2015-08-01 - To Eat or To Die?

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To Eat or To Die?

Summary: Johnny tries to get Chinese food, but Kotal Kahn has other ideas.

Who: Kotal Kahn, Johnny C, Tabitha
When: Aug 1st, 2015
Where: Another Way

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Twisted Street - Another Way(#1831R)
Following the Twisted Street past the random houses to the west of the center leads you to a small shopping district just on the edge of the wastelands. For those that know their history, the wastelands where once a major part of the city of Twisted before the entire area (and it's people) where lost during one of the last big conflicts. Neighboring on that edge has left the properties here cheap and some of the establishments have been known to change hands frequently.

The most notable businesses here are Ray's Occult Books, the Coffee of Doom, and Eat or Die (an automated restaurant). All of them look a bit run down on the outside and don't see a lot of traffic, but who can really blame them? Not many would want to visit the edge of that constant chaos consuming the rest of the Twisted Street just past the barrier protecting the town.

Running alongside Eat or Die is a small road that leads to the Twisted branch of S-Mart, or at least the parking lot as the retail store is quite a bit behind the shopping district and up on a hill as if to draw attention to it.

Walking along the Twisted Street, mostly minding his own business, Johnny C creeps his way towards the food district - even if it's not called that these days. Nothing is really called what he remembers anymore, but this matters not. Right now there's a plate of Chinese waiting for him with his name on it. Pausing outside the Eat or Die, he looks around suspiciously. Why does it feel like someone is watching him?

That would be because he is, in fact, being watched!

The person in question isn't being very subtle about it either. One glance down the street would reveal an impossin, tall, turquoise skinned muscle bound man heading directly towards Johnny. Though he is walking, he advances with a speed that most people only achieve when running at full speed. If Johnny is putting enough attention to the man's feet, it doesn't actually look like his soles are touching the ground, Kotal seems to be gliding as his feet move, his back heel sliding across the ground before his front foot actually finishes taking a step.. it can be very disorienting. Though not as disorienting as the glowing golden eyes that run across the man's body, his glowing golden eyes, or the big eagle knight helment with colorful feathers that he wears.

"You there! Stop!" Calls Kotal Kahn as he approaches the psychopath, he's been looking for this guy for a long time and he's not letting him go. "I need to speak with you, Johnny." How does he even know his name?? Though perhaps Johnny might recognize Kotal from that one incident with Amaterasu, Dante and Vergil.

Let's take a moment to delve in Johnny's memories of that fateful day, shall we? There's Dante... And some shadows... And A PUPPY! HE IS THE PUPPYMASTER!! The puppy loves him. GET THE PUPPY FOOD! - and Johnny runs away. He returns later with food, and the puppy is gone. A cold window blows past and he throws the food on the sidewalk and sobs. Poor Johnny.

Meanwhile back in the current scene Johnny stares at the barely dressed man with his head cocked to the side. Raising an eyebrow he stares a moment before asking the obvious question, "What? Do you want some Chinese too?" Obviously. Why else would he be chasing after him?

Now see, normally Kotal Kahn is quite the stickler for good manners and customs. He's quite polite for a warmongering Aztec deity, and even while in glorious Kombat he can go at great lengths to respect his opponent's wishes and giving them chances to recover. Honorable and dutiful to the end, Kotal is a stalwart warrior, one who views himself as a representative of the Aztecs, and he, therefore, must always be in his best behavior to give a good example of what he came to consider his culture.

But if there are some things that have proven to really get under his skin before are forgetfulness and bad food. That Johnny fails to recognize him completely vexes him a little, but its his insinuation that he'd consume the food from Eat or Die that really drives him to almost unreasonable anger. Truly, Kotal would rather die than eat there.

"Never insinuate such things, not even in jest! I would not even feed dogs such filth." Kotal /REALLY/ takes his healthy nutrition seriously.

Johnny looks at the half naked man and then up at the sign above the door and back. Normally such a thing would get under his skin, but for some reason right now all that comes to mind is, "It's probably healthier than those frozen burritos I'm always eating." Well, that's probably pretty accurate. Taking out his dagger, one that looks identical to Tabitha's, Johnny begins to twirl it at his side like a gun in the hands of a gunsli-y'know what? No. Exactly like Tabitha does. "Alright, so what the fuck do you want? I'm hungry." Let's just get to the point, shall we?

