2015-09-12 - Proving Grounds

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Proving Grounds

Summary: The fogs of Silent Hill continue to torment Twisted bringing the demons that serve many a role tonight. They give Urus the opportunity to prove himself, Muradin and Morgana a chance to unwind, and a certain gnome Death Knight to have her first taste of Twisted.

Who: Morgana, Urus, Doommuffin, Muradin
When: September 12, 2015.
Where: Another Way.


The information contained within this log is to be considered information gained Out of Character (OOC).
This information may not be used as In Character (IC) knowledge or in roleplay unless it has been learned in-game or permission has been granted by the parties involved.

Questions should be directed to staff.



It's another shadowy, foggy day in Twisted City, and while that once meant a bleak day with the possibility of rain, nowadays its less the chance of precipitation that worries people and more the chance of demons appearing from the shadows to rend them from limb to limb.

According to the local meteorologist, the fog that is quickly approaching this area of the city, is in fact, the one that brings demons with it.

The usual protocol set by TASK when dealing with the fog is to clear the area as soon as possible and let the local fighters handle it. However, this particular part of the city leads to some very crucial buildings that can't be blocked, such as the Clinic, the Town Hall, and of course, the local 24*7. Seriously, you have -no idea- to what length some of the people in Twisted will go to get their burritos. Many of them seem down right suicidal about the smallest things.

But this Twisted city is what it is, and at least knowing where the fog is going has given local law enforces to set up a perimeter to protect Town Hall, the sick being streamlined into the Clinic, and yes, even those madmen and women that are rushing out of the 24*7 with their bags of burritos and soda, frantically running away from the fog.

One of said 24*7 customers happens to be a short but stout bearded fellow, who steps out of the store with a tall bottle of liquor. He looks to the sides as he sees people fleeing and narrows his eyes when he finally notices the police barricade lining up to block the street with at least a dozen police officers wearing riot gear. "Ah blimey.." Looks like he's getting sucked into yet another fight with these Fog Creatures. "Soddin' wankers, can't leave a bloke to enjoy his brew in peace!" Says the Mountain King heading to the police blockade whilst he calls to his hands his magical battle axe and war hammer.

Urus had just left from the S-mart glaring back from time to time. his exploration of the city, looking left and right toward the buildings and strange people that lived there. The streets begin to flood with fleeing individuals, which in turn sparks his interest as he looks ahead. He sees the fog roll in and the riot geared individuals standing strong and thinks that this must be the fog that the man he now calls Big Blue must have been talking about. He jogs over looking down at his weapon to check that everything is in working order as he comes by he sees the small man with the glowing weapons and shouts towards him "Hey, Tiny man! Is this where Undead live?" as he looks on cautiously towards the local police.

Morgana had chosen this night to go back to the DMC building and have a little chat with a certain war god about her unpleasant jewelry. She knew Muradin was off gathering supplies and having a little guy time so she figure now would be a good time to take care of her own business. The womans long hair fell like a black cloak around her shoulders and she currently wears something that looks like a shirt several sizes too big that falls just long enough to cover her for modesty sake but really leaves little to the imagination as she moves. The siren is making her way along the street as the fog rolls in and she groans. "not again with these things. Vile tasting wretches." The woman makes a face full of disgust and then she hears it. The rather loud and familiar sound of a certain dwarf swearing.

First things first!

As the TASK Enforcers line up to defend against the demons, some of them see a few group individuals walking up behind them with the clear intent of joining in the fight. One of the officers who seems to hold higher rank quickly whirls around and brings forth his loud speaker.

"Attention would be mercenaries or free lance fighters!

Any citizen of Twisted that takes up arms against these demons does so at their own risk! TASK Forces will in no way be responsible for volunteer causalities!

If you in any way shape or form endanger TASK officers we will fire on you! I repeat! If you present yourself as a threat against us we will consider you an enemy combatant!

That is all!"

