2015-08-31 - When You Sing I Will Come

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When You Sing I Will Come

Summary: What happened to Morgana after she ran into Flandre anyway?

Who: Morgana, Muradin
When: August 31, 2015.
Where: Twisted Cemetery, Morgana's Grotto.


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Who would have thunk it? The mighty Muradin Bronzebeard, crown prince of all the dwarven kingdoms of Khaz Modan and one of the greatest duelist in Azeroth, doing nothing but sitting by the docks, gazing at the stars like some love struck fool. You really don't know when it'll get ya, and when it does it hits hard, man, harder than any stray blow Muradin had ever taken.

The dwarven warrior was again by the docks after visiting his lady of the sea for the first time. They hadn't set on a date or anything, but Muradin figured that if he ever wanted to see her again he'd just wait by the beach, something told him that she'd come find him, swimming along the dark waters of this strange world.

Sometimes though, when you're waiting for destiny to come knocking at your door, it calls you instead.

Muradin snaps out from his daze by an ear splitting shriek he heard in the distance. He stands abruptly, looking in the direction of the scream whilst rubbing the handle of his battle axe and his warhammer impatiently. Something at his heart pulls as he suddenly realizes something.

"That sounded like Morgana!"

Without a second thought, Muradin goes into a full sprint, running in the direction of the scream as fast as his sturdy legs can take him. His armor and equipment not slowing him down any at all.

The wounded siren limps back the way she came to the lane that takes her to the sea. Blood pours down her leg in a dark river. She scowls at the word around her, furious at the pain, her survival instincts so well hewd after hundreds of years of living in the frenzy that her mind is in that dark place of kill or be killed. Her senses are heighten and she curses the curiosity that took her to find that wretched vampire child. Her explosion of the tree having left the siren wounded , a hole the size of ones palm in her upper thigh. Only the sirens vampiric nature keeping her from bleeding out and dying. Step by grinding step the siren makes her way to the sea, her hunger rising to dive her to feed to heal as well as lash out in that violent primal rage to protect herself from further harm.

Muradin is no tracker, but he has quite the knack of exploring and a remarkable sense of direction. Why, the first thing he did when showing up in Twisted -right after picking a fight with the goddess of the sun, Amaterasu- was to wander around mapping the entire place the old fashioned way.

He knows Cemetery Lane like the back of his hand now and quickly finds his way to the spot where a clear fight took place. There's blood in the pavement, a destroyed tree, the mangled corpse of a woman, and a trail that looks like someone was limping away.

He runs after it and quickly sees the figure of Morgana in the distance, looking like some apparition with her long dark hair and sickly gait due to being wounded. Thankfully, not only does Muradin recognize her easily enough, he recognizes the shirt she's wearing as his own.

"Oi! Morgana! Imma comin'!" He yells, waving his arm. He has no idea that Morgana may currently in an overly defensive mood. He heard her song and so he came. The dwarf all but tries to tackle her and put her in a protective hug when he sees her bleeding. "Wot tha' bloody hell happened to ye!?"

Mind lost to fury and pain the sirens focus is tight and narrow. She must get to the sea, she must feed and and heal. Her dark eyes are empty of recognition as she hears a voice and she spins herself dropping into a protective crouch of sorts, her balance off though due to her wounds. When the dwarf bowls into her with that tackling hug the siren lashes out with talon and a sharp screaming shriek. It is not as loud as before but perhaps enough to leave one ears ringing. Beastial instinct is what she has lived by for 900 years and it is what she falls back on when wounded and in danger. Her mind does not see the lover from the beach but another attacker that she must protect herself from.

"Ow! Sod me!" Cries Muradin when he sees Morgana fly into a frenzy and lash out at him with her sharp talons. The dorf lowers his head out of reflex to protect his face and takes the clawed swipe on his helmet instead. Sturdy dwarven forged steel protecting his nogging from an otherwise quite fatal blow, sparks flying as nails scrape his defenses and the metal rings. "Wot's the matter with ye, woman!!?" He cries out in protest and grabs her arms with his gruff hands. It's no restraining technique or anything, he's just trying to hold her back and keep her from clawing at him. "Morgana! It's me, Muradin! Donna ye recognize me!!?"

