2015-08-03 - Children of the Night Play Rough

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Children of the Night Play Rough

Summary: Flandre Scarlet's first encounter with another vampire does not end well. Though she and Morgana initially seem to reach a common understanding about their natures as blood-drinkers, Flandre still really needs to understand that blowing things up at random can be dangerous to herself and others.

Who: Flandre, Morgana
When: 08 03, 2015.
Where: Cemetery Lane


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A great silver moon rose over the city of Twisted. A cool wind blowing all trace of clouds out of the sky. The scent of night blooming flowers danced on the breeze and tickled the bare skin of the siren as she wandered the darkened streets alone. She was headed toward the sea, as was her habit of late, making her way after the cursed sun had gone from site so that she did not have to deal with the heat and light. Such did not harm her, she was to old for such but they were still not fully comfortable to her to endure. Her nimble fingers toyed with the hem of the loose shirt she wore, something clearly not meant for her as it was just long enough to hide her charms and yet wide enough that she had to wrap a cord several times around her narrow waist to even give the garment shape. The sleeves were rolled up to her elbows and no doubt she looked rather less then stylish, but the siren smiled a secret little smile and caught the scent of the shirts owner yet again as the wind kissed her form. Perhaps, he would be waiting for her by the sea again...that would be a pleasure indeed. Bare feet make not a sound on the cooling concrete as the siren pads along the shadowed lane.

A familiar and welcoming sight to those children of the night. A full red moon up in the glittering sky, fresh air blowing and the scent of night flowers carried in the wind. A much too familiar and welcoming sight, for the wind carried with it much more than simple cool breeze and flowery scents.

It also brought the enthralling scent of blood.

Morgana's enhanced vampire senses would soon realize that the cobblestone path she treads is smeared with the precious fluid, accompanied by signs of struggle that perturbed the sand. There had been a struggle here, a brief one at that, and someone had dragged a bleeding body from this point.

The trail lead upwards into the park and messily through the bushes, further into the outlaying woods. Someone had done a very messy job at hiding their tracks, or weren't actually attempting to be subtle about it at all. This was the work of a blood drinker, and from the looks and -sound- of it, they had were in a hurry to do so. Even from where she stands, Morgana will be able to hear the sounds of sharp fangs tearing through skin and crunching bone.

This blood drinker, they must be very young, this kind of mess would be expected from someone who has no practice drinking from the living. Or perhaps someone who has no control of their actions at all.

As the wind curls around and caresses her again, that familiar copper scent catches her attention. Being what she was, who she was it did not take much to raise her hunger. Thankfully though she was not starved any long and so she could at least contain the frenzy, unless pressed. The sight of blood and struggle perks the sirens curiosity and were she wise she would mind her own business and make her way to the sea, pretending such things did not interest her. Alas the siren is not always wise even at her great age.

Silently she follows the drag marks and the trail of blood. The sounds of tearing flesh and bone stirring her, making her belly clench. Her head lifts and she scents the air like a hound then licks her mouth. The mess is not unfamiliar, she is one who has been known to strip the flesh from bones and consume all but the hardest of those. Treading with care the predatory siren slinks toward the sounds, her talons already extended, lip half drawn back as her hunger grows.

No matter how many years may pass, one can never truly deny one's true self.

Especially when your true self is that of a blood drinker.

Morgana would be well accustomed to such gore. The victim is a human as expected, a young woman wearing the tattered remains of a modern waitress uniform, likely from one of those gothic looking cafes that line Twisted street. Her body is torn asunder, with severed limbs scattered across the ground, her face turned up with a look of frozen terror in her last moment. It is the sign of an all too quick and swift end, the waitress did not even have time to react before her assailant was upon her.

But as stated before, Morgana would be no stranger to such a gory sight. Surely, she had seen the very same countless of times in her long existence, and likely with her being the initiator of such gruesome displays.

What may differ this feeding from any other that Morgana might have seen, is the blood drinker herself.

A young girl straddles the waist of the dead waitress, she looks as if she was barely hitting puberty. Splattered blood mars her pale skin, and stains her already red colored dress a fresh tone of crimson. Red, glowing eyes peer down in huger of her prey as she feasts upon the human like a lioness on a meal, sharp claws tearing apart the woman's stomach, ripping out ribs and entrails alike to gorge herself on them, eating flesh and drinking blood in a very messy fashion. She has wings too, fully extended in a luminescent display, wings with crystals of every color of the rainbow.

As the siren approaches, the small blond girl pauses from her frenzied feeding and slowly looks up. Mouth covered in blood and a piece of intestine still hanging from her lips.