With its diminished resources, TASK officers cannot afford to turn away volunteers from the crowd to fight the demons. However, this being Twisted, it is entirely possible that many of said volunteers are completely mad and can be as much a danger to the Fog Demons than to the TASK officers. A disclaimer such as that was warranted.

Muradin first hears someone call him 'tiny' and does the unwise act of instantly getting under his the dwarven warrior's skin. He frowns and turns in the direction of where he heard the voice, spitting to the side angrily. "Oi! Watch yer mouth lest ye wanna lose it, ye tosser!" Dwarves.. they don't like people reminded them that they are short.

Muradin's frown deepens when he sees exactly who is talking to him. A gnoll it seems, with very modern gear which is unusual for such a creature. This is Twisted though and nothing quite is what it seems, which causes Muradin to not immediately assume that Urus is a brainless, blood thirsty gnoll and answers his question instead of attacking him. "Aye! Ye here to fight the Fog Demons? Then ye've come to the right place!"

The Mountain King then recognizes a certain melodic insult come from beyond the street and he turns in the direction of Morgana. "Over here, luv!" He waves at the woman, motioning for her to come closer.

Urus Mumbles "ye tosser?" the people of this realm seem to have an interesting vocabulary. "No, this is workout gear." He says sarcastically towards the feisty dwarf. Rolling his eyes he gives the actual awnser "yes, I am here to fight" secretly glad to hear that the town was having its problem so soon.

As he hears a female voice he looks behind him to see Morgana. She seems to be coming towards the impending combat dressed in an oversized shirt? Urus has seen many strange ways of arming themselves for combat, but this was new. "You are killer too? " he says to the unassuming woman.

He walks up to the dwarf witch seems to both be angered yet curious about him. It seems to be a recurring theme with the people of the realm. He opens the larger pouch on his right and pulls out a small cardboard carton roughly the shape of a pack of cigarettes.

The sound of Muradins call brings a smile to the sirens lips. Turning , she heads toward the call. That smile turns into something all together less friendly when she catches sight of the way things stand. Her dwarf is there weapons drawn and there is some hyena looking fellow close to him. As she draws near, the womans head lifts and she sniffs the air like a hound then murmurs in a low soft some what musical tone "I kill when I need to, to feed the frenzy or to protect what is mine." That last is said as she lifts her eyes and catches the beast mans own gaze. The sirens eyes are purest black, not a bit of light to be seen in them. She holds the hyenas gaze for a long moment then turns her attention to the dwarf. "are we fighting Muradin? You have yet to make my weapon, so I will need your ax if we are to fight. You know those fog demons taste terrible." She positively goes from ice to all warm and glowy when she turns her attention to Muradin. The woman smiles and a great flash of teeth is exposed. Soon the monsters begin to seemingly materialize coming out of the fog. Hideous, tortured looking creatures the sort of which come from nightmares. Still, these are the usual creatures of the fog that are seen. TASK knows how to handle these, and begin to handle them they do. Still, amongst the creatures something more unusual appears. It oddly looks almost like a trophy: the skull of a horned, long muzzled animal, set on a wall mount and apparently covered in a cold frost. From behind it, an erie, red glow can be seen, almost as if blood were shining with its own light. It's a most curious object, seemingly completely out of place, without purpose... until the thin, purple lines of energy arc up from the ground underneith, outlining an arch with the skull at its keystone. An archway that soon fills with new fog. Fog that isn't grey like has always been seen here. No, this fog is purple, rising from the ground to fill the half-oval completely.

Urus' answer satisfies Muradin enough that he doesn't mistrust him. At least not nearly enough to treat him as he would do any other gnoll and kill him on sight. Another fortunate thing for Urus is the presence of a certain killer siren, who always does wonder to control the stout dwarf's anger. Muradin chuckles deeply when Urus questions Morgana's effectiveness at killing and openly cackles afterward. "Oh she's a killer alright! One of the best I've e'er seen!" The dwarven warrior approaches his nymph maiden and shamelessly wraps a muscled arm around her dainty waist, pulling her to a deep and fiery kiss. This is the warrior life, you never know if you're going to come out alive of a battle and thus every moment is to be lived at its fullest. Should they not survive this fight, Muradin would regret not greeting his siren lover as it is proper.