As her arms are grabbed the siren snarls and gnashes sharp teeth. Her dark eyes narrow and she struggles with the dwarf till calls to her. When his voice and scent finally reach her mind, she goes still, her chest rising and falling in ragged pants. The siren shakes her head and frowns hard. Muradin? She blinks and looks confused. How...where.. Morgana's darker instincts having clouded her mind so thoroughly for that time that she is briefly perplexed. Talons retract and the siren winces as the pain in her thigh nearly brings her to her knees.

Phew! Thank goodness Morgana came to her senses. For a second there, Muradin feared that he'd have some manner of fight in his hands, and for once the prospect of fighting doesn't thrill him one bit. Slowly, the dwarf begins to release his grip on the siren's wrists until her hands are lowered. Of course, the moment he does so, the throbbing pain Morgana feels on her leg nearly causes her to lose her balance, making Muradin reach out to her once again. He doesn't think twice about it, the dwarven warrior scoops her up and carries her bridal style to keep her from falling, knowing that she won't be able to walk with that gaping hole in her leg. "Donna worry lass, you'll be alright." He assures her. "I'll take ye back to the beach, hopefully the waters can help ye heal." No time to really question her on what happened, Muradin's first concern is to see that she's out of danger. Apparently even vampire's can bleed out.

The siren pants, the darn hunk of wood having come far to close to a major artery for comfort. She isn't gushing blood any longer but every movement makes the wound gape nastily. When Muradin scoops her up into his arms, the siren blinks and makes a little grunt. She frowns "Why are you here Muradin?" She tilts her head and looks at the dwarfs profile. His scent fills her nose, memory teases her mind and she is brought back from the darkness and that primal instinct of self preservation. That he is carrying her baffles her for a long moment until his warmth calls to her and she turns her face into the heat of his neck.

Muradin almost wants to roll his eyes at Morgana, but he does scoff a little at the question. "Wot do ya mean 'why I was 'ere? Don't be daft, woman." Dwarves have never been known for their tender nature and Muradin is no exception, he's baffled that Morgana would ask such a thing of him. "I heard ya screaming and I came running. Wot did you want me ta do? Not come and see ye when yer shrieking so loud that half the city could hear ya?" Despite his chiding of Morgana as if she were a child, he seems very concerned about her well being and hurries to take her back to the sea as he knows merfolk do when injured. As he senses that she buries her face on the side of his neck, he tenses a little knowing that she's doing so for more than simple comfort, after all, she bit him when they were having their tender moment in the seas. "Oi, oi! Donna bite me right now! I won't be able to carry ya if ye do!" He knows that she's in pain, but can't she hold out for a bit longer?

The dwarfs chiding does not annoy the siren the way others words tend to. His words though gruff are clearly caring and she nuzzles at his neck, breathing in the warm metal and stone scent of him. "You came because you heard me. I did not mean to make so much noise, the pain was great and I was angry. Sometimes such happens with out thought." She curls into those strong arms. She hungers but her own mind stops her from feeding even as he urges her not to bite. "I will not Muradin...I need to feed though to heal...but..you are not prey" she lays her cheek on his shoulder, her face still against his skin. The scent of him, her growing feelings keeping her focused enough that she does not loose herself to darkness.

"Shh, shh.." Muradin shushes Morgana gently and nuzzles her face with his nose in a soothing fashion, showing a very tender nature for one who appears so gruff and burly. "Donna go apologizing for screaming for being hurt. If I had taken a wound that big, ya better believe I'd be cursing out to high heaven." Despite his joke, he refrains himself from chuckling and instead kisses Morgana's forehead, holding her in his strong, secure grip whilst he speeds up to reach the shores of Twisted. "I'll get ye to the water soon and then ye'll be alright, I promise. Then ya can tell me what the bloody hell happened to ye."

