2015-09-10 - A Fortunate Soldier

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A Fortunate Soldier

Summary: Yet another warrior arrives into Twisted and he too runs into Kotal Kahn. This one seems to be a bit more on the.. laughing side though.

Who: Urus, Minu, Kotal_Kahn,
When: September 10, 2015.
Where: S-Mart

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Shopping for supplies is actually a first for the little owl. She has always worked in a place that had what was needed instantly and never had to think of what she might need. The idea of the P-Touch label machine is very exciting for the elfling and she cant wait to get started. When Rayne and Serenity wandered off to check on some other things. Minu continued to hop from peg to peg and examine the products of the store. Several times she plucked things off and tossed them to the big man that mostly followed patiently and collected them. Surely it was an odd sight to be seen but then..this is Twisted.

Getting supplies is not necessarily a first for Kotal, an emperor always has need to supplement his army with needed items even if he must do so personally. However, it's not an endeavor that thrills him to his very core. It is simply the prelude to the battles that are to come. A chore basically, that even a deity like himself must do.

Presented with the option of following Rayne and Serenity when they embark on their quest to find jewelry, or staying here with Minu and continue gathering paper supplies, Kotal wisely opts for the neutral selection and stays with the owlette to gather more paper. Besides, its not like Minu would be able to carry all those things on her owl form.. and there is that whole issue of Kotal being awfully concerned that the elf owl will fly off and get lost again.

And so here it is here that we find Huitzilopotchli, better know as Kotal Kahn by the denizens of Twisted, doing yet another menial task. For such a chaotic and unpredictable place, Twisted can be very mundane at times.

At that moment an opaque orange sphere forms on the ceiling a few feet away from the miniature convoy and grows out ward the top of the sphere seeming planted and unmoving. It seems like the pressure wave that one would see when they looked at an explosion in slow motion. The sphere holds there about 4 feet from touching the ground for just a few seconds and then dissipates quickly. A strange looking creature falls from where the bottom of the bubble was, landing face first on the ground. A matte black object falls with it clattering metallically on the floor. The little owl is mid action of plucking a small hole punch from a peg when suddenly the pressure in the room changes. Being in bird form, such feels far different then it might to a human. She startles at the sensation and hoots, her feathers ruffles and she lets loose a hiss and beak clack. The tiny birds golden eyes go wide as that odd bubble sags from the ceiling. Now if this is something that happens a lot in Twisted, she wants nothing of it thanks. With a quick dart and flutter of wings she quickly moves from that peg to the top of Kotals helm. She bounces and hoots in agitated excitement. When suddenly something is birthed from that bubble and lands hard on the tiles the owlet blinks comically. Oh...its a..person...

Well, looks like something has ruffled Minu's feathers.

Kotal felt a presence of chi before he was aware of the pressure changing in the store. You'd think that with the amount of converges that happen in Twisted, the citizens or at the very least the local establishments would have a protocol to follow when a being is pulled in by Twisted's magic. Clear and secure the area, make sure it isn't hostile, try to make sure if its a known species or something, anything.

But no such luck, if there's something that Kotal has noticed about Twisted is that the people here are wholly unprepared for just about anything. Helpless and vulnerable, they are caught unprepared by this emergence just as they were with the Silent Hill fog.

At the very least, nearby shoppers flee in terror when a ball of energy materializes and a creature falls from it, abandoning their shopping carts and making sure to carry their children out of harm's way. This is further encouraged by Kotal Kahn -who is seemingly the only person with any kind of authority there- who quickly unsheathes his macuauhuitl razor sword to ready himself for Kombat whilst telling everyone to disperse. "Incoming convergence, everyone! Clear the area!"

He takes note of Minu hooting frantically on his helmet but he doesn't try to bat her away, safer for her to stay close to him than going off on her own to be sure. "Hold fast, Minu." He tries to clam her down, because if things get bad he'll be relying on her to go get the back up.

As a person(?) stirs from the glowing orb of light, Kotal Kahn points his macuahuitl down at it to address who appears to be Twisted newest hapless prisoner. "Identify yourself."

Urus Just barely comes to in the middle of the carnage that he has just unintentionally created, he hears Kotal's question; however, through experience the time when most enemies are at their least prepared when they are looking for answers. He takes a deep breath as he pushes himself up into kneeling position and taking one or two times blindly reaching for his weapon, finally gets his hand on it and raises it. However what he sees before him, a gigantic blue man and a tiny owl perched on top of him. His eyebrows raise for a second as he is shocked at what he sees. " What in devil name are you?" he retorts in a thick Russian accent, avoiding the question. A small *click* is heard as he makes sure that the safety is off, eyes narrowly staring at the massive human before him.