Of course, business is business and he hands over his magical battle axe to Morgana after their brief, passionate exchange. "Heh! Actually I only know how bad the taste is from what ye told me, luv! But here, use Troggbane as ye know best. She'll see ya outta this one, she will!"

Sure enough, as the fog descends upon all there, the TASK enforcers get to do what they do best and start blasting the living hell out of the Fog Demons. Their perimeter is solid and they unleash a blast of gunfire, blasters, missiles, magic and grenades upon the hellish abominations, blasting them apart before they ever get close. These guys are trained professionals and effective, it actually looks like nothing is getting through them.


"Check your Six! Check your Six!"

"We got boogies coming from behind!"

The officers look over their shoulders to see another portal open, this one bearing purple mist to it. A portal that, interestingly enough, Muradin seems to recognize. "Arthas!??" The dwarven warrior gets an uncharacteristically focused look about him. He always seems so jolly and hearthy even when in the middle of battle. But seemingly like his lover, he goes from hot to cold in an instant when he sees that portal. "Arthas-- I swear by the Ancients! If that's ye coming I'll bash yer bloody skull in again!!"

The portal isn't the only thing coming from behind the barricade though, the Fog Demons are everywhere and soon, fleshless, blood covered dogs shoot up from the ground in a zombie like fashion, accompanied by groaning, blood dripping humanoid figures with no faces. The monstrosities immediately lunge for the group gathered, but Muradin is apparently completely ignoring them, far too focused on the portal appearing.

A ravenous dog launches itself at Urus trying to big one of the hyena man's leg off, while a Flayed One charges behind Morgana trying to deliver a devastating, suicidal headbutt right into the back of the siren's head and crush her skull from behind.

Urus Pulls a small bone from the package and bites down on one end, the other sticking out as he puts the package away and hoists his gun. Listening to the mushy conversation between the dwarf and his love, he neglects to fire as the will to prove himself is not high enough for him to run out while everything seems to be under control. Scratch that the second portal opens and that forces him to actively work. His ears go back searching for a target didn't take long, one of those 'target rich environments'. He wraps his left arm up in the sling before grabbing it. As the dog like creature leaps for him he quickly aims and fires off 2 three round bursts from his weapon, Prrrapt ,Prrrapt. The internal scilencer makes the noise bareable but still loud, adding to the massive party of noises from the officers behind them. "Down Boy! Bad Dog!" he shouts at the creature as the head is filled with 9mm rounds, The body , keeping some of its momentum knocks senselessly against his left foot. He nudges the corpse away without looking and looks to the purple portal to see if he can get the creatures when they materialize instead of waiting for them. Smirking in satisfaction at how easy the first one went down and how easy his next piece of prey will be.

Morgana shares that heated kiss with Muradin without hesitation. She returns it with equal fervor then steps back as it concludes. When the ax is handed to her the siren hefts it with ease. She may appear to be an ordinary , unassuming woman but there is much more to her then meets the eye. She lifts her head as the foul scent of the flayed demons comes to her. Dark eyes flash and she tosses that great wealth of hair back over her shoulders. Muradins call as that purple fog billows and mixes with the gray catches her attention and she leaps forward to join him in what ever fight he means to do. Of course that brings her right up into one of the flayed demons. The siren bares a mouth full of jagged barracuda like teeth and lets loose with a shrieking cry . The sound is discordant and sounds something like a magnified version of claws on a chalk board. Enough to set the hair on the back of ones neck on end. She surges into the flayed man as he goes to head butt her. The ax lifting as she leaps upward letting gravity bring her and the ax down to cleanly split the demons head in two. With one dainty bare foot she kicks the thing as she dislodges her ax from the neck stump. The activity offering anyone looking quite the view of long shapely legs and the form of her body shadowed by the cloth of the shirt she wears.