The siren still felt the throb of the wound but it no longer poured blood. She was healing, quicker then a mortal would. The vampiric taint had its good points after all , especially for one still alive. Such rapid healing though took a great deal of energy and the nutrients for regenerating those damaged things. She would have to feed, and feed soon but for now she allowed herself to be held safe in Muradins strong arms. The gentle tone of his voice, the affection there and the soft nuzzles and kisses sooth her fractious mind and the fury she had at being wounded is soon not but a memory. He had come for her, not because her song forced him to , not because he wanted anything of her but because he cared for her and wanted to help her, protect her. Her heart squeezed almost painfully at the sweetness of it . She had not been cared for, truly cared for in a long time and it moved her. "I will heal Muradin, the taint is good for something at least."

Quite indeed, Muradin is noting that Morgana's wound is healing abnormally fast. Fortunately, the dorf comes from a land where vampires and merfolk, while not exactly common, are not unheard of. Although Morgana is the first mix of vampire and mermaid he sees, he has in the past fought both vampires and merfolk -although in Azeroth they are called naga- and knows of their weaknesses and strengths. That Morgana can regenerate quickly does not surprise him, and it also doesn't stop him from trying to rush back to the beach as soon as he can. "Aye, but I rather not run any risks here." He answers with conviction in his voice, an unwavering resolve to help Morgana heard in him.

Now, though Muradin has a very definite desire to help, Morgana miiiight have realized, even in her daze of being injured, that they aren't going very fast. Muradin is a dorf and dorfs have a reputation for being tremendously tough, but not particularly swift on their feet. Even with Muradin running at full speed it would take them a long time to reach the beach.

That's why the Mountain King seems to be running up hill towards a place that overlooks the edge of Twisted city and the docks can be seen far in the distance.

"Hold on tight, lass!!" He yells and, yep, he jumps!

Muradin's legs are incredibly powerful, they are just not very long so that means he can't generate a lot of speed. What he can generate though is power and this allows him to leap great distances. Soon, both of them are flying through the air and Muradin even tucks himself into a ball in mid air, spinning with Morgana held close to his chest.

After what may have felt like a full ten seconds of being airborne, Muradin lands on his feet with a resounding crash with Morgana still held on his arms. Then he topples forward and sets her right on the edge of the water with a grunt, that jump looked like it took a lot out of him. "'Ere we are! Told ya I'd get ya here in a jiffy." He winces whilst still smiling.

Morgana clings to Muradin as he runs. She is aware he may not be fast but, he is far faster then she would have limped her way to the sea. When he dashes up the hill she frowns perplexed. The leap brings a gasp of surprise from the siren. She is a swimmer, even a runner when needed but she does NOT fly. She had seen others fly, Myst for instance but this wasn't flying either it was ...falling. As they tumbled , Morgana held on to the dwarf for dear life. No she wouldn't die from a fall but she wasn't fond of such either. When they land hard on the beach she grunts and then Muradin falls forward and her tush bumps sand as she is set on the waters edge. Morgana makes a face then shakes her head "You are a wild thing Muradin, they say I am unpredictable but that was truly crazy. Have you harmed yourself?"

"Guuh.." Comes Muradin's initial response, understandably sounding very dazed. "Are ye kiddin' me?? That was nothin'" It doesn't last very long though and he quickly composes himself, rolling back from Morgana to give her some room. "Maybe I fractured some leg bones, but ya ain't the only one with quick healing ya know?" Despite looking like he's quite in a fair bit of pain, the dorf is actively grinning, happy to see that he managed to bring Morgana to the waters in record time. "Here.." He struggles to take his armor off, taking his backpack first before removing his chest plate. Then he pulls Morgana towards him so she's sitting on his lap to offer his neck. "Go on, heal yerself. It bothers me to see ye hurtin' like that."

