2015-08-26 - Owly Meetings

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Owly Meetings

Summary: A thirst for knowledge lands this owl in a source of information where she cannot escape from.

Who: Minu, Rayne, Twilight, Kotal_Kahn
When: August 28, 2015.
Where: Usual Restaurant.

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It is with the last few rays of sunlight hiding in the horizon of Twisted that Kotal Kahn makes his way to the Usual Restaurant along with the freshly baptized in the arena, Rayne.

Kotal is looking excelling pleased with himself this time around though, much like a proud father would look after a child of his has won their first soccer match or some sort. He glides into the restaurant in the way he normally does, less walking and more sliding across the ground. "Waitress!" He calls out as he finds the largest table for he and Rayne. "Two large mugs of pulque, please." And hey what the hell. "And a round on me for everyone else! Tonight is a time of celebration!"

There is a cheer heard across the normally weary eyed people of the restaurant. Kotal doesn't get his nickname of 'sunshine' just because, sometime he can be a genuinely cheery fellow.

At least when he's not ripping hearts off and eating them that is.

Rayne, following Kotal in, looks significantly less excited. She won, right? Shouldn't she be ecstatic? No, instead she actually looks a bit paler than usual. She follows silently to the table, not even whistling as she usually does when not engaged in conversation. Almost falling into the seat, she takes a deep breath in, then out. She offers a weak smile to the waitress as the pulque arrives, then looks down a bit sullenly at the drink on the table in front of her.

As the newly arrived patrons settle down at their table and the waitress brings the drinks to the table, there is a loud pop. The air around the fireplace starts shimmer and waver as portal the size of a manhole cover forms. If one looks through it one can see what appears to be a room with a great many book shelves, positively littered with books. From the shimmering portal there is a fast dart of something small and brownish. A trilling hooooooo is heard over the sounds of surprise and other noises of the restaurant.

That same small blur makes three fast laps around the room, when its close enough its clear the little thing is some species of owl. The little bird makes a final lap, then darts down over the table where the rainbow haired woman and the big blue man sit , tiny talons stretch forth, and snatch a menu from its holder then makes a bee line for the portal. Just as the little owl reaches that shimmering opening it POPS shut and instead of darting through the opening, the little bird hits the wall and slides down it with a soft hooo.

Something that really ought to be said about Twisted is that there is no such thing as an average day.

You can live for a full eternity in this chaotic realm, and you'd still wouldn't the difference between what's common and what's extraordinary.

Even after living in Twisted for quite an extensive amount of time and learning most of its secrets, when a portal opens and a tiny owl flies in, Kotal can honestly not tell if this is something that should surprise him or not. For all he knows, this is something that happens very frequently and he just hadn't noticed before.

"Someone shut that portal before more birds get in." Kotal says nonchalantly, still convinced this is something that is perfectly natural. It takes for the tiny owl to make laps around the restaurant and then to snatch a menu off his hands to finally get his attention. "Why you little--" The Aztec warrior raises his head to see where the owl is heading, seeing it slam head first into a wall before it reaches its desired portal.

"This is not amusing.."

While Rayne doesn't seem to notice the initial pop, having her control tower buzzed by the little blur does in fact get her attention. "Huh wha-" is all she can say as she looks up at Kotal's now empty hands, tracking the movement a bit too slowly. It's not until the portal pops shut that her attention is finally brought to the originator of this new commotion. "Is that... a bird? Did it just fly directly into a wall?" Apparently she never noticed the portal being there to begin with.

The little elf owl lays sprawled on the flood in front of the fireplace where fell after hitting the wall. The tiny bird blinks its golden eyes and makes a small pained hoot. That was NOT what was supposed to happen. Dazed the little thing flops and flutters as it tries to right itself.

No such luck on that regard. Kotal Kahn isn't one that suffers foolish pranks, particularly because he gets plenty of that from Caliga anyway, and they can be quite irritating.

Instead of letting the owl be and go back to his drinking and merry making, Kotal rises from his seat and reaches for the owl in what looks like a single step. Kotal may be a bulky and tall guy, but when he wants to move fast, he is a blur of blue motion.

First he reaches down for his menu and pries it away from the owl's talons. Then he grabs hold of the bird to pick it up, and carry it all the way to the exit with the clear intent of throwing it out of the restaurant like a base ball. In reality, the owl should consider itself lucky, the only reason why Kotal didn't just fry it with a beam of sunlight is because its night time now.