Beyond the sinister looking portal, something stirs. Something... surprisingly small, actually. Through the portal steps... a small cat? It appears at first to be a normal siamese cat, but those looking at it would soon realize the odd thing about it... The fact that it's transparent. The ghostly cat meows a creepy, echoy meow back towards the portal... a portal through which steps a heavy plate boot, adorned with a skull motif. Through the portal steps... again, something entirely unfitting of the massive, ten foot gate. At only three feet tall, her green hair bouncing behind her in twin boar's tails, this... gnome seems almost a mockery of her dark, skull adorned armor and sword. With a strange, echoey yet adorably high pitched voice she yawns as she fully enters, then her blue, glowing eyes widen as she looks around her at the carnage and frowns. "Well, this clearly isn't Archerus," she says as she peers at the monsters around her. She turns to one of the demonic undead and asks, "Hey, what's going on here? This entire situation is-" Her sentance is then cut off by Morgana's screech. Covering her ears with her hands, she cries out, "Who invited the banshee?" On top of all this, the creature whom she had politely asked for information from then attacks her! The nerve! It takes her so much by surprise that she's not even able to grab her weapon in time to defend herself, instead only able to put a thankfully heavily armored hand in the path of its vile claws. "HEY!" she shouts. "Okay, that does it, buster!" She reaches down to her side to pull her weapon and strike the beast down! ...Oh, right, it's mounted on her back. She reaches down to her side to grasp at absolutely nothing as more of the beasts surround her. "This day just keeps getting better and better," she complains as the creature lifts her off the ground by her now grasped forearm.


The 9mms may not be powerful but they sure are accurate. The dog's head is riddled by a few dozen holes and its head falls limply to the side, tongue sticking out and black gore spilling from its cranium before it dissolves into nothing. These dogs are surprisingly easy-- the only problem is that there's a lot of them!

Another dog bursts from the ground right behind Urus and it snaps its jaws at the hyena man's hamstring. Although it would hurt being bitten there, the real problem comes from another shadowy figure emerging from the ground. This one is more feminine looking, almost alluring. A shapely woman body dressed in a skin tight mini dress that exposes most of her shapely breasts and thighs. Comely, were it not for the faceless head she has, with skin completely wrapped around her head to cover her eyes, mouth and nose. The woman dressed as a nurse gives a muffled wail of agony and sadness, not unlike Morgana's screech though it doesn't have the same super sonic effect. What she does have though.. is a freaking chainsaw!! The woman wails and lifts her motorized saw up in the air, rushing at Urus with demonic speed to try and swing the blade down at his collarbone and severe one of his arms.

The flayed man has it bad when facing Morgana. Not only does his body completely explode from the inside when the siren unleashes her wail upon him, but he also gets his head completely cleaved in half by the combined might of Morgana's strength and the blade of Troggbane. The two severed halves of his body fall sideways like a well cut roast beef and dissolve into nothingness. These creatures are as easy as Morgana might recall, but again, what they lack in might they more than make up in numbers. Two undead nurses rise from the ground, one swings a lead pipe hard at Morgana's ribs, while the other brings a baseball bat covered in nails down at the siren's knees to cripple her mobility.

Meanwhile! Muradin can't make heads or tails of what he's seeing! He was expecting the Lich King and instead he got.. a tiny cat? Then, is that a freaking gnome!? Is she the one behind all this fog business? It's what Muradin would expect from a gnome gone Death Knight to be honest.

But upon closer inspection, the Mountain King peers warily at her and thinks he recognize her? Can't be certain for sure, all the dwarven warrior knows is that she's being pulled by her arm and about to be pulled apart by one of the Fog Demons!

