2015-08-03 - Kotal and Caliga's EXCELLENT ADVENTURE

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Summary: Caliga tells Kotal to prepare himself for a journey of self discovery and some weak stuff like that. There isn't even any Kombat in this! Lame..

Who: Caliga, Kotal_Kahn
When: 08 03, 2015.
Where: Twisted Street - Another Way

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While Kotal may be thinking that this day has truly been a bust, even though GLORIOUS KOMBAT was had, his day is far from over it would seem. The soft sound of a metal wheel striking a flint to spark that short hiss of butane echoes out from directly the Aztec Warrior.

Faint wisps of smoke slowly move foward as Caliga moves to stand to the left of the Oza'tek, frowning slightly.

"They're both right, you know?"

The words are filled with sadness, yet a tinge of understanding. Its obvious Kotal doesn't understand, and where the blame really lies, is with the one who made it that much harder for him to.

If one could really call that Kombat.

All Kotal felt like he was doing back there was beat on a guy that barely knew how to fight and almost put an end to a great source of chaos and evil before he was rudely interrupted by a person he's helped in the past.

Indeed! It is safe to assume that Kotal Kahn feels greatly frustrated about how this day has gone, and yet that seems to be more often the norm than the exception ever since he arrived on Twisted.

Because of this, well, let's just say that he has gotten accustomed to said mishaps and is beginning to learn very valuable lessons. Frustration leads to lashing out, and lashing out leads to making mistakes. He had been frustrated when he met with Johnny, which lead him to lash out and attack the homicidal maniac. Though it seemed like the right thing to do at the time. Kotal should have predicted that he couldn't have ended an existence that had lasted for literally billions of years without /someone/ interfering. Had it not been Tabitha it would have been Diablo, or Alucard, or who knows how many people have vested interests in the continued existence of Johnny. He won't make the same mistake again.

But fate seems to conspire against him and he hears the voice of quite possibly one of the last persons he wants to hear right now.

Kotal stops on his tracks back to the DMC, not surprised that Caliga just went on and appeared next to him, he can recognize his chi signature all too well by now.

The Aztec just looks up to the sky, shoulders deflating as if asking 'why me' before turning to look at Caliga, eyes glowing brightly as usual.

"I was wondering when you were going to show up."

"Show up? I was here the entire time." Caliga takes a long drag from his cigarette, slowly exhaling the smoke as if this was the sole reason he was doing anything worthwhile in his existance at this moment of time.

"Of course, you were too focused on what was before you to really notice I'd suppose." A brief smile is given, before Caliga starts to walk. "Would you mind sparing just a bit more of your time, Kotal? There is something I wish to discuss with you, and you have the right to tell me to go stuff a submarine up my ass. I just would like for you to listen for only a few more minutes."

"Of course you were." Kotal says not sounding too surprised and doesn't try to wonder why Caliga didn't try to stop him from trying to kill Johnny if he really was standing there the whole time. He assumed at first Caliga and Johnny were close friends, but it seems he can't be certain of anything anymore, much less of any information he gets from Caliga's memories. There are times where Kotal does wonder if Caliga had just force fed him thousands of phoney memories as some sort of sick joke, but then there are times where those memories turn out to be true, so.. honestly he doesn't know what to believe anymore. But he gave his word that he would see all this through and so here he is.

"Very well." Answers the Aztec as Caliga bids him to listen, tucking his thumbs into his belt as he walks next to Caliga. "But do make it quick, I have to get back to cooking."

"If I don't have anything ready, Dante will order one of his pizzas and putting that trash in my mouth is the last thing I need today." Oh how low the mighty hath fallen.

"Sometimes, Kotal, eating things like that is more for comfort then it is for sustaining yourself. So while having better things to eat is always good, sometimes, just sometimes, having things that are not good for you has a great effect on ones mind. However that has nothing to do with any of this."

Caliga continues to walk, taking another long puff of his cigarette, only to stop before the bookstore. "You have many misconceptions, and a good number of things you still don't understand. A lot of it is my fault you don't understand, and while I cannot tell you..."

"Words and names have power Kotal. You should understand this. Some names, draw unwanted attention, and would be better left unsaid in the future by you. If I were to tell you everything, then I would invoke words and names, that could draw attention. This has been a fairly large dilemma for me."

Once more Caliga starts walking, this time glancing towards the sky. "I am not able to /tell/ you Kotal. However, if you wish.. there is one who can. One who would answer what you wish to know, whatever it may be, without any restrictions."

