2015-09-15 - Stray Cat's Strut

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Stray Cat's Strut

Summary: Muradin and Doommuffin meet another newcomer. Two, actually.

Who: Muradin, Doommuffin, Ikuto Tsukiyomi
When: September 15, 2015.
Where: Twisted Street


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The sun sets upon Twisted and the city prepares to enter its natural state of night instead of that very forcefully instances of fog that its been experiencing as of late.

Naught but a few hours have passed after Muradin, Morgana, Urus, Aria and the TASK enforcers fought off an aggressive push from the Silent Hill monsters. Though it pains the dwarven thane to be away from his siren, especially when she had been injured, Muradin had told Morgana that this gnome is from his world, and thus had vested interests in seeing to her survival. He had left the mermaid to heal and Muradin now walked the empty streets of Twisted with Aria in tow. It was a strange sensation, to walk side to side with a gnome again, even if it were a Death Knight. Where it not for Twisted's strange and bizarre shops, Muradin could almost swear he was treading the long halls of Ironforge once again.

"Over there's the Usual Restaurant, foods pretty good there. They even serve strong dwarven ale if ya can believe it." Muradin says showing Aria the sights. "Then there's the Devil May Cry agency, part of the blokes we were helping out against those beasties back there, but not really. It's complicated, I canna understand it meself. And then there's Integra apartments where anybody can find free housing."

Doommuffin follows along, her steps nearly twice as many in number as her larger companion. Following along the gnome is a third individual, a ghostly cat that stays close to her heels. Close enough to sometimes intersect her heels. It's quite the odd sight. "So we have a source of food... nice, but not necissary for me. Housing could prove advantagious, however I must inquire as to where I might find parts to tinker with. I was about to work on an idea I had when my Death Gate malfunctioned, you know," she says in her echoy voice. Really, she seems to be taking to being stuck here rather well. That or she's still in denial and just mentally waving it off.


That is a mighty loud holler for such a tiny-sounding voice. It sounds like a kid. It also sounds like it's saying 'eek-toe'. Which is a weird word. "IKUTO WHERE ARE YOU-NYA?!" And THAT is a feline vocal inflection. Quite the combination of traits.

But it all makes sense once one sees exactly what's making all that racket. There's a tiny catboy in a black tanktop with a silver cross on the front and black shorts, with an oversized head, and oversized foot-paws and hand-paws. About the size of a human's hand, he's floating through the air, looking around the street.

Cupping his oversized hand-paws around his mouth, he calls out again, this time sounding as though he's trying not to cry, "IKUTOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Come on, Ikuto, this isn't funny anymore-nya!"

"Its funny ye mention that." Says Muradin about Aria's inquiry about there being a chop shop around Twisted to look for spare parts. "I've been fiddling with the idea of setting up of a forge meself. Keep meself busy and such since I canna make a living outta killin' monsters lest I join the bloody police."

"But there's hardly any shops 'round 'ere outside of what ye might expect to find in a small village. Even though Twisted seems to bring blokes from nearly all dimensions, its a surprisingly mundane place. I suppose there's S-Smart and that magic book shop though."

"If ye ask me, best place where a bloke could find something of interest is either in the Wasteland or diving down to sea. That's uncharted territory s'far as I can tell."

Muradin is suddenly interrupted by a loud piercing cry which indeed sounds like a child. This being Twisted though, Muradin isn't sure what to expect and looks about for anything that might look like the source of the voice. He finds it in the form of a small fairy like boy that floats through the air, wearing what seems like oversized cat ears, tail and paws. Talk about disconcerting.

"Whoa.. figures that the moment I say Twisted is a mundane place we run into a soddin' flying cat boy." Grumbles the dwarf.

He then yells up to said flying cat boy to get his attention. "Oi! Wot's tha' matter with ye, lad!? Wot's with all the racket??"

Doommuffin says, "Hrm. That sounds entirely inadeqate. I presume I should think of a small village from your perspective, rather than mine for this situation." She looks over to Yoru at the same time as Muradin. "Fascinating. Are these things common here?" She approaches the floating cat-boy and peers at him with her blue glowing eyes. "My, you're a small one." It's not every day that a gnome finds someone smaller than she is."

The catboy fairy's ears perk when Muradin calls out, and the stops and turns. "Hey!" he calls out excitedly, swooping down to where he can look Muradin in the eyes. "Hey did you happen to see..."