The siren frowns at Muradins mention of broken bones. She shakes her head. The surf gently rolls up onto the beach in soft waves, just lapping at Morganas rump. The shirt she was wearing grew damp and the wound on Morganas thigh is clearly healing even as she sits on the beach. When Muradin pulls off his pack and armor then tugs her into his lap she gently pushes away "NO,..You are wounded now and I will not feed on you as a shark on a dying fish. We will go to the sea, my wound is almost healed and the water will support you and take weight off your legs. I will take you to a place I have found and I will get you fish and you will rest and heal. You came to protect me and now it is my turn." She squirms off his lap and pushes herself to her feet. The siren grabs the dwarfs shirt and turns him around , dragging his rump the last few inches into the surf. "I would carry you if I could Muradin but you are as stone and even I am not so strong."

"Oh come on, I'm fine!" Muradin complains as Morgana pulls away, resolute in his desire to help her. Just like Morgana isn't used for people caring for her, Muradin is likewise used to being the protector of people, not the one in need. And yet now he finds he's having some trouble walking, he probably shattered his femurs by landing like that and he's only wincing about it. "I'm hardly what you'd call dying fish. More like.. one of them crabs doing away with one of their pincers. Those things grow back, right?" Muradin's not exactly an expert in aquatic fauna.

Then, the dwarven warrior is dragged closer to shore and it looks like Morgana's not taking a no for an answer. "'Course I'm stone, I'm a sodding dwarf." He manages to cackle this time before sighing in resignation. "If ye lead me under the water I can just swim after ye. Fortunately I got this thing with me 'ere." It's not through sheer luck that Muradin has gotten this far. He founded the explorer's league back in Azeroth and he's a renowned adventurer himself. He pulls a small cylinder from his backpack and chews on it. "This will help me hold me breath. Now ye just need to lead the way."

The siren simply shook her head , dark hair spilling around her shoulders. She dug her heals into the sand and bodily drug the dwarf backward into the sea. When the water started licking at his rump and thighs she paused, stripped off the garment she wore then continued. "you do not need that thing Muradin. I have lead others into the depths. I will protect you." She is determined sounding as the sea seems to rise to greet her and lifts the dwarf a little. The siren steps deeper into the water till it is at her thighs and then, she shifts, her body falling into the sea as legs become tail. Her tail rises and arches under Muradin and lifts him easily as she shifts her hold and curls her arms under his, lifting him into her embrace in the water. Her tail fluke moves swift and strong and carries them to deeper water. Taking a great breath she meshes her mouth over his and slowly spills air into his mouth.

Although he looks a little miffed by the way Morgana is treating him, Muradin is nevertheless complying to all of her requests. This is not all that hard to do since even though the siren isn't using her song to lure him, seeing Morgana strip off her clothes kind of makes the dorf forget what he was even thinking about. Something about needing protection? Wait, Muradin doesn't need any protection!

But by the time he's coming back to his senses, he's well within chest level in the water and he's pulling out his water breather out of his mouth to frown at the now overly cheeky siren. "And how do ye intend to do that-hmmf!!" The Mountain King's complains are swiftly silenced when the siren places her lips upon his and pumps air into him. He's looking a lot more willing to do as she says after that fiery kiss.

Cheeky or not, the siren is every bit a queen in the sea as Muradin is king of his mountains. She rules in this environment and its with scant difficulty that she pushes that breath into his lungs even as her strong tail pushes them through the water. Diving she brings them into the depths and draws air into her lungs through her gills and pushes it out again into his mouth, pausing to let him breath out each time so he is not suffering any discomfort.

Where Morgana feels greatly uncomfortable sailing through the air, Muradin likewise doesn't seem to enjoy going underwater. As the siren so eloquently said before, the dorf is pretty much like a stone trying to swim, and though he is making his best efforts to kick his legs to try and help Morgana lead him through the water, something about the shape of his body, his body weight, and all the stuff he's carrying with him really make him sink. It's like trying to lug around a small anchor.

The only reason why Muradin isn't resisting being pulled under the water and totally out his element is because of those fierce kisses Morgana keeps sharing with him. Sure, they are -kind of necessary- since without them he'd down for sure. But Muradin will take any excuse to kiss Morgana's lips and he thinks that not drowning is good as any to kiss her underwater. He doesn't even care he's missing most of the stuff around him, being far too comfortable holding on to the siren who is tenderly caring for him in this very vulnerable moment of being underwater.