"I do not have time for this foolishness. Get out of my sight, you meddlesome owl."

Rayne says, "Oh, for..." She gets up and follows Kotal, her still untouched drink seemingly forgotten. "The thing's injured. Be gentler with it, it's not like it has human level intelligence or anything. I doubt it really even knew what it was grabbing." At least this has snapped her out of her funk. "Your menu probably had some meat on it that the poor thing smelled and confused it." She also doesn't appear to be very familiar with owls as she seems to think they hunt by smell." The little bird squawks as it is unceremoniously robbed of its pilfered menu. Golden eyes go wide and feathers ruffle. The elf owl is no bigger then Kotals fist and when he grabs it, the little bird turns its head far around and tries to bite at his fingers with its sharp, hooked beak. Tiny talons stretch out to try and grasp for the menu again even as the little bird blinks and squirms. The elf owl hoots and beak clatters scoldingly.

The owl's beak finds Kotal's fingers easily enough, but they do not penetrate his turquoise colored skin. In fact, it doesn't even look Kotal felt that and he simply glances back at Rayne when she reprimands him for manhandling the little owl. "Do not be so certain of that." Kotal wiggles his finger at Rayne, owl still biting at his hand. "Remember that here in Twisted not everything is what it appears."

While Kotal and Rayne are busy discussing the true nature of the owl, the Aztec warlord notices that the owl is still trying to grab the menu, even as it continues its futile attempts to injure Kotal by biting him. "You see? It definitely has a vented interest in stealing that."

The war god then looks at the owl directly, convinced that its not what seems to be. "Who or what are you? If you are one of Diablo's spies, I swear by the Eldergods, I will gut you right here and now." He is not making idle threats either, because out comes his ceremonial dagger which he then points down at the owl's belly.

Rayne says, "Okay, yeah... You have a point. I'm still getting used to this place, and before the only really intelligent birds I've met were on fire." She leans over and looks more closely at the bird. "So, what are you, then? Are you a dumb animal or a lousey thief?""

The little owl blinks, well, owlishly up at the big blue man. The threat and the brandishing of a dagger has golden eyes going very wide. The tiny bird tenses as Rayne looks it over as well. For a moment the little thing squirms then tries one more time to bite the mans hand, this time catching her hooked beak just under a finger nail.

Even though the beak finds its mark and digs its way right under Kotal's finger-nail making his finger bleed, the Aztec still fails to make a reaction. Really, Kotal cuts himself on a regular basis with his serrated ceremonial dagger, which probably hurts a lot more than any bird bite. If Kotal is feeling any kind of pain at being bitten and bloodied, he's not showing it.

He does make a 'hmm' noise at the lack of reaction from the owl though. Its making what any animal would do, keep biting even under the threat of death. "Maybe it is just an owl." The warlord wonders whilst the owl continues its attempts to rip off his finger nail. The thing looks like its about to pop out of his finger in a sickening gory display and Kotal's expression is still not changing.

"Oh well, maybe you'd like to keep it as a pet?" He says, offering it to Rayne.

Rayne blinks and looks up to Kotal. "No way! That thing looks downright viscious. I think I'd be screaming in pain right now if it did that to me." The color had only just now gotten back to her face, and now she's starting to pale again at the display. "But dumb animal or not, you're right... Why grab a menu? Um, and if it's a spy, it's a really, really bad one." She looks back at the tiny bird and speaks in a higher pitched, sing-song voice. "So what's you're deal, little guy? Why do you want the menu that's twice your size?" Her voice then returns to normal. "And for that matter, how was something your size able to pick up something that big and keep flying? Yeah, I'm thinking this is a normal bird less and less now."

Seeing as her attempts to cause the man enough pain to release her isn't working the little bird gives up on digging her beak into Kotals nail bed. When the mention of pet is made the tiny bird squawks and positively shudders in Kotals grasp. She squirms and wriggles trying to find at least an inch to get out of that big fist. As Rayne makes that sing song little voice to her , the owls eyes genuinely roll and she just sags with a sound of disgust, there is no other term for that huff of air and twittered sound. This isn't going at all like it was supposed to. She had no choice but to do something drastic to get the strange denizens of this land to release her. With a twittered hoot and a beak clack the small bird takes a rather large breath then, morphs. Yes, morphs, instantly. One moment a tiny bird, the next a petite dark haired female of the elven persuasion. Now, seeing as she is a good deal larger in this form and even a god isnt likely able to completely ignore physics.what comes next, should be quite a sight.

