2015-08-18 - Rayne Versus Madorg... FIGHT!

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Rayne Versus Madorg... FIGHT!

Summary: Time is up, and Rayne finally has to face Madorg in their fight to the death.

Who: Rayne, Madorg, Kotal_Kahn
When: August 18th, 2015
Where: Town Hall - Arena

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Rayne walks into the arena, clearly slightly nervous. Whistling an a minor key, she looks around for her opponent. The mottled brown scaled tuuk is quite easy to spot, however, as he is standing dead center in the arena. "Ey wes begineng to thenk yew wold not shew up, hoomon." He grins his very toothy grin at her, a hissing laugh escaping his mouth.

Kotal Kahn was already here as well. Twisted's government is very, how would you say? Laissez-faire when it comes to its policies. Laws are more like suggestions, and up until DMC was officially given TASK's resources, there wasn't even an actual police force. Well, that was the time before the arrival of Kotal Kahn, because if there is one thing that's very obvious about the Emperor of Outworld, besides his love of still beating hearts and cooking, is that he's a stickler for rules.

The Aztec warrior has taken charge of overseeing those disputes on Twisted that lead to duels in the arena, and he is sitting on a grand throne further off the center of the arena to be the referee and judge of the proceedings. As Rayne arrives, Kotal Kahn stands from his throne and bids her to come nearer with a gesture of his hand.

Rayne sighs, cutting off her tune as she approaches the throne. "I see I was the last to arrive... Were you two waiting long?" She's still sporting a not entirely healed set of scratches on her cheek from her encounter with Flandre. Madorg, not bidden to approach, remains where he stands. "I em petient. Had yew not shewn up, I wold have feund yew, and keeled yew."

"That will not be necessary." Kotal states calmly and then bids Madorg to approach. Both the rainbow haired woman and the lizardfolk will realize that a few meters in front of Kotal's throne there lays two lines for them to stand. "Face the judges." Says the Aztec once Rayne and Madrog have taken their positions. Of course, he says judges in plural out of habit, but here it seems that he's the only one refereeing. Incidentally, there /are/ a couple of spectators out there in the arena benches that have come to witness the spectacle. A few hooligans yelling and flicking popcorn everywhere in the front benches, and people of more high social standing standing further off, watching with binoculars like if they were at the opera. Twisted doesn't get a lot of public entertainment, so when news were heard that someone was /actually/ going to the arena, there were a few stragglers that were bound to show. Kotal Kahn is paying their hollers and cheers no mind, focused solely on the two kombatants.

"Madorg of the Tailshadow Clan, you have called upon the sacred rules of Mortal Kombat upon Rayne Hurris, who is now duty bound to defend her honor!"

"The vanquished will relinquish their life to the victor. Fight well and may you die with honor." The Aztec glances to both Rayne and Madorg to see if they are ready and then nods, beckoning to start.

"Let Mortal Kombat begin!"


With the call of the start of the match, Madorg roars and rushes in towards Rayne, who jumps to the side just a bit too late, getting nicked by the axe in her arm between the armor. She winces in pain, but the light hit doesn't seem to do much more than draw blood. As she tries to dodge around him to strike with a quick slash, he swings the axe around behind him, deflecting the blow entirely. "Sped ess on Madorg's side ez well, it semms," he taunts at the smaller woman.

Kotal takes a seat as the battle begins, watching the two fighters closely.

Away in the arena benches, cheers and hoots erupt when Madorg launches into the attack. "YEAAH!" The punks at the front of the arena cheer. "LET'S SEE SOME BLOOD!! WHOOO!!"

The tuuk spins around, swinging the axe around widely, but this attack doesn't come near Rayne as she jumps backwards, out of range of her own swords. Oddly enough, Rayne's lips are pursed as she jumps back... is she whistling? It's hard to hear from a distance, but the tune is unidentifiable. In a fluid motion, she taps the pommels of her swords together and lets go with her right hand. Somehow, the swords stay in their position as she does a one-handed cartwheel to further her distance. Once her right hand is no longer needed to support her weight, it reaches behind her to reach for an arrow from her quiver. Once again, with a practiced motion, she brings the arrow up to the joint between the swords... and pulls back a bowstring. She holds it for a heartbeat as Madorg starts to charge her again, and then lets go, the arrow flying into his left side, embedding in muscle.