Morgana is incredibly strong in the water. Yes the dwarf is heavy but she has wrestled with heavier. As she carries him through the depths, the bay gives way to the kelp forest and then the kelp gives way to a sharp drop off cliff. She draws Muradin over that edge and were they flying they would fall but the water cradles them and she passes him another breath as she brings them down into the darkness. Her arms hold him close to her even as she shares those breaths. Bubbles rise as he breaths out . The siren draws the dwarf with her down into a dark opening in the cliff face. The going gets very dark till the two pass through and into a great cavern. Morgana lifts Muradin through the water until their heads break water and he is in her secret grotto.

Now normally if this were any underwater expedition, Muradin would surface with a gasp for breath and flailing his arms about in an attempt to get back to dry land as quickly as possible. Dwarven folks don't like being underwater, at least not those from the Iron Forge mountains, and Muradin doesn't have that knack for exploration that his younger brother does.

However, that was -no- normal underwater trip. It was quite comfortable, what with being led by the comely siren whilst she shared those breathes with him through kissing. Dare he say, he never quite enjoyed breathing that much before now.

So, as they emerge, Muradin actually looks like he had quite a good time. He spits out some water and grins. "Blimey, that was fun." Chuckles the dwarf as he squeezes out water out of his beard and his long hair. "We ought to do that more frequently, luv." Says he as he steps into Morgana's grotto.

The light of the bio-luminescent glow worms dances through the cavern as the pair surfaces. Morgana flips her fins and propels the two of them from the center of the pool toward the edge which holds her nest niche. The water is deep and so there is no way to step easily from the water to the edge. She pushes hard with her tail against the water and lifts them both up out of the water bringing Muradin to the edge and sits him there so he can stand when he is able. Once he is on the edge she moves herself to sit beside him. welcome to my secret place Muradin. It is where I store all the things I find. How do your legs feel. Have you healed? The sirens own form, her siren form shows no sign of the wound she had sustained when she was on land. She was however , hungry. Muradin, we need food, much food. I will call us some fishes and then we can share time together.

Muradin wasn't kidding when he said he had some super fast healing himself. Although his kneecaps and femur had certainly sustained some heavy fractures after that crash landing, he was now wading through the water with little difficulty - or at least, as much difficulty as he would normally have. Once Morgana carries him to the very edge of the water, Muradin gets to his feet and continues to try and dry off as best he can. "Eh? Oh sure, just a bit of ale and I'll be in tip top shape." He says even though he wobbles a little on unsteady feet. "Shouldn't be concerning about me though, yer leg feeling alright now?" That's when he realizes that Morgana has taken her natural form of half fish. "Oh, guess ye donna actually have the propa' limbs to worry about that now." Woops.

Some fish sounds nice though and the dorf leans back and sits, nodding. "Alright, I'll let ye do yer thing." He's not used to being taken for, and he sits there looking fidgety, whilst sneaking glances around the things that Morgana has collected in her grotto. Not a bad haul in his opinion, dwarven folk like their shinies too.

Morgana motions to the nest of sorts tucked into the wall. "there are candles I have found, there on that ledge. I trust you can make fire. I brought them here thinking you might desire more light then the little creatures make." stretches out her dark scaled tail and runs a hand down over it. "when I changed, the damage healed. I am fine. But I hunger greatly now. I will return." and with that she arches over and spills herself back into the water.

The dwarven fighter perks up when Morgana suggests he makes fire. Oh goodie! He has things to do now. That's very good since Muradin doesn't enjoy being idle for too long. Dorfs and all, they are kind of compulsive workaholics and always feel the need to be busy. "Aye! Leave it ta me." Muradin stands and reaches for the candles. Truth is that as a dorf, he's also greatly accustomed to being underground and can see in the darkness just fine. However, it's always good to have some fire around and so he gets to work. Setting the candles about the grotto, he begins to light them one by one using some flint he carries around just for this task, and grinds them together to make sparks and light them. "Hmm.. wonder if making fire underwater would mean I'm burning down me own oxygen." He wonders to himself, but ultimately doesn't really care. He's sure Morgana knows a way to get more air in here.

