2015-08-18 - Friendship is Danmaku

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Danmaku is Friendship

Summary: After a brief danmaku battle, Twilight Sparkle makes Flandre Scarlet learn the meaning of friendship!

Who: Twilight, Flandre
When: August 18, 2015
Where: DMC


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Twilight Sparkle, after a lengthy nap, wakes up and moves for the computer, moving the mouse and typing with her magic. "I'd better look for a place where there's likely to be trouble, and organize an effective strategy for fighting..."

No need for Twilight Sparkle to look for trouble. When you're in Twisted, trouble usually finds you instead!

"AAAAH!! HELP ME!! HELP ME PLEASE!!" Comes the frantic cries of a Twisted citizen as he barrels inside the DMC agency. He tumbles about a few times times, scrambles to his feet on the ground, and makes a dive for behind one of the desks. The reason for his fear? It seems to be a little blond girl that is trailing after him, levitating on her feet no less, which does imply there is some legitimate danger to her. Unless she's some kind of fairy or something.

Anyway, the small teenager looking girl flies right to the edge of the DMC's door and stands right there without entering the building. She looks inside with wide red eyes and smiles. "Hellooo? Anybody heree?" Asks she with a singing voice. "I can smell youuu~"

Twilight Sparkle's able to hear the shouting from where she's working, with various stacks of records scattered haphazardly around the spacious room. And the sudden appearance of an innocent civilian has the lavender-furred Princess on alert, just before another human stops short of entering. "What is this about...? I'm not liking this..."

"Hi there!" Says the blond girl as soon as she sees the magical talking pony. Her crimson red eyes widen in delight and there's a devious brim smile forming on her mouth, showing rows of sharp teeth. "Ooooh woooow! You're so pretty!!" Exclaims the girl, batting the colorful wings that seem to be attached to her back, which makes her levitate a little higher. "I always wanted a pony!" Says she just as she tries to enter the DMC and bonks her face on an invisible barrier. "Ow!" She rubs her nose before asking. "Can I come in?"

Twilight Sparkle shakes her head, horn lighting up just before she disappears from view. Within seconds, however, the pegacorn is rematerializing outside the building, shaking soot from her body and wings. "It's better to do this out in the open..."

Flandre looks quite surprised when she sees the winged pony with the magical horn disappear from view. She glances to the sides a few times looking disconcerted before she hears the pony's voice behind her and quickly turns around whilst giggling. "Ah!" The girl exclaims and quickly flies towards Twilight. "Yes! It's better to play outside!" Agrees she and tries to pull Twilight into a tight hug!

Twilight Sparkle blinks at the sudden charge, unable to mount much of a defense before she's hugged firmly. "Wha-

The blond girl laughs happily and rubs her cheek with Twilight's in utter delight. "Yaaaay!" She chirps and begins to spin around with the pony, flying in the process so that Twilight doesn't even get a chance to keep her hooves on the ground. "I'll pet you and groom you and cuddle you and call you George!" Although she is being quite friendly, Twilight might notice that Flandre's grip is DEVASTATINGLY tight. If she allows the girl to continue hugging her, its very likely Flandre might accidentally break Twilight's spine.

Twilight Sparkle struggles somewhat, uncomfortable with the intense grip on her body before teleporting out of the embrace and charging a small energy bolt at the tip of her horn. "I think... Ok, no. I KNOW I'm not going to make that mistake again."

Flandre blinks in confusion when yet again, the pony disappears and appears elsewhere. "Eeeh?" The blond girl lands, tilting her head to look at Twilight Sparkle strangely. However, when that small orb of energy appears on the pony's horn, Flandre's reaction is to clap happily and bounce on her feet. "Oooh! Are we going to play danmaku!? Are we!!?" Her fangs show when she smiles with an almost maddening look about her, a large curved metal bar that looks like an undulated clock's hand appearing on her hand. "Let's play!!" She grins still as an orb of red energy begins to form on the tip of her hand.

Twilight Sparkle fires the orb from her horn, taking flight to keep well out of range as she conjures a magenta barrier around her. 'It's just like I'm looking at Pinkie Pie here, although more menacing and childish...'

The blond girl flies to the side to avoid the incoming blast. As soon as she dodges it, she starts to look to the sides again, almost as if she was expecting more. "What!? Just one danmaku??" She cries in outrage. "Silly pony! I'll have to train you how to play properly once you're my pet!" Smirks the blond girl devilishly.