No, not even a god of Kotal's caliber can ignore physics, but what he can do is ignore weight.

He doesn't miss that huffy eye roll the owl gives Rayne when she speaks to it in song. Its an unmistakeably human trait of someone that has unnervingly large of pride. In fact, it reminds Kotal of something Tabitha or Morgana have done to him in the past. Let's just say the Aztec warrior has had way too many encounters with uppity girls full of themselves to -not- recognize that eye roll.

Because of that, he was sort of expecting something happening, and he does not move his hand when the owl shimmers and begins to grow.

Once the owl reveals its true from, the elf girl will find herself held up right by Kotal when she's essentially sitting on his open palm as if she were still naught but a tiny owl.

"An astute observation Rayne." Kotal, for his part, is not making a huge deal he now has a petite elf girl sitting on his hand. "I should not have been so quick on thinking otherwise."

Rayne looks up at Kotal with probably her first genuine smile of the night. "Yeah, well, when I'm a bird, I can't pick up things that relative size to myself and keep flying... not that I've flown carrying things very often. But really now." She looks back to the elf with a raised eyebrow. "What's up with stealing a menu like that? Really. I think they've some take home menus you can grab if you really wanted one."

When she ends up simply sitting in the big mans hand the little elf frowns hard. She looks from Kotal to Rayne and back she sighs softly then takes a slow steadying breath "excuse me, could you please put me down? I am not of this place and so there is no need for you to be concerned. I will just be on my way now if you please." Her voice is soft and polite, her small hands fidgeting with the thin gold belt that spans her tiny waist and currently lays in her lap. She turns her head and looks to the rainbow haired woman "its a magical ability, it allows me to do my job. I am gifted with that form, it is not a native talent."

Rather ironically, even though he wears a big eagle helmet with almost violently bright colors, Kotal is not much of an avian orientation. Sure, he's as territorial as an eagle sometimes but he doesn't seem to have an extravagant kinship to other birds. In fact, he kind of sees them as rival, as his encounter with that Moon Tengu would prove. It is no wonder he would look down on a thieving owl then.

But that is besides the point, because Kotal's glowing golden eyes widen slightly as the elf girl utters that key phrase.

I am not from here'

"What?" Kotal's eyebrows raise as he suddenly puts everything together. That portal where the owl came in from, it wasn't unlike the portal that sucked him here to Twisted. If his assumptions where true, then this was no spy from Diablo or other member of the Hell council.

This was just another hapless person pulled in by Twisted and she still didn't realize where she was.

What really drives home is when she says that 'she'll be going now'. There's a very uncharacteristic puffs from his cheeks from Kotal, as if he had just -barely- kept himself from laughing out loudly.

He sets the elf girl down sure enough, but as soon as he does he throws back his head and starts cackling with booming laughter. "A HA HA HA!!" It's slightly creepy actually, Kotal is always such a serious minded creature and he very seldom laughs, or even cracks a smile. "By the Eldergods.. you don't know where you are, do you?" He finally manages to compose himself and clears his throat.

"By all means, try to get out of here. I simply must see how you manage to do that." Oh, this will be worth seeing one way or another, he thinks.

Rayne looks downright terrified. Of Kotal, of course. "Um.... Y....yeah. Good luck with that. I hate to break it to you, but your job stealing menus is as good as over."

One smooth motion hefts her long skirt and makes a dash for the fireplace. A soft muttering can be heard and she waves one small hand. She reaches the fireplace and speaks the spell again and waves her hand again. She stands there blinking behind her spectacles. The color drains from her face and she throws her hands toward the fireplace and practically shouts the command. Her small chest rises and falls and she looks utterly horrified "Its not working!!!"

Much to the elf girl's misfortune, it would appear that Rayne is right.

For a fleeting moment, even Kotal Kahn was hoping that this would be the break through he was looking for and this strange owl, elf girl would prove to have the means to escape this dimension. However, he knew it was folly to hope as soon as he didn't feel any magic answering from the elf girl's command. Truth of the matter is that Twisted is quite full with magic, so much in fact that there is an inescapable barrier here that pulls everything in, but doesn't let anything out. Like a black hole.

Once the girl realizes that her teleporting enchantment is to no avail, Kotal Kahn simply scoffs and moves away from his spot, heading back to his table.