The siren swims strong and fast, down through the tunnel and out into the depths of the sea. She knows where to find the best hunting and so she heads toward the vast piles of wreckage. The siren moves with wicked speed through the water, she snatches fish mid movement , darting from one wreck to another. A large grouper meets its end with razor sharp talons and barracuda teeth. The great fish is half again as long as the siren and so will make decent meal for her and her dwarf lover. On her way back from the wreck she stops by an ancient galleon and makes a make shift bag out of an old piece of sail cloth. Dragging her fish in one hand she pauses now and then to gather a few oysters, some clams and a couple large rather grumpy looking lobsters. All but the grouper are stashed in the bag and she heads back to the grotto and the one waiting for her.

By the time Morgana arrives to her grotto, she'll find out that Muradin seems to be a busy bee just as she is. The thane hadn't been sitting on his hands while Morgana was out and about gathering their dinner. After he finished lighting all the candles and positioning them nicely to light the entirety of the grotto, he went ahead and pulled out all the things from his backpack to set them to dry. This means that he also pulled out a large cloth and a tea set with some waterproof containers where he kept his brew. Hey, sometimes when you're out adventuring you find the need to have a little picnic. "Oi! Welcome back, luv." Muradin waves cheerily at Morgana when she appears back in the grotto, already having set things up for a romantic night by candle light. "Bloody hell, that's a big bag ye got there. Lemme help ya with that." The dorf stands to go help his lady with the large bag of fish she got.

As she surfaced in the grotto, Morgana looked at what Muradin and been busy with. She smiled, a genuinely warm and pleased smile at the scene before her. The cavern glowed with the light of candles and he had even set up a place for them to dine as well. She swam to the edge of the pool and hoisted the big bag up out of the water with one hand , giving it to him. With the other she drug the great grouper up and tossed it onto the ledge. "we will feed well Muradin. There is enough meat to keep the frenzy quiet until we are more settled and another feeding can happen safely." Once her catches are up on the ledge she hoists herself up and sits herself on the ledge, her tail fin still in the water.

Scooping the bag up with his muscled arms, Muradin carried the soggy material back to the inner parts of the grotto and opened it up to start placing the gathered fish in the semi dry cloth he extended on the grotto's floor. "Quite the bounty." He said approvingly with a nod of his head. "Now I feel the need to invite ye to dinner one of these days." The dorf grinned and struggled with a lobster for a second before smacking it with his hammer to stun it. "It's been a while since I had dinner with a beautiful lady." He mused, looking at Morgana fondly. "But as nice as all this is, I have to ask. Wot where ya doing there in the park all bloodied, Morgana? Do ye have enemies here in Twisted or somethin'?" Naturally, Muradin was still quite worried for the siren.

The siren took a large breath and lets it out as she lets her tail recede and human legs take its place. Morgana rises to her feet and reaches down to filet the great grouper. Large slabs a meat are carved from the fish and once done she rinses them in the water then carries them over to where Muradin works on the lobsters and shellfish. She eases down onto her knees and smiles "I would like to see your home Muradin. I have not explored many places." The siren looks away at the dwarfs question. "I found a..child...a child of the taint..one born of it and not made. She was feeding, messy, like children will. I was talking to her and she mentioned something about eyes and then, a tree exploded and I got a piece of wood in my leg."

Muradin works on that lobster with the skill that can only come from a natural blacksmith. Where most people take the better part of 20 minutes or so peel the shell off, Muradin has all the meat ready in what seems a matter of seconds, the lobster shell all neatly piled up on the sides almost as if the dorf was expecting to make armor out it later. He slides it first to his lady for her enjoyment whilst he goes to do the same to the other lobster and shellfish, chuckling whilst Morgana longingly asks to see his home. "Eh, not a whole lot to see of me place 'round 'ere unfortunately. I juss got a wee apartment room down Twisted road. Now, back in Azeroth, I woulda loved to show ya the vastness of Khaz Modan in all its glory. Deep tunnel cities as far as yer eye could see with people from all over the world. We had a pretty deep underwater lake too, so there's that." Peeling off the rest of the shellfish, Muradin narrows his eyes thoughtfully once Morgana explains just exactly what happened to her. Naturally, Muradin looks very confused. "Huh.. that's.. mighty strange. A vampire child ye say?" Very troubling. "It's about what I'd expect from a place like this though. Do ye think it was one of 'em fog monsters too?"