Kotal looks like he really wants to argue that fact. Something about the way his glowing eyes shimmer at the thought that this chinese food is healthier that something says that there's another rant about eating healthy about to spill out of him. The Aztec looks about ready to pull out his little soap box and rant about junk food destroying Twisted when Johnny has the good presence of mind to pull out his dread dagger.

If Kotal's eyes were shimmering before, now they are smoldering furnaces of fire, with literal smoke coming out of his eyeballs. He zeros in on the weapon, mesmerized by how it's exactly the same movement as Tabitha does when Johnny unsheaths it, and his face features harden ferociously.

Time to cut through the chase indeed.

"Give me that dagger. NOW!"

When a man over a foot taller than you and built like a professional wrestler suddenly demands a dagger that you literally went through hell for there's only one thing left to do. Johnny falls back into a defensive stance, clutching the blade tightly. His body instantly turning into black living shadows with white eyes glaring at Kotal Kahn. "Alright, I TRIED being nice. You show up outta nowhere, act all familiar with me. I offer you food, and you fucking throw it in my face - now you're after my dagger? F-U-U-U-U-CK YOU! I've got better things to do than listen to a Smurf on steroids tell me how to live my life. I just wanted a fucking bite to eat, but you asked for it. If you want this you'll have to drag it outta my cold, dead hands." He pauses and considers his threat carefully. "Cold... gloved... hands... that might already be dead, y'know what. FUCK YOU!" So eloquent, NNY.

There it is, the same shadow that warped Tabitha into that hellish thing. This is worse than Kotal Khan had originally imagined. If there are several items that can turn people into monsters, then there's no telling how many of them are, or what may be their true purpose besides causing havoc wherever they go. There is no choice here, Kotal cannot allow these things to run amok in what he now considers his city. Mayhap in the Twisted of old Johnny could get away with his murdering killing sprees? but there's a new sheriff in town and he's not about to tolerate that! If there's gonna be any killings here it will be at the arena where the defeated can have their heart honorably ripped out of their chests and offered to the sun as it is proper!

"As you wish." Kotal Kahn replies simply and draws his massive macuahuitl blade from his back, the serrated blade glowing with golden energy just as he does. "Defend yourself!" At Kotal Kahn may be a jerk, but he is an honorable jerk! He's going to give Johnny to fight back rather than simply smite him.

HEY NOW! Johnny hasn't killed anyone in quite some time. Not that he hasn't been keeping an eye on that guy from the coffee shop he keeps chasing. Everyone needs a hobby, right?? Johnny can't help but "Ooooooh" at Kotal's macuahuitl. "I love the glowy bits!" Well at least he can appreciate the smaller things. The maniac kicks himself off of the ground and charges forwards, his dagger aimed directly at the man's heart. His speed is impressively quick but he makes no effort to defend himself. He does scream, though. A fairly loud scream of-wait. Johnny falls into his own shadow and vanishes. The sound of his unintelligible scream fading away with him. A second later he's standing behind the Kombatant, or more specifically leaping out of his shadow - his dagger gripped in both hands trying to bring it down into the center of his back. Normally he takes his time with this sort of thing but remember that statement about how it's been awhile? This is self-defense, right? Totally doesn't count.

"Your approach lacks deference.." Mutters Kotal Kahn whilst Johnny goes about to make light of such an encounter. The Aztec usually has a particular easy going mind when in Kombat, surprisingly enough. Although he seldom talks and seems to have a grand total of two facial features; serious and angry, he does posses remarkable wit and can usually verbally joust with the best of them even if his expression doesn't change.

Not here though, he's been searching for this Johnny for quite a long time, and after seeing what the dagger can do to someone like Tabitha there's no way that he's letting the psychopath get out of his sight. To say nothing of the things he knows about Johnny thanks to Caliga's memories.

This is quite unfortunate for Johnny that Kotal is taking this so seriously though. Had the Aztec brought to bear less presence of mind he would have fallen for the feint and the psychopath would have likely scored first blood, as Kotal does tend to relax his guard a lot around mortals.

Not after what he's seen though, and certainly not with Johnny. Kotal is on point today and golden eyes shift to the side when he senses that the dagger wielding maniac is coming from behind him.

