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Welcome to your new home!

Summary: Serenity brings Rayne to the Integra's Arms to look into a new apartment.

Who: Debbie, Rayne, Serenity
When: July 31st, 2015
Where: Integra's Arms Apartments


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Integra's Arms Apartments - Lobby(#2023R)
The Integra's Arms Apartments, with its stone-styled floor tiles and brown and white walls, is actively trying to feel like a Spanish villa. Soft, comfortable-looking chairs are arranged inside the door, complete with a glass table and non-specific magazines. Wide arches sit across from the help desk, leading to the elevator. Welcome Home!

Rayne enters the building. Judging from the way she's looking around, it doesn't appear she's been here before at all.

"I imagine that the difficulty would be more in precision," Ren offers thoughtfully, "than in the degree of luxury. For example, the appearance of a bare gold-colored box would likely be easier to request than a humble but hard to articulate smell."

Rayne says, "Oh, I'm not worried about fine detail. Just the basics of it would be enough for me." She smirks lightly as she goes over in her head what her last home in civilization was like."

Standing like a creepy puppet behind a counter inside the lobby is the chirpy form of Debbie, one of the two hostesses who maintain the Integra Arms Hotel. She doesn't seem to do more than stare blankly out into space. Maybe she's waiting for something...

Serenity, at Rayne's side, flows over toward the help desk with a light ripple of the fins within the cloak of water. "I see," Ren hisses encouragingly. "I suppose imagination and memory could polish off any inaccuracies." Looking to Debbie, Ren raises a 'wing' from the water to wave the pair of fins to her. "Hello?"

Rayne follows Ren up to the counter. "Um, hi, I'm looking for an apartment?"

With a blink, Debbie suddenly comes to life as Serenity waves to her. "Greetings resident, and good day! How may I be of assistance?" As Rayne speaks up a moment later the woman turns her attention to the newcomer and smiles. "Welcome! You've come to the right place. We have many different options that may suit you. Would you care for a specific style of apartment, or would you prefer the standard model? Standard models come pre-furnished for newcomers to Twisted."

Rayne says, "Ahhh... I'd like to work on creating my own style of apartment? How do I go about the process?"

Serenity flows to the side a bit to make way for Rayne. "You have had experience interacting with an artificial intelligence before, right?" Ren asks, motioning the edge of a fin to Debbie. "I'm afraid my experience is mainly limited to research tools."

The woman smiles again and begins typing away feverishly on the computer before her. Humming some strange out of tune song she carries on until Serenity speaks up. "All employees of Medical Mechanica have intense training with artificial intelligence. Do you have a specific query on the subject that I could help you with?" Abruptly she stops typing and turns the flat screen monitor around so that Rayne can see it clearly. Currently it's displaying several generic photos of apartments like you might find in any rental guide. "We can start with the basics. This is a standard apartment. What changes would you like to see made? Please remember that until you've given us your verbal authorization and signature we cannot begin construction."

Rayne says, "Ah, my experience depends... are we talking real intelligence, or just clever programming? I've heard of some that might as well be living beings, but I'd not encountered any of those." She looks at the screen to determine what would be needed. "Ah, let's see. Smaller size is fine for me, I don't need much space to recreate my cabin... Wood paneling for the lower half of the walls... steel or something looking like it for the top... The furniture is a bit on the unique side, is it possible to basically hang a bunk from the ceiling, leaving space for a couch below it?""

"No thank you," Ren replies to Debbie before looking back to Rayne. "Your guess is as good as mine, if indeed the difference between 'reality' and 'sufficiently clever illusion' even matters here." Ren then quiets to listen curiously to the description, sliding in for a closer look without coming so close as to dampen anything or anyone.

Rotating the screen back to herself, Debbie starts typing away again and a moment later the screen is turned around with the suggested changes made to the images. "Are there any additional changes you'd like to see made? Anything from the view outside the windows to the chemicals making up the free space of the apartment can be adjusted. Medical Mechanica insists all living spaces be as comfortable as possible for the citizens seeking shelter even if that means breaking the local laws of physics!" How can she say that so cheerfully?

Rayne says, "Ooh. Alright, can we get a star field for the outside window view? Perhaps a scene as if in orbit of a habitable planet?" She rubs her hands together. "Carpet as is looks... sufficient. Hrm. Do I have control over where the entrance and bathroom doors are, per chance?" She's now seeing just how far she can control this."

Serenity looks more puzzled by Rayne taking her up on the offer than Debbie's offer to violate the building's laws of physics for her. Ren motions to the back of the screen and adds with a smile, "I would personally advise against a permanent odor of breakfast and intoxicant incense in the 'chemical makeup of the free space'."

