly killed me too."

He glances back at Morgana. "You seem to be dealin' with it a helluva lot better than he did. A testament to yer willpower meebe. I donna think that collar ya got there is necessary." Chuckles the fighter. "Sorry, introductions musta gotten lost in the fight. Name's Muradin, Muradin Bronzebeard, it's a pleasure to meet ye." Says he whilst offering his flask. "Ye want some of me brew? Not the best I got but it's good for whatever ails ya."

Morgana shoves her feet into the sand and wiggles her dainty toes about as the dwarf settles heavily beside her. She wrinkles her nose.

"The war god thinks some how I was sent to help he defeat some other blood drinker and so I have become something of a project for him and those around him. Just last night as I was trying to leave to come swim they had a meeting to discuss me and some doctor they think might heal me. I have been as I am for 900 years, I have lived and fed and survived and now they wish to remake me. I do not wish to suffer the hunger and be mindless but I am not sure I can be a bright and shining mer-child again. I have done to much."

Sleek shoulders rise into a shrug. "I despise this collar and all it means and yet I know it has purpose. When I first arrived I was truly mad. I was starved and mindless with hunger and loneliness and grief. The frenzy is consuming, it is like nothing else I can explain, the drive to feed so strong that even glutted there is no satisfaction. We it not for the collar I likely would have given them no excuse but to slay me. It has taken much to get my mind back. As much as I hate that blue bastard sometimes, his gods blood is potent and it keeps the hunger at least controllable."

The siren tilts her head and looks at the man and actually smiles, not a baring of teeth but something soft , gentle. "I am pleased to meet you Muradin. You are greatly like Myst. She was..a Valkyrie, she said. Some manner of warrior but she had wings and armor like yours. Flame hair and she laughed often. She was protector of my mate often when he was a child and so I spoke with her when she would bring him down to the sea to see me as he was growing."

When the brew is offered then siren looks confused for a moment then takes the flask and sniffs at it. She blinks a little at the scent then takes a very careful taste.

The taken brew is strong and bitter, dark ale beer. Hot to the tongue and warm when going down the throat and settling in the stomach, a hint of what it might be a dwarf, with that ever constant forge fire on the inside.

Muradin listens carefully as he gets comfy on the sands. Nothing like swapping stories and drinking strong dwarven ale under the night sky. No matter where he might be or what may be troubling him, this is always a decent way to deal with it.

"Hmm.. sounds more like a tale of redemption than being 'cured' ta me." Concludes the mountain king once Morgana finishes telling recent events. "After living for as long as you've had and done things that were out of yer control, I can understand why even the prospect of being restored would be troubling."

"A bloke told me once, Night Elf fellow, very wise blighter for an elf I'll tell ye that much. He said.. what was it?" He clears his throat making an overly dramatic somber voice. "The body cannot be healed if the soul is not. Or some rot like that.. I dunno." He coughs. "Anywho, I dinnae of the politics of this land or this war god of yers.."

"But I can tell ye this much. I donna think yer a bad person, if ya were ye wouldn't have helped me against those bloody blighters back there. Even if meebe ye canna go back to being a carefree merfolk or if these mates of yers can't cure yer hunger, I think ye'll be fine, taint or not." The warrior gives a chuckle, sounding a little sad at that. "Like I said.. I've seen the worst case scenario when a bloke -completely- and utterly gets corrupted by the taint. It ain't pretty and ye donna strike me as no Lich Queen if ye get me meaning."

Muradin smiles back and he gives hearty laugh. "Sod me! I remind ye of a Val'kyr!? HA HA!" He finds this extremely amusing for some reason. "I donna think I'm as pretty but thanks! I've fought a couple of 'em and they are fierce wretches they are." Muradin hears about Morgana having a mate, but he doesn't press the issue since he remembers her telling him about having giving herself to no one since she lost her mate. She'll tell him about that story when she feels comfortable.

"I've known lots of naga that remind me of ye too. Strong and with powerful singing voices. But they were nasty looking with serpent heads and four arms and what not. They weren't pretty like ye."

The siren wrinkles her nose again and shudders a little as the odd brew burns its way down into her belly. She had fed of stinging sea nettles that were less fiery then this stuff. She hands the flask back and tilts her head looking at the man for a long moment. "I do not know if there is redemption after so long Muradin. And if there is I no not how to find it. I do not do well bending to the will of others. I have spent to long on my own, surviving by my own will . The idea of being beholden to any rankles me horribly and right now I am beholden to the war god for it seems as yet only his blood helps keep the madness away." She wiggles her feet and dips her chin offering another of those truly pretty smiles. " You are a pleasant fellow Muradin. No weak child to be over taken easily and yet, you laugh and talk to me as if I were your equal, no fear but no certainty of being better then I. It is pleasant." When the man laughs more she cant seem to help but laugh a little too and it sounds small at first as if that sound had not truly been heard in a very long while. The laugh is like a living thing, warm and soft, musical and appealing. "I can sing , but..my song can be dangerous. It can...entrance even when I dont mean to harm. It has become the death of many. I used to sing for joy, and pleasure long ago."