Muradin dives in to assist her and smashes Mithrios right into the creature's torso caving in his chest cavity and sending him flying, the demon's severed arm still clinging to the gnome's arm. "Are ye soddin' daft, lass!!?" The dwarven warrior scolds at the tiny gnome knight. "What's the bloody matter with ya teleporting into the middle of a battle!?" Instincts take Muradin first and he momentarily forgets he's in Twisted now and not Azeroth. For all he knows, this gnome was pulled by the sorcery of Twisted and had no say on where she landed.

All questions to be solved for later, as an explosion of large black beetles emerge from the ground next to the gnome. The beetles are usually harmless against taller folk, but can present quite a problem for one as small as this Death Knight. As soon as Aria is freed from one of the demons, she'll find herself being dog piled by a swarm of death beetles -not unlike those of Anubarak- who all gnash at her trying to rip her apart with their pincers.

The screech that morgana lets out is piercing as Urus winces, his slightly more sensitive ears deafened by the sound. Afterwards he takes a look at the portal to see the gnome come out. He steadys himself as he slowly pulls the trigger, luckily for the brand new arrival Urus is interrupted by a sharp pain in his upper leg as the dog bites down. At that time he switches from burst to full auto with a click and quickly views his assailant, as it continues to chew he unwinds himself from the sling and points his weapon at it. Urus himself bites down hard splintering the bone held in his mouth as he squeezes of a flurry of ammo for an entire second and a half at the creatures body. PRATATATATATATATAT. His hand and arm shakings from the recoil that each round brings. Looking up from his now assuredly dead target he notices the new undead assaulting him with the large chainsaw. He swallows the other side of the bone that lay in his mouth and shouts " YOU DIE TOO!!!" as he empties the remaining few rounds into the nurse, PRATATATACLICK. "Eto ne khorosho na vsekh" he exclaims as he rips the empty mag from the gun and tosses it straight at the still moving target in front of him.

The siren remembers all to well how the fog demons behave and what manner of abominations they are. Seeing as she is a siren and the taint offers at least some positives she gives herself over to the fervor of battle. Her hungers rise and though these things are not edible, it drives her to throw herself at them and destroy them utterly. As the flayed man dissolves into smoke and fog she spies that first nurse coming at her. She is unmoved by their comeliness or their wailing. She gnashes her teeth and as the first comes for her she spins herself and with the force of that spin she drives the ax deep into the nurses side, the momentum forcing the demon forward into the arc and driving it into the second demon that was aiming for Morganas knee. The club hits the first and as it does the siren jerks the ax free and lifts it going for the seconds head. Even with the activity around her, the siren is aware of what is happening with Muradin. She catches sight of the small form he speaks to from the purple fog. Her attention is taken for a moment but that is all Nurse one needs to drag her sorry self together again and come back at her. Morgana lets loose another shriek of fury and swings the ax, catching the nurse more with the handle then the blade. This brings the thing closer and instinct has the siren leaping into it, claws digging into its shoulder as she drops her head and tears out its throat with her teeth.

"I think you overestimate what I can do with a Death Gate, Bronzebeard!" shouts the gnome as she yanks the creature's arm from her own. "Something went wrong with the spell, I just wanted to get back to Ebon Hold! Never should have used it on Draenor..." she mumbles to herself as she now actually pulls her runesword off her back. "Besides... It looks to me that you could perhaps use a bit of assistance..." She gazes at the death beetles with narrowed eyes. Small she may be... but she is a Death Knight. As they approach, she raises both arms into the air... and blood seems to seep from the ground around her, grasping at the beetles as they enter the area. Those that don't succomb to this death and decay are met with a swarm of her own, a blight of unholy insects that attack the beetles right back. "And I do not intend on merely staying to the side and becoming a damsel for others to rescue. Not when there are clearly targets worth introducing to my blade." Her area attacks spent, she now proceeds to begin the process of dispatching the remaining beetles one by one. The cat, meanwhile, just makes itself completely incorporeal and tries to hide around the gnome's feet.

