2015-09-16 - Freedom

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Summary: Morgana has shown that she has grown a lot since she first appeared in Twisted. She is now ready to go and forge her own path.

Who: Morgana, Kotal_Kahn
When: September 16, 2015.
Where: DMC

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It is evening, and it has been a short time since the battle with the fog demons and the siren finds herself once more trying to get to the DMC so she can have a little talk with a certain blue war god. The siren had been wounded in the battle where the gnome and the hyena had been meet and the group had dealt a hard hand to the fog demons. She was healed now and determined to pin down a certain fellow about the accursed collar that still bound her to him. As she steps through the door to the DMC building the light catches the blue black highlights of her long silken tresses. She is once again dressed in what looks to be clean white shirt, three sizes to big in the torso but just long enough to cover her charms. The sleeves are rolled up to her elbows and when she moves a good deal of thigh is put on display. Dark eyes dart around the lobby and she softly calls out; "Kotal".

Even after all this time, even after all the events that have transpired since the last time they saw, Kotal Kahn still remembers that tingling on the back of his mind that Morgana's voice causes.

The wayward siren would find the DMC office nearly deserted, not from a lack of activity but rather from too much. Though its cleaner than it has ever been, piles upon piles of stacks of paper seem to be strewn about the office with hundreds, if not thousands of reports from all across the city. Quite likely, everyone's tired from handling the business that is Twisted security and are off asleep or on a break.

The only one that can be seen inside the lonely office is the imperious Kotal Kahn, who sits on what once was Dante's office. He's helmet less, and typing on a laptop that seems entirely too small for him, his massive frame partially hidden by the stacks of paper that adorn his work desk.

When he hears Morgana's voice, he raises his head and stands. "There you are." Honestly, Kotal Kahn could have pulled Morgana to his office whenever he felt the need to by using her magical collar, but he felt no need to. Nonetheless, he seems surprised to see her wandering in here. "It has been a long time. Might you tell me just where in blazes have you been?"

The sirens eyes fall upon the war god as he calls back. She pauses, going quite still as she regards him. Muradin has been seeing to her needs, making sure she gets the strong living blood she needs to keep her mind clear and her frenzy at bay. There is enough food in the see to keep her hunger at least semi sated as well. Though truth be told it is her connection and affection to and for Muradin that has brought her back to a semblance of control. One dark brow raises as the man demands to know where she has been. "I told you once Kotal, my mating habits do not concern you. I have chosen a Mate and he accepts all that I am and takes pleasure in what I bring to him."

Kotal Kahn makes a face at Morgana's response and man, is it -a face-. He takes off his typing glasses and passes his hand over his eyes as if to say 'too much information'. It is a very undignified gesture for a god, and rightly so, as he seems to be acting more like a very controlling and disappointed father, fighting with his rebellious teenage daughter.

"I did not ask if you have been mating or not, nor do I truly care. You are right, it is no concern of mine whether you elope with a denizen of Twisted or not."

"My concern however remains to the safety of my citizens. You have been away from the office for a long time and I worry that you might try to prey on the flesh of my people. We've had reports of something like that happening already. "

He rummages through the piles of papers he has and hands one to Morgana. "Tell me, is this this your doing, Morgana?" Should the siren look at the picture Kotal has given her, she will see the grisly display of a woman torn to shreds by fang and claw. A woman that she might remember seeing that fateful night where she ran into a certain vampire child.

The siren is utterly cool and more calm then Kotal might well expect her to be. As he offers that scolding tone and begins to go on about people being harmed, she tucks her face down and noses the fabric of the shirt. Muradins scent is still on the cloth, its been her habit to steal them to wear after he has worn them, it brings her comfort and helps her control to have his presence with her even when he is physically else where. When Kotal offers the pictures, she looks at them and then scowls. "Kotal, if you thought this was my doing you would have drug me howling through the streets already to answer for this. Were I to kill you all ready know I would have consumed it fully, I do not waste my meals. You remember the bones by the pool do you not? Besides, I would have taken my prey to the sea and fed in comfort and not wallowed on the ground like some land animal." Her voice does not lift in anger, she does not snap or even deliver her words with much sharpness, its factually given, remind the man of what he already knows of her.