The siren lays the filets out before Muradin and settles down close to him, curling her legs under her in her usual manner of sitting when she has legs. A smile curls her lips as Muradin describes his home realm. "It sounds like a glorious place Muradin. It is a shame you lost it when you were brought here. I did not have so much to loose in Nox." The sirens dark head dips and she offers the dwarf a sideways look. She almost appears shy for a moment, her voice soft and melodic "I am sorry that you lost your home Murdain, though, for my sake, I am not sorry you are here. I have found no other in a long time that I am so at ease with, that has not tried to control what I am." If the siren could blush, perhaps in that moment she would. Of course that moment of sweet words and vulnerability is punctuated by a sudden drop in the level of the water in the grottos central pool. There is a great sound as if the land around them itself gasped. A great influx of cool damp air washes into the grotto and snuffs several of the candles.

Aaww, that is adorable!! Muradin gets a bewildered expression when Morgana hides her face from view with her long hair, a bushy blond eyebrow rising in concern to wonder what has gotten the usually feisty siren to act this way. But, when the dorf realizes what she's saying and its making her act coy, his expression changes to that of a cheeky, knowing grin and he slides closer to his siren. "Ey, I donna regret it either, luv. After all, I'm an adventurer. And we adventurers know that to find the treasure we seek we must often leave our homes."

A muscled arm slides around Morgana's waist as he pulls her closer, parting the dark curtain that is her hair to expose her cheek and kiss her face. "Pretty sure I found me treasure here already."

When the strange underwater wind blows, Muradin reflexively pulls Morgana even closer to warm her with his natural body heat. Always concerned to keep his lady comfortable over anything. "Hm, getting a bit drafty in 'ere aint it?" Although Muradin is really just using it as an excuse to cuddle.

It has always been hard for the siren to express softer things, vulnerability makes her uncomfortable but now and then there is a soul worth the effort. When Murandin slides his arm around her, she allows him to pull her against him. The naked siren leans into that strong form and when he moves the curtain of her hair aside she tilts her face up to receive his kiss. His words cause a sweet ache in her chest and she closes her eyes and nuzzles along his jaw , breathing the hot metallic scent of him in. His warmth seeps into her and she sighs softly in pleasure. When the draft pours through the cavern she smiles "It is the breath of the sea. When the tide shifts just right, the water drops and air comes in through a passage just over there" she points to show the area then turns back to her lover. "as to the child, no it was not a fog beast, I think it is another like me drawn into Twisted. I should try and find the child again though I dont relish things being exploded around me, its greatly discomforting. You should eat Muradin. The food is best when fresh, or do you need cook your fish?"

The dorf enjoys the sweet exchanges with his lover too, brushing his bearded jaw along the length of Morgana's smooth skin. Their lips meet briefly and it takes a lot of Muradin's will power to ignore the fire burning in his inner forge, at least for the time being. He releases her for a second so that she can explain the natural phenomenon behind the wind current coming from the surface. He's always quite willing to learn more about the terrain, underwater or not, it really helps with his adventuring profession.

He nods in agreement as well when Morgana expresses her desire to investigate this vampire child further. "Aye, its best not to let that roaming 'round without knowing their nature. Juss make sure ta let me know so I can bring along me axe, aye? It sounds pretty dangerous." Although Muradin doesn't know how he feels about fighting a child, he's sure as certain that he won't let anyone hurt his Morgana.

A deep chuckle comes from him as Morgana nudges him to eat. "Nay, I donna need to cook it. Just been waiting on ye, lass." To prove it, he takes a big scoop of the lobster using a sea shell and wolfs it down. "Hmm.. I do loves me some sea food." Of course, it bears to mention that this probably includes Morgana..

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