2015-08-12 - Councils, Conspiracies, and Chronos

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Councils, Conspiracies, and Chronos

Summary: The talks continue...

Who: Caliga, Kotal Kahn, Setsuna
When: August 12th, 2015
Where: The Mists of Time

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The Mists of Time
Continuing down this path, you find your vision getting more and more obscured. Thick clouds of some kind get thicker the farther you travel. The very air itself seems to take on an electric charge. The pressence here is far removed from the Hellish landscape that surrounds it. It's not one of malevelence, it's one of pure life. It's as if life and death where born of this very location and simply passing through it seems to energize travelers who come here. In the center of the fog rests a single set of double doors engraved with elaborate details, symbols, and carvings. The material itself burns at the touch of the impure. Surely such a thing is a creation of Heaven, not of Hell. But then, what better place to hide it? Footsteps approach from the distance. Only the guardian of this door has the key to open it, and it seems they're aware of your intrusion. Best to leave while you can...

The bombshell has been dropped, and the words didn't come from Caliga. A curious glance is given towards the Senshi, however the meaning is kept quiet for the time being. A low sigh escapes his mouth as he moves towards the fridge, opening it and pulling out a random can that resides in it.

"Kotal. What would you have done? Would you have just allowed the very one who singlehandedly killed the last head of Twisted's Council, Concordance, to waltz back in unannounced and unchecked? Concordance alone overpowered myself in my true form's power. Her creation, Guarlesia was far worse. Alessa struck Concordance down with ease. After that battle, she vanished. Her purpose of vengence had been fulfilled with the death of the last Council."


Kotal asked for a one good reason to not go into a murderous rampage and he got one.

The turquoise skinned Aztec pauses when he realizes what Setsuna is suggesting. He arches his head backwards to peer at the senshi from beneath the beak of his eagle knight helmet. Eyes burning bright with curiosity and not a small amount of excitement. Could it be that this woman was serious?

The cacique knows better than to get overly excited about potential rises of power though. He's not a greedy person, he simply enjoys progress, and he has realized that whenever he's in a position of power his empires flourish and grow.

Kotal first sits back down and considers the proposal thoughtfully. Then speaks again, "It is no secret that I longed for a position of power in Twisted ever since I discovered of the woes that plague it. As I told those who questioned my motives before, leadership comes naturally to me, and it is in my nature to strive for the betterment of whatever city, or world, I may be."

Then comes the Emperor slouch again, and Kotal is once again relaxed, leaning on his elbow and still looking at the senshi with narrowed eyes. "Naturally, I think that if Diablo were to share his power with me we would all benefit from my rulership, but what is to say he would be willing to share? I've spoken briefly with him and he does not strike me as the most charitable of gods. He values his privacy greatly, as he does his secrecy. The current ignorant state of Twisted is evidence enough of that."

Kotal then spares a glance to Caliga as he speaks of previous battles, and this nearly unstoppable creature that has caused so much trouble in the past and continues to do so now. He taps his fingers, reaches for a soda, and then reclines again.

"Listen, Caliga." He says simply as he opens a can. "Let us simply say I have plenty of experience fighting and working with galaxy destroying angry deities." Says the Aztec as he sips his soda. "You will have to trust me when I say that I could and will find a way to deal with her."

Setsuna shakes her head at Kotal's words to Caliga. "I'm not so sure. What was referred to as Alessa was something beyond our worlds. Potentially she was one of those which are known as the Dark Ones. The beings that existed before Elder Gods in the darkness created when time began." The Senshi folds her hands across her knee. "I'm not even sure I could open the doorway that far back."

With a brief exhale she changes subjects, "Back to the matter at hand, Senior Diablo would go out of his way to stop another Council - however by his own rules he's bound against interfering with one's creation." The woman smiles, an act that almost comes off creepy with her usual lack of emotion. "When he disbanded Twisted's Councils he created an open forum so that everyone could speak their mind instead of relying on others to speak for them. As long as the people of Twisted wanted a new Council, he would be forced to allow it."

As Caliga listens to Setsuna speak, he returns to his seat, only to run his finger around the rim of his can idly. "Alessa, is not a force you can combat. Her minions can be fought, sure, but the goddess herself? No. She cannot be battled in the ways most think." A brief memory of his first encounter with the goddess causes Caliga to drop his can.

A brief shake of his head, and Caliga seems to have recovered, reaching down to grab the can. "Lady Setsuna has the right of it, Huitzilopotchli. A new Council for Twisted is the proper route to take. However, you are correct in your assumption that Diablo would not willingly share the power he's amassed."

