2015-07-28 - Chilaquiles and fights to the death

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Welcome to Twisted! We have chilaquiles and fights to the death.

Summary: Rayne Hurris arrives to Twisted whilst in fierce battle against Madorg of the Tailshadow clan. Morgana has the odd luck of finding them brawling in the streets and decides that for whatever reason they both need to meet Kotal Kahn.

Who: Morgana, Rayne, Madorg, Kotal_Kahn
When: July 28, 2015.
Where: Twisted Street, DMC

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The night crept slowly toward dawn. The false light of pre-sunrise tinging the world in muted shades of gray and touches of pink. Shadows shift in the growing light and waver on the recesses of buildings. The city was blessedly quiet. The citizens tucked away safe in their beds, safe from the things that had been roaming the nights of Twisted recently. Tonight though there is no strange fogs, no odd creatures wandering the streets , well unless you consider a vampyric siren...odd. Morgana moves on bare feet, silent as she makes her way from the sea toward the DMC where she resides sometimes as something of a guest. She had spent the night entertained by a certain dwarf and was in a comfortable mood, well fed and at her ease. Stepping into the light of a street lamp, the light plays on her dark hair and pearlescent skin. Her simple garment, just a rectangle of cloth wrapped around her body and knotted at one shoulder, tied with a cord a the waist. Long sleek legs peeking out from the short hem .

What at first appears to be perhaps a trick of the light can be seen underneath the next street lamp ahead. It first seems to be just a faint sparkle in the air before it erupts into an unstable portal, just in time for a leather-armored woman with rainbow colored hair to punch through it. Or rather, to BE punched through it. Still in contact with the side of her head is a rather large fist covered in green and brown mottled scales, belonging to the well muscled... lizardman, for lack of a better turn, that soon passes through the portal as well. While the woman continues careening a few yards from the portal, the lizard man makes only one step through before the portal snaps shut again behind him. "Hoomon stey aught! Hooman no come to tuuk land!" He roars at the woman as she bounces once off the ground before making a more lasting connection with the sidewalk. The lizard man then blinks and looks around at the new surroundings. "What hoomon do? Were we at?" Clearly, this isn't the lizardman's native language.

When that shimmer flutters in the air close to the light the siren pauses and blinks tilting her head at the oddness then hisses as a full blown portal opens before her eyes. Lips draw back from her sharp teeth as she hisses. She has dealt with those fog demons before and she is no thrilled by the idea of something more coming her way , her having not even a weapon at hand this time. As rainbow haired woman is driven physically through the portal and the lizard steps through, Morgana's eyes narrow. She knows not the manner of creature that is but when the woman bounces on the concrete its clear this is not the demons that she fought before but yet more new beings drawn to the chaos of Twisted.

"Issa road! I wa...was passing through!" Rayne groans as she sits up and grasps for the twin swords she dropped on her first bounce. She takes the lizard man's hesitation from the surroundings as a chance to get to her feet, but does so without sure footing. "M'not... woah." She blinks a few times as she herself now gets a good look at her surroundings. "Wh... wha?" She's definitely slurring a bit, and looking around her in a daze as the lizardman starts to approach her her again.

As the rainbow haired woman speaks to the lizard, the siren watches. She notices the weapons and armor on the woman and sighs. Why does it always have to be warriors she ends up running into? This one looks to be in bad shape though after coming through the portal and the clear pounding she has taken before hand. Morgana watches the lizard come forward and makes a face. It is NOT her job to save people, damn it all where is that blue bastard that calls himself a war god when he is needed. This is his sorta thing. “You are now in a realm called Twisted. If I am not mistaken, that was a portal and now your stuck here like all who have come here before you.” The siren steps forward and moves up toward the rainbow haired woman. “I would say your battle should be held till you speak with someone...else. There are gods and such that might be of aid for you...” the siren sighs , how did she end up as greeter for Twisted?!

The lizardman snaps his gaze over to Morgana and hisses. He stops himself, though, as he reconsiders his surroundings. "You sey we... stuck?" Meanwhile, Rayne does her best to keep to a combat stance, though she's a bit wobbly. "Yeah. So, we're not in the Shaha... Shara... Sharisan anymore. So you don't nee... need to kill me anymore, right?" At this, the lizardman's gaze slowly returns to Rayne. "You stell go to tuuk lands. Tuuk warn hoomons not to go to tuuk lands. I stell thenk you want to die." He pulls back his lips in a predatory grin.

