2015-08-01 - Searching for Lost Friends (part IV)

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Searching for Lost Friends (part IV)

Summary: I've really gotta start coming up with better names for this ongoing scene. Anyways, Nancy and Gegoshi finally meet Damon the Overlord - but can he resurrect Guarlesia?

Who: Damon The Overlord, Gegoshi, Nancy, Purple
When: Aug 1st, 2015
Where: New World


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...continuing from last time...

The purple haired girl turns and leads Gegoshi and Nancy through the hallway. The first intersection they come to she takes a left, and lo and behold, they're all in the throneroom! Apparently the dragon knows her way around quite well.

New World: Damon's Throneroom(#1947R)
The throneroom of the castle of Damon The Overlord. It is a simply but very large room. There is only one single large doorway to permit entrance. At the back of the room the black stone of the wall has pulled and warped itself outwards, cascading into an almost waterful of rock which then floods into the form of a dias and throne. A single window allows the blue twilight of New World to come into the room, aligned parallel to the throne.

Purple steps to the side after entering the throneroom and points towards Damon, who sits on the throneroom staring towards the single window that looks out upon New World. A general aura of power radiates around the being, pieces of it sliding out into the air causing it to ripple and haze. The Overlord doesn't look towards the people who just stroll into his throneroom unnannounced, and Purple doesn't look keen on going any closer to her creator.

Nancy nervously stays mostly behind Gegoshi - especially once she suddenly feels Damon's presence. Why did she think this was a good idea, again? Taking a very deep breath to steady herself she looks at the man and glances out of the window as best she can from this position. "Do we...? Just?" She frowns. They really should have thought this out better. "Good evening, sir." Well, that's as good of a start as any.

Gegoshi notices Nancy hiding behind her and straightens up! Her clothing silvers and then spreads out across her body, creating form fitting full metal armor, though she lacks a shield or sword. Her wings gets armored as well, metal feathers taking the place of the soft white down. "Good lord!" she says to Damon, "I am Gegoshi! 3.0 Prototype Synth! I travel here with Councilwoman Nancy Dark! We are on a quest to ressurrect our fallen companion, who died during the great Council war! We beseech thee for help in bringing her back to life!" She then takes a knee, bowing! A small giggle escapes her nonetheless.

From outside the window is the view of a vast couryard with multiple ornate statues of dragons, gargoyles, vampires, and even a few humans. Damon the Overlord turns his gaze from the window as Nancy speaks to him. He hasn't been spoken too in quite some time. With Rigwroth dead and the others having left or also perished, he's sat here staring out the window, watching the world as it passes by. One might say he's fulfilled his purpose and doesn't have much of a story left to tell. He examines Gegoshi as she speeches at him. There's a pause before pressure fills the room as magic comes at his bidding, but it leaves as soon as it comes. He doesn't answer Gegoshi, but instead looks at Nancy.

The former Councilwoman sweatdrops heavily as Gegoshi takes things in the dramatic direction, as she always does. As nervous as she is she can't help but smirk as the synth giggles. She shakes her head to push it away only to realize suddenly that the man's gaze is upon her now. Swallowing hard she instinctively gives a slight wave. "We know you've likely got a lot that you must attend to. We're sorry to interrupt, but if there's anything you might could do to help us...?" One day someone should really sit her down and tell her how to greet new people a bit more formally.

Damon The Overlord looks over at Purple, who is rocking back and forth on her heels staring at the ceiling innocently. That dragon needs to find a name. Maybe it was a mistake for him to leave her fate to others. Maybe he should just give her one now that she's here in front of him. She's old enough, though...ah, wait, those two others are still here waiting for answers to their...requests? He supposes they're such. Who's spreading word that he can ressurrect the dead? Rigwroth had it within her power, but that wasn't ever an intentional design by him. He turns his hand over and stares into his palm. He could bring Rigwroth back to life, all it would take was enough time and enough magic, but he's chosen to let things go as they are. He looks back at Gegoshi and Nancy, what to say to them...consoling words? Or should he help them? Turn back death and aide them. Then what? More would come. Many more, all seeking to bring back those they've lost, when that loss is what's made them into who they are now. Is he to judge what's better or worse for someone in that way? How long has he been thinking to himself? He probably should've spoken by now... Very well. "I don't know your companion," he says, his voice smooth with lacings of power dripping from each syllable, "Bringing her back from the dead..." he pauses, then decides, "...you should ask her creator this question. Surely, that is the one who should decide their creations fate in such a way."

Wait, does this mean he CAN bring her back? Nancy looks between Damon and Gegoshi not sure if she should speak up first or continue to let the confident synth do all the talking. Well he did stare at her specifically... "Um.. Sir? Her creator may already be dead herself. Guarlesia was one of our friends and she was driven to madness and slain in a horrible battle." She looks back at Gegoshi again, trying to gauge if she should continue. "I-I don't know if you can help us, but Gegoshi here thinks you can and I'd trust her with my life." She looks down at the floor momentarily, trying to compose her thoughts. "I'm sorry... This was my idea and maybe I didn't think this through, but I can't stand the thought of doing nothing."