Kotal holds his macuahuitl with his left hand and uses his free hand to reach behind him whilst still giving Johnny his back. The Aztec's gruff hand grasps the maniac's wrist and Kotal goes to use Johnny's own forward momentum to pull him over his shoulder with a judo throw and redirect Johnny's trajectory so that he's spinning forward in order to slam the maniac's back into the unforgiving pavement. Now if Johnny shatters his spine on contact depends entirely on how he manages to land.

Pffft. Defense. Johnny is yanked out of the air and thrown to the pavement with a sickening CRACK. Whether that crack is the sound of the pavement or his back is hard to say, but the sidewalk is cracked where he landed. Panting angrily he pushes himself slowly off the ground, disgusting cracks and snaps can be heard as he brings his knees up under him and tries to regain his footing. "FUUUCK. That hurt..." Johnny grabs the base of his back and pushes, snapping his back into place before wiping his mouth on his sleeve - at least that's what it looks like he's doing. "FUCK!" He looks at the ground and then at Kotal, "That shoulda killed me!" He turns and glares, the whites of his eyes flickering red, "DO A BETTER JOB OF IT!" Johnny's dagger seems to shift forms into a two handed scythe which he twirls above his head. Each side of the weapon has an equally long blade. "I don't even REMEMBER being hit that hard before!! MAKE IT FUCKING COUNT!" The maniac charges forwards again, this time continuing to spin that blade around above his head to make himself harder to hit.

Probably both as Kotal suspects. Being a Kombatant, the Aztec warrior is no stranger to seeing people forcefully set shattered bones by pressing them with their hands. However, no matter how many times he has seen it - and he has seen it quite a number of times, it still gives him pause to watch and see if his opponent is actually going to bounce back from that or they will fail at pushing their intestines back in.

As one might suspect, getting his vertebrate shattered into a million pieces just serves to piss Johnny the fuck off, and he starts attacking Kotal harder than ever.

Problem is, while Johnny's impressive resistance might impress other fighters, it has no effect on a kombatant. It's not even the fact that Kotal is a deity either, any participant of the Mortal Kombat tournament can accomplish such feats.

"Very well." Kotal answers without missing a beat and SLAMS his macuahuitl right into Johnny's scythe handle. He uses the serrated teeth of his blade to actually trap Johnny's weapon and pull it down to force Johnny to lower his guard. "I will Finish You quickly!!" Something about the way he says those two words bears great power.. as if it was more like an enchanted spell instead of normal words.

But Kotal does not pause as he yells. If he manages to lower Johnny's scythe, he'll step inside the maniac's circle of defense with well practice martial skill, and slam his muscled, rock solid, forearm into Johnny's collarbone to shatter his clavicle and crush his wind pipe at the same time. If the strike collides solidly it might just leave Johnny's head hanging limply, held only by the skin of his neck.

A long time ago Johnny was in a practice fight with Tabitha's inspiration that got out of hand. To this day the memory of it lingers because of one specific trick she pulled that caught him totally off guard. Johnny demonstrates it as his head is removed from his body, hitting the street and then dissolving into nothingness. His body follows seconds later as a series of barbed hooks attached to chains are launched out of the corpse's shadow and Johnny reappears out of Eat or Die with his dagger at the ready and a potsticker in his mouth. He's hungry, dammit.

Let's take a moment to flashback, shall we? Johnny vanishes into his own shadow, appearing behind Kotal Kahn. Well, a copy of him did at least while the real one hops back up and ducks inside the restaurant. CRACK! His copy hits the pavement as he watches from the window, waiting impatiently for the automated delivery of his food. Watching it get decapitated made him realize he stalled too long, and the maniac kicks open the door revealing his presence once again.

During this flashback he's managed to finish off that potsticker. With luck the chains grab Kotal's limbs, otherwise Johnny's probably about to get really fucked up. Either way he can't help but laugh as he throws another hooked chain seemingly out of his sleeve aimed at his opponent's face. If only he knew that Kotal Kahn has probably dealt with exactly this sort of thing before...

An illusion!? Kotal knows he shouldn't be surprised, and yet the sight of Johnny's decapitated form melding into shadows only for the seemingly real maniac appearing from the restaurant without a scratch on him truly vexes him.

