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All Out of Humans and Candy

Summary: Rayne meets Flandre and cruelly denies her a meal.

Who: [Rayne], [Flandre]
When: Aug 7th, 2015
Where: Park Road


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The fog comes and with it come the demons.

Citizens of Twisted have now learned very well to avoid the fog. Although it comes fast and several lives were lost in the first days of the curse tormenting the city, the citizens of Twisted are survivors by nature, and have learned that in order to escape the fog with their lives, they really need to drop everything they are doing and make a run for it whenever they see the first signs of its approach.

This is what happens today at Park Road as the group of people walking about suddenly gasp in horror and run as fast they can away from the fog that rolls in. Just a few minutes afterward, the once sunny day in Park Road turns dark and shadowy, grim sooth filling the air which almost seems to alter reality itself. What once was an average street now turning into a visage that could only come from a nightmare.

As well it should, because with the fog comes the macabre parade that are the monsters of Silent Hill. A large pack of flayed dogs, horrifying flayed men with their skin pulled across their face and bodies, women dressed as nurses with their faces flayed off and leading them.. a giant mass of muscles with an equally large sword, and metal triangle hat that covers his entire skull; the demon known as Pyramid Head.

The army of the dead rolls in with a large swarm of black beetles heralding their approach whilst they look for fresh victims to sacrifice. But one thing about Twisted is that sometimes not even the demons can predict who are they going to run into. Because while the fog does bring with it the demons, it also blocks out the sun entirely, and if there's no sun, then that means a certain vampire can run free!

A bright flash of fire lights the fog from behind the demon army. Pryamid Head and the nurses turn to face whoever dares approach them from the rear, but it only takes less than a second for the GIANT WAVE OF FIRE to cleave through all of them in a single swipe. The dogs, the flayed men, the nurses, Pyramid Head.. even the beetles get burnt to cinders! Where there was once an army straight from Hell, now remains nothing but ash.

And the culprit? A little blond girl in a pretty red dress that skips along, kicking at the ashes. "Whee!! It's just how my sis always wanted! No sun!"

Not every citizen knows about the fog, however. Some simply haven't been here long enough to have had to deal with Silent Hill, and Rayne is one of them. As it first rolls in, Rayne pays it no mind... until she realizes that others are running for cover. "What the-" is all she gets out before noticing the approaching monsters. Rayne hasn't survived this long by taking unnecessary risks... at least not when she has another upcoming threat expected. As such, she dashes for a tree to take cover in, deftly climbing up in time to feel the heat of the massive wave of fire at her back. Partially hidden among the leaves now, she turns to look out at the fog to seek out the source. While the fog blocks her view of the girl, it doesn't hide the sound. "What in the heavens?"

"Wheeee!~" Comes the chirping song of the little girl, having a grand ol' time in the shadows. Without the sun to restrict her movement and without any sort of rain, Flandre is free to go as she wishes as long as she's following the fog. Currently she's twirling about, playing in the ashes that used to be the gruesome demons of Silent Hill.

As she spins about, her vampire enhanced senses hear someone talk up on a nearby tree and something else smells decidedly not like a demon. "Hello? Whooo's there~?" She asks whilst looking up at the tree, red eyes peering as she tries to make a figure between the leaves. "Come out and plaaaaay~."

Rayne pokes her head out of the leaves. She also knows that there's no point hiding when someone clearly knows you're there. "Hello, I'm Rayne. What exactly just happened?"

Flandre looks up and gingerly waves hello. "Hiya!" The girl chirps happily. "I'm Flandre and I just took care of some nasties. You can come down if you want, it's safe now!" Or so she says at least..

While she's at it, the girl gasps and her red eyes light up as if they were lamps. "Oh wow! Your hair is so pretty!! Just like my wings!" Indeed, Flandre extends her wings and they also seem to be the color of the rainbow.

Rayne swings off the branch she's crouched on to land on the ground. "Thank you. Those are... Interesting wings. I'd ask how that even works, but I'll just assume magic. That was quite the fire spell."

The girl hops up and down and claps at the display of acrobatics. She turns to look at her colorful wings as they flap a bit before she glances back at Rayne. She lifts a finger and her mouth opens, red eyes wide as ever, but then she arches an eyebrow. "Oh.. I was going to explain, but then I realized I don't know either." Yep, she doesn't know how her own wings work.

Fortunately, she seems to be far more conscious about her spells. "Aaah, nah, I didn't use danmaku with those thingies. I just hit them with my sword." Her hand opens and an undulated metal bar appears there in a flash of crimson. Looks like a crooked tree branch more than a sword though.