Madorg roars in anger, but his actions seem to ignore the arrow strike. This is clearly a mistake, as the swing of his axe brings its haft into contact with the shaft of the arrow still in his side, aggrivating the injury and altering the swing to miss Rayne by a wide margin. She doesn't even dodge the attack as he gets in close, instead seperating the swords again and stepping in further to slash upward towards the already wounded side. Unfortunately for Rayne, the axe is still close by and Madorg easily deflects the strike with the haft that just a moment before made things worse for him.

"My goodness." A woman dressed in finery fans herself with a paper fan. "I dare say it might have been a mistake to come see this brutish spectacle. I am ever so squeamish at the sight of blood." A man next to her, presumably her husband, pets her hand reassuringly. "Relax, my dear. This is merely the way the dredges of society cull each other." The woman looks down at the punks with mohawks and spiked hairdos cheering the battle on and nods. "Mayhap you are right, these sort of things are for the best."

Quickly off the deflected strike Madorg swings the unbladed end of the axe upward to solidly strike up at Rayne's chin, knocking her stumbling back a few feet into pefect range for the larger weapon. Rayne, despite the heavy hit, rolls well with the blow after its initial impact and in fact uses the new momentum to add to the power of another strike, this time with her off hand weapon. The strike hits his right arm, slashing through the scales to draw a line of blood.

Again with a roar, Madorg swings a wide arc across Rayne's position... Only she isn't there anymore, ducking low before almost dancing back to give herself more distance for another arrow strike. Unfortunately for her, despite the smooth motion of reconnecting the blades after the leap back, her fingers actually fumble for the arrow, misdrawing it and instead sending the arrow tumbling onto the ground. She scowls at the arrow and the whistled tune takes a minor turn. Madorg, however, is already reacting to a possible strike from an arrow, placing himself in a low stance and running in a somewhat awkward manner to try to circle around Rayne.

Kotal Kahn continues to watch, though he seems less tense about it now. He's doing his usual slouch of leaning on the side of his throne, elbow firmly placed on the arm rest and cheek on his knuckles. It's not that he's bored or anything, but you get to see millions of Mortal Kombat matches and you can sort of second guess what most people do. Unfortunately for him too, he's the judge and he's supposed to be impartial, so he can't even cheer Rayne on or actively coach her.

His golden eyes narrow though, just in case there might be a way for him to bend the rules just a bit in order to assist his co-worker.

With the fumbled arrow now noticed, Madorg takes the opportunity to close in again on Rayne. Unfortunately for him the low, awkward stance makes it too difficult to get the speed he would need to properly close the distance, giving Rayne the chance to get a second arrow ready to strike the charging tuuk. She lines up a shot and with a turn of her whistled tune back up into a major key, she lets the arrow fly directly into his neck just as he gives up the low stance for better speed and striking power.

There's cheers and gasps from the crowd when Madorg takes the arrow to the neck and Kotal rises from his seat, eyes glowing. Could it be that was the fatal blow? Both the judge and the crowd wait to see.

Madorg's eyes widen as he reaches up to the arrow in his neck, barely holding the axe now with his injured arm. Rayne then lowers her bow after whistling what feels like an ending to whatever song she had. "It's over, Madorg. Do you really think you can win now? Stand down and I'm sure we can get you help and save your life from that." The tuuk shakes his head, making the wound even worse. "No... feght untell death. Honor demends." Blood comes from his mouth as he talks, but he lowers his hand down to the haft of his axe again and then charges at Rayne, this time without the roar that has come be be associated with his attacks. He swings downward, but Rayne easily deflects the strike with the upper blade of her bow - it is still a sword after all - and using that momentum of his strike to spin the bow around to strike upward with the lower blade, opening up his abdomen. Instead of a look of shock, or an expression of pain or of fear of death, Madorg actually just smiles. "Sped... not on Madorg's sed... efterell."

Unfortunately for Rayne, despite the fact that he's now clearly dying, he makes one last swing with the last of his strength. An unexpected strike that buries itself solidly into her side. "But final blood... is Madorg's." With that said, he lets the axe go and collapses to the ground.

