2015-08-04 - A new direction! Twilight Sparkle in the DMC!

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A new direction! Princess Twilight Sparkle in the DMC!

Summary: Twilight joins the rank and file in the latest DMC craze that's sweeping Twisted...

Who: Twilight, Dante
When: 2015 4, Aug
Where: Devil May Cry


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Devil May Cry

From the inescapable darkness of the entrance to a fairly brightly lit room, your eyes most likely take a moment to adjust. Or not. Who the heck am I to tell you what your eyes are doing? I'm just a stupid narration. The paint scheme in here is a messy, splotchy mix of black and red. It looks as though the original paint was all black and perhaps someone decided to 'art' the place up a tad with some red highlights. It doesn't do much for the decor, to tell you the truth. A single pane of windows lie on either side of a very plain looking brown desk in the middle of the room. Yeah, nothing special about it. It's a desk. Cope. A non-descript black office chair lies just behind that desk. Nothing special about it either. There seems to be a theme here. - Off to one side is what appears to be a secretaries desk, which may or may not be manned. A single workstation with an LCD monitor and attached keyboard seems to be the only thing adorning the desk usually, although whomever is currently playing the role might very well spruce it up. - In the back of the room are a set of stairs that lead upward to another section of the building.

Looking really out of place, a set of metal doors have been added to the wall behind the desk. They don't seem to have any obvious way of opening. Strange...

Twilight Sparkle glides in to a shaky landing right outside the facility, intent on asking about how to join the organization.

Dante is just inside, probably. Door's always unlocked, even in the time of monsters.

Twilight trots in, wings extended and twitching slightly with each step. "Figured I'd get out of my apartment and stop by, as I've got a question to ask..."

Dante offers a lazy wave from his desk, feet kicked up on the table. "Heya. Careful out there. Monsters everywhere n' all that. Since you're here, though, lay it on me." He folds his hands and addresses Twilight lazily, waiting for her to continue n.n

Twilight Sparkle nods, finally tucking both wings tightly against her sides. "Straight to the point, then - very good. The last time I was here, Kotal, I think his name was, suggested I speak with you about joining DMC."

Dante tilts his head a bit, quirking an eyebrow. "You wanna join up? Huh. Well, I still need people....alright. What can ya do? What're your skills of note? Sell yourself to me, honey. n.n" Yeah, he condescends a bit to anything female, even something from the ponyverse. He quiets down at that, waiting for a 'sales pitch'.

Twilight Sparkle, if she notices the condescending tone, doesn't comment about it, preferring to stick with punctuality. "Well, I've got a lot of power to rely on, I can fly on my own, and I know a lot of spells from my studies. As for experience... I've kind of had to fight a demon, as you recall from our first discussion."

Dante taps his chin. "Yeah. I recall. ... Hm. You're a bookie type, right? Learned in the ways of magic n' all that shit? I had a researcher here for JUST that kinda thing but she up and disappeared one day. I haven't seen 'er since. Happens a lot around this place...So, I'm a little more careful of who I'm fielding out on the front lines right now, account of Christy's little temper tantrum here...but I could use someone doing work behind the scenes, with Ren. What do ya think?"

Twilight says, "I could do that."

Dante nods. "Alright. We'll take ya on. Trial basis at first, as always...but, we'll give ya a go. If ya need access to libraries or databases, hit me up and I'll getcha some time with the archives. Let Ren know if ya see 'er...or I'll let 'er know if I see her first." He trails off here for just a second...lifting two fingers, he counts off. "A.)Do NOT engage on the front lines without explicit permission, or you're fired...and B.)I may be a goof-ball but I'm also the boss. What I say, when it REALLY counts, goes or...see A. Capiche'? n.n

Twilight Sparkle manages to resist rolling her eyes in response. "I'm not Rainbow Dash. So you shouldn't need to worry about me acting impulsively and deciding for myself when and how to do things while I'm working for you. Besides which, I prefer the methodical approach to combat and strategies to just improvising."

Dante rubs the back of his head. "Methodical approach...yeah, well, that's what I'm tryin' to get set up here, yeah. That's kinda what I need the help in so...ok. Good. Rational and non-impulsive, opposite of myself, perfect. Welcome to the DMC, Twi." Dante says, "You're also essentially an employee of TASK, but I kinda gotta mediate between the two groupings...so we keep the designations separate. Some shit like that c.c;"

Twilight Sparkle nods, rising up onto her hind legs and extending a foreleg. "It's a pleasure to be working with you all." Dante reaches over and shakes it, then gives a knucklebump. "Glad ta have ya aboard. Ya gonna need a room? I can have the DMC set one up for ya if needed. If not, you can just commute in. That's what Ren does."

Twilight Sparkle shakes her head. "My apartment's not that far from here, and I can fly over if you need help or have an assignment for me." Dante thumbs up. "Alright. Just be careful out there. You can prolly smack down most of the shit coming at ya, but interspersed amongst all those....see? I can use big words...so, yeah, some of those things out there are tougher than others. Just watch it as ya move around. n.n"

Twilight Sparkle steps back, rendering a respectful and brief salute with one foreleg, managing to avoid hitting her right eye in the process. "You can count on me. I'll be watching to make sure I don't get in too deep."

Dante huhs. Laughs a bit. Offers a return salute. "Alright, I trust ya. Good havin' ya on board, soldier." Twilight says, "Eventually, though, I hope I can find my own house to live in... An apartment is nice, but when it comes time for more space... Nothing beats having a larger house."

Dante shrugs. "I dunno. Shouldn't be a problem. I think ya just need to get permission to build stuff. I can ask the boss at some point if it's kosher, but I think we're good there. I'll get back to you on that one though."

Twilight Sparkle nods, deciding to spend some time at the HQ instead of returning to her apartment.

Dante has no issue. This is the hot, new hangout area, evidently!

Twilight Sparkle, rather predictably, looks around for something substantial to read while contemplating what to drink.

Dante actually HAS a small bookshelf off in one corner of the room. S'where Mei used to store her documentation on various magics n' potions and the like. Twi would probably get a kick out of those. Drinks are in the fridge off to the side n.n

Twilight levitates a few books out from the bookshelf, even while trotting over to get a bottle of water from the refrigerator with one forehoof. "Hm, on second thought... While that comment about my apartment is still true... Something's telling me it might be far more practical to have a room here so I can just come downstairs in the event of an emergency at any time."

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