"Welcome to Twisted, girl."

"There is no escape from this place."

Then he flops on his seat and chugs some of his pulque, now in a bad mood since the girl has succeeded in reminding him that he too is a prisoner in this place. "But take heart, you chose a great night to join us in our collective prison. We were throwing a celebration in Rayne's success in the coliseum, and there are plenty of drinks to be had."

Rayne sighs and starts walking back to the table, reminded of her victory and all it entailed. "Yeah. I won." She practically flops into her seat and proceeds to start chugging as well.

The little elf girl stands there utterly shocked and horrified. She is STUCK, in a realm where there is no information known, no one in the archive knows where she went. No one will know where to look for her. She frowns hard, her small arms curling around herself "they wont know where to find me. My portal isn't working. I have to get back to the Archive." She blinks those big golden eyes behind her glasses. The seeming callousness of those who had returned to their drinks has the little elf feeling rather lost. She has always been able to just pop back to the safety of the archives when things got dicey in the realms she had collected in.

Kotal is rather starting to feel like an old timer from Twisted by now. It's been so many times that he's seen this little scenario play out that he's sort of memorizing it by heart. The utter despair of a person that realizes they are forever bound to this Twisted realm. The knowledge that they have left it all behind forever. Granted some of those happen to be relieved when they realize this, but it doesn't look to be the case with this tiny elf girl. She appeared to enjoy her previous life and if she's as sheltered as she look she's in for a wild ride.

Alas, it is up to the god of war to take pity on these lost souls. Whilst Rayne mutters to herself and chugs from her glass, Kotal stares at Minu passively until he bids her to approach, sliding a chair for her to sit. "Come, little one. Join us. All shall be explained momentarily."

Rayne looks up from her drink towards Minu again. She really should see this process from the outside... if she's going to be in a position of semi-authority, she figures this situation is likely to come up again, and she may be the one left to explain. Still, she remains silent, letting Kotal do the talking.

The little elf stood staring at the fireplace wall. Small arms curled around her delicate waist. She blinks those big golden eyes behind her glasses, the spectacles making those golden eyes look even larger. Tears well and threaten to spill onto her pale cheeks. The utter desolation of the girl clear in the set of her shoulders and trembling breaths that shake her. A small whimper can just be heard as those tears break loose and fall in big wet drops down her cheeks. She is not the warrior sort its clear, the delicate little 4 foot frame would be a threat to no one. Small hands fidget with her long skirt and one darts up to scrub a tear from her cheek as she catches the movement of the big blue mans hand as he calls her over. She doesn't know what else to do so she slowly steps toward the table where the man and woman sit.

Oh dear. Tears. That is something that Kotal doesn't deal with well. Being the god of war, great Huitzilopotchli concerns himself with all that is battle, bravery, strength, progress, honor.. which is why despite being quite the conversationalist diplomat, he's never been good at comforting people. Indeed, gods, for all their power, are quite helpless when it comes to dealing with things outside of their domain. Such will always be the advantage that mortals have over these immortal beings. Gods don't quite have that level of versatility.

As such, when the tiny elf thing comes in and sadly sits down next to him, looking up at him with big wide, teary eyes. Kotal's mind all but implodes on him. "Please, don't cry." The tall, muscled Aztec winces like he's not entirely sure what to do. He even reaches an unsure hand up to Minu's shoulder and just sort of.. pats her there, completely uncertain on how to console people. "We will not harm you in any way. You are quite safe amongst us." Kotal glances at Rayne, looking for help/advice here. "Isn't that right, Rayne?"

Rayne blinks as she's addressed directly. She was clearly not expecting to be put in the hotseat by the look on her face, but now that she is, she tries to jump into a position of being comforting. "Uh, y-, uh, yeah! Um, look, we're all in this together. Really, it's not that bad here. So, um, if you, well..." She's clearly at a terrible loss for words here. She closes her eyes, takes a deep breath in, then out again. She looks to Kotal with an apologetic look before turning back to the small elf. "Forget what he said. If you need to, go ahead and cry. Get it out so you can then think clearly."

The little elf sits where invited and sniffles as the tears flow down her sculpted cheeks. Doll like would be the term for one build as she is and the smallness makes her seem all the more helpless when she dissolves into tears. Kotals words do not bring her solace. She is unable to stop the tears once they start and her small head only nods when Rayne gives her permission to ahead and let herself cry. Taking her glasses off the little elf covers her face with her hands and weeps.