Rayne blinks at the 'sword,' but doesn't dispute it. "Wow.... that's... a lot more powerfully enchanted than mine, then." She taps the pommel of her left sword for emphasis as she says this, but doesn't bother pulling it from its sheath. "How in the galaxy did you end up with that thing?"

Flandre looks down at Rayne's sheathed sword thoughtfully, lips pursed and head tilted as a young child would do when confused. "Maybe!" She declares, clearly having no idea which of the two is more heavily enchanted.. even if that much is obvious to Rayne.

Again, the girl raises a finger, opens her mouth aaand makes a face, looking like she was about to say something until she thought better of it. "I don't know!" Yep, she doesn't know how she got that sword, wand, thing. "I've always had it as far as I can remember." She frowns for a moment struggling to remember until she gives up and smiles again, wiggling her wand/sword up at Rayne.

"Its name is Laevateinn, destroyer of worlds. That much I know!"

Rayne says, "Trust me. That's a lot more powerful than my little unnamed pair of swords that just transform into a bow. And from the sound of that name, significantly more dangerous." She's starting to look a slight frightened. I mean, who wouldn't be when someone this childish has a weapon that powerful? Especially when said weapon is being pointed in their face. Still, she seems to have the sense not to push the weapon away.

"Well, if you say so." Flandre doesn't seem to want to argue either, particularly with someone who she views as an adult. The vampire has a very strange dynamic going on where she'll seemingly do whatever she wants but up until someone with some manner of authority scolds her. For that matter though, she doesn't stop wiggling the spade head of her wand at Rayne's face, apparently having no idea that doing so could be dangerous.

"Say!" She chirps all of the sudden and finally pulls her wand away from the rainbow haired girl. "Are you a human!?" That's an odd question.

Rayne blinks at the question. "Am I human?" She seems to actually ponder the question for a moment. "...You know... with all the weird stuff going on here, why hide it? Not really, no. But I don't see a point in living differently from a human. We're all still people, regardless of what technical species we are, right? But if you want me to be specific, I'm a phoenix." As she says this, she entwines her thumbs and spreads out her fingers with her palms facing Flandre, making her hands resemble a bird. "I get the feeling you're not human either, are you?"

"Oooh! A Phoenix!" Flandre answers looking quite delighted, her mouth making a big ol' O in surprise. "Patchouli told me of the phoenix. It's my first time seeing one up close though! You're very pretty." Nods the girl as she seems to decide that, yes, Rayne is very pretty. "If you ever want a home you can come to my house and be my pet!" Okay..

As for the question of Flandre's own nature? "Nope! I'm a vampire!" She explains sounding just a tad too happy about it. "Seee?" She pulls on her cheek in a very childish fashion, showing Rayne the razor sharp fangs that are her Flandre's teeth. "Aaaah~"

Rayne says, "Uh... thanks, but I have my own apartment." Okay, now she's getting a bit more nervous, and that's before she learns Flandre is a vampire. "Like I said... We're all still people. I'm not a pet." The compliment to her appearance has been completely overshadowed by the implication of possibly being a pet. "Oh, I guess being a vampire is going well for you, then?" Her eyes flicker to the sides, almost hoping more of the monsters show up at this point. She is clearly getting less comfortable as this conversation continues.

If Flandre is at all aware that she's making Rayne uncomfortable, she's definitely not showing it. From the looks of it, the little girl is either; wholly oblivious to Rayne's discomfort at her implications, or, she's quite used to people reacting this way around her. Either way, she carries right along. "Okay! It's better that way for now anyway, I left my home back in Gensokyo and I haven't been able to get back there!" Even with all of Flandre's power, it looks like she can't escape Twisted either.

"I guess!" The girl stops pulling on her cheeks. "I've been a vampire for as long as I can remember, so I don't know how it feels to be anything else!" She sage nods, impressed with her own reasoning. Then she starts looking around too, noticing that Rayne is watching the sidelines. "Are you looking for something?"

Rayne says, "So that home isn't in Twisted? I hope you've found a better place to stay in the meantime, then." She then glances to the side a bit more overtly than before. "Oh, you know... just never know when more of those... things will come back. What exactly were they, anyway?" She's at least trying to be friendly, despite being freaked out.

"Yeah, me too." Flandre responds and deflates a little looking tired of all the sudden, her wand/sword even disappearing from her hand as she feels no need to carry it around at the moment. "I like running around like this but I miss having my own room." Complains the girl. "I miss having toys too, and videogames! Oh and candy! I haven't had candy in too long and it's making me grumpy." Which is probably not something that people want judging by what Rayne has seen.