"It's LIKE THIS!!" Flandre cranks her wand back and then points it vigorously at Twilight. "STARBOW BREAK!!" Hundreds of colorful orbs of energy explode from Flandre's wand, every color of the rainbow. The wave of energy spheres fly straight at Twilight and those that fly past the pony actually bounce on the building behind her to sail for the pony's rear and sandwich her in a sea of magical projectiles.

Twilight Sparkle keeps the shield-barrier around her active, looking around at the maelstrom of orbs surrounding her before focusing on conjuring a few illusory copies of herself as a unicorn. "I could do better, but I'm not brash or stubborn enough to take a needless risk."

"Oooh! Yes, yes! That's more like it!" Flandre exclaims as Twilight makes illusions of herself to avoid the brunt of the barrage. "It's not fun if you don't give it your all!" Giggles the girl as she spins her wand over her head. "Let's kick it up a notch." Suddenly, there's not only one Flandre, but four of her! "Four of a Kind!!" She yells and all four versions start spreading out to corral the multiple ponies.

Twilight Sparkle drops the barrier, turning around to take mental stock of what she's surrounded by, before releasing a counter-volley of her own of hundreds of much smaller magic blasts.

All four Flandres give maniacal cackles once they are given something that has a little more 'oomph' to it in terms of defense. When Twilight sends a barrage of magical orbs at all of them, the four girls weave their way around the projectiles and begin to bat them away with their wands. One of them, however, manages to makes her way through the rain of magical missiles and flies straight for Twilight, her wand now having caught fire and being held over her head.

"Laevateinn!!" Cheers the Flandre and swings her massive flaming sword down at Twilight's back.

Twilight Sparkle takes the hit solidly right between both wings, with the impact setting her back and a few feathers to smoldering as she goes plummeting back towards the ground. "W-whoa!" With considerable force, then, the Princess of Friendship bounces three times, before coming to rest upside down in the wall. "O-ow..."

"Heehee! Gotcha!~" The Flandre that struck Twilight spins merrily in the air whilst all four girls take great delight in seeing Twilight bounce on the ground several times. When the pony finally comes to a stop, she might realize that now she's totally surrounded by a quadruplet of blond vampire girls, who are all looking at her rather strangely.

"Hey!" Suddenly, the civilian that was hiding inside the DMC agency comes out. "What the hell are you two doing!?"

Twilight Sparkle simply groans, before pushing herself free from the imprint of her body in the front wall and tumbling gracelessly onto the ground again. Her wings, and part of her back, are singed and still smoldering somewhat. "...I guess you do."

The four Flandres look at each other questioningly before turning into a single girl again. "I do?" She asks herself and tilts her head in confusion.

The guy cowering in the agency just shakes his head and points. "Why are you two fighting each other when the fog is coming!!!?" And just in cue, suddenly there's a fog covering the evening sky that completely darkens the street as if it were the middle of the night. Shadowy creatures begin to stir and the once lively looking Twisted street turns into a nightmarish visage.

"Ooooh! It's the fog! Yay!!" Cheers Flandre. "Now we get to play with nasties!"

Twilight Sparkle shakes the fog from her mind, remaining grounded out of the intent to let her wings and back heal from the burn as she erects a thick magenta barrier in front of both of them. "From one thing to another... Stay behind the barrier, and we should be safe..."

Flayed men immediately emerge from the fogs. Their skins completely pulled over their whole body, as if they had a straight jacket fashioned out of their own flesh. They have eyes, ears, mouths, or noses, all they can do is muffle in agony as they run with a demonic frenzy and start headbutting Twilight's barrier.

The terrorized civilians screams and runs back inside the agency but Flandre seems less than thrilled that Twilight is trying to protect her. "Heeey! I wanna play too!" She whines at the pony even as the horrendous creatures continue to pound away at the magical barrier.

Twilight Sparkle winces as the repeated impacts against the shield-barrier resonate into her skull, causing the protection to flicker with each hit. "...if these things keep smashing into my barrier, you might not have long to wait."

"But I don't wanna wait at all!!" Flandre whines in a very bratty manner. She doesn't care in the least about the Flayed Men taking their own sweet time to break Twilight's barrier, Flandre seems intent on attacking them anyway.

"Cranberry Trap!" The girl chants another spell and waves her wand in the air. From behind the flayed creatures, orbs of glowing red light begin to form that then explode outwards and right into the flayed men's back. The impact is devastating as the magic missiles sandwich the creatures on Twilight's barrier, smearing them on the shield like insects on a car's windshield.