Twilight Sparkle, once again, is outside her apartment, recovering quite nicely from the burns and fatigue she'd sustained in her fight against Flandre and the fog-borne monsters. As such, there's a faint red tint to the lavender fur between her wings. But she seems to be paying that no mind, as - rather predictably - there's a book hovering in front of her face, cocooned in her distinctive magenta aura. However, even though she's reading, one lavender ear flicks as she picks up snippets of what's being said on the way to a table, prompting the pegacorn mare to stop abruptly and turn to look. "Oh, hey there. What's going on?" Tears, though... The sudden weeping has a concerned Princess Twilight setting aside her book and trotting forward to try and help.

Kotal nods along with Rayne's comforting words, certain that the rainbow haired lass is quite far more proficient at this consoling stuff than he would ever be. He seems quite satisfied when Rayne follows along and assures the tiny elf girl that everything is fine. See? Nothing wrong here, just a hug Aztec god and a phoenix girl. Nothing can possible go wrong-- eh what!? Kotal's eyes widen when he sees what Rayne is doing and before he can interject, the elf girl is taking off her glasses and putting on the water works. Oh great.

"Blast it all, Rayne." Kotal doesn't look happy. "Why would you tell her such a thing?" Great, now he's going to have to wait until the girl has recovered before he can explain her what's going on. It bears repeating that Kotal is /really/ bad at this comforting thing. Warriors, as a rule, are trained to control their feelings, and Kotal expects everyone else to be as disciplined as he is. When warriors do cry, it is with open eyes and unmoving faces, shedding tears of pure manliness. Weeping is.. not.. quite Kotal's cup of tea, and he really can't handle it. So he just continues chugging his drink waiting for Minu to recuperate.

Fortunately, a pony princess of friendship happens to trot in and join the trio, which may be exactly what Kotal needs at this juncture. "Ah, good day to you, princess Twilight. We have a new arrival here that is quite distressed as you can see." He motions to the weeping Minu next to him. "Perhaps you can assist us consoling her."

Rayne says, "I told her that because... because I think that needs to... be gotten out of the way?" She doesn't really seem confident about this herself. "Twilight! Uh. Yeah. I think, you, uh, might be better at this than us." She doesn't seem to be in a particularly stable mental state herself as she wipes her own face with the back of a hand and takes a sharp breath in through her nose."

The exasperation of Kotal and Raynes answers all reach the little elfs pointed ears though she doesn't pause in her weeping for a good long moment. When she does its with great hick-ups and sniffles. Small hands rise to scrub at her face and she blinks big golden eyes as she turns her head and gets a glimpse of a lavender pelted alicorn. Her head tilts and she gets the most perplexing look on her face. "did, you just..speak?" Ok a talking giant blue man, not the strangest thing clearly but a talking pony brings her attention right around her own dismay.

Man, the estrogen is running rampant tonight. With this frail elf girl sniffling, Rayne still composing herself from the fight, and now Twilight, the magical pony of friendship, joining the group, it's not exactly the blood soaked battlefield where Kotal thrives on.

Alas, this is part of being a good leader, as a ruler does adjust with the circumstances. Kotal simply lets Rayne be for the moment, making a mental note to address her later about not telling people to go ahead and cry in this kind of situations and lets Twilight settle in first. As Kotal suspected, the appearance of a lavender talking pony was enough of a surprise to at least get the elf's mind away from her current situation. "Why don't we start from the very beginning." Kotal snaps his fingers and bids a waitress to bring some water for the new girl. "Tell us who you are and where do you come from." Asks the Aztec of Minu.

Rayne breathes a sigh of releif, grateful that the strangeness of variety of the denizens of Twisted has apparently helped pull the elf from her emotional termoil. She offers a weak smile to Minu as Kotal asks her of her past, but doesn't interject beyond that.

The little elf takes a very deep breath and works to gather her composure. She takes a napkin from the table and wipes her face free of tears , drys her glasses and slips the back onto her nose. When the water is brought out for her, she offers the waitress a thankful smile then takes a long drink before clearing her throat. "My name is Minu. I am a Keeper for the Grand Archive. I am not a thief, I am a collector, well I was before I became a Keeper, but when I saw the section for this realm was empty I thought some how someone made a mistake and I thought it would please the Great Scribe-Spirit and get me a few bonus points to be the first to bring something back from this realm. I know the name of the place, Twisted. I came here quite on purpose you see. But what I dont understand is why my portal spell back to the Grand Archive wont work. It always works. I cant be stuck here...thats not how this is supposed to be."