Flandre shrugs though as Rayne asks her about the creatures that she vaporized. "Beats me! I just know everyone screams when they come and that they walk around in this fog." She points up to the fog that is currently surrounding and doing a -superb- job at blocking the sun for Flandre. "Hey! Do you have any candy by the way?" Flandre has her priorities very well set, that's for sure.

Rayne says, "Sorry, but no, I don't. I'm scraping by right now... don't have a job, barely have an apartment. I can't afford candy at the moment. Let alone toys and video games." She has relaxed a little - just a little - now that the sword/wand is gone. Though the thought of this little powerhouse being 'grumpy' brings that stress right back.

"Aww.." Flandre leans to the side in disappointment. "No one ever has candy." She bemoans her misfortune and titters from side to side, looking unsure of what to do, and quite restless too. Her red lips pout childishly, though there's something about her tired red eyes that allude to her real nature. Despite looking like a child, if she is a vampire, then it's safe to assume she might be a lot older than she appears and acts.

She glances up at Rayne after grumbling. "Can you bring me a human then? I haven't eaten anything in a while and these nasties taste icky." She says motioning to the ashes that where once fog demons.

Rayne actually takes a step back when she is asked to bring a human. "I..." She ponders in her head how do deal with this situation for a moment, then sighs dejectedly, afraid of what response this apparently unstable vampire will have to her decision. "No. No I cannot do that for you. I don't know the proper way to go about feeding you, but I intend to take an oath to protect the people here, and I won't be a part of turning one into your meal." She's now clearly on thin nerves and looks like she might be ready for fight or flight if it comes to it.

"Hmm.." Flandre closes one eye and scratches the side of her chin, giving Rayne an odd look. It's clear that she didn't enjoy that response at all, though judging by her expression, she's not sure /why/ she didn't like it. Flandre may be powerful but she's surprisingly naive for a vampire as old as she is, and she's also not used to being denied requests, having lived a very pampered, if sheltered, life.

It takes her a couple of seconds to figure it out, but eventually, it looks like she has a solution to this little predicament. "You have no candy and you have no humans." Her crimson eyes widen, and her fangs are bared in a psychotic smile. Of course! The answer to this was oh so simple! She's surprised it only occurred to her until now.

"I guess I'm gonna have to eat you!"

Rayne takes a split second to decide that flight is probably better than fight in this situation. With that in mind, she makes first a feint to the left, then dashes off to the right, heading in the general direction of the park. As far as she's concerned, the conversation's over and she needs to find some cover while she figures out how to defend herself more properly. As far as she's aware, there's no vampires in her universe, so she is going to have to come up with the best defense based on what she knows from movies and books.

And she's off! Flandre tenses and gets ready to chase when she sees Rayne trying to make a run for it. Despite the clear danger of the situation, given Flandre's height and infantile looks, she looks less like a blood thirsty predator looking for a meal, and more like a little girl playing tag. "Hey!" She complains when Rayne fakes her out by going left and then quickly turning the other way and runs after her. "Come here and let me eat you!" She soon realizes that she's not going to catch the rainbow haired phoenix girl on foot and takes to the air, her wings letting her float closely behind the girl.

"Cranberry trap!!" The blond vampire lifts a hand and shows some actual magic this time. Blood red energy spheres appear right in front of the fleeing Rayne and explode to prevent the girl's escape threatening to singe her severely if she doesn't avoid them. Flandre is treating Rayne to some top quality danmaku right now, she ought to be thankful!

Rayne should have expected magic. She really should have. Unfortunately, she didn't, and the energy bursts go off practically in her face, sending her tumbling to the ground. Tumbling, however, isn't as bad as being flattened, and Rayne makes it back to her feet in an almost but not quite graceful roll. Still, this has significantly slowed her down to a near stop for a moment, and she currently has one eye shut. Sun. It's still daytime, and the sun should be out there beyond the fog. Burn the fog away? No, it's not normal fog. Flandre's earlier attack against the... things would have dissipated normal fog. Keep running. Her decision made, she changes her direction 90 degrees, trying to remember the surrounding area for where there might be ground hopefully higher than the fog.

"YAAAAH!!" As soon as Rayne hits the ground after being hit by Flandre's spell, the crazed vampire girl is heard bearing down on the rainbow haired girl like a frenzied animal. It's only Rayne's quick reflexes that save her from the little girl pouncing her. Flandre slams into the spot where Rayne was with a savage yell, smashing her fists into the pavement with all her might. The ground explodes due to the tremendous impact and it sends rock debris and shrapnel everywhere, leaving a large sized crater right under Flandre's feet. "Stop running! Food isn't supposed to run!" Flandre whines again and flies out of the hole she made to continue chasing Rayne, being completely of Rayne's to escape out of the fog and into the sun, the thought hadn't even occurred to Flandre yet that Rayne may yet have a mean of escape.