He trails off there... because suddenly he notices Doommuffin next to Muradin. "AAAAH!" Suddenly the tiny catboy fairy ducks behind Muradin. "DON'T EAT ME! I DON'T TASTE GOOD I PROMISE!"

Muradin frowns a little at Aria's presumptions about what a small village looks like to him, his eyes are narrowed. "Yer wasting yer time if ye wanna make me feel bad about yer height complex, lass. Donna forget I'm a dwarf, we ain't that different in height." Two feet at most, that's not too much in comparison to the tall folk.

Muradin then turns to the flying catboy fairy thing and grunts, not exactly sure how to answer Aria about this type of fellow being common. "Honestly? I have no idea. Ye see something new nearly every day 'round here."

Just as the boy is about to speak with the dwarven thane, he freaks out about Aria's Death Knight appearance and proceeds to hide behind the dwarf's helmet, causing a sigh to come from him. Muradin should have expected that, people tend to freak around Death Knights of any race. "Oi! Easy, lad! No one's gonna try and eat ye. This here's me friend."

"And see! She's got a cat too." Muradin points to Aria's pet cat ghost.

Doommuffin says, "Eat you? I'm no san'layn, I have no intention of eating you, so don't worry about that." She then turns her head slightly to look at Muradin. "Height complex? I meant that I assumed you were referring to a dwarven village as opposed to a gnomish one. Even small gnome villages would have a decent tinkerer's shop, after all." The ghostly cat, meanwhile, follows around behind Muradin, looking up at the fairy cat-boy. The conversations don't really seem to catch her attention, but a cat always seems to notice when a strange cat is around, and the ghostly kitty is no exception. "Oh!" reacts Doommuffin to her cat's actions. "Yes, this is my kitty, DC." She figures it would be wise to just give her cat's initials rather than her full name in this situation. "He's really a nice kitty. Say hello, DC!" The cat, of course, doesn't react to Doommuffin's command. He's a cat.

Muradin's assurances seem to help at least a little, and Yoru peeks out from behind the dwarf to look at Aria and her spectral feline companion. And it seems the cat, at least, puts the little catboy fairy at ease. So he floats out from behind Muradin finally. Addressing the cat first, he... emits a series of feline noises. He quite literally talking to the cat.

The cat, if it's roughly analogous to an earth cat, should be able to understand it as, 'Hi! I'm Yoru! I've lost my human, have you seen him? He looks like me but human!'

And he realizes maybe asking the people would be a good idea too. "OH! That's right-nya!" He looks between Muradin and Aria. "I'm looking for Ikuto, he's my person! He looks like me but he's human. Like about... this tall." He flies up to a height up about 5'11". then he flies back down. "Blue hair, blue eyes, has hands and feet instead of these?" He displays his hand- and foot-paws.

"Huh, really?" Huffs Muradin. "I always assumed that was a stereotype." Woops.

Anywho, about this cat fellow currently hidden behind him. The dwarven warrior first moves aside to get a good view of the flying fairy cat boy. He watches as how Aria eases his worries, and the presence of the ghost cat further helps to calm his nerves.

Naturally, Muradin doesn't understand any of that cat speech going on but he's paying enough attention to look up when the kid describes that he's looking for his 'person' as he calls it. "Yer person? Ye mean like an owner or somethin'?" It this fairy thing someone's pet?

He looks up and down at the description but doesn't seem to recall seeing anybody like that. "Sorry, canna say I have, mate. Have ye tried putting a missing sign over at the police station."

Its also a long shot since Aria just converged, but on the off chance that she might know, Muradin turns to ask the gnome. "How about ye?"

The ghost cat meows a bit, explaining his name to be Deathcake and that he has in fact not seen such a human. Doommuffin shakes her head as well. "No, I've not seen that particular human today. And of course it's not just a stereotype, Muradin. Come now, you've BEEN to Gnomeregan or Tinkertown before, right? We don't have an entire branch of engineering named after us for nothing, you know."

"I'm Yoru, Ikuto's Guardian Character!" the catboy fairy observes excitedly. "Ikuto needs me-nya!" But when Muradin, Aria, AND Deathcake all three return negative responses, Yoru sort of slumps in the air, hand- and foot-paws sagging below him, his ears flattening to the sides with a sad feline whine. "I don't even know where to start looking-nya..."

"...Yoru." That is a baritone voice. Said baritone voice belongs to a tall, skinny kid walking out of a store on the street. He matches the description Yoru gave. Plus he has a white violin case over a shoulder.