Kotal listens quite intently, even leaning back on his chair and interlocking his fingers to hear yet another fantastic tale of a traveler from another dimension. Once Minu introduces herself and explains her origins, the Aztec warlord can't help but give a pursed lip smile of understanding once he puts everything together. "Unfortunately, Minu, that how the nature of this place works."

"Dare I say, I can surmise the reason why your archives hold no knowledge of Twisted."

"It is because all who come here never escape."

Kotal motions to those gathered, not only Rayne, Twilight and himself, but all the ones in the restaurant. "None of us are natives to this realm. Each and every one of us has been pulled from their home plane and trapped here. I hail from realm known as Outworld, Twilight Sparkle is from Equestria and Rayne.." He frowns. "Remind me again what is your world called."

At any rate, he moves back to Minu. "It does sadden me to be the one to inform you this, Minu. But your decision of coming to Twisted was a fool hardy one."

"There is no known power or magic that can free anyone out of the black hole that is this place."

Rayne, for the most part, simply lets Kotal do the talking, nodding when she feels it is appropriate. When directly addressed, however, she almost jumps. "Me? Oh... Uh, originally Avia, though I've spent a fair amount of time across Tyrian space, a little on some Sidran worlds... Most recently was a planet called Cevernal... Um, is that what you were looking for?" She tilts her head for a second before shaking it as if to clear her thoughts, not having anything of substance to add to the conversation beyond what was directly asked of her.

Twilight Sparkle facehooves, ears drooping somewhat at Kotal's brutally honest delivery as she turns to give Minu an apologetic smile. "There's a time and place to pull an Applejack, Kotal, but this wasn't either... I apologize for the overly honest statement there..."

Minu frowns and a wrinkle forms between her brows. She pushes her glasses up her nose again with her index finger. The little bow of her mouth purses thoughtfully. "I suppose that would explain it. Why do we have a section if no one can get back from here. That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. What is the Great Scribe-Spirit thinking?! Surely I am not the first to come here. Why were we not told?" She takes a huge breathy sigh. "No use bawling like an infant I suppose. I am nearly 200 years old and a Keeper. If there is a way to do this think then surely there must be information somewhere. Some book in this place must hold the information that is needed. Come along now Minu, its not like you are some lost child, you are a Keeper." She lifts one hand and lightly chews the side of her finger. "I suppose I should ask you all then, where the library is. I am going to need to do some research." Now that her mind is once more actively working and she isnt lost to dismay she actually looks at the folks around her and her eyes go wide for a moment as she waves a little index finger at Kotal "ohhhh I have seen pictures in a book, oh my, its been a long time, it will come to me...yes..Aztecs, your attire reminds me of them, they were a native peoples to Meso- America. I dont recall any by the name of Kotal though."

"Yes, that will suffice." Nods Kotal first to Rayne as she gives a relative lengthy explanation of her worlds she's been too. Naturally, Kotal has never heard of any of those realms, but perhaps Minu might, considering her origins. Twilight Sparkle on the other hand gets a dreary looking reaction from the Aztec and he makes a face at her.

"First of all, I do not know who this Applejack is. Second, how many times must I remind you all that I am the god of war, not the god of tender feelings and understanding. This is as good as I can do to console someone."

However, Minu proves that she has quite some backbone herself and begins to motivate herself whilst she ponders her situation. "Likely because this Scribe-Spirit of yours did not know to begin with. There are a great many things that are a complete mystery to us Twisted denizens, even those who have been here a long time."

But, the moment that Minu glances at Kotal with recognition, the warrior is singing a different tune. Suddenly he's looking a tad more smug, and he gets an arrogant half smile about him. "Aah, do you know of my people, the Mexica? It gladdens me to hear that our fame has reached beyond the stars and dimensions."

"I am indeed an Aztec, lady Minu. But they did not know me as Kotal Kahn. My name in Nahuatl is; Huitzilopotchli."

"Perhaps that will sound more familiar."

Rayne says, "And, if I may interject... As far as I am aware, there is unfortunately no library... Though I have heard interest from several parties in creating one... Including from Twilight Sparkle, here. There is, however, a book store, though I'm not entirely certain how much information it has on Twisted itself. I'm pretty certain that it doesn't hide some magical texts on getting out of this place.""