Enough games with this lout, Kotal has long held back ever since he showed upon Twisted, and not only because the boundaries of this realm prevent him from tapping into his full power, but because he prefers not to show all his cards too quickly. If he truly bears all his might against a single foe, he'd attract too much unwanted attention, that much is true ever since Diablo hired that insufferable bodyguard to protect him from a possible Aztec uprising.

But enough is enough. Johnny is a remarkable opponent and Kotal is not going to be holding back any longer. Restrictions and unwanted publicity be damned!!

The chains from the corpse come flying at Kotal Kahn who goes to bat them away with the flat side of his macuahuitl.

When Johnny comes to view and tries to do the same, Kotal just gives him an all too knowing glare.

Nice try, Johnny. But if Hanzo Hasashi, a true master of the chained kunai, has trouble hitting Kotal Kahn, then your measly skills aren't going to cut it.

Huitzilopotchli makes a slide under the chain that travels him the length of where he is to reach Johnny in one move and grapple the maniac. One hand clenches on Johnny's neck and the other grabsg him by his belt buckle to lift him over his head in one movement. Although it looks like Kotal is going to do some kind of wrestling move on Nny, it's actually something far worse.


Hopefully Johnny likes him some Sunny D. Because Kotal uses the very sun that shines upon Twisted like his personal magnifying glass and shoots down a scorching beam of sunfire at the maniac currently dangling on the Aztec's hold.

Johnny screams from a pain he's never felt before. Damn, he should have waited to use that shadow copy after all! The darkness covering his face literally boils away followed by the skin and muscles underneath until all that's left is a screaming skull with bits of charred flesh clinging to its bones. AND IT DOESN'T STOP SCREAMING!! Assuming Kotal doesn't just continue to hold him there he'll stagger back to his feet somehow and then that darkness will begin to spread, wrapping around his face like bandages until the skull is completely covered and his pupil-less white eyes open once again. Assuming that happens. Otherwise enjoy the screaming skull because there's not much else he can do from this position.

Kotal does not mind the screaming. He revels on it! Nothing quite as satisfactory as the screams of the vanquished to solidify your power over them.

The Aztec even drops the burning wreckage that is now Johnny's body to supposedly let him dissolve into nothing but burning ash. Though as Kotal fully knows by now, there aren't enough safety measures he can take against this maniac. His resilience is of legendary proportions and Kotal must be willing to tap into his very inner reserves if he wishes to forever banish the psychopath from this realm and free Twisted from the blight that is his Dread Dagger.

The Eagle Knight does not hesitate to stare into the burning, screaming skull that is now Johnny's face. After using his sun given powers, Kotal now taps into his blood magicks, ready to use his entire arsenal against this foe.

"Blood for Blood!" He calls whilst making and lifting movement with his hands. An elaborate small stone totem then shoots up straight from the ground glowing in red color and it seems to... chant? There are voices coming from the static totem, like a pounding drum, or warriors hollering in the background.

No time to really inspect it really as Kotal is bearing down on Johnny again. This isn't even fighting anymore, it's just a straight up Brutality. The Aztec digs his thumbs into Johnny's empty sockets, totally ignoring the flames and the screaming, and starts crushing Johnny's skull, pulling it apart to split his jawbone in two, then his ribcage and then his pelvis, tearing him in half like one would do to a sheet of paper.

What's even more disturbing is that as he does, the shadows enveloping Johnny begin to be absorbed by Kotal Kahn, flowing into him and making his golden lines glow even brighter. The totem granting the Aztec to feed off the chi of others as Kotal begins to drain Johnny's very essence to hopefully turn him into nothingness.

"Fade... into oblivion!!!"

The maniac's skull twists and shifts. The brows of his sockets narrow angrily at the Kombatant so brutally destroying him. Even broken and smashed, the fragments of bones float in position that keeps him looking mostly together - ignoring the smashed arm dangling beneath him. The maniac's scream turns into a cackling as a faded red symbol etches itself across his brow. His shadows, already flowing freely into Kotal's arms suddenly intensify and his broken arm twists itself around unnaturally, plunging his dagger into the exposed arms holding him.

All at once Kotal will feel the vast depths of anger and despair of the citizens of Twisted and Chronos stretched across literally billions of years flooding into him in a vast tidal wave of emotion. Johnny's head cracks and moves to look up at his assailant's face as a second wave of nearly identical emotion comes flooding into him. "YoU WanT mE, YoU CAn FUCKiNG HAvE mE!!" The maniac begins to cackle louder as another wealth of emotion flows into Kotal Kahn. The taint of Hell. The depths of not one but two realities and the weight of the original version of Twisted - destroyed by his sorrow for the death of the daughter of his best friend....