As Kotal pulls his weapon, the little owl tilts her head looking at this strange creature that just fell from the ceiling. With a hoot she answers the big man. Blinking she takes in the appearance of the new person. Poor thing looks very confused and rather ruff. She is so new herself, she knows how scary it is to end up somewhere and this poor guy looks like he wasnt even meaning to be here. When the hyena looking fellow lifts himself from the floor and reaches for that mat black item she bounces on her tiny owl feet and fluffs her feathers. An excited issue of hoots spills from her and then she takes wing , swooping down from the war gods helm and lands right on the barrel of the weapon the hyena raises. She curls her strong little feet around it and holds on tight as she fluffs herself and beak clatters at the hyena. Something small and so fluffy acting so odd is bound to be quite a distraction for someone already disoriented.

Wrong answer.

Despite being an Aztec warrior, Kotal Kahn is well versed with guns. One would argue that it is /because/ Kotal's roots are of Aztec origin, he is very well versed with all types of firearms. Know your enemy and all that rot.

Thanks to extensive research and the fact that one of his subordinate is an expert gunslinger, the warlord recognizes the movement of the hyena hybrid reaching for a weapon.

Just as Minu lands on the barrel of the gun, Kotal too becomes a blurring form of movement. One moment he is pointing his sword at the hyena man, and in the next blink of the eye he has the serrated teeth of his macuahuitl pressed on Urus' neck. The weapon is not unlike a saw, and one downward pull would spell doom for the man's neck arteries.

"I am Kotal Kahn. Protector of this realm." The Aztec at least answers whilst pressing his blade against the man's neck, all while Minu is throwing off his aim by grabbing onto the gun with her talons. "Lower your weapon or I will resort to the use of lethal force."

"You only get one warning."

Urus Inhales Deeply as the blade comes up to his neck. He bares his teeth angrily as Kotal divulges his place in the realm. Thinking for a half a second about possible routes of escape, he notices that he hasn't even taken in the scenery, and the creature before him has home field advantage. He finaly sighs out and tells him begrudgingly " Urus, Urus Deravin" the gun still tightly held in both hands, he aims it more down to the ground. he begins to ponder the idea whether or not this figure is something he wants or needs to deal with. His eyes after answering look down toward the end of his gun. Directing a breath at the owlet trying to dislodge it the smell, unpleasant the amalgamation of what he was eating as of late.

The blur that is Kotal as he moves up to address the hyena ruffles the little birds feathers. She hoots and chatters insistently over and over, beak clattering and flapping her little wings. She is used to carrying heavy tomes in her tiny talons and flying with them, surely this weapon things isnt as heavy as all that. Either way though the little bird holds on tight to that weapon barrel as it is lowered to the floor. When the strange new fellow blows on her she ruffles her feathers and snaps her beak, rolling her eyes in disgust. He needs to brush his teeth...ewww..that is some stench.

If Kotal is at all perturbed by the stench of the hyena man's breath he does not show it. He does, however, move his serrated sword away from the man's neck when he complies to Kotal's demand of lowering his gun. This is where having a protocol would be so very beneficial. The war god does not wish for this man to try and harm people out of a misguided sense of self defense, but he doesn't want to cause him any unnecessary harm. Kotal seldom tries to antagonize new arrivals if they don't immediately attack him, that way he can find use for them later.

That said, Kotal's priority is /always/ to protect the people of Twisted, and though he removes his sword from Urus' neck, he doesn't sheath it. He keeps the macuahuitl drawn and to the side, ready to swipe at the hyena if he tries to raise his gun again. He also pokes Minu in an attempt to try and get her to return to her perch on his helmet.

"Urus Deravin." Kotal speaks the man's name, and to note, he doesn't have any notable accent, it's a very neutral type of speech even though he dresses and looks like a pre-hispanic Latin American (save for the turquoise colored skin). "I assume by your demeanor that you have just converged. I welcome you to Twisted."

Kotal narrows his glowing golden eyes. "Your new home and prison." Being the welcoming committee to a place like Twisted is always a bittersweet experience.

Urus Stands and takes his left hand of the weapon the right still holding on finger still poised, copying Kotal's slow withdrawal of weaponry. He looks around at the new surroundings his eyes darting back to the one who calls himself the 'protector' of the realm to make sure that he isn't caught off guard by the combatant. He notices all the papers and office supplies and his eyebrows raise as he murmurs aloud to himself "I knew it, this is Terran hell." continuing the heavy Russian accent. He takes a glance at himself checking if he is all there, the left hand physically checking everything . Meanwhile he is gently tilting the weapon left and right, getting annoyed at the miniature hitchhiker he has already picked up.