A suitable answer, thinks Kotal, as he sets the picture back in its folder and archive. "Truth be told, I did not know what to think." Says he as he goes back to his seat, though he closes the laptop so that the screen's glare doesn't bother him. Or rather, so that his shinning gaze doesn't wear down the computer screen.

"Twisted city has been under siege by evil, monstrous things, and one torn victim is just one of the many."

He leans back on his chair. "However, I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt and wait until you came here willingly to explain yourself had you actually been guilty. I am glad to see for once that I was wrong in my presumptions."

The Aztec warlord seems pensive for a moment before speaking again. "So then, Morgana. Here you are again, looking much happier than you once where. Presumably because you've found yourself a mate."

"I assume that you've come here for more than simply to brag about it."

Morgana moves toward the desk and gently moves a stack of files aside then slides herself onto the desk , taking a seat. She tires of standing before the man like an errant child waiting to be scolded. She as usual has no issues with her own nudity and frankly the clothing is for others benefit and so she can have Muradins scent with her all the time, so when the hem of said shirt hikes dangerously high on her thighs she doesnt even seem to notice. The siren sighs "I have fought two battles with the demons from the fog and in this last I was wounded." She holds up a stilling hand "I am alright, I am healed. I know there is much darkness happening in Twisted but I am not it. I am content. I found something I did not think to find again. I have found acceptance and someone who does not wish be to be other then I am. He laughs, even in battle he laughs Kotal. It may seem a strange thing to the likes of you but, it does something to me, here" she gestures to her chest just over her heart. I am not here to brag at all. I came to," She pauses as if thinking of the right words to use "I have come to ...ask...that you remove the collar...please."

Kotal is no stranger to nudity and he has little modesty himself. Despite being a very regal warlord he wears very little other than his loincloth, helmet, bracers and sandals. As such, he's not at all concerned when Morgana sits on his desk and shows a scandalous thigh. In fact, he seems far more concerned with the safety of his papers, and he makes sure that they don't fall off the desk when Morgana so haphazardly just pushes them aside like the very uncivilized sea creature that she is.

He does not find strange that Morgana's mate laughs while in battle. The thrill of Kombat is to be enjoyed after all, and if Kotal weren't such a grim character he probably would laugh too. What he does find strange is how much it seems to have affected Morgana. She who once was cold and unapproachable like the deep sea, now seems so full of life.

It is as if it had been cured from the taint.

Could it be that this was the way to cure vampirism? To find love?

Kotal doesn't say whether he considers this a plausible solution or not. All he shows is that he looks convinced that Morgana has changed and that as long as she remains with her lover, she and those around him will be fine.

"Very well." Kotal raises his hand and makes a fist, the collar that had been permanently attached to the siren's neck opening and falling on top of the desk.

"Be free, as you were meant to be."

The siren watches as Kotal fusses with the papers and files. She sits quietly on the desk edge and dips her face down to breath in the scent of Muradin again. She can't possibly explain how having someone outside herself to focus on helps her keep her mind clear but it does. When Kotal lifts his hand she can feel the collar respond with a strange tingle then go dead and slid off her neck and down to fall into her lap. Morgana catches the collar and holds it , looking down at it. "Thank You Kotal. I know that you and I do not get on well often. You are demanding and I have no patience with it. If you have need of me though, call and I will come to your aid. I do not wish to be healed for I do not feel ill. The taint has made me what I am and that is strong and old. I will be satisfied with that."

The Aztec warrior remains silent for a long time as he often does. Unlike Morgana he's not a very impulsive fellow, at least not when he's not angry. Calculating to nearly a fault, he takes his time to go over the details of the situation and think of what to say.

In the end, he decides that Morgana has truly helped him in ways that perhaps she does not realize it, and in turn, perhaps he helped her too without actively trying to do so. Fortunately, it all had worked out some way or another, and that enough satisfies him too.

"I will likely have need of you in the future." He admits. "Of both you and your lover. He sounds like a prodigal fighter and i so then both your skills will be needed."

"But you need not worry of that for now. Enjoy yourself and grow even stronger together. I am happy to see that have finally found your place in Twisted."

He arches an eyebrow and very nearly smiles. "And if you could do me a favor, Morgana."

"Make him as happy as he has made you."

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