"Kagome Kagome!" Yet another spell is uttered and this time Flandre causes her magic to come in tiles around Rayne. Like a cage made entirely out of damaging magic, green orbs of energy fly vertically and horizontally around the rainbow haired girl, forcing Rayne to go through an obstacle course if she wants to get away. All while Flandre is flying close behind her, closing the distance to attack her with her fangs directly.

"Gah!" Rayne does not react quite fast enough to this attack, either. While she dodges around one of the vertical beams, she collides chest first with one of the horizontal ones. While her armor absorbs the brunt of the blow, she is knocked backwards and lands flat on her back. While the impact doesn't seem to daze her, it does still make her come to a dead stop this time. "Damnit damnit," she says as she rolls over to try to scramble through the beams to safer ground. As she does so, she notices a small rock, and another idea comes to her mind... if she can only find the time to pull it off, it might be just the distraction she needs. With that thought she quickly palms the rock.

"Aha!" Flandre cheers when she sees Rayne collide chest first into one of her magical beams and speeds up to catch her. Seeing as it is her own magic, the vampire is able to pass through her magical bars unharmed. The girl dives like an eagle from the air, head first and wings folded behind her to maximize her speed. As she closes the distance with Rayne, Flandre brings a hand up and swipes at the rainbow haired girl's face, using her sharp razor talons to bloody her cheek. "Take this!"

Rayne narrowly avoids getting a full attack, but there is still a slight amount of blood drawn. Trying hard to concentrate, she somehow manages to pull off a spell as she rolls. It's a minor spell. An illusion, really. It doesn't do much, either. "Wait, I found one!" she calls out as she throws the rock to Flandre. Not at... to. Except it doesn't look like a rock anymore; it now looks like a peppermint candy, still in wrapper.

Flandre begins to cackle maniacally when she draws blood from Rayne's cheek, finally showing that she is in fact a real vampire and not just a deranged magical girl pretending to be one. "HAHAHA!! BLOOD! BLOOD!" At least riiight until Rayne throws her that rock covered in an illusio. "Oooh! Candy!!" Then she's back to being a little girl again. A very mercurial creature that one.

Flande backs up and catches the rock made candy. Having absolutely no idea of what foul play even is, she doesn't consider that it might be a trick and bites into the rock with her fangs, crushing it completely. "Hmm???" Too bad that usually destroying the object dispels the illusion though, because as soon as Flandre bites half of the rock off she realizes her mistake. "Heeeey! This isn't candy!"

At least her magical barrier is down now, and she has also momentarily stopped chasing after Rayne since she's preoccupied with spitting rock bits out of her mouth.

Rayne has, of course, bolted. Luckily her direction sense is decent today as she has run off towards the high school... and its relatively high roof. While normally she's not one for breaking and entering... She'll make an exception while running for her life. There are no taunts thrown Flandre's way, nor are there apologies. There's no time even to talk to herself. She only has the time to run, find stairs up, and scramble up as fast as she can before bursting through the door and onto the clear daylight of the rooftop.

Managing to spit out the last of the rock bits, Flandre passes her hands across her tongue and turns to glare angrily at Rayne, who, of course, is no longer there to be glared that. "AAAAAAH!! YOU TRICKED ME!!" Now throwing a tantrum like an enraged child, Flandre's wings catch fire and she blasts at top speed to chase after Rayne, closing in on her like a missile shot out of a rocket launcher.

Problem is, by the time she catches up to the phoenix, she's up in a tall roof and out of the fog. Flandre emerges out of the fog and after her, too enraged to realize what she's doing. She flies a few more feet closer to her prey right before she notices that her skin is starting to burn off by the sun rays, and that there's literally smoke coming out of her body as the daylight begins to disintegrate her. "Eh!? Oh! Ow! OW! OW!OW!!" The girl flails frantically and dives back to the safety of the fog quickly. Her red eyes still peering from inside the mist, glaring daggers at the rainbow haired girl.

The fog then begins to move away as it often does.

The fog leaves and with it, leaves Flandre.

Rayne breathes out a sigh of relief, though it's not easily noticeable as she's still trying to catch her breath after that mad dash. "That went... About as well... As I could have hoped..." Finally she

collapses on the roof. "I'm actually surprised that worked. I'm going to need to carry stakes or something for next time she finds me."

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