The siren looks utterly unimpressed. Her dark eyes moving from the woman to the lizard. "unless you are magical or some how stronger then gods, you are trapped, yes." She sighs “I am certain there are others who can explain this to you. I have not been in this realm long myself and know little of it, other then I can take that road to the sea and I should not roam the city naked because people might find it objectionable. Now I can show you to a place, it is where I was taken when I arrived. There are many there who know much more of this realm then I.” As the lizard grins at the woman Morgana shakes her head “I am certain to regret this. You will stop your advancement on this female and I will take you both to the DMC to speak with others.”

Rayne says, "Yeah, sure. Knowing... good." She lowers her weapons in an attempt to look less threatening to the crazed tuuk. "So, we can lear...learn where we are, annnnd then you get back to pummummmmeling me." . o O (Not that I plan on being around you long enough, ya big goon) The tuuk snorts, looking around again. "Dehlay. All you want is dehlay. Fahn. You get dehlay. You lern where weh are. Then I kell you. Then you die." He crosses his arms and looks to the siren as Rayne breathes out a sigh of relief. "You. Other hoomon." Clearly he doesn't know better. "You teyk us." The tuuk's eyes off her, Rayne glances towards Morgana with an unsteady look of thanks."

Morgana's eyes narrow at the lizard. "I think you will enjoy meeting Kotal. I will take great pleasure in watching what ever happens. You will leave your weapons outside when we go to the DMC. There are those who are not strong and I will not allow you to be a threat to them, is this clear?" She looks to the woman. "you will also leave your weapons at the door." She looks toward the DMC and gestures "this way... as she moves between the woman and the lizard. She isn’t overly large and she is barely clothed but the dark haired woman looks unafraid .

Rayne grimaces slightly at the mention of having to leave weapons behind. After all, the lizard man seemed to do just fine injuring her with his bare hands. Still, she follows Morgana with a less than graceful gait. The tuuk, for his part, walks with confidence towards wherever the 'other hoomon' is taking him.

Morgana flicks her eyes from the woman to the lizard man. There is a sea breeze that arises and blows gently around the siren and ruffles her long cloak of dark hair. She pushes a long lock behind her shoulder, the motion showing of a thick steal collar that spans her delicate throat. She turns and there is a distinct sway to her walk and an odd smirk that twists the corners of her lips. It had been a very interesting night and the new day was starting rather unusually too. Leading the pair up the street a few blocks she brings them up to the DMC building. She turns on the pair. "your weapons will go..there" as she points to the wall beside the door. "I would warn you against doing harm to any with in, there are no less then two gods in residence and at least one demon that I am aware of."

Rayne hesitantly unsheathes her swords and places them against the wall. After that, she removes the dozen arrows from her quiver and places them with the blades. "Donn't start anyth-thing. Got it." The tuuk, meanwhile, removes a number of fine looking daggers from his belts. He doesn't seem to be carrying any other weaponry, and doesn't seem the slightest bit concerned with the fact that he is leaving his weapons behind. In fact he smirks slightly as he does so.

The siren watches the pair as they remove their wepons. She is NOT a warrior but she exceptionally aware of danger usually and better then decent at reading when another might be...trouble. The lizard is..trouble and were she in a different mood she would not mind singing him and finding out how satisfying retile flesh and blood is to her exception hunger. However, this dawn finds her in a particularly mellow and genrouse mood, thanks to one rather affectionate dwarf. Morgana nods as the two finish setting things aside. "You will follow me." She opens the door to the DMC building and looks back at Rayne "You will wish to cover your ears." she offers no warning to the lizard and as she steps into the loby she lifts her head and lets loose a loud and ringing , dicordant shreek. The sound echos around the inner walls of the building and rattles the windows. All with in who were at home would no doubt hear the sound all they way to the roof and down to the basement.

Well, that is /one/ way to incur the wrath of a God, if that was Morgana's intention.

The siren's call does indeed resonate all within the agency which thankfully seems to be empty. Perhaps unsurprisingly since the troubles of the fog have caused them to pour forth all their resources into protecting the citizens of Twisted. However, the one whom Morgana seeks is within these walls, and he does hear her call.