Just when it'll fill like his very soul is about to burst from such depths of despair, the dagger piercing his arm will pierce it's way to the core of his spirit - an icy talon the likes of which he hasn't had to deal with... and then it will begin to pull. All at once the Dread Dagger will yank that very darkness right back out of him and force it into Johnny's body as brief visions of nightmares not even Caliga's stolen memories could have contained force themselves into Kotal Kahn's mind. Images of rebooted realities, of loved ones turned into monsters and then slain, and... something about a promise?

If Kotal relinquishes his grip even slightly Johnny will LITERALLY crawl his way out of the man's arms, digging his broken hands like claws across his flesh until he can position himself into his face and headbutt him with a strength previously unseen. But, if Kotal can hold on Johnny will instead begin to loose transparency, his malicious laughter echoing out as the shadows of Twisted start to move towards him, drawn in by the feedback exchange of power.

Far too many times had Kotal Kahn seen his people, his empire, his culture fall into ruin and despair. First were the Osh'tekk, far too young to resist or even understand the power that was Shao Kahn. Then were the Mexica, where his over eagerness meant the demise of a people that he had adopted as his own, lost forever simply due to an error in judgment. Then there was Outworld, where his unwillingness to solidify his hold on the throne and his hesitation to ally with Earthrealm plunged his once vast empire into a ten year civil war that utterly decimated it.

But no more.

No more hesitation. No more mistakes. No more mercy of letting people live where he should have killed them long ago!

Twisted in his home now and he will not let it fall. He would not fail it as he had failed others before.

Even if it meant giving his very own life and soul.

He would become the Emperor that his father always wished him to be. In this realm or the next!!

As Kotal Kahn appropiates Johnny's shadows, he is greeted with millions upon millions of images, thoughts and feelings that the maniac had accumulated within him. How far did his true power extend? Just what exactly was Kotal Kahn dealing with here? It mattered not. He could take it. He is Kotal Kahn, the mighty Huitzilopotchli. This was no task for mere mortals. This was no burden to him, it was his divine right as a War God to undertake this most difficult task.

Johnny's knife plunges into Kotal's arm and he doesn't even flinch, refusing to break eye contact with the shattered skull that once was Johnny's face. He feels it, he feels everything, indeed even Caliga's force fed memories pale in comparison to what he's stealing from Johnny now.

But he refuses to let go, with an apparent death grip held on the maniac, he keeps mentally telling himself that if Johnny could withstand all of this, then so can he!

It's only Kotal's immeasurable pride that keeps him locked onto Johnny. Where others, even deities would have let go long ago, to avoid running the risk of being utterly corrupted, Kotal refuses to let go.

He is the warrior.

If there is a difficult task to be done, it is his right as a fighter to do it.

He will save this realm.

He will!

"IS THAT ALL YOU HAVE, DEMON!!!?" Kotal snarls back, spittle flying from his mouth as even now Johnny refuses to be erased from reality. With all the negative energies being sucked by him plus the dagger piercing his very core, his once glowing golden lines begin to glow dark, with smoldering shadows covering his body. "THE DEATH OF AN UNIVERSE OR TWO ARE NOTHING TO KOTAL KAHN!!"


And why you may ask?

Simply, because ultimately, Kotal Kahn is a tidy mother fucker and seeing things out of place like this really pisses him off.

Johnny strains in the grasp of the teal behemoth. "ORdER??!? YoU DoN'T EvEn KnoW What YouR TRyING tO BRiNG ORdER TO..." The shadows crawling across the street begin to pull into Johnny's body, keeping him intact and temporarily out of Kotal's attempts at destroying him. He's straining, and it shows. Sure, Johnny can take that level of darkness... But he's charged with protecting his waste lock and that's where he's pulling his reserves. The daggers are but tools to aid him in accessing that potential. Daggers. Plural. A second dagger suddenly plunges into Kotal's other arm and Johnny begins to cackle once again. This time because it's not his hand that put it there.

