2015-08-31 - These Are My Friends Now

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These Are My Friends Now

Summary: Minu is introduced to her new life in Twisted and the mixed matched bunch she'll be working with from now on.

Who: Serenity, Rayne, Minu, Kotal_Kahn
When: August 31, 2015.
Where: DMC

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Being a god of war isn't all fun and games you know? Part of being a responsible leader involves having to sit down afterward and go into extensive details about the slaughters and conquests that happened that day.

Its why Kotal has to go back to the agency after a long day of whooping undead arse, and sit down on Dante's desk no less, behind a stack of paperwork whilst typing on a laptop computer that looks far too small for him. Dante's desk probably never looked cleaner.

So yeah, the Aztec warlord is there typing about the current Silent Hill's incidents and the acquisition of a newly converged in owl elf girl. He has helmet resting on the desk exposing his short curly hair and is wearing a small pair of glasses over his glowing eyes.. its not because Kotal can't see, it just helps with the screen glare.

Serenity seems to have lost a little of the concern for being out of doors close to evening... or at least lost track of the time. The mottled mollusc opens the door to the public TASK office enough to admit the hovering forcefield generator and slides inside. Ren doesn't appear too out of sorts before, but certainly relaxes once indoors. The flowing blue sheets of the fins spill out loosely within and through the forcefield.

Ren waves to Kotal with a portion of one 'wing', mimicking in a stylized fashion the look of an arm in a loose sleeve. "Hello," Ren hisses cheerily. "You certainly look busy."

Outside, Rayne is walking perhaps just a few steps ahead of Minu, though it would certainly be fewer of her steps than it would be for the diminutive elf. "And here we are, the last stage of this... wonderful tour." Clearly she doesn't consider her work as a 'tour guide' to be up to par. "Devil May Cry... Currently the closest thing Twisted has to a police force, and where both myself and Kotal work. I think I just saw Serenity go in, so you can meet her, too." Arriving at the door, she opens it and offers the opening for Minu to enter first. Those on the inside can probably tell that Rayne is looking a bit more worn out than usual, this unusual job having drained her a bit, especially after an otherwise harrowing day already.

Minu is small and so she does tend to take two steps for every one of Raynes. The little elf is bright eyed and eagerly taking in every bit of information the rainbow haired woman is giving her. She files much of the information away for later use but now and then she does ask questions. "So the Devil May Cry , is where Kotal wishes me to work as well? As Keeper of the books?" She tilts her head as Rayne mentions the person that entered the building ahead of them. The little elf did see something blueish but didn't get a good look a the person. Following Raynes lead the girl slips under the taller womans arm and steps through the opened door. She darts her eyes quick around the room then lets out a bright gasp as she takes in the creature inside the watery force field.

"Ah, good evening, Serenity." Kotal looks up from his work when he senses the colorful mollusc approach him. He gives a weary sigh as she mentions how busy he is lately and motions to the piles of paperwork surrounding 'his' desk. "Catching up with neglected reports and other things. Dante could not have left us at a worse time." Fortunately Kotal is the kind of person that revels in this kind of work, and he openly welcomes the challenge rather that begrudge Dante for leaving. To an ambitious sort like the Aztec, this is just the opportunity he sought to fully take command.

But Kotal has some other things to take care of before he goes mad with power, like introducing Serenity to a new arrival. "Serenity, there is someone I'd like you to meet. She converged just yesterday and I believe you'll find quite a bit in common with her." Just then, Rayne and Minu step inside causing the warlord to look up. "Perfect timing. Come in, you are just in time to meet the rest of our staff." He says to the currently jaw slacked elf girl.

Serenity nods at Kotal's explanation, lightly flopping the beginnings of the mane of gill-feathers within the mass of suspended water. "Ah, I did wonder if perhaps I had missed some important events because I'm not present for the 'pest control' efforts," Ren remarks. "I will?" Ren inquires with an inquisitive lean of the rhinophores. Then, with Kotal's introduction, Ren twists to look backwards (in a way that vertebrates certainly should not) before following that with a more graceful helical motion of the fins and something like a bow to Rayne and Minu. "Hello," Ren rasps with a cheery smile.

Rayne lets a breath out, almost as if she had been holding it. "Good evening, Ren... Hello again, Kotal. We managed to not run into any fog this evening, thankfully." She then motions towards Serenity while looking at Minu. "Minu, this is Serenity. Serenity, this is Minu, a new arrival. Er, as Kotal just said.

The little elven lady pushes her wire rimmed spectacles up her nose as looks over the newly introduced "person". "Oh, my...your...your a nudibranch? Or something very like it. What realm were you originally from. I trust from what I have heard , there are no true natives to this realm?" Minu gazes at the brightly colored person and up at the floating disk that seems to be holding the water around her. The little elf blushes bright and dips her chin briefly. "Oh please excuse me. Um, my name is Minu. It is a pleasure to meet you. One small doll like hand reaches out in offering.

"Not anything out of the extraordinary" Kotal answers Serenity's concerns about updates first. "Just what has been happening lately. The fog roaming about and summoning demons everywhere. I have yet to decipher if it has a patter or purpose aside from preying on hapless citizens."

The Aztec then nods to Rayne and her report that they were successful in avoiding the fog. "Good. Then perhaps our efforts have not been for naught and attacks have been diminishing." Or at least he hopes. It's good to think that all they are doing isn't completely useless."

Kotal smiles as Minu looks fascinated with Serenity, having the reaction that he expected she would. "Minu. I bid you welcome to the DMC agency. The public section of our police forces. I would go ahead and show you our Tasks facilities, but the elevator isn't working right now and we would have to take the long way." Which would involve going out into the city and risking getting ambushed by the fog.

Serenity frowns at Rayne's passing mention of fog and Kotal's commentary upon it, but only briefly. Ren slips over closer to Minu as Rayne introduces her, a smooth flow of cobalt-blue fins. Likely in an attempt to match the visitor, Ren bends tail end parallel with and lower to the ground, something of a kneeling motion to reduce Ren's height. The immediate questions don't seem to trouble Ren at all. "Yes, these are gills," Ren agrees with her initial assessment, twisting halfway by a half-turn to brush the edge of a 'wing' over the feathery mane. "And while it's true that not many people are born here, we don't have any experience with intersecting universes where I am from- hence no identifier for our own universe."

Ren meets the extended hand by extending a pair of fins from the water and extruding a portion something like a hand. The damp grip is, like a human tongue, mostly muscle, but it isn't terribly strong. "I'm pleased to meet you, too, Minu." Ren motions to Kotal and Rayne with the other pair of fins. "I hope that we can offer you what feeling of security there is to be had here."

Rayne stifles a yawn, hiding her mouth behind a hand. "Well, I think my job here today is done, so I'm going to take my leave." She gives a wave of her hand now that she doesn't feel under threat of a yawn. "Goodnight, everyone. I'll see you later." She stays long enough for others to say goodbyes before heading out into the night on her way to her apartment.

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