Slowing himself down, the man turns to face Kotal, looking directly into the glowing orbs he calls eyes. "This will not be a time for Kombat, Kotal. This will be a time to learn, and to shake free of misconceptions and misunderstandings you have had. If you choose to come with me, as I am offering you the choice, then you will need to ready yourself to leave. If you choose to tell me to piss off, then you are free to live in ignorance until you are ready. The choice is yours to make Kotal, and I will not make it for you."

"Comfort food." Kotal mutters as if the very words left a bad taste in his mouth. "I have heard of such things and I do not approve of them." Though as Caliga says that is besides the point. The Aztec hopes Caliga has come here besides just wanting to hear a rant of nutritional values.

That names carry with them great power is not strange for Kotal Kahn. He is experienced with such things in both mundane and supernatural levels. Name magic is quite common in Outworld, and he has seen sorcerers enthrall powerful warriors and demons to their service, simply because they know their True Name. In fact, Diablo spoke of a similar thing when they first met, speaking that he wished not to say the name of the Death Priest out loud. He could almost sense fear from the mighty Diablo when talking about Xipe Totec, though Kotal Kahn is familiar enough with the creature that he does not fear him. Perhaps that is why he is having such a hard time understanding what Caliga and those around him hesitate to tread the paths he take, because he has such little fear of things. An arrogant attitude for sure, but one that befits a warrior of his caliber.

If he fears something, then it's because he doesn't understand it. Just like how people fear Xipe Totec because they don't know what his deal is.

"I am ready." Huitzilopotchli is resolute in his answer. Confident in his abilities as always, he speaks with certainty in his voice. "I have been ready since the moment you gave me your memories, Caliga."

"Honestly, it surprises me that even now you doubt my conviction. I thought you knew enough about my history to be aware that I am forever in search of understanding, no matter in what realm I may be."

Then Kotal gives a grim scoff. "Although I suppose I should be thankful you asked me this time as opposed to kidnapping me. Rudeness tends to put me in a bad mood."

"I was afraid you would say that." The cigarette is gently removed from Caliga's mouth, as his free hand reaches into the jacket and retrieves a bottle like device. Neatly dropping the cigarette into it, Caliga places the device back into his jacket and sighs loudly.

"Kotal. Where we will be traveling.. You are not to speak the names of anyone other then myself until I give you permission. Especially Hornboy's. As a matter of fact, you would be best not saying it anymore unless you have to. If you cannot adhere to this, then I will not take you to learn the truth. You may be fearless, but that is going to hinder the progress far more then it will aid. Caution and good sense will need to guide you now."

Slowly reaching into his jacket once more, Caliga retrieves a small crystal. Holding it towards the Aztec, the man speaks once more, this time with his voice lowered. "Keep this on you at all times. When you feel it, you will know that you are being summoned for this trip. I still have things to prepare, but this is the best I can do for now. It will tell you where to go, and where to meet me. From there, I will lead you. You must promise me that you will listen to me in this Kotal, and I will hold you to your immortal word."

The Aztec makes a face at Caliga when he looks less than thrilled about his response. He also thought that Caliga knew him well enough by now to not be surprised about the confidence he has in his own abilities to overcome obstacles, but he supposes Caliga does have a knack to always find the negative side of things and be displeased by them.

Kotal stops along with Caliga and stares down at him whilst he lays down some ground rules. Not say anyone's name, that seems easy enough. The warrior crosses his muscled arms and ponders these restrictions as Caliga goes on to warn him of can and can't dos of this place where they will be going. Kotal doesn't even bother to ask where either, he figures that's yet another one of those things Caliga can't, or won't, tell him.

"Fair enough.." Says Kotal sounding far more relaxed than he was moments ago. He's pleased that it seems this day hasn't been a total waste. "I promise I will do as you say, Caliga, but this better not be yet another one of your wild goose chases."

"I actually want to accomplish something meaningful for a chance, if it is all the same to you that is." Looks like Kotal is also quite capable of a fair amount of cynicism.

He takes the crystal and places it in one of his belt pockets for safe keeping.

"Is there anything else I need to do to prepare?"

"Yourself." Caliga simply smiles at these words, only to vanish quickly afterwards.

"Oh, that bastard.." Grumbles Kotal.. "One of these days I am really going to rip out his spine and strangle him with it.."

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