Twilight Sparkle keeps the barrier active, quickly using more of her magic to create four illusory unicorn copies of herself and directing the quartet to aid in the counter-attack. At the same time, the frenzied impacts against her barrier are feeding back into her mind, eliciting a steady pattern of winces from the lavender princess. "That hurts..."

Seeing that the flayed men are currently splattered on Twilight's magical barrier, they are quite easy pickings for the unicorn clones that finish them off, turning them into black dust that scatters in the wind. Much to Flandre's delight too as she starts clapping and bouncing on her feet. "Yaaay! Go ponies!"

More creatures come from the shadows though, as a pair of comely feminine figures dressed as nurses appear. Though their bodies are attractive, their faces are just like the flayed men, with their skin pulled over their own skulls to form featureless masks of flesh. "Ooh! Watch out! These ones hit hard!" Warns Flandre just as the nurses wail and charge for the barrier, pounding on it with lead pipes and wooden clubs.

All four of the Twilight illusions are dispatched rather easily, fizzling out and causing the genuine one to stagger somewhat before the more forceful strikes against the barrier weaken it considerably and end up leaving her dazed enough to unwillingly drop the protective wall. "U-ugh... Too much strain..."

Flandre seems to be enjoying herself a lot whilst she watches the nurses fight Twilight's clones and then start whacking on her barrier. At least, until Flandre realizes that Twilight's in quite a bit of strain. "Heeey!" She whines with a frown to her face, red eyes glowing. "Don't be mean to my pony!!"

Suddenly, Flandre has turned herself into a cloud of bats that flies through the barrier and positions itself behind the nurses. The bats mesh together to form Flandre again who is now holding a giant flaming sword. "DON'T!" She swings her sword and cleaves on nurse in two. "BULLY!!" She swings again and splits the other in half. "MY PONY!!" Then she flies up and slams the sword into the ground between the two nurses, exploding them into ashes.

Twilight Sparkle weakly drops to the ground, looking quite dazed by the efforts against her destroyed barrier. "I should have more stamina than that, but... With that much impact, and all the feedback into my mind... It hurts too much..."

Never mess with a girl's pony. Or they will burn you to cinders, don't you know!?

Fortunately, this instance of the fog looks to be a weak one, because it rolls away after Flandre obliterated the nurses, revealing the evening sky once again. Its also quite lucky that with the sun setting it is much too weak to burn Flandre, who rushes Twilight and scoops her on her arms looking quite worried. "Oh no! My pony's hurt!" The girl grimaces and flies over to the DMC building. "Mister! Mister! Help my pony!" Then, just as she's about to enter, there's a -BONK- sound as Flandre runs head first into an invisible barrier. Its worth nothing that Twilight doesn't seem affected by this magical shield, she passed just fine, Flandre seems to be the only one affected. "Um.. can I come in?" She asks again.

Vampires can't enter a building where people live unless they've been invited, and Flandre knows that.

Twilight Sparkle is, needless to say, thrown back into the building by Flandre's headfirst collision with the vampire-proof barrier, skidding slightly and coming to rest near the same place she'd been working. Her back is burned somewhat, as are the tops of both wings. And on top of that, she's dazed and fatigued.

Well, that's very inconvenient, because without having someone to invite her in, Flandre can't do much of anything but stand outside and look inside the agency.

The civvie cowering behind a desk comes out though and notices that Twilight Sparkle is on the ground. "Uh oh." He dusts himself and walks over to the pony, lifting her head and fanning her with his hand. "Someone call a doctor.. or a veterinarian or something!" He looks up to the girl waving at her and then back to Twilight. "I think you're gonna have to invite her in since I don't live here."

Twilight Sparkle nods, standing up with a bit of a struggle and looking for the trigger to the barrier. "Alright..."

No triggers necessary in the case of Flandre. As soon as Twilight says that it's alright for her to come in, Flandre just goes and enters the building with no ramifications. "Don't touch my pony!" She yells to the terrified man who quickly complies and then Flandre falls to her knees next to Twilight, rubbing her cheek with the pony, this time doing it a lot more gently. "Don't worry, we're going to get you all healed up, I promise!"

Twilight Sparkle just nods, too out of it by this point to argue that she doesn't belong to Flandre, as she slumps over again with another groan of pain.

In reality, Flandre has no idea in terms of what to do to help Twilight. She taps her chin a couple of times and just gets an idea. "Wait right here! I'll go get Meiling! She oughta know what to do!!" Then she rushes off, not realizing that she probably doesn't know where Meiling even is right now. D'oh!

One thing is for certain though. She definitely has a pretty pony pet now, for sure!

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