As Caliga wraps his hand around the fallen can, he grins slightly. "Of course, Diablo wouldn't really have a say if another Councilmember of Hell were to agree to it. It never was formally disbanded. As a matter of fact, The Council of Hell is still in full effect."

[OOC] Kotal says, "kombat*"
[OOC] Kotal says, "fixed that for ya."

Kotal Kahn reclines onto the other side of his chair whilst both Setsuna and Caliga assure him that this Alessa is very bad news indeed. Naturally though, mighty Huitzilopotchli doesn't appear impressed, confident in his own abilities as always. Besides, even as a god, when you've fought a full powered Alucard and lived while you yourself where being restrained by Twisted's barriers, you become completely fearless about most everything.

"A being from before the time of the Eldergods." He muses, sounding far more /hopefull/ about it than scared, likely imagining the glory of fighting of such a being. "Ah yes.. an Old One then.. how curious." Again, he sounds more like he's looking forward to it. "I will move with caution then, I suppose that not fully understanding how this lesser being known as Christabella can hold back a creature of such power is giving me the wrong impression."

Then as talk turns to political matters, the Aztec smiles and audibly pops his knuckles. "It has been long since I've ran a political campaign, dare I say I've always found them greatly entertaining." Although Caliga pointing out about the existence of the Council of Hell does give him another idea. "Hmm, yet as amusing as they can be, they can be quite time consuming. It would be far more beneficial for everyone if a Hell council member where to back my claims for power."

An odd glance is given towards Kotal from Caliga. "Christabella was never meant to stop Alessa. She was bait. Christabella is merely an usurper, and Alessa does not like that. So eventually she will come out to deal with Christabella on her own." A few taps to the side of the can, and Caliga finally opens his drink, only to sip at it.

"As for a Hell Council Member backing your claims for power? I would never. I agree with a Council, not one man in charge. If you intend to campaign for sole leadership, then you are on your own. Your choices are slim as to who could back up a claim for the creation of a new Council. So think hard about your next words Kotal Kahn. One man in charge has led us to this point to where I am sneaking in the shadows once again to promote change."

Kotal Kahn may look extremely overconfident, though he's simply thinking out of experience. As far as he knows, everything that exists can be defeated, even the all knowing all powerful One Being was eventually defeated by the Eldergods who came to take its place, and they themselves had trouble containing the might that was Shao Kahn, who was also eventually defeated by an even lesser god known as Raiden. No matter how insurmountable a challenge may appear or how utterly invincible a foe is there is always a way to defeat it, through Kombat or otherwise. This is Kotal's experience and he's holding on to it until he's proven otherwise.

"That was never my intention." The Aztec says all too quickly, almost casually. "I have witnessed first hand the effect that power has on people. Not even gods are immune from its maddening effects. Even the most well meaning of souls can turn into a tyrannical warlord where they to rule unchecked. Where I to rule on my own I would simply turn into yet another Diablo in time, or worse."

He shakes his head and shifts on his seat. "No, I agree that a Council is best. The question now remains of who would want to share the power with Diablo and I. There are very few candidates that I know of. Naturally, I would invite Lady Amaterasu to join me in this new council, but I fear she will decline my offer."

Then he's glancing to both Caliga and Setsuna. "Remember that I am but a relative newcomer to this realm. I have not spent countless centuries here in Twisted getting to know everyone intimately unlike you. I am open to suggestions."

That's it. She just can't do it. Having enough of this 'sitting' Setsuna rises to her feet and smooths out her skirt. With practiced movements her staff never leaves contact with her and now that she stands the Senshi once more leans against it with it at her side. Her eyes follow Caliga and Kotal as they speak, the smile long since faded once again.

The request for suggestions troubles her and she frowns at it, if ever so slightly. "I must confess I only know of what I have spoken because Lord Caliga had asked me about events and I've researched them before you both came to me today. I know little about those currently living on Twisted except for the few who were here from before Diablo's 'unification'."

Setsuna pauses to push a few stray hairs out of her vision. "My mother spoke highly of one that acted as a guardian to Chronos during her centuries there. With her on Hell's Council, maybe it would be appropriate for him to be on a new Council for Twisted?" If only she realized he was already a member of Hell's Council himself she might reconsider her suggestion - especially as it's someone Kotal already knows. "I believe he was called Johnny?"

Kotal grumbles and whispers a few things to himself whilst he draws upon great self restrain and give himself a big ol' facepalm, and thus perhaps insulting lady Setsuna's honor.

However, he can't help but regret asking her opinion when she goes and does the daft thing as proposing to ask Johnny to join Twisted Council. "Johnny?" Says Kotal Kahn with an arched eyebrow. "Better known as Johnny the Homicidal Maniac?"