And sure enough? "IKUTO!" Yoru cries out, and then zooms over to glomp onto the young man's chest. This doesn't work very well, since Yoru's so little. But he clings pretty well. And the taller of the two of them smirks.

Looking to Muradin and Aria, the taller boy nods. "Sorry to have bothered you."

"Alright, I stand corrected then, sheesh." Touchy, touchy, this gnome is. Then again, she is a gnome, and they can get quite uppity about their customs and what not. Which as Muradin knows is, unfortunately, not a stereotype but quite the real thing.

However, his main concern continues to be this sad looking Yoru and his missing Ikuto. He's about to suggest going over to DMC or the TASK building when the mystery resolves itself and this mysterious Ikuto appears on the scene, much to relief of Yoru.

"Huh, looks like we can consider that mystery solved." Says the dwarven warrior scratching at his beard. He shrugs when Ikuto apologizes on Yoru's behalf though. "Eh, donna worry about it, lad. Though ye should be more careful of leaving yer familiar unattended." Is it correct to call Yoru a familiar? Its what he's using anyway! "Looks like he was worried sick for ye."

Doommuffin waves off Ikuto's apology with a hand motion and a cheerful expression. "Oh, don't worry, it was no real trouble at all. I'm just getting a feel for what this Twisted place is like. It's a wonderful experience to see all the new creatures that inhabit this strange city." She then turns to look at Muradin. "Yes, it is a mystery solved and a job well done! Were that all our quests were this easy. Perhaps we should all celebrate with the ale you mentioned at that usual restaurant... Oh, you merely mentioned that it was your usual restaurant, what was the actual name of the..." She then actually sees the sign of said restaurant. "Oh."

Worried? That's an understatement. Considering Yoru's clung onto the front of Ikuto's shirt like one might see a cartoon cat do to a ceiling when startled by a particularly large dog. Ikuto looks to Yoru and then back to Muradin and Aria. "We got separated when we came here," Ikuto replies. "It was particularly violent."

He looks between Muradin and Aria as if... he's never seen their kind before. But that's also very possible. Humans that have never heard of dwarves or gnomes, though? He does have the courtesy not to ask 'what are you', so there's that.

But about then, Yoru releases Ikuto's shirt and floats up to just above the young man's shoulder. "It was really violent-nya!" He starts to flail in the air. "We were fighting an X-Chara and when Ikuto killed it-nya! Then everything went all swimmy and like 'woooOOOOooo woooOOOOooo' and then we fell and I could find Ikuto anywhere-nya!"

Ikuto nods, offering an affirmative grunt. "Where is this?" he inquires. He is as calm and cool as Yoru is excitable, it seems.

"Aye, tell me about it." Agrees Muradin with Aria when she mentions that, for once, a quest had been particularly easy. Why, Muradin was getting ready to look up and down Twisted for this fellow. Had they been back in Azeroth, it is likely that the dwarf and the gnome wouldn't have left a rock unturned in their search for Ikuto.

Muradin also refrains from agreeing or disagreeing with Aria's proposal of going to celebrate to the Usual Restaurant with a drink. Any time is a good time for a drink as far as the dwarf is concerned, but he'd prefer to wait until Aria realizes her own confusion before heading elsewhere. When she finally does, Muradin just shakes his head as if saying 'gnomes..'

Looks like celebrations will have to wait though, since both Yoru and Ikuto make mention of arriving here really violently. "Wot mate?" The dwarven warrior wonders out loud and then gives a long sigh when Ikuto asks them where they are. "Sod me, another one already! These bloody gates are opening all over the bloody place! Won't be long before Twisted just goes and eats all the dimensions up." There really have been a lot of people converging into Twisted lately.

A shake of his head later, he turns to Aria. "Alright, lass! Trial by fire. Explain to this bloke where he is now." Lets see if Aria was really paying attention.

Doommuffin nods to Muradin and looks up at Ikuto. "You are in Twisted, a realm apparently connected to some sort of multidimensional nexus which abducts various individuals from their universe of origin and keeps them here for an as yet undetermined and possibly infinite amount of time. There appears to be little to no limit to the variety of individuals that may arrive at any time or indeed be preexisting within the city proper, let alone the surrounding wastelands. I would hope that you are a capable combatant, as frequent invasions of what most individuals would refer to as being horribly grotesque monsters occur within said city, although if you are not you may take comfort in the knowledge that such invasions are always accompanied by a sudden fog bank rolling into the area at a time when knowing the humidity would predict no such occurrence." She then looks to Muradin. "Was that sufficient?"