The dog biting at Urus' leg is riddled with bullets and falls to the ground like its predecessor, dissolving into shadows. The same goes for the nurse charging at Urus, she is caught mid charge and is forcibly pushed back by the storm of lead dropping into her. She falls flat on the ground and twitches there for a moment..

But she does not disappear!

In a sickly unnatural display, the nurse stands right back up with renewed wail of sadness to her. Black blood pours from every hole where she was struck, but she still lunges at Urus with unnatural strength and endurance. This time, she tries to stick the spinning chainsaw right into the Hyena's man gut and drive him backwards into a wall, crying and wailing all the way.

These nurses are monstrously strong for their thin frames, but nowhere near as powerful as the ancient siren that is Morgana. Caught in mid swing, the nurse with the lead pipe is taking for a ride by the siren's axe and get smashed right into the one holding the baseball bat. The two tumble into the ground before the one least injured rises up again to attack the mermaid, only to be driven to the ground and brutalized by the frenzied siren, black vile explodes from her neck and covers all of Morgana's beautiful face, pouring some of that fetid liquid down the siren's throat. It tastes just as awful as Morgana remembers.

Thing is, there is still the other nurse in question, and it too rises from the ground. Seeing that Morgana is currently occupied biting and clawing at the downed nurse, her companion quickly dives on top of Morgana's back with a sobbing wail and tries to drive a scalpel knife into the siren's lungs. Stabbing her with just as much frenzy as Morgana herself can muster. The nurse screeching a sobbing cry of agony as she attacks.

Muradin is somewhat taken back when this Death Knight gnome speaks to him by his surname. "I've seen ye in Ironforge before haven't I?" Is all he manages to ask before Aria unleashes her Death and Decay spell upon the swarm of beetles. They are not tough foes are nearly instantly disintegrate as soon as the dark sorcery touches them, and those that do manage to dodge it are quickly dispatched by the gnome's blade. As intrigued as he might be by this new arrival, Muradin has not lost track of his lover and shouts a warning to Morgana when he suddenly sees her being assailed from behind. "Morgana! Behind ye!!"

The dwarven warrior moves in to intercept but is body checked by a Flayed One coming from the ground, as is Aria. The gnome gets a Flayed One for her to contend with as the armless, faceless creature cranks his entire body backwards and attempts to flatten her with a body slam.

Seeing the creature fall, he believes he has enough time to reload, to his dismay however the nurse rises. He, shocked by the creatures resilience freezes for a half a second, by that time the nurse is upon him, he flips the gun around, holding the weapon by the portion just after the hot barrel. He bats away the chainsaw, WHIRRRRrrrrr as the two entities collide, the stock of his weapon being slowly obliterated by the woodsman's tree cutter of choice. He leaps upon the nurse following his more base instincts now that life and death are most assuredly on the line. Propelling himself forward he knocks the creature over the chainsaw now idling on the ground a few inches away from the undead's grasp. Whith the ferocity of his more natural cousins he uses his claws to tear at the decaying flesh, quickly rending and tearing at the body. the somehow still moving body struggles to get up, to no avail as he sticks his face into one of the new holes in the chest, biting down on the soft innerds beneath, he rips back out, his entire muzzle coated in the now dead nurses juices. One of its ribs sticking out the left side of his mouth. Looks quickly and begins running to destroy the one now attacking the gnome.