As Kotal eases his weapon down and the hyena rises more fully to his feet the little owl holds her ground. She is not sure how this is gona play out but at least she can be a distraction at the very least though she isnt in any way a warrior. The nudge from Kotal is answered by a little hiss and nip from the owletts beak. She is not to be moved it seems and even the slight turn and twist of the gun only causes her to move with it, her head bobbing and turning sideways. She scolds in those heavy hoots and clacks her beak noisily. If the hyena eases his grip enough she wings hard and tries to draw the weapon away . She cant lift it from the barrel but she can drag it.

"No, Hell is further out into the wastelands." Kotal gives the slightest hint of a smile when he answers Urus' concern if this might be Hell. It is something most people that get dragged into Twisted wonder, himself included, but how surprise are they all when they find that there is a literal portal leading to Hell itself not too far from where they are.

The Aztec makes a face at the owlette who insists on disarming Urus by herself. Kotal lets her be, knowing he can't fully control her, and she's harmless enough as she is. Mind you, should he see Urus try to harm the owl in any way shape or form its certain there would be literal hell to pay.

It's always quite a dozy to welcome newcomers into the realm of Twisted, but thanks to experience, Kotal has learned that it is better to start from the very beginning. "You can rest easy here, warrior. No one will try to harm you as long as you do not instigate kombat."

"Why don't you tell us where you hail from and how is it that you came to be here?"

Urus Breathes a sigh as he decides to believe Kotal, if this is a ruse, it's a well-rehearsed one! "I am man of fortune. If you need job done, I am best to do it. I was on job for" he pauses for a second for the word to use in front of what seems to be a law keeper. "acquiring a precious materials for contract. He told me he would pay massive amount! The owners of materials did not want me to have it, I tried to" again he pauses for the right word" persuade them to give it to me. It did not work in favor. They try to kill me, and I think succeeded?" as he looks around. "this is result" he shudders at the piles of papers "uhhgh paperwork" then notices the owlet being loud on the end of his gun and holds up a finger to Kotal. He raises the weapon away from Kotal and puts his face right near the chatty owlet staring angrily at her "Do You mind tiny bird?!" his breath still as bad as she remembers.

The little owl watches the conversation as she holds tight to her perch on the gun. What the new fellow is unaware of is that she is more then JUST an owl. From her time in the Great Archives she discovered she very much enjoyed reading about the flora and fauna in other realms. She recalls seeing something sorta like this fellow in a book about earth realm animals, they were called...hinnys...no..hyenas. Yes thats right, hyenas. Fierce things, carnivores that lived in a very strict social hierarchy. When the furred fellow puts his face down on her level and breaths on her the small owl fluffs her feathers and pins his eyes with hers. She hops up the line of the gun barrel as she beak clatters and hisses menacingly. Her wings flutter making her look fractionally larger. When she ends up beak to nose with the fellow she makes another hiss as she stairs him right in the eyes then suddenly lashes out and bites him right on the end of his soft black nose with her very sharp beak. With a hoot she takes wing and flies up to the top of Kotals helm and lands there. She beak clatters again then settles down quietly..

Urus is wise to watch his wordings around Kotal Kahn. Though he is the alleged protector of Twisted, he is helpful but by no means is he a 'nice' guy. He has ripped people's hearts out for lesser transgressions, and admitting to being a criminal in front of the local police is always a sure fire way to land in jail.. or worse.. the arena, because that's a thing around here in Twisted.

Kotal leans on his giant macuahuitl sword and listens patiently to Urus' story of how he landed here, a slight shake of his head is given and a look of understanding passes across the Aztec warrior's face. "Unfortunately, though your enemies were not successful in slaying you, they have managed to banish you from your realm for an indefinite amount of time."

"Know that his place known as Twisted, is not unlike a black hole. It pulls people and things from all dimensions and keeps them imprisoned here. There is no known means to escape.. I am sorry."

He continues to watch with some concern the interactions between Minu and the Hyena man, wincing briefly when the owlette swings a peck at the man's nose. "I apologize about Minu, she is a vicious little thing and I cannot control her." Says he once she flies off Urus' gone and back to perch on his helmet. Then, back to Urus, Kotal watches him closely, as if gauging his abilities.

"I may not be able to offer you a way back home, but I can, perhaps, offer you a job."

"You say that you are a mercenary? Lately we have been under siege by a horde of undead monsters and we are in dire need of warriors."

Urus Yells "??????? ???? ??????? , ??? ????? ??? !" despite the fact that it is in a Language neither understands, its plainly clear that it is probably not nice. He gently palms his nose for a second. Despite her small size, her beak is sharp, drawing a small amount of blood. He wrinkles his nose once or twice looking at his palm which now has a similar marking of blood and looks at it. He clears his throat and motions to Minu "You need to keep pet on leash or something, could have caused trouble back home." Once Kotal mentions the word mercenary Urus cautiously nods his head, wondering what this man's end game is, just a few minutes ago he was inches from killing him. He finishes listening to Kotals offer, smiling at the ridiculousness he hears. He is looking at the tall man, looks at his garb and lets out a genuine hyena like laugh, "You are pulling leg! You are member of dungeons and dragons group, no?" The thought of zombies being completely fictional in his mind.