Slurping the entail down, she sniffs the air and flashes a deranged, fang filled smile. "Hello~?" Her voice rings with a musical tone to it, the tone of a winsome little girl playing hide and seek or some such.

"Who's theeere~? I can smeeell you~"

Long waist length ravens wing black hair catches in the night wind and blows around Morgana like a dark cape. Eyes just as black take in the sight of the vampire child feeding. No, this is not an ordinary blood drinker, even in their youth they are prissy in their feeding, drinking only blood and not truly savoring the meat of the meal. The siren tilts her head and flexes her fingers to draw her talons back. She would not take food from a baby, at least not when her mind was right and the frenzy held at bay. Morgana drew herself upright and took a moment to bury her nose into the sleeve of her garment and breathed deep, the scent on the cloth helping calm her hunger, the blood potent and fresh but memory when good is a strong thing as well. She takes in the child, the hair, the eyes , the wings and remembers another living vampire child and there is a small ache in her heart. "Do not fear young one, I will not cause you harm." Her voice soft and a gentle sing song to it, just the first hints of song an intent to sooth the child and not aggravate a young one driven by frenzy.

The girl's blood red eyes widen in the night, like glowing orbs of crimson light. She seems both surprised and confused when Morgana appears from her hiding spot, clearly she was not who she was expecting. The little girl smells the air again, as if thinking that her senses are betraying her, but she seems to understand when she sees Morgana smelling her own shirt, the manic fanged grin returning to the blond girl, currently smeared in human blood and knee deep in death.

"Aaaah~" She says in exaggerated understanding. "I thought I smelled someone made of steel and stone-- but it's your shirt that smells like that." Another sniff, and then another, and her eyes grow as big as dinner plates. "You are--" She stutters, gasping. "You smell.. like me!"

A wide range of emotions flash through the girl's facial features, she looks about ready to cry for a moment and then there's pure joy on her winsome face. "Someone like me!" She repeats looking all too pleased with her herself.

Giggling in girlish delight, the tiny one pushes her hand through the dead woman's chest with a sickening crunch of bone to dig through her insides. Easily she yanks the still warm heart as if the woman was made of wet paper and the little blood drinker stands, walking over to Morgana. "Let's be friends!" Again she smiles and offers the heart of the woman to Morgana, not knowing that she might only be inciting the siren's uncontrollable hunger. "Here! You can have it. My sister said if I ever met someone like me I had to give them food!"

Morgana looks at the small one before her and watches the play of emotion on the childs face. The siren holding herself quite still as the little vampire chatters in that childlike way. She was never human, she was never a child such as this one with a humans ways but she understands well enough as the small one delves into that cavity and plucks the womans heart out like ripe fruit. Morgana can feel her hunger clawing at her and she curls her hands closed for a moment. She must have care not to let the frenzy rise. She does not wish to loose herself again and it would be so easy. Besides that, in her darkest times she would have seen no difference between the corpse on the ground and the fledgling offering her meat. All is food to the frenzy. As she again draws herself under control she tries to offer the child a smile "you are generous , young one. It is not easy to share when one is hungry. Are you sure you have had your fill. The heart is the best part, rich and full of blood. It will help to sate your hunger." She tilts her head as she watches the child and those memorys of another child reminds her that she can and has been able to connect with one and even care for them.

There are some things to take into account about this small vampire girl. Firstly, is that she really doesn't appear her age. Although child-like in appearance, something about the way she so easily tears flesh and bone with nary a thought about it alludes to how long she has been a vampire. Had she been recently turned as a child, she would have problems feeding in such a grotesque manner, there would still be her conscience to hold her back, and its clear she doesn't have any. Not to mention that the girl is feasting on as much flesh and organs as she blood, the sign of a mature vampire who has been living with the hunger for a long time.

The second one is that she seems quite oblivious to the inner turmoil going around inside Morgana. If she is at all aware that she's inciting the siren to lose herself to the frenzy she's not showing it. The girl doesn't seem to realize that what she's doing is dangling a piece of meat in front of a hungry shark that could very easily mistake her for part of the meal. The girl just appears to think she's being friendly. She has very little experience with other blood drinkers-- if any.

She's a very peculiar blood drinker which would be revealed to what she says next to Morgana. "Oh, I'm okay, really. I don't even like eating humans that much." She doesn't!? "If I had gotten some candy I could have hold on for a bit more, but Meiling said we had no money so we couldn't buy any! She went to go get food and told me to wait, but I got really hungry and saw this human pass by, so I ate her! Meiling is probably gonna have a fit!" She giggles, licking her blood stained lips. "Have a piece of her, lady. My gift to you~." Says the girl, still holding the blood dripping hear for Morgana to take.