Nancy pauses again. She's really not sure where she's going with this. She can't help but think of Guarlesia and that feeling she herself felt of being totally alone for so long. "...I have to find some way of helping her, and I don't know where to go or who to ask for help."

Gegoshi nods in agreement with Nancy's words! It's true! The creator of Guarlesia is, likely, the creator of Twisted, or maybe Concordance, not even the synth knows that for sure, or else it's buried deeper in her database and she's too busy playing a heroic knight to dig it out. Either way, they're likely dead as well! She looks over at Nancy and nods her head solemly, though another giggle escapes her as she looks back at Damon, "I understand you have created lifeforms before, so I thought that mayhaps you could bring one back from the dead as well." Must...not...giggle...more...!

Damon wonders where Gegoshi came by this information. Still, it's no secret, and his children do often speak about him as their creator. It's possible Purple herself said something to them both. Perhaps he will help them afterall... "What kind of creation was Guarlesia?" If it's a human, they're not so complicated a creation. Dragon would be even easier for him.

Suddenly Nancy's eyes look like a deer in the headlights of a car. What kind of creation is she? "Um... well... she's..." The woman has absolutely no idea. She barely knows what Gegoshi is and she's had it explained more than once. You know what? No. She's not doing this. Sidestepping she ducks behind the synth and pushes lightly on her shoulder. "You can explain it better than I can." Well, that's true even on a bad day.

Gegoshi looks from Nancy towards Damon, she straightens up from her bow, armored wings clinkering as they shift. Impossibly small text flickers across her eyes as she access' all the information she has on Guarlesia. There's a lot to go over, and even doing this deep of a database inquiry doesn't give her all the answers. Still! She has something, "Guarlesia was a six winged humanoid. It is believed she was either brought into existence by Concrdance near the creation of Twisted, or possibly during. Her species is unique and I have never encountered another being similar to her. One hundred seals were placed upon her after her creation by Concordance, though I'm unsure what they all were for, it is noted that most contained her various powers, abilities, and even emotional states."

Damon The Overlord listens to Nancy and Gegoshi. So one of them has no idea what she is, and the other describes some kind of...hmm, similar to one of the seven Alacorns perhaps. A keeper of the magic that makes existence exist. But if that were true, wouldn't her death have caused catastrophic results? Strange...however, with this information, "I cannot bring your companion back to life. I'm unfamiliar with her species, and the creation of anything without great details on its inner construction is beyond my abilities." He made all of his things from scratch and imagination, and that took years.

Nancy nearly collapses at Damon's response. She may have expected this result, but it makes it no easier to hear spoken aloud. Placing a hand on Gegoshi's shoulder she lets her head fall onto her back momentarily as a long sigh escapes her. As best she can she forces a smile, stepping around the synth to face Damon once more. "I thank you for your time Sir Theoverlord." Someone really needs to explain that to her too at some point. Feeling the stings of her eyes getting ready to water she turns her back to him and prepares to walk out of the room. At least there's other options, right?

Damon raises an eyebrow at Nancy's use of his name, but he's not offended. The conversation has ended, and there's no more to talk about with either of them. It looks back to the window, staring across New World and the beings within it, passing time away.

Gegoshi frowns! "That doth sucketh!" She says, her armor clinkclankclinking as she turns and follows Nancy. The armor turns pure silver and slipperly, sliding around the girls form until it shapes into her normal outfit. She steps up next to Nancy and takes hold of her hand as they walk! "Don't worry! We have more quests awaiting us!"

Nancy smiles more warmly at this point, even if she does have a tear or two running down her cheeks. "I know." It occurs to her only after they pass her that they never said another word to Purple for all the help she'd given them so after wiping her eyes with her free hand she turns and waves to her. "Thank you for your help too." It does little good for her emotions though and another tear pushes its way out as the Councilwoman turns away. "I can get us back quicker if you like..." She says this to Gegoshi of course, remembering the maze they had to transverse to get here.

The purple haired girl waves at Gegoshi and Nancy! What a strange couple those two are, "Purple says you're welcome!" The dragon looks over at Damon, and is soon left behind as Gegoshi and Nancy head off into the castle.

Gegoshi nods her head at Nancy! "Very well! The quicker we get back, the quicker we can start our next adventure! The black dragon is our next highest probability as ressurrecting Guarlesia!" The synth moves forward and embraces Nancy tightly! "Don't fear, if we truly believe, we'll always succeed where others have failed! We are the light in the darkness!"

Unable to help herself, Nancy smiles again at Gegoshi's antics. It only takes moments for the castle hallway to suddenly fill with a dense fog that blocks the two of them from sight and literally takes them away at the same time. From their perspective the fog instead takes the castle away, depositing them in the field next to the shimmering portal that brought them to New World. She can't always work out where to go, but she can at least always find her way back. Wiping her eyes one last time she gestures for the synth to lead the way. "Well, it's your show once again. Show us the way!"

...to be continued...

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