"Applejack is a friend of mine, back in Equestria, who has a penchant for being extremely honest, even when it's likely to cause more harm than good, and one of the six bearers of the Elements of Harmony." With a sigh, Princess Twilight Sparkle just turns away, refocusing her efforts on trying to help Minu. Her expression brightens, however, as she hears the word 'library'. "I might be able to let you look through some of the books I have in my apartment, though I'm not sure any of them have what you need."

The little elf looks searchingly at the big blue man as he mentions his people. Her eyes brighten and she nods "Oh yes, I have heard of that name...wait..how did a god get here?? As to the Great Scribe-spirit, he knows everything. It is why the Grand Archive exists. Knowledge must be collected, it must be kept for each realm so that should something happen, the knowledge is never lost. We have billions of books and scrolls and rock carvings from all over the many realms. I am afraid the Archive is quite vast and I have not read everything yet, unfortunately. Alas now I never will." She looks to Rayne and frowns "by the scribe, this place is quite vexing, no library. Why in blazes not?" Her attention turns to Twilight and she smiles softly "you have books, oh good. Thank you. That would be a good place to start. I suppose I will have to figure out what to do with myself while I try to figure this out."

"That is a very long and complicated story, little one." Kotal answers with a forlorn sigh when Minu questions why a god like himself is also here. "Suffice to say, I am not the only god that resides within this realm, and not even those deities like myself have the power to be free of this prison." He reclines on his chair and gives Twilight Sparkle a narrowed eye look. "Your friend Applejack has a good policy then. Honesty is the fastest way for things to be in motion." Because feelings be damned as far as Kotal is concerned that's for sure.

Then, when Minu begins to explain that her Spirit Scribe that she so much admires knows everything, all that Kotal Kahn can do is give a knowing shake of his head. "Clearly not everything. Because if he did he would know of this realm." The Aztec chugs the rest of his pulque and asks the waitress to bring him an other one. "One thing you will learn quickly here, Minu, is that nothing is what it appears, and that even unreachable beings such as deities can be quite flawed. " Then he glares at Twilight and Rayne preemptively "Yes, that includes me. Because clearly I have no tact, and that is an apparent flaw." Mortals and their feelings.. seriously..

Anyway, Kotal nods to Minu, always appreciating those folks that have an itching for work. "Rayne is right, there is quite an extensive book store here but no real library. Furthermore, whatever records Twisted keeps in archive are locked and accessed only through request of an elusive being known as Gegoshi. More about her later." The Aztec looks annoyed about that, like bringing up the name vexes him. "If you truly are interested though, I am certain a fellow connoisseur of books such as Twilight Sparkle would love to help you achieve your goal."

"You are quite on the right track, little one. I've learned that the easiest way to escape madness in this realm, is to keep yourself busy. You will get used to it in no time."

Rayne says, "And as far as something to do... You would be a possible fourth person I've heard with the interest in a library... Perhaps you could use that as a way to keep yourself busy, as Kotal put it. If you, Twilight, Serenity, and Johann get together, I'm sure you could make it work... Oh, yeah... If you were surprised to see Twilight here talking... wait until you meet Serenity. After that, Twilight didn't surprise me hardly at all."

Twilight Sparkle descends slowly towards the group, with two large boxes filled to bursting with books floating along behind her, surrounded in her distinctive magical aura up until she finally lands and sets them down beside her. "Well, these are all of the books in my apartment, and they get heavy..."

The little elf looks from one to the other around her. "Well if a library is needed I have been a Keeper for the Grand Archive since I was 50 so, I am very good at organizing and categorizing. I would be very happy to look over the collection if others wanted to help gather." When Rayne mentions Serenity, her head tilts "another unusual person?" She questions. Twilights books get a wide eyed look from the little elf and she draws in a quick breath and moves almost instantly to the boxes with little grabby hands then pauses "if you don't mind of course Twilight?"

Kotal can't really help but make a face when Rayne mentions that Minu should meet Serenity. Oh great, he thinks, now it's going to be like have Serenity on stereo judging by the personality of this quirky little elf girl. It's not like Kotal minds either way, he always welcomes people that are useful and help to bring order. He grasps the other drink that the waitress brings him and also begins to chug that down whilst Twilight brings over some books that Minu can sample to keep her entertained.