That is a language that Kotal Kahn hadn't heard in a long time. His trips to Eastern Europe where seldom, not because war wasn't rampant there mind you, the time of the Mongols rampaging all through those lands was an exciting one for the Emperor, but the far East has its fare share of meddling gods. Namely Raiden and Fujin who were always in constant watch to interfere with the movements of Huitzilopotchli.

Once Urus finishes his long string of curses, Kotal simply gives a one armed shrug of his shoulder. "She is not my pet. Minu is an employee of mine." Of course, he realizes how confusing that might sound and elaborates. "More on that later though, all will be explained in due time."

Kotal Kahn, however, doesn't appreciate Urus' laughter. It can be quite dangerous to laugh in the face of a god, in particular one as blood thirsty as Kotal Kahn, who as Urus might recall, was just moments away from killing him. The Aztec narrows his eyes at Urus, recognizing what this 'Dungeons and Dragons' is thanks to his numerous expeditions to Earthrealm, and gives him a look of warning, implying that he should tread carefully.

"Reconsider your mockery carefully."

"You, who are the very image of a Gnoll, are asking me, if I am cosplaying."

Urus finally decides to put the sling back around his body where he had it before the insanity that ensued and still smiling says "I am sorry but owl staff, zombie rampage you know how ridiculous this sounds" taking the hint in case the weapon isn't a hard plastic knockoff of the real thing. He attemts a better look at everything, trying to get some semblance of this 'new home and prison' that Kotal has called it. Deciding to humor the man before him, still skeptical about the situation he finds himself in, he says "sure, let me see what we are dealing with." Motioning melodramatically for Kotal to show him these undead of which he speaks.

"If you think that sounds ridiculous you are in for quite the troublesome journey." Responds Kotal abruptly, looking somewhat aggravated. "A word of warning, friend. Discard all perceptions of reality you previously had. Here in Twisted, what you thought was impossible is our reality and almost nothing you see here is what it appears to be. The sooner you accept this fact the easier it will be on your sanity."

"How did they say in Earthrealm?" Kotal pauses for a moment in thought and then nods. "Ah yes.. you've fallen down the rabbit hole, and there is no way out." Hopefully Urus will get that Alice in Wonderland reference, because its pretty much what has happened to him.

When the Hyena man encourages Kotal to show him this undead, the Aztec warrior simply chuckles and shakes his head. "Oh, I am afraid it is not that easy. I do not have the power to summon these creatures at will. If I could, we wouldn't be having this problem."

"The Fog Demons as we've come to know them appear unexpectedly, and when they are upon you it is almost always too late to react."

"But I can propose you one thing." Says the warrior and steps aside, letting Urus walk past him if he so wishes. "Wander the streets of my city. See the sights and its people, and more importantly, see the troubles that we deal with."

"You'll run into the Fog Demons eventually.. and if you survive the encounter.. you can come to me for employment." The blank truthful expressions upon Kotal's face as he says all this, seals the last of his doubt away. The mention of Lewis Carrol's work strikes the exact point that the blue man was trying to convey. At this point nothing makes sense but that exactly what the god told him, obviously he knows what he is talking about. 'and more importantly see the troubles that we deal with' Taking him much more seriously now he slowly nods his head and begins to walk past. At the mention of the demons and IF he survives Urus smirks and looks at Kotal and being so close needs not to speak loud "Start paperwork now, should not be long." seeming well and sure of himself, besides, sure a blue man that is even taller than he is with his bird secretary is strange, but that's the worst of it right. "I hope the next time we meet, we won't have our weapons pointed at each other, we will have them pointed at something else!" he gives off another hyena like laugh, not as strong as his first, but still noteworthy, As he leaves for the clearly marked exit.

It looks like Urus has finally come to realize the gravity of his situation. A brand new record for Kotal Kahn! He's getting better at greeting people into Twisted, since most new arrivals maintain in firm denial where they are now for as long as they possible can. Fortunately, purpose is what gives most people sanity around here, and Kotal has a wide arrange of things that need to be done around here. There's plenty to keep anyone occupied as it where. It's just a matter of focusing on work and not on the fact that you've been transported into essentially Wonderland on drugs.

The god of war gives a nod of approval at Urus' self assurance and allows him to make his way out of S-Mart. "Until our paths converge, warrior." The Aztec says simply, watching the Hyena go.

Then he looks up at the owl perched on his helmet and says, "First order of business, Minu. We need official job applications to be made." Well, it would look rather unprofessional if Urus returns and he has nothing to fill out, wouldn't it?

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