Standing at their side is Tabitha, wielding the match to Johnny dagger in her grasp. Her form matching his shadows is also burning off and being absorbed into both the maniac and the Kombatant. In a shock to even the person playing her she glares angrily, "PuT HiM DOwN!!"

The two daggers, working in sync, yank all of the darkness out of Kotal Kahn's body faster than he can absorb it. All of it... going into the catgirl. Johnny would never realize it on his own, but the girl has become his wastelock personified. The reserves Kotal Kahn is absorbing are her very essence. Should Kahn still refuse to yield her body will crack open into a massive display of tentacles and teeth, all lashing out with the sound of bones and sinew cracking and splitting open, all of it reaching out to consume him for hurting her father, or the closest thing she has to one.

Freaking intruding cat-girls! That's why no one ever likes them!

"Tabitha!!?" The second dagger piercing Kotal Kahn's arm and the familiar face appearing next to him draw great surprise from the Aztec warrior. "Eldergods damnit! What are you doing here!?" Seriously, does no one at the DMC have Kotal's back? All they needed to do was watch the catgirl for less than an hour whilst Kotal dealt with Johnny. Does he really have to do everything himself around here!?

This was a most unfortunate turn of events. Not because Kotal would then have no choice but to absorb Tabitha too. Quite the contrary, he was hoping that he could deal with the shadowy cat-girl separately and simply talk her into relinquishing her dagger. It didn't have to be like this.

It could /not/ be like this.

If Kotal Kahn succumbed to his own ambitions of killing everyone that stood against him with no regards to his own, then he would be making the same mistake he did with the Mexica. Kill everyone indiscriminately and then you fail to realize you are also killing your allies. The very people you swore to defend.

Well, shit.

This is inconvenient.

Kotal Kahn has no choice here. With a swear word uttered in Nahuatl, the turquoise warrior releases Johnny, spitting the darkness out of his body and into the cat-girl.

"You should not have come."

Johnny regains his footing, glancing at Tabitha briefly with his eyeless sockets, and then looking away in shame. Still that murderous blood lust makes him chuckle. His darkness wraps itself around the damages and the Maniac hugs himself after resheathing his dagger. "Why DID you come? I had this under control..."

The girl GLARES at Johnny as she puts her own dagger away. "FUCK YOU!! I could FEEL you throwing everythin' away!!" Her eyes begin to water, "I could feel me being pulled here too." She turns her glare to Kotal Khan, "WHAT DID HE DO THAT WAS WORTH ALL OF THIS?!?" Johnny glances briefly over his shoulder at the two of them and shakes his head. "I offered to buy him Chinese."

Words cannot describe the look she shoots him, but every male in existence knows that look. That one look reserved specifically for women who cannot believe what they've just heard. It's a genetic trait at this point. None can resist it's glare and thus Johnny looks away again nervously.

So close.

Kotal Kahn was so close to actually fixing a major problem today and all that was dashed away in an instant due to a meddlesome girl.

To think that he has done nothing but walked around talking to people, filling papers, and having unsatisfactory, meaningless fights. And now that he could actually do something meaningful, its all torn asunder.

And yet, Kotal's deity like patience comes to him. Lashing out in anger at Tabitha would only hurt his chances to put an end to all this. He must make the catgirl understand that he is on her side, and he will not accomplish that by attacking them both right now. Considering all that Tabitha has gone through, her anger is understandable.

It's wrong, but Kotal can understand why she would be angry.

He frowns fiercely when she asks why he was doing this and glares back with his ever glowing eyes. "You, better than anyone else, knows why this is happening!"

He points directly at Johnny whilst he is being reprimanded by his 'daughter'. "He is naught but a tool controlled by an evil that wishes nothing but destruction upon this land. He is utterly consumed by the madness. Where there is still hope of redemption for you, Tabitha, he is little more than a beast with no control over his own actions."

"And what is worse."

"He knows all of this. He knows he is being manipulated and refuses to do anything fix it!"

Kotal's eyes burn brightly again, with that smoke rising from his pupils showing that he is getting really ticked off. If he was physically drained by the previous show of power he is not showing it right now, even though Tabitha would note that Kotal is not nowhere near as powerful as he was when in Caliga's world. Scouter or not.

Despite all that, he continues to glare at Johnny. "Deal with the darkness within you! Or I will deal with it for you!"

"Tabitha." Then, he speaks at the catgirl directly. "He is no more your father than Diablo would be. You owe him nothing."