The siren tilts her head and watches the child. She is as alien to Morgana as no doubt Morgana is to her. Morgana's lips curl into a smile of sorts and the tips of many sharp teeth are exposed in the doing. "What is you name young one and who is Meiling? I am Morgana. You are a blood drinker and yet, I do not think you are like most. You are quite right in that we smell, similar. And yet I know you are not of the mer-kin." She works to keep a very tight grasp on her hunger but accepts the childs gift of flesh and blood. "Thank You." The siren holding out one hand and allowing the young one to set the heart into it. "Your Meiling is right to be concerned young one, there are those in this realm who would not like that you have fed so...vigorously. You must have care. If you must feed so, it is wise to have a place to , be rid of your leavings." Yeah its a human, so and ,what about it. The siren is a practical creature and isn't remotely squeamish about such things. She knows though folks like Kotal would likely frown on such a display.

The girl giddily places the human heart on Morgana's open palm, finding no small joy in doing so. She looks far too fascinated by the act, like a little girl handing a toy to an older sister or perhaps a parent. Like she'd rarely done something like that before.

The questions prompt a reaction from her though, and in a well practiced movement, the girl momentarily loses her childness and adopts a personality of an elegant aristocrat. "My name is Flandre Scarlet." She introduces herself and makes a regal curtsey that she seems to have practiced a lot, lifting the hem of her skirt, crossing her feet and bending her knees. "It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, my lady."

Then she's right back to being a child again, eyes wide and jaw slacked, showing her razor sharp fangs that are almost the same as Morgana. "Meiling is my nanny and the gate guard! She came here with me from Gensokyo. That's were we used to live, but the fishy in the water bubble said we're stuck here now."

"You're the first vampire I see besides my sister. That's why I'm so excited!" Flandre adds and purses her lips in thought, tilting her head. "Mer-kin? Whassat? I'm not that. I'm Flan! Are you Mer-kin? Is that your name?" Clearly.. she doesn't appear to be very smart either, regardless of age.

Then, Flandre is frowning and pouting when Morgana tells her to be more careful with the way she feeds. "That's what the fishy said too." She leans her head to the side. "Then I squished the eye of a table to show her I can take care of myself. But then the big green man with the axe got mad with Meiling and I had him bring me ice cream!"

"Do you wanna see me squish eyes? Do you?? It's fun!"

When the young one offers her a formal curtsy the siren inclines her head taking the offered respect with a smile. "My name is Morgana. I am..was..Mer-Kin. I am now like you, a blood drinker, or as I have been told, a Siren. It is my pleasure to meet you Flandre." Looking at the heart in her hand she lifts it to her mouth and licks the flesh, drawing in a tongue covered in gore. "It is better still beating, but thank you." She looks thoughtful and frowns "fishy, in a water bubble.Serenity? You have meet the water dancer? Yes I am sure she warned you to be careful. I do not doubt you can care easily for yourself young one but in this place, those such as we must be wary not to cause others to seek us harm because they fear us to greatly." When the little vamp girl offers to show her how she squishes eyes the siren laughs "they do pop rather pleasantly on the tongue though they are unpleasant when cold."

"Oooh, I get it now. Morgana's a pretty name, I like it!" Flandre's mouth forms a big ol O when Morgana explains herself, in that overly dramatic way children often do when something is explained to them. Now whether she actually understood all that remains to be seen.

"Yeaaah, it was still moving when I bit her neck. But then it broke!" The blond vampire seems to be speaking about the heart no longer beating. Apparently she's only dimly aware of what a heart is or why it stops moving when she tears a person to pieces. "At least it's still warm though!" She chirps in an attempt to try and get Morgana to still like her, she's adamant to make Morgana her new friend for some reason.

Then she's nodding vigorously at the mention of the Serenity. "Yes! Serenity! The fishy with the colors! She talked with Meiling and I at the restaurant. I wanted to make her my pet, but she went and hide under a table." Looks like Flandre has adapted quite well into the age old tradition of bullying the colorful slug.

Rather strangely, Flandre begins to giggle at Morgana when she mentions popping eyes "Not those eyes, silly! The eyes!"

"Everything has eyes. You have an eye. I have an eye. The dirt has an eye. That tree over there has an eye." She explains as if it where all very simple. "I squish the eyes and then the things go boom! It's fun and makes meanies run away and let me have all the candy I want."