Suddenly, Kotal's face turns grim and he peers at the elf girl with his ever impassive glowing golden eyes. "Before you do that." Says the Aztec as he sets his glass down. "It seems that I am forever the messenger of ill news, but I must inform you that not all is tranquil book keeping and information gathering here in Twisted."

"There are many dangers lurking in the city. Currently we are having a very dangerous situation of a demon summoning fog that is roaming the streets, amongst the many other criminals and madmen that already run rampant here in Twisted. Whatever you do, do not travel the streets by your lonesome, especially not at night. It is not safe."

"Rayne and Twilight can let you know more about that."

Twilight Sparkle shakes her head, wings extended and horn lighting up again as she cuts open the ribbons with a magic 'knife' and levitates all the books out into neat piles. "Not at all. Back home, I served as Ponyville's librarian up until my house was destroyed by Tirek. So spreading knowledge is a welcome practice. Feel free to look through all of the books."

You page, "Alrighty then." to Twilight. Rayne says, "Uh, yeah. If fog rolls in, get inside as soon as you can. Those things are pretty nasty on their own... But even more than that. Not everyone that gets pulled into Twisted is... nice. I've narrowly escaped being 'eaten' by a vampire, for instance. Always keep an eye out for trouble." She taps her cheek, forgetting that Kotal's earlier healing spell had removed the scab there from her encounter with Flandre."

You page, "Yeah, as a Spanish speaker a lot of those words are really hard for me to pronounce." to Serenity. When the pony lifts the books toward her and cuts the bindings on them, Minu gasps and goes to them instantly. Each book is lovingly examined. Its contents scanned and then, almost with out thought the little elf reorganizes them by category and then by author. She is quite taken with the stack of books as she half listens to the others about the dangers. Her head turns to look at the blue man. "do the demons fly?"

Kotal looks less than amused when Minu puts most of her concentration on the new books rather than on the life saving warnings that the Aztec gives her. This are life or death situations that Minu should be aware of! And yet, there she is, fawning over old books instead of paying attention to her surroundings.

The warlord closes his eyes and gives a short exhale when Minu asks her such a thing, even ignoring most of the things Rayne also told her. "I have not seen any of the demons fly, no. But that doesn't mean they can't." Kotal still tries to warning, trying to make certain that Minu is aware that this is no joke, but it looks like she won't be paying anything that isn't books any heed.

So he turns to Rayne. "Can you do me a favor and escort her around a bit until she gets situated?" Kotal would do it himself but.. he is understandingly a very busy man.

Rayne says, "I, well, Sure, I suppose." She turns her gaze from Kotal to Minu. "So long as she forgives me for my relatively limited knowledge. I've not actually been here all that long, myself... and I've sort of been pre-occupied for most of my time.""

The little elf stacks the books neatly again and then turns her attention to the others. She flicks her eyes up at Kotal and offers a sweet doll like smile "This place is not safe. Do not trust easily. Do not wander after dark. I was listening. I can fly remember and will fly away the moment anything gets dangerous." She turns her attention to Rayne. "Thank you. As little as you know, you know more then I and I am thankful. I will need to find a place to settle. If I am going to be here a long time I suppose I will have to find a way to make money or something to sustain myself. I have not had to do such a thing before."

"As long as you were listening." Kotal responds with that same stoic face of his, not moved by Minu's disarming doll like smile she gives him. Mortals may be affected by the sweet, comely features but not the god of all warriors! At least not usually anyway.

When the talk turns to the essentials, Kotal's lips purse in thought. "There are plenty of things to do here for the exchange of currency, and many places to live." Problem is, Kotal doesn't know of all of them, this is decidedly not his field. "Ugh, where is Serenity when you actually need her?" He grumbles. "Perhaps we should just take you to the agency where you can meet who is essentially the official welcoming committee of Twisted."

"As for work, if you like organizing things so much, mayhap I can offer you a job as book keeper for Task. We are in dire need of staff."

Rayne says, "And as far as a place to stay is concerned, for some reason there is a place that seems to have no problem offering apartments rent free. I was able to get myself a decent place to live before I actually had a job. We can make that the first stop on our tour, if you want. It's rather close by.""

Minu reaches up and pushes her glasses up her pert nose again. "again with this Serenity. Clearly I should meet her. As to working for you. I suppose that would be a wise choice. Book Keeper, I can do math of course if you mean that manner of Book Keeper but I would like to look toward creating this library Twisted seems to need as well." She looks to Rayne "an apartment might be wise if it is close to this new work place."

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