"Let me right this wrong that everyone else refuses to deal with!!"

This time it's Johnny's turn to glare angrily at Kotal Kahn. "WHAT?!?!" His dagger is drawn again and once more he's pointing it directly at the Kombatant. "I TOLD YOU ONCE, YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU'RE DOING!!!" He screams in rage and throws his dagger to the ground, it's blade piercing the pavement somehow as if it were simply dirt. "-I'M- NOT BEING CONTROLLED! I DON'T WANT TO DESTROY ANYTHING!!" He gets up into Kahn's face again, gesturing at himself, "I SPENT OVER SIXTY FIVE MILLION YEARS CARING FOR EVERY LIVING THING ON CHRONOS, SO WHY THE /FUCK/ WOULD I WANT TO DESTROY TWISTED?!??!?!?" Stepping back he waves his arms out at the surrounding street and screams again, "WHY THE FUCK WOULD I DESTROY THIS?!? I'M THE FUCKING LORD OF RETRIBUTIONS!!!!" He points at Kotal Kahn. A lot of pointing this time around. "IF I KILLED EVERYONE HERE, I'D HAVE TO DEAL WITH ALL OF THEM AGAIN IN HELL!!!" He grabs ahold of the sides of his head, as if to pull his hair and remembering the lack there of he yanks his hand back, somehow forcing his dagger back into his grasp again. "MAN, FUUUUUCK!!!!"

Watching his movements, Tabitha stares with a growing sense of dejavu. Despite the familiarity she showed when she arrived, she doesn't know him. That part of her is gone, but yet she can't help but see herself in his movements. She can't say that about anyone else. "I never said I owed him anythin', and I never called him my father." She glares at him as well, "All I know is I could feel the two of you fightin'."

Listening to her only half-heartedly Johnny turns and stares at the talk of his being her father. "Look, there's only one father I fucking care about - and that's Samantha's father." He glares back at Kotal Kahn, "THE MAN I SWORE I WOULDN'T KILL ANYONE TO!!" Johnny crosses his arms and growls, "Sure, I've done some fucked up shit in my life... I'm probably the one person on Twisted who deserves to die the most, but at LEAST fucking DO IT FOR THE RIGHT REASONS!!"

"And what do you have to show for your efforts!? Your billions of years protecting this realm?? Countless millions sacrificed to Hell and realities being torn asunder constantly!?" Kotal Kahnn yells at Johnny right back, leaning down to scream at his face. This has devolved from glorious Kombat into a regular shouting match in the streets.

"You are the equivalent of what Raiden is to Earthrealm!!" Sadly, no one in Twisted is probably going to understand what Kotal Kahn meant by that, but its safe to say that he means it in an insulting way.

He glances at Tabitha momentarily. Oh, that's right, from what he understand there's still the whole deal about memories being fragmented. It's hard for Kotal Kahn to keep track of this because /he/ remembers everything, even though he wasn't there at all! The irony of it all, how a newcomer like him remembers all and has to deal with ancient problems that apparently, no one even realizes are still there.

He seems to be considering some words of wisdom for Tabitha until Johnny makes his bold claim to be doing all for ultimately the right reason.

"Don't we all." Mutters Kotal Kahn, looking more irritated than anything. Whether he's reading his stolen memories correctly or not, at least he's trying to do something, and it bothers him that time and time again whatever progress he makes is erased due to a fluke beyond his control.

It can't possibly be a coincidence.

"I am done with you for today, but do not think I will not come back, Johnny."

"Tabitha, please return to the DMC, I will have dinner ready. Do try not to linger, I would not wish to have to call lady Amaterasu to search for you." Well, she is a wolf, and thus a remarkable tracker. Especially against cats.

Oh hell no he didn't. Tabitha GLARES at Kotal Kahn. "I already told you once, I'm not gonna spend my days and nights there! Fuck off, Kotal. I fuckin' have a home already."

Johnny watches with bemused interest and merely shakes his head at the man he now views as delusional. "I'll be waiting, 'Kotal'." He only knows his name from Tabitha saying it, it should be noted. On that note he turns and looks at the catgirl nervously. "I never did get anything to eat. How about you? You interested?"

The girl stares quietly a moment and forces a half smile at him. "Sure. Let's go..."

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