"Wanna see? Huh? Wanna??" What is she even talking about? Maybe she's mad. After all, it is said that when a human gets turned into a vampire a very young age, they often tend to go insane.

When the young one chirps at her so eagerly , the siren arches a brow. She is like the sea in so many ways, cool and nearly still at times and at others utterly tumultuous and stormy. At the moment the siren is placid and quiet as she simply attempts to digest the childs chatter. "Serenity is a lovely thing but she is delicate and you and I are not good with things that are fragile are we young one? I would say your pets tend to end up as this one here when things go badly. I have unfortunatly consumed my own pet before, the great Chyrabidis, a sea serpent." At mention of eyes again Morgana narrows her own. "I do not understand what you mean Flandre, what eye?"

Where Morgana is the tranquil sea for now, this little one is clearly fire. Her energy spills out of control and she seems to have a lot of problems just holding still. She twitches and makes little energetic hops before standing up, wiping the drying blood from her face with her sleeves. "Ahuh.." She agrees to Morgana's statement of not being good with fragile things. "I break a lot of things. That's why sis told me to stay in the basement." That doesn't really sound like a healthy relationship.

"Yeah.. I've eaten some of my pets too. But that's why I have two of each. Some pets are for playing like Meiling, and other pets are for eating! The pets that I do eat, they want me to eat them, so that makes it okay!" The most disturbing about all that she's saying is that she seems to consider her own nanny a pet. She does seem a little sad about Morgana mentioning eating her own pet. "I know how that feels. Sometimes I break them too bad and then they stop moving." Surely Morgana probably knows what Flandre means by that.

"You know! The eye!" The vampire girl rubs her temples like if saying 'why is this so difficult to explain?' "Here, I'll just show you." She turns to a nearby tree and points to it. "See that tree? It's eye is right there." She points at its trunk where, sure enough, there's nothing there but just the trunk. "I bring the eye to my hand." The girl making a pulling motion. "Make a fist." She closes her hand around what appears to be nothing. "Squeeze it tight and then it goes boom!" Flandre clenches her hand and for a second nothing happens.. until Morgana would clearly be able to hear it. Something definitely went /pop!/ Like popcorn.

One moment later, the tree that Flandre was pointing to grows fat as if it was being filled with air from the inside and EXPLODES into a fiery blast, leaves and chunks of wood flying everywhere.

All while Flandre claps and giggles. "Heehee! Heehehehe!!"

The siren licks the heart in her hand again much like one would an ice cream cone. She then nibbles at the flesh. As the child speaks of pets she nods her head and is well aware how simple it is to loose ones mind to the power of the hunger and to the darkness that comes from being a vampire. She herself after all survived 800 years eating everything that came past her.

When Flambre reaches for her power and calls the eye of the tree she narrows her own eyes again then steps back with a loud hiss as the tree explodes. The siren lets loose a loud and discordant shriek of fury as a rather sharp piece of wood is flung her way and is driven into her thigh. Dark blood wells around the shard of wood and the pain makes the siren instantly furious. The heart in her hand is smashed to pulp and she clenches her jaw, gnashing her teeth.

The scream of pain accompanied by that super sonic ear drum shattering shriek takes Flandre quite off guard. At first she doesn't even realize what's happening. She just covers her ears and looks at Morgana with a frowny face, wondering why she's making such a big deal over a tree exploding. But then, she sees that large piece of wood stuck in the siren's thigh and she immediately understands.

"Woopsie!" Flandre laughs nervously. She quite literally has no idea what to do, she wouldn't know how to heal Morgana even if she had the power to do so. All she understands is that she had once again hurt someone by accident and now they were really mad. Just like that orc in the restaurant!

"I'm sorry!" She shrieks and starts running away from the screaming siren, hands still covering her ears. "Umm.. I think Meiling is calling me now. Bye!!" A very cheap cop out indeed, though what one would expect from a child more than likely. Flandre jumps up and her wings carry her upwards as she begins to fly away.

The furious siren watches as the child reacts as one would expect a child to react when faced with something scary. The fact that the young one flies away instead of runs is just par for the current course. The siren tosses the cold heart aside in disgust and pulls her head back to let loose another loud and discordant shriek. This time she holds NOTHING back, the sonic power of that sound at its fullest measure. Any out and around that night would have likely heard that sound, local buildings would have lost windows and were any truly close enough, damage might have been done depending on the fragility of the life form.

The siren would not die from such a wound and she would heal in time, but it doesn't keep it from being exceptionally painful. The siren pulls the chunk of wood from her thigh and casts it aside then begins limping her way toward the sea.

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