"...This is a regular occurrence?" Ikuto asks, referring to Muradin's words of people appearing all the time.

Yoru pipes up, "Oh, I thought it was something the X-Chara did! But I've never heard of an X-Chara that could banish people, so I guess not."

Both Ikuto and Yoru listen to Aria's explanation of the who, what, when, and where. The mention of grotesque creatures gets a startled 'Nya!' from Yoru and the catboy fairy hides behind Ikuto's shoulder, peeking over it much like someone from earth would attribute to 'Kilroy'.

Ikuto nods. Pause. "No way back? None at all?"

Quietly, Yoru asks, "Pssst! Ikuto... think that means no Easter-nya?"

"Shh," Ikuto hisses back, frowning.

As Aria unleashes the volley of information at these two newcomers, Muradin first goes cross eyed and then his eyes just kinna start.. glazing over thanks Aria's machine-gun like talk. By the time the gnome is done, Muradin looks like he's in a trance, his eyes are spinning with a very visible spiral like shape, the classical-cartoonish @_@ look.

Then he shakes his head and snaps out of it. "Bloody hell! I know yer a Death Knight and all, lass. But yet gotta remember to breathe and take pauses!" But anyway, it looks like both Ikuto and Yoru got the gist of their situation and Muradin nods grimly. "Aye, I'm afraid she's right. No one here knows how to get back to their home plane of existence. Blokes that are far more powerful than any of us are stuck here too."

"Ye might as well settle in, lad. Yer in for the long haul.. assuming ye manage to survive that is." It's not a threat though, it sounds more like Muradin is giving him a heads up.

He does manage to listen to that hopeful bit they discuss amongst themselves, that their enemies won't be here by virtue of being another world, and Muradin just shakes his head again. "I wouldn't get too comfy if I were ye. Sure, there's no way of getting back, but there's no stopping more folks from yer world from coming 'ere. And once ye converge, the possibilities of people from yer world following becomes more plausible." He motions to his gnome companion. "Aria here is from me world and she showed up shortly after I stumbled in 'ere. I wouldn't say it's entirely a coincidence."

Doommuffin smiles sheepishly. "Sorry, sometimes I forget..." She in fact listens to the rest of what Muradin has to say, then visibly winces when Muradin mentions the word 'Aria'. "Really, Yorg, I'd prefer you call me Doommuffin or DM. Aria died years ago," she says to Muradin, her use of the name he used when he had amnesia to drive the point. Her expression returns to normal as she looks back to Ikuto. "But his point stands. He's been here... how long? While I just arrived this afternoon. And I'm pretty sure I saw him earlier in the week in Ironforge and had since heard no mention of a second disappearance of him, so there's clearly no temporal binding, either."

Ikuto's brows draw down, just a little. It's an understated gesture. But not to worry, Yoru makes up for Ikuto's lack of emotion. He floats up from behind Ikuto and starts to flail all four of his little paws in the air. "Oooh, those Easter guys just make me SO MAD-NYA! You work and work and work and all they do is--"

"Yoru!" Ikuto says firmly. The catboy fairy pauses... and then suddenly covers his mouth with a 'oop!' Apparently he said something he shouldn't have. With DM and Muradin also talking about their own situation now, Ikuto figures he doesn't need anymore information about them. Easter might use it if they come here.

"Thank you," he offers. With the mention of there possibly being evil beasts afoot, there's a quick 'pop' of sparkle and cat ears and a tail appear. Once they appear he leaps up, onto a nearby roof, and starts away.

Yoru waves to Muradin and DM, and says, "Byebye-nya!" Then he follows behind Ikuto, flying off.

Now it's Muradin's turn to wince when Aria calls him 'Yorg' "Och, I dinnae it was like that." Yeah, he can see why that'd be some cause for concern. Although saying Doommuffin out loud does make him wince in another way. Guess he'll have to settle to calling her DM so it doesn't raise more eyebrows than it has to.

The dwarf glances at Yoru as he raves on about these Easter guys that are supposedly bad news, but just as he is about to ask Ikuto to elaborate -since Muradin is always eager for a good fight- the tall human kid grows.. cat ears and a tail. "Hmm??" Then, as mysteriously as he appeared, he is jumping up to a building and leaping out of distance followed by a giggling Yoru. Thus leaving Muradin a very perplexed dorf.

"So yeah." He finally turns to DM after a moment or two of confused silence. "That's par for the course 'round here. Consider yerself officially welcomed to Twisted, where cat fairy people abound."

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