Now-to be fair- Kotal is fully aware that Johnny hasn't kept up with his murderous habits in quite a while. That still doesn't change he's quite unstable and honestly, a title like 'The Homicidal Maniac' is not something you can live down.

Kotal keeps starting at the senshi with that glowing impassive look of his with glowing golden eyes . Clearly thinking of a way to tell Setsuna exactly what he thinks of Johnny without insinuating that Setsuna is dumb for even suggesting such a thing. "To be perfectly honest I have heard good things of him as well. He shows remarkable diligence in his duties. Far.. too much diligence one might say. And in the end, he does care for the well being of Twisted."

"That does not change that he is quite frankly insane. I have met him personally and found him far too unpredictable to be trustworthy."

"Matter of fact, Lady Setsuna, if I am to be perfectly honest with you. If I were to have my way I would end his miserable existence had I the chance to do so again, if only to rid this world of the blight that are his dread daggers. Anyone who willingly carries cursed artifacts with them, created by some god of unspeakable evil, is not someone I would trust with the lives of millions."

"Besides.." Kotal chugs down some more of his soda. "From what I understand, Johnny is already a member of the Hell Council."

The Guardian of Time is clearly annoyed by his words to the extent that she winces when he mentions him being on the Hell Council already. She knows of him because her mother spoke highly of him, and to that end she knows quite a bit about what happened on Chronos. "That man was responsible for the lives of billions, Lord Kotal. When he and my Mother found Chronos it was devoid of life. Cursed daggers or not the two of them were responsible for life flourishing on the planet. They guided the people who came to be born there into becoming civilized from the shadows - never making themselves known."

She lifts her staff and using the Garnet Orb atop it she creates an image of the planet Chronos from space floating in the center of the three chairs. The illusion is magnificent and even the clouds are moving across the planet's face... At least until a flash of light and a massive spiked rock falls onto the planet turning it's skies to ash. "Even when catastrophe struck they continued to care for the people. They watched over them and inspired them to overcome." She waves her staff over the planet and it becomes pristine once again. However this time the continents have shifted and cities can be seen across its surface even from space. "This is that same world sixty-five million, one thousand and four years later." She turns and raises an eyebrow smugly. "By this point war was almost abolished except for small pockets of resistance. Not with blood shed. Not with an iron fist. Simply by living in the shadows and giving ideas to good men and women and setting them on paths that took them to bettering their world."

Setsuna waves her hand, dismissing the illusion. "I regret that he is already a Council member, but do not be so quick to assume that he is an instrument of his weapons - regardless of their origin. Whatever his title once was, he is my Mother's friend and that is good enough for me."

Kotal Kahn sort of slumps in his chair as soon as he realizes that Setsuna is going to make a big deal out of this - though in truth he was expecting this kind of reaction, which is why he was trying to word his disapproval of Johnny as tactfully as he could. However, it looks like the senshi was ready and willing to vouch for the old friend of her mother and Huitzilopotchli had no choice but to sit back, sip his soda, and enjoy the display of illusions that show Johnny looking awesome like some kind of commercial. A pity that Setsuna seems so fixated on Johnny and that she's also bound to this place, because Kotal could have really used her on his political campaign! How her true talents are wasted here.

When the display finally ends though, Kotal looks less that convinced, in fact, he actually looked quite of annoyed all through it. Like if Setsuna was showing something that was completely unnecessary.. because it was.

"And as I said, Lady Setsuna." Kotal straightens up on his seat again, his voice sounding far more severe this time. "I am perfectly aware of Johnny's capabilities. It still does not change the fact that when I first met him he was trying to kill a man for no reason other than because he did not like the smell of his cologne, and that he disrespected Lady Amaterasu, the sun goddess, by trying to feed her a burrito."

Kotal sets his soda aside and stares at the senshi pointedly. "I am not trying to change your opinion of Johnny, it is clear you think highly of him. I respect and I understand why you do so, but I simply cannot share your opinion. I still think he is quite deranged and you will not convince me otherwise in this subject."

"Let us agree to disagree in this, if you will." He's willing to leave it at that.

Setsuna lets out a sigh as her efforts are dismissed. It's not so much that she feels the need to defend him, technically she's never even met him, but the solitude has a way of making one passionate to have SOMETHING to talk about after what could well be eons of silence. It's for this reason alone that she sulks back at his hand waving. She would have been happier if he'd asked more questions or the topic could have changed onto something else she could answer. No. He seems contend to just end the conversation entirely. As such she turns to Caliga, hoping for a response of some kind after such a long silence on his behalf. Clearly the idea of who might be appropriate for a new Council has overtaken his thoughts. Well, that's what she thinks until she looks closer and raises an eyebrow. "...he's not asleep is he?"

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