Couldn't miss it, since Kotal Kahn was not away doing his Godly things, but his more mundane hobby of cooking for the DMC staff. There's a loud crash coming from the kitchen, glass shattering, a scream and a curse in Nahuatl, that sounds like someone saying 'Ahuahuita!' before the mighty God of War emerges from the kitchen looking severely annoyed.

"MORGANA!! What is the meaning of this!!? Why are you screaming!!?" At least he didn't think of using the siren's collar to silence her, perhaps because he merely forgot he had that option in his stupor.

Kotal is a very imposing creature, nearly 7 feet tall in height, a body full of muscle, his skin the color of turquoise gem stone. There are golden glowing lines running across his body, and his eyes seem more like miniature glowing suns than actual eyeballs. He wears an overly decorated Eagle Helmet, with proud, colorful feathers that surely mark his stature as a warrior.

He would be even more imposing too.. were he not currently wearing an apron that said 'Kiss the Cook' and was armed with a spatula.

"Where have you been all night? And who are these people that you have brought with you?" Asks the Aztec warrior as he points menacingly with his kitchen utensil.

Rayne barely manages to cover her ears in time, though the tuuk, with only the warning of Rayne's actions, does not respond fast enough and winces in pain at the noise. When the 7 foot tall man enters, however, Rayne takes an unsteady step backwards, barely keeping her footing. "H---hi?" By now, a mark is visible over most of the left side of her face where the tuuk's fist had connected. Speaking of the lizardman, he has barely recovered from the scream when the blue 'hoomon,' as he would put it, bursts onto the scene. As a result, he is more concerned with cursing in his own language at first before he realizes another has entered. As he looks over Kotal, he actually seems to nod approvingly.

After the shriek has left her throat, the siren simply moves toward the secretaries desk and she perches on the edge of it. Morgana looks utterly unimpressed when the big blue man comes shouting into the room. In fact there is a distinct smirk perched upon her lips. One delicate brow arches and and she tilts her head "I was...busy." is that a genuine smile on her face and a little wistful something in her dark eyes?? "these..are ..new ..they came through a portal, nearly out side the DMC door. I figured the best aid to them would be someone here. Better that then simply feeding my hunger..." She smirks again in a nearly teasing tone. "they were in battle, this one is hurt, that one..." she shrugs when she looks at the lizard "you can deal with them. I have done my positive deed for this day. "

Oh, of course Morgana got some satisfaction of startling Kotal Kahn like that. There was no need for her to shriek to get his attention, and he knows she's been waiting some time to get back to him for all the man handling he has put her through. At the very least he's thankful that Morgana's little prank only managed to surprise him and shatter a few glass bottles instead of actually hurting anyone.

Kotal's eyebrows furrow when Morgana offers him such a ... teasing answer. Is there musical mischief in the siren's tone?? "Busy?" He inquires with all the suspicion of an angry father looking very concerned about what his teenager daughter has been doing all night. "Doing what exactly?" Kotal asks all the right questions, that's for sure.

However, his shock at how Morgana has been spending her time will have to wait, as there are newcomers to be welcomed to this realm. "Ah, I bid you welcome to Twisted. Our collective prison that we all here now call our home." The turquoise skinned man removes his apron leaving him bare chested and flicks the spatula back at the kitchen where it neatly lands on its hanging place.

"Morgana has done well to bring you here, we warriors of the Devil May Cry agency form part of an organization called Task. We are the shields that defend this city from all that would threaten it."

"But I am getting ahead of myself. I ask that you put your differences aside for the time being while we tend to introductions. I am known by many mortals as Huitzilopotchli, but here, I go by the name of Kotal Kahn."

"Here, let me tend to your wounds." He says and extends a hand in Rayne's direction, causing a ray of sunshine to phase through the ceiling of the agency and fall upon the woman. It does not burn her as one might expect, instead it heals the swelling she had on her cheek.

"Now.. pray tell who may you be, warriors? And where do you hail from?"

Rayne blinks a few times, then runs a hand through her hair on the side of the former injury. "Oh... wow, that's a lot better, thanks." She stands now much more steadily and speaks a lot more clearly now. "I'm Rayne Hurris. And as for where I'm from, do you mean-" She is interrupted by the lizardman, who nearly shouts with pride, "I am Madorg. I am from the Teelshadow Clan of Sharisan!" He pounds his chest with his right hand. "Thess hoomon womon entered tuuk lands! My louwss demand heir death!" At that, Rayne's hand returns to her head again, this time to her forehead with an exasperated sigh. "Again. passing though. I didn't plan on staying." Her voice goes lower as she mumbles to the side, "Though I didn't plan on going THIS far." She's glancing around a lot at the electrical devices in the room.