Debbie smiles at Rayne's question. "Yes, and easily done. Although we regret to inform you that the option of opening the windows after the setting is adjusted will have to be revoked." The woman laughs at Serenity's suggestion. "We can make further changes later if the apartment is not to your satisfaction. Did you partake in those options in your original request?"

Rayne says, "Oh, I think just keeping it do the default settings on 'chemical makeup' is probably the best policy. And I'm okay with permanently closed windows with this option. It's not like I could open the windows on what I'm basing this on. Let's see... The entrance here... Bathroom here... And move the kitchenette over to here..." She's tapping on the screen on the simulated image."

"Indeed, I was joking," Ren agrees. "I hadn't considered the possibility of custom chemicals until I just then, but it seems there is rather a lot of room for mischief within the safety protocols." Ren leans in again to look as Rayne takes control of the monitor.

As before, Debbie turns the screen around and types away, turning the monitor back once the changes have been made. Instead of asking again if anything can be changed, the woman simply smiles warmly and waits for a response.

Rayne says, "Hrrrm." She looks through the images again. "You say I can go back and change this later? My memory on it is a little fuzzy, but this is looking pretty close..."

"I wonder if smaller furnishings would be a good idea," Ren comments thoughtfully, looking over to Rayne, "or if those are better obtained in more emotionally significant ways." Ren gestures toward the screen, "Things like entertainment, technology, art, and plants come to mind."

Debbie nods her head at Rayne's question. "Indeed! Medical Mechanica recognizes that needs change over time and adjustments can be made to further your necessary living arrangements. Housing is also available should you one day require more privacy than an apartment can provide." She doesn't respond to Serenity for some reason. Maybe she finally realized that not every comment is directed at her?

Rayne says, "Oh, yeah, kinda forgot about that side of things. Hrm. What's the standard entertainment format here? Two-D? Holographic? Something else I'm not familiar with?" Her voice then lowers in volume as she more thinks aloud. "Comms weren't in the cabin, but I'll look into that later..."

"This town seems rather short on standards," Ren offers Rayne with an amused tone. "I'd suggest whatever makes you most comfortable." Ren motions to the rhinophore cuff, "With all the excitement to be had in the street, I've hardly used the screen in my apartment for more than a spare computer monitor for reading."

Rayne says, "Okay, then, a wall mounted television across from the couch and I think that's all I would really have need for, then. I'll put in a location on where to put a comm for the internet later... For now, I think this is good."

Serenity listens curiously to Debbie's explanation of the available media, but doesn't remarking upon it before looking back to Rayne. "Congratulations on the new home," Ren offers brightly, extending the edges of a pair of fins from the water to offer a damp pat on the arm as well. "Much more comfortable than a tree, I expect."

With a clap of her hands Debbie cheers, "YAAAY!" Before Rayne she places a simple looking legal document with the words MEDICAL MECHANICA written about every third line down for one reason or another. For those interested in the legal specifics, there's no condemning clauses hidden anywhere. It pretty much just states what she's already said and repeats that rent is free so long as the tenant does not try to tamper with or destroy the building. "This is a standard rental agreement for the Integra's Arms Hotel. Please sign at the bottom and state out loud that all specifications on your current apartment are complete." With that she turns the screen around and makes the last of the changes before rotating the screen around again.

Rayne says, "Oh, yes, I expect it will be a lot better than a tree." She does in fact look through the legal document. After all, this is a free apartment... she's expecting some sort of catch hidden in there. Satisfied with this, she looks over the screen and what's listed there one last time before nodding. Taking a pen from the counter, she signs the form and says, "All specifications on my current apartment are complete."

Serenity startles slightly at the sudden cheer, though afterwards seems to be pretending that didn't happen. "I believe I need to be going along to my own apartment for the night," Ren mentions after Rayne completes the transaction. Ren motions a 'wing' toward the elevator. "Perhaps someday you can stop by for a look at it, or at least a glance from the air-filled portion?"

There is an audible 'BING' as Rayne completes the interaction. Already Debbie has a fancy looking key in her hand which she offers over following the sound. "This key will unlock your new home. Please feel free to select any vacant door on any available floor of this building and insert your key to claim it as yours." So, that's it then? Apparently so. At least she didn't mention-"Medical Mechanica welcomes you to your new home!" ...nevermind. "If you have any further questions please consult http://tinyurl.com/qhpf69v or return to this help desk at any time!"

Rayne says, "Thank you... and yes, Ren, I will have to take a look into soon. For now... I think going in and using my new apartment to sleep."

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