Muradin takes the flask back and chuckles a little at Morgana's reaction. To think that even a vampire has problems downing a strong dwarven brew, and according to Muradin, that's not even the strongest drink of the dwarven folk out there. He takes another swig himself and exhales before putting it back in his knapsack, watching Morgana closely. “Aah, there's always time for redemption lass.” He says, “If ye honestly wish to change yer ways, then ye'll find the means to do so.” The mountain king pauses for another moment as Morgana mentions that she has no choice but be bound to a war god due to his blood, and after a moment's consideration he says; “Well, I could offer ye some of me own blood.” Man, what a guy will do to get some nowadays, “I'd like to think that its on par with a god of battle. I've been called that back home ye know??” Says Muradin sounding just a bit too proud of himself.

The ringing laughter is entrancing, truly unlike anything the dwarven fighter had ever heard. He continues to look at the siren and regards her thoughtfully. “Meh, I ain't no stranger to death. If ya want to sing then you should do so. Ye shouldn't worry 'bout me in that regard, I can handle it!” The overconfident tank as always.

Morgana folds her arms around her bent knees and rests her chin on her arms as she watches the dwarf. She likes his easy way, yes he is a little boastfull but there is no condensention in him or behavior that he thinks he is better then her. Those incredibly dark eyes move over him thoughtfully. His offer of blood, makes her brow furrow. Yes he was a very strong fellow clearly and she could smell much from his scent. He was not a mear week mortal man. She wasnt sure he would be strong enough keep the frenzy at bay but would it hurt to try. She has proven to herself  that at least for now she has some modicum of control. She didnt hurt that sea herder the other night. When he makes to put the flask away she holds out her hand and makes a little "give me" hand. When he hands it to her again briefly , she takes another hit, this one longer then hands it back to be put away as she swallows the fire and it warms her deep inside. "I do not want to harm you Muradin. I am still clear enough of mind that I would find harming you regretable. If you would hear me sing though, I think I would like that as well." She takes a moment to shift herself, releasing her legs she shifts to the side and folds them up under her and rests on one hip. The siren takes a long breath then lets the first note spill from her. It is singularly pure, the tone clear and utterly appealing.

Now that's more like it! Muradin smiles broadly when Morgana changes her mind and asks for the flask back. The dorf gladly returns it to her and cheers when she gives another chugs. “It's good brew, aye!?” Sharing drinks with another person means a lot in dwarven culture, even if the other party can't hold their liquor it means a lot to the dwarf if they at least try. A sign of making the effort to overcome differences.. plus its always fun to see people's faces as they stomach the alcohol.

Its probably for the best that Morgana ends up rejecting his offer to take some of his blood though. In all honesty, Muradin is perhaps a bit too boastful for his own good, and there's no doubt that he really doesn't know what he's dealing with here. To note, it was not until very recently that he figured out Morgana is a mermaid, so he doesn't know that when she says blood, she also means tear flesh with her fangs too. But oh well, he'll surely learn eventually anyway, it just takes a few trial and error tries. Muradin doesn't take offense when Morgana declines his offer for blood and leans back. “Alright, if ye say so.” He says as he relaxes to listen this song of the sirens that he has heard so much about, and yet, never actually paid any attention to.

The first note spills and his features soften, eyebrows furrowing, looking deep in thought.

The siren didnt actually turn down the offer, she simply said she didnt want to harm him. She has learned she can feed with out killing,...so long as she is very very careful. The dark eyes find the dwarfs as she brings forth another note and another, slowly weaving them into a lilting song that fills the air and curls around the man. The sea is where her song was ment to be sung and the notes dance on the water like fish jumping and frolicing on the waves. As her song grows the siren lets her eyes half lid and she leans forward giving herself into it. That song is painfully beautiful. There is longing and loss, sweet agony and desire. She has been alone a long time and for the first time in a long while there is a tiny glimer of hope for the future. Her song conveys it all. One delicate are lifts and stretches toward the man as she sings to him. The warm brew in her belly offers a smooting of her hard won restraint and she cant keep the summons from that song, that call that tickles the brain and tells of need, of how only HE can save her, take care of her and fill all those lonely ,lost places inside her.

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