At Kotal's pointed questions, the siren simply swings one dainty bare foot and offers a toothsome grin. "I do not demand upon your matings and you have no right to demand upon mine." Oh that smirk returns and she leans back on the desk to rest on one hip and a slightly bent arm. Her garment slips enough to expose a thigh but she seems not to be remotely interested in adjusting it. When Kotal calls the sun to heal the woman she scrunches up her face and turns her eyes away so as not to look directly at it. Lazily she turns her head back to watch the introductions, dark eyes rolling at the noise of the Lizard. Looking at Rayne she mutters softly "I suppose I should have eaten that one..." as she gestures to the lizard.


It takes all of Kotal Kahn's godlike willpower to not give a tremendous face fault at Morgana's revelation. He does at least twitch though, and his glowing, golden eyes flicker as if something inside him had just shattered. There's a long drawn out pause before he narrows his eyes in disapproval at the cheeky mermaid. "You and I will talk. Later." Oh will they talk.

But on to business, Kotal Kahn does hold the esteemed rank of Twisted's official welcoming committee and he gives a warrior salute to both Rayne and Madorg, palm on his chest, right over where his heart would be. Unlike Morgana, the Aztec seems to hold no distaste for the lizardman, whom he views with quite a bit of kinship.

"Rayne Hurris, Madorg of Teelshadow, it is both with honor and sadness that I must welcome you into our realm."

"Know that the dimension where you now reside has no escape. I know not how you two were summoned here, we all seem to have been pulled away from our dimensions in very different ways."

"But know this.. there is no known escape from Twisted. Not even Gods such as I have the power to escape it. All that live within this city are prisoners."

He smiles though, losing his somber demeanor momentarily. "It is a remarkably comfortable new home however. Life can be very exciting here and full of opportunities. Where else would you have the chance to meet people from other dimensions."

Ah, but there is the matter of Madorg demanding Rayne's death, which Kotal makes sure to address. "Peace, Madorg. Understand that your people's laws hold no sway here. There is no honor for you to mend, as you are now both foreigners in a foreign land."

"If you really insist on attacking Rayne. I ask that you do so in the local coliseum, where you may formally challenge her to a fight to the death. We do not condone brawling in the streets here in Twisted."

It looks like Kotal has no problems with Madorg wanting to challenge Rayne to Mortal Kombat, that is a very occurrence where he's from. It'd probably take some delegating for him to change his mind.

Rayne frowns at first, but then just shrugs it off. "Well, what's restarting my life one more time?" she asks no one in particular. "Time to figure out how to make another living again, eh?" Madorg, on the other hand, seems to take this much worse. "You would seperate Madorg from the Taelshadow?!" He glances around the room. "Thees es hoomon land. Thes is no place for tuuk." he grumbles

Oh the blue bastard thought to make demands on her over this did he. Charybdis bones, she would see him hung like a fish on a line before she would tolerate such. She was in far to good a mood though to bother arguing with the war god now. She had done her good deed and she was done with the lot of them. She had said she would return and she had. She had done more then enough. With an arched brow she smirks at the flumoxed war god. "you will talk, ..as always Kotal. I will say as I wish or not, as I wish when I am done resting, it has been a long night." and with that the siren slips from the desk and simply saunters past the group and heads toward the stairs. "when you are done with the new ones I will be in my pool" her hips sway as she starts up the stairs. Pausing she looks over her shoulder at the woman and lizard. "Welcome to Twisted" then turn back and disappears up the stairs.

Why, the nerve with that woman--

Kotal all but stares daggers at the siren as she moves away with sassy moves of her hips, and it's quite a sight to see Kotal giving someone the evil eye. His eyes glow ferociously, and they actually start steaming, with visible smoke coming out of them. "I bet it has been.." Grumbles the warrior god whilst Morgana takes her leave. He's not even sure why he's angry.. it just feels like Morgana is acting out of her jurisdiction, and it doesn't sit right with the deity.

Speaking of things not sitting right with people, Kotal glances at the two newcomers and their different ranges of reactions at being told they are now prisoners in a new dimension. "This is no place for an Aztec either, and yet, here I am." The Eagle Knight tells Madrog with some genuine sympathy.

"Nevertheless, this is were we all stand. I can tell that you both are warriors, and we are in need of strong arms to combat an evil that has overtaken the city. If you so wish it, I can offer you to join our ranks, temporarily or permanently depending on your preference. We can provide food, lodging and weapons for as long as you intend to serve us, all you would need to do is speak with our leader, Dante."

"That is.. assuming you do not want to kill each other still, which I would not recommend. Fighting someone for grievances outside of Twisted is quite the foolhardy endeavor."

Rayne wisely stays out of the conversation between god of war and siren, daring only to speak up again when directly addressed. "Well, warrior sounds a bit grand, but I do generally know what I'm doing in a fight. Or outside a fight if that's more useful. That guy, though," she points over her shoulder at Madorg, "seems to live for fighting if you can get him to act remotely civilized. If he'll drop it, I will." The tuuk looks up again from his inner grumblings, "Whet else do I haeve?" he asks, quietly for once. "Without the clan, what eess wourth levving for?" He stands up straight again. "There ess but one theng left. And you want to take et from me?" He glares at Kotal... Is he actually trying to intimidate a god of war? Rayne facepalms. "Oh, for Flamae's sake..."

Kotal Kahn keeps his arms crossed and nods in approval when Rayne seems at least willing to give joining the Twisted Defense Force a shot. He's not kidding around when he said they need more warriors, Rayne is not aware of the situation that is currently plaguing Twisted, but he's certain she'll understand once she's brought up to speed.

Madrog on the other hand.. it's a pity that he'd react in that way, as Kotal did feel as though he could prove to be a worthwhile ally. The Aztec had been acting very respectful of the lizardman's culture right up until he started accusing the war god and making demands. The Aztec deity's smile drops and he's suddenly getting a very intense look about him when Madorg addresses him so rudely.

"Watch your tone with me, lizard." Kotal is already in a bad mood thanks to Morgana's uppity nature. At this point it won't take much to incur his anger. "You would dare disrespect me in my own home?"

Uh oh..

Clearly, someone has too much pride and not enough sense. And that someone isn't Kotal Khan. Madrog starts talking in his native tongue before he catches himself. "Yew spek of disrespec? Thes hooman wolked ret into lends of tellshedow!" Clearly his own anger is getting the better of him, and its even affecting his speech. "Now Madrog not in home lends! Madrog well not haff only coors to Madrog's honour teken from Madorg!" After a hiss, he seems to calm down somewhat. "I woold not went desrespec. But Madrog... But I haff so lettle. You would insult meh by seying what I do haff is 'foolherdy'?" Rayne, through all this, is making a point to put more distance between herself and the nearly frothing lizard man.

Although Kotal Kahn is certainly no stranger to putting pride over reason, he does exhibit the capability of having a fair sense of judgment. He would need to having been the leader of the Mexica empire and then Outworld. It's clear that this Madrog has had no such responsibilities, he's a warrior, yes, but only a grunt.

Kotal's anger subsidies when he realizes the simple minded nature of the fellow, even though he still looks in the verge of reprimanding him harshly for his actions, he may be fairly reasonable, but he's also a god, and he doesn't take disrespect lightly.

"I understand your plight Madrog. But what is done is done. As I said, if you truly insist on fighting Rayne, I ask that you take it to the arena where you may do so within the bounds of the law. You will not execute her without her defending herself, no matter what your culture dictates."

"Whatever the reason that brought you to this land, you are in your home no longer. You are in my city now and you will obey its rules, understand?"

"Dare defy me and I will not hesitate to smite you." Huitzilopotchli can be a very cruel deity when crossed.

Madorg continues to attempt to stare down the war god for a moment before relenting. "Very well. I well honor the hoomon laws in the hoomon lends." He then turns to address Rayne. "But weh well haff our battle. I well geff you one wekk to accept your death. Then you well come to this... 'Colesseyum' and die." With that, he turns for the door and starts walking, full of pride and confidence. At that, Rayne just sighs and facepalms.

Kotal doesn't look impressed whilst he stares down the lizard man, and he simply continues watching him whilst he speaks his challenge to Rayne before departing. "Hm, more's the pity. It would have been better to have you both join Task's ranks." Laments the war god. "Ah, well, quality over quantity I suppose, may the better warrior have the honor to fight by my side." It seems that formal duels to the death is quite a common occurrence for Kotal Kahn, who casually puts his apron back on and glances at Rayne. "Would you like to stay for breakfast? I was just finishing a large plate of chilaquiles."

Rayne says, "Oh! Yeah, sure, that would be nice." She looks out the doorway at the departing tuuk. "Um... may I retrieve my weapons? I'm sorry if this is an insult, but I don't know the area and don't know if I can trust someone to not just... take them when they're outside like that." For the most part, she doesn't seem terribly worried about the prospect of a fight to the death, herself."

"Of course you may." Kotal Kahn gestures to the door whilst he goes make sure that his chilaquiles aren't burning.. it happens too often that he's in the middle of cooking when something important interrupts him, maybe he oughta turn the stove off one of these days if he's not sure he's coming back to tend to his food. "I'll make certain that you get a guide to show you the city around in due time. You are right to worry about your weapons being taken, there has been much trouble plaguing this city as of late."

Rayne says, "Thank you, uh, your eminence?" She bows quickly before going to retrieve her swords and arrows. It seems she might have a slight opposite problem as the tuuk did, and is being a bit more formal than needed in the presence of who she has been told is a god. Upon returning, she follows to where Kotal would lead her. "Um... what exactly is a chil-a-quile, anyway? I'm not familiar with it.""

The Aztec makes a confused sort of gesture when Rayne calls him by such a title. It's hard to tell due to his large helmet and the glowing orbs that are his eyes, but it looks like he just crossed them. "Please, Kotal will suffice. Though I was an emperor in my own world, here I am very little beyond a common city guard."

Kotal leads Rayne to a spacious table right in the middle of the office where he slides her a plate and sets a large pot. "It's hard cut corn tortillas mixed with mole to soften them. Then I've added beans, eggs, guacamole, cheese and onions to give it some flavor." He starts stirring the pot and glances at the rainbow haired woman. "You aren't allergic to any of that, are you?"

Rayne says, "No no, don't worry. I was more curious as to what I was walking into, so to speak." She seems more relaxed now that he has basically told her to be so. "I should have predicted Mexican food, I suppose. It's been a while since I've had Mexican. I've been in an area with limited trade to the outside... world for a few years now." Despite the appearance of being from a medieval fantasy setting, she seems to not be shocked or confused by any of the more modern technologies. "So...I understand from what you said before that the, uh, police force needs recruits? Don't think I've ever been in a regimented group like that before, I must say."

Kotal's glowing eyes light up when Rayne says she recognizes the origins of the food. "Ah, then you know of my people the Mexica. Good, good.. then you must at least be from a dimension similar to that of Earthrealm. This will be beneficial to our common understanding." The turquoise man starts pouring Rayne some of the chilaquiles into her plate and nods to confirm her concerns about the local police force. "Yes, indeed. Do consider our invitation to joining us. I did not jest when I said we could use any able bodied warrior we can muster. We would be happy to welcome you into our fold.. should you survive your encounter with Madorg."

Rayne takes a bite and nods approvingly of the food. "I know... of the food more than the people, I have to admit. I've not actually been there. My father mentioned being there once or twice, I think. But yeah, Earth is kinda a thing where I come from." She takes another bite before addressing her fight. "I'm going to be honest, I don't think that lug will last a week without getting arrested. I didn't really expect to fight him. Civilization is... not his thing." She then frowns. "But if the police are short handed, that might not be the case, I suppose. Oh, if you ever run across more of his people? Don't assume they're all assholes like him. One of my best friends is a tuuk, and a heck of a lot friendlier. Though I suppose that doesn't say a whole lot."

"It is of no particular matter." Kotal says as he pours some food himself and takes a seat at the other side of the table. "I hold no ties to the modern country that is known as Mexico if that is to what you refer. I am an Aztec, from before the time the Spaniards came and brought the plague with them." He wrinkles his nose in distaste. "Besides, it has been many years since I have been to Earthrealm... Outworld was my home after that. And now, it matters even less, as we are all denizens of Twisted."

The warrior nods as Rayne explains just why she's so sure Madorg won't be an issue a week from now. "I actually know plenty of lizardfolk. One of my best warriors back in Outworld was one. He went by the name of Reptile there, though I doubt that was his real name, just the one that people knew him by."

"Regardless, if you feel disinclined to fight Madorg yourself, you can ask someone to be your champion. That is also part of our laws."

Rayne sighs. "No, no, I suppose it's my fight. I should do it myself."

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