A mouth full of fetid flesh is ripped from the nurses neck. The vile wash of gore sprays over the sirens face and she hisses and viciously spits the mass from her coated maw. Its a wretched taste and she is going to be sure to hit her dwarf up for a food bit of his mead to wash the yuck from her mouth. With the Ax caught under the nurse, Morgana is left with claws and she has no trouble tearing the rest of the nurses throat out and popping its head from its neck in the process. Chest heaving the sound of Muradins call brings her head round just in time to see the nurse at her back, arm poised. She has not enough time though to get up and away and so she bends herself, curls her body enough that the incoming blade sinks home in her shoulder, catching in the bone of her shoulder blade and not digging into the more delicate places like say her lungs. She may be hard to kill due to the taint but pain is pain in it infuriates the siren. She lets loose a scream of pure rage, the sound louder and more strident then the others. The quality of that sound enough to rattle windows near by. There is no way Morgana is gonna let this demon pin her down and so she rolls, forcing the blade in her back to snap off, leaving the razor still deep in her shoulder. Rising to her feet she looks almost demonic herself, hair and face mated with gore, those dark eyes fixed on her attacker. In her rage the ax is forgotten and she simply drops her head , bares her teeth and leaps , claws bared and slashing as razor teeth snap in bone crushing bites.

Doommuffin says, "I am not going to say if you have or have not seen me before." The small cat's actions seem to distract her, however, as she gets slammed into by the creature. "I am just about at the bottom of my form today," she says, now flattened on the ground. "And YOU!" she shouts at the beast over her. "You are vexing me greatly!" She tries to squirm her way out from under the creature, (little known fact: Gnomes are natural escape artists!), and manages to get herself out and her arms freed to more properly defend and attack the creature. "And soon you will be... fodder for the gnoll." She blinks her glowing blue eyes as Urus charges in the direction of her attacker. With a mild shrug, she strikes upward with her sword, the blade empowered by her dark magics. Even if it looks to her like another is going to attack it, she's certainly not going to ignore the thing. "So, Bronzebeard, what exactly is the current situation with this particular scourge-like phenomena? And where, precicely, are we, if I might ask?" Death, destruction, blood, and dismembered limbs fly all around the gnome. She asks for the information as if asking what the weather will be like tomarrow."

Dark innards and intestines are sent flying as Urus unleashes his savage fury and tears into the attacking nurse. These creatures may be impervious to pain, but it is clear that enough damage will fell them, and this demonic nurse in particular had already taken a hail of bullets. When Urus savages as only a hybrid Hyena man can, the nurse gives a last chocked sob as it split in half. Her upper body falls back whilst her lower torso goes forward and they both dissolve into nothingness.

The fight between Morgana and her nurse assailant is as furious as savage as one might expect. Though none of them seem to be trained fighters, that does not make them any less violent than a warrior, if anything, the fight is even more so because of it. The demonic nurse scrambles to hold on to Morgana's backside as the siren rolls and breaks off the scalpel in half on her back. It is the sonic banshee like scream that seems to stop the nurse in mid charge and she's left wide open to be sacked by Morgana. Tears and bites are given until one solid chomp crushes the nurse's skull and it vanishes into dust, though not without giving Morgana a right nasty dose of that black vile that she vehemently dislikes to eat. It feels like she was drinking down unlife itself. The entire opposite of nutrition for a vampiric siren.

Muradin finally gets fed up with the Flayed One checking him and pulls the creature down by grabbing the shoulder with the wing of his war hammer. Tossing it to the ground, the dwarf smashes the creature's head open with a solid downward hammer swing. "Sod me, ye really are a gnome." Muradin says with some despair as the Death Knight proceeds to speak to him in machine gun mode, as most gnomes tend to do. "That is a very long and complicated story, lass!" Answers the Mountain King and doesn't even give the other Flayed One that the gnome pushed away from herself a chance to fight Urus. He channels magic into his hammer and hurls it at the creature who solidly catches it with his face and explodes into a million black gooey bits. "Canna really answer all that right now." He huffs as the final demon goes down and the fog begins to roll away. The TASK enforcers behind them apparently were able to hold the line and they cheer in victory.

"I'll tell ye all I know in a minute, alright??" Says the dwarf in a hurry, suddenly seeing that Morgana was injured, and he rushes to his side to see to her. "Those blasted things better not have hurt me siren!"

Doommuffin looks to Muradin with a slightly annoyed look. "You said that like it was a bad thing," she says, refering to the 'ye really are a gnome.'

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