More sounds of surprise come from the audience at the grim display and when Madorg manages to get that last strike in and collapse, everyone goes silent.

Except for Kotal Kahn who raises his hands and calls out.


Rayne reaches a hand down to her side, her right hand from her weapon as the axe falls from her flesh. Clearly in a lot of pain, she thinks it's over... until Kotal Kahn makes his request. One eye shut from the pain, she looks at him in shock. On looking down at her opponent, though, she realizes something as she drops her weapon. It's not a call for extra brutality. In this case, this is a call for different kind of mercy. She's left many to die before. But this time is different. She holds out her hands, concentrating on her spellwork in the one element she has extra talent for. A sphere of flame forms in front of her, seemingly aided by the blood on her hand, her own blood. Suddenly her eyes flare slightly as the flame shifts from red into a swirl of different colors, different temperatures, though more of a deep blue than any others. With a snap closing of her hands into fists, the flame shoots down onto the dying brown and yellow mottled tuuk's head, quickly incinerating it and ending his pain. Still, she has her own pain to deal with, and she quickly brings her hands back down to the open wound on her side that now has her complete attention. There is no flame to cauterize the wound, however. She knows that would be useless.

The good ol' decapitation with a giant ball of flame.


Sure, Rayne may have thought of it as a mercy killing, but the cheering audience says otherwise, with their excited yells and hollers. Kotal too seems pleased at the spectacle and raises his hands to the sky, the sun shinning upon the arena as if in approval.

"Rayne wins!"


The entire audience joins in cheering at his call, and then does the Aztec warlord steps down from his throne, walking towards Rayne whilst clapping. "Very well done, warrior."

Rayne doesn't look nearly as celebratory as Kotal or the audience. "Oh, yes. I feel absolutely wonderful," she says too quietly for the audience, but loud enough for Kotal to hear. The sarcasm in her voice is obvious. "As much as I'd like to celebrate, I'd rather not bleed out and die today. It might destroy my clothes."

"There's an easy solution for that." Answers Kotal in that know it all tone he often takes with mortals. The warrior god raises his hand to shower Rayne with a ray of sunlight. After a few moments of sitting on the ray of light, all of Rayne's wounds completely heal.

Rayne doesn't seem too surprised by this. After all, it's quite reminiscent of when Rayne first arrived and Kotal healed her of a concussion. Still, she breathes out a sigh of relief. "Well, that's that. I must say, Kotal... It's nice to not have this looming over me anymore..." She looks out over the crowd, a pensive look on her face. These are the citizens she's decided to protect. Those here to watch are probably not the ones she'd choose to spend her free time with, but they are still her chosen people. "Um, is there any other ceremony attached to this? And, uh, what do we do with... the rest of him?"

"I can imagine." Agrees Kotal with a nod of his head before he turns to see the remains of Madorg's charred corpse. He snaps his fingers and a couple of arena attendees rush out of the gates to put the corpse in a body bag and carry it out of the arena on a stretcher. "Not really." Says the Aztec warlord calmly. "Madorg died with honor. He will be given a proper burial in Twisted's cemetery. He put quite a show for the people and will be remembered for a long time. In that way, his spirit will be at peace in the realm of Mictlan."

Rayne says, "Well, I guess that's good." She starts walking for the entrance, clearly still slightly disturbed by what has happened. "I think I may need a drink to calm me down after this. An actual alcoholic one, this time... I've killed in the heat of battle and in self defense plenty of times, but this is the first time I've ever... it's ever been like this."

Kotal accompanies Rayne to the arena's exit and with their departure the audience also begins to disperse. "The first one is always the hardest." Kotal answers Rayne with surprising understanding. "However, as warriors and defenders of Twisted, it is our duty to finish challenges that those of weaker spirits would fail to accomplish."

"Many more trials await you here in Twisted, Rayne. This has been naught but a prelude."

Fortunately Kotal is not always grim brimstone. "Come, we can have pulque at the usual. Or whatever you might like. My treat."

Rayne says, "I guess that's a part of fighting for people other than just yourself and personal friends, isn't it?" She grimaces slightly. "Yeah, sure... I'll give this 'pulque' stuff a try." A weak smile is offered upwards at Kotal. "Can't be worse